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Here it finally is wasn't sure what to make this Thomato fluff fic BUT I am a big ABO fan so enjoy

tags: Thomato, ABO, fluff, anxiety, marking, bonding, talking things out, Thoma streamer au #thomato #abo

“Thomaaaaa~” Ayato whined,
turning onto his stomach his pale skin glistening with sweat. “Mmh,” Thoma slowly peaked his head out of their attached bathroom, towel loosely wrapped around his hips.

Looking over his shoulder Ayato innocently smiled, slowly pushing his ass up.
Sighing, Thoma eagerly walked over to his lover, leaning down over him. “So naughty,” he smirked, his hands trailing along Ayato’s back, down to his hips before grabbing his ass. Ayato sighed, turning around and wrapping his arms around Thoma and pulling him down onto the-
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[Can't Control Myself]
Katsuki is an alpha hero trying to rescue those in a disaster zone when he's suddenly struck with a special scent. Immediately, he's obsessed with finding his mate.
#bkdk #abo #feralbehavior
Katsuki licked his lips, inhaling deeply as bodies moved around him. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and flicked his eyes in the direction of the scent.


Spiced honey coated his palate, warm and sweet, and his fangs were already descending. What /was/ that?
The last building had collapsed a little over an hour ago, and he’d gotten everyone he could see out of harm’s way; the perpetrators were already in custody, but the streets remained pure panic. He needed to focus.

But that /smell/.
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#Bkdk, dark themes, obsessed! Bkg

Another blinding flash went off, the forensics team making sure to try and capture every bit of visual evidence they could gather. It's not every day a Prohero gets murdered in his own home, much less the number 3 hero.

Authorities were very
adamant on limiting the number of people in the crime scene. Only a select few were there.

There was Endeavour who had been staring into the distance since he'd seen how badly mutilated his son had been by the unknown killer. It was a shame, really. Him and Shouto only began
patching up their family issues.

But now he's gone. Just a heap of lifeless meat, surrounded by fractured ice and burnt wood, a clear sign that he had been fighting vigilantly until the end.

But Katsuki didn't pay that much mind to him. Almost as soon as he stepped into the
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Unser Kollege @Ingo_Arzt hat 20 Tipps zusammengestellt, was wir tun können, um uns und andere in der aktuellen Lage zu schützen: #Abo
Eine Auswahl im Thread. 1/7
@Ingo_Arzt Testen Sie sich auch, wenn Sie geimpft sind. Schon ein paar Monate nach der zweiten Impfung tragen auch Geimpfte das Virus immer öfter weiter. 2/7
@Ingo_Arzt Wer einen Impfdurchbruch hat, leidet wahrscheinlich seltener an trockenem Husten, Kurzatmigkeit oder Geschmacksverlust und eher an laufender Nase, Kopfschmerzen, Niesen und Halsweh. Deshalb testen Sie sich auch, wenn es sich nicht nach Corona anfühlt. 3/7
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Today we open the #NorthAfrica #MiddleEast #HornOfAfrica #GERD rainfall forecasts with some new plots, courtesy of @meteoblue. This first one is a 24 hour estimate of rainfall till 9pm today over Ethiopia.

Green = 1 inch of rain over the #Abo & #Abbay basins.
This satellite data based plots shows estimated rainfall over the last three days of rainfall across North Africa. #DesertRain is falling across all the Sahel. In Sudan and Chad nearly an inch in the past three days.
This one shows a close up over the horn of Africa which shows the rainfall during days 3-6 of the #GERD filling period over the #Abbay basin - where 3 to 5 inches of rain has fallen.
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#bkdk #abo #omegaverse

Izuku and Katsuki had been married for almost three years now, and had a pup and another on the way already. Most who looked at them said the princes looked so, ‘in love’, and that it could be spotted from miles away the looks they sent each other’s way.
Izuku didn’t see it because his husband never showed it.

That’s not to say that Katsuki didn’t love Izuku - oh no, he very much did. After growing up together, spending each summer with one another in each other’s country, and then presenting and going through six years of
Being betrothed to one another to being married at 18 - Katsuki very much loved his husband.

He just sucked at showing it physically.

Over the past five years, he had gotten down the small touches - hand holding, light pecks, small touches to Izuku’s lower back, and even
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#sheith #sexblanketAU #nsfw #abo #camboy

Sex Blanket AU
Omega!Shiro | Alpha!Keith | Bottom!Shiro | NSFW | ABO | Sex Blankets | Camboy | Wet & Messy |
When Keith found himself without a place to call his own he quickly scrambled to find a new apartment, he didn't think he'd find one and if felt like the paper found him instead. Pulling from the bulletin board at the local coffee shop. He took it, looking over the information.
This sounded like a plausible temporary solution. He was tired of couch surfing from one friend to the other. His close friends' kindness would only last so long and he didn't want to over stay his welcome. Keith could only impose for so long.
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#Sheith #ABO
Omega Keith gets reprimanded by his boss at the Dry Cleaners after too many complaints about missing clothing.
Keith feigns innocence, knowing full well all the clothes are piled up in his nest at home.
The complaints are all from the same customer: Alpha Shiro.
#Sheith #ABO
Shiro's not stupid. He suspects the little Omega with the violet eyes who works there. Next time he drops off his clothes he adds an extra item bagged & tagged especially for Keith. A t-shirt he's slept in for 2 days.
The Omega opens the bag and purrs with delight.
#Sheith #ABO
As soon as Keith gets home he slips out of his work clothes and takes the t-shirt out of the bag. He crawls into his nest and rubs the garment all over his body. Shiro's strong scent makes him hum with pleasure, his eyes bright.
/Such a good Alpha/
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#abo #toughlife #omegaIzuku #alphaKatsuki #OmegaHouse #ProudOmegaIzuku #ParentalAbuse #bakudeku #bkdk

Izuku was one of the older omegas in the Omega House. He had been here far too long.

Nearly going on 21, most omegas were accounted for by the time they were 16.
They were allowed to leave for their new homes once they turned 18. This Omega House and all others in Japan held to this rule. And if the omega wasn’t ready, then the alpha had to be willing to wait.

It was a good time for all omegas, and Izuku was proud to be one.
Izuku was ready to be the omega of a household... but no one had wanted him yet.

That isn’t to say he was unwanted - no. He was always one of the first ones alphas took a liking to. With his chubby cheeks, dotted in freckles and unique green hair, all alphas chose him to be
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I saw that video of the dog sticking his face in the girl's shirt while she did a plank and it got me thinking about a quirkless A/B/O BKDK shifter AU

With a little bit of @CumSlutIzuku 's headcanon about Alphas stealing Omega's clothes

Midoriya Izuku is your typical twenty-something: he works too hard, has big dreams, and lives a rather lonely life after his mom passes. He keeps living in the small two-bedroom apartment where he grew up, working as a fitness instructor. He also uploads workout videos online.
One day, as he's coming home from one of his Yoga classes, he spots a scruffy-looking mutt digging through the trash. He's not huge, but he just looks so pitiful that Izuku's heart breaks. He's just picked up a few sandwiches at the local convenience store, so he opens one.
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on this glorious horny day I’m thinking about stupidly horny Sheith, maybe they’re even high and they’re experimenting with object insertion. I don’t know why but they think it’s hilarious and keep giggling through the whole thing

#sheith #nsfw #abo
I feel kinda inspired by one movie scene and also by the general idea of playing doctor (no underage tho). I like the idea of Sheith just being really casually intime, trusting but also very horny and curious about their bodies once they start dating each other
So maybe they get high and then watch a few weird things on the internet, getting inspired to try some weird things themselves.

They go grocery shopping spontaneously then at the nearest corner store. Laughing while Shiro pushes Keith around in a cart
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I get it, Shiro is a good guy and he'd never take advantage of Keith but what if...he did 😏

#sheith #nswf #nsfwsheith #ABO #ABOsheith #omegakeith #alphashiro #firstheat #dubcon #consensual also #cheathing whoops Shiro's kinda with Adam? Well, he was...
Also, disclaimer: In my AU's omegas have cunts bc that just makes sense to me but if that's not your cup of tea then feel free to click away now bc this is pure #filth
So I kinda imagine the following: it's Keith first year at the Garrison (so he's also probably #underaged /sorry for not tagging earlier) and he's opened up a to Shiro. How couldn't he? The older Alpha is so gentle, so caring and he doesn't treat Keith like a little kid.
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We found some blood on a knife! Whose blood is it? The girls are learning how scientists can use blood typing to narrow down our list of suspects. @scienceworldca #GirlsandSTEAM #CBRoutreach #GeneskoolCBR #bloodtype #ABO
Hmm, looks like there were 2 different blood types on the's Kyle and the killer!
Is the killer Beth or Jon? The blood on the knife matches both of who did it? Wait, we have new evidence--DNA!
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