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What comes to your mind when you read the word #Metaverse? 🤔💭

Do you believe that Metaverse = #gaming or trade of virtual real estate?

Well, let's take you through a whole new perspective & show you what the MILC #media Metaverse is building for the global audience!🌎

MILC #Metaverse, powered by #UnrealEngine5, presents a #3D #VirtualReality

It's not just limited to a gaming platform. And we don't trade in virtual land, rather we'll provide free townhouses to the #MILCians 🏘️❣️

So what can be traded here?

#content media industry is set to be revolutionized with the birth of MILC Metaverse & #web3 social community. 🔥

🔹Trade media assets like movies, television, streaming, music, online publishing, etc.

In a first, it allows direct interactions btw the traders of content 👏
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💙 sur vous @SirYesSir29 qui donnez un visage, ou plutôt devrais je écrire une âme, à la fonction de #procureur.
💙 aussi sur @GendyGentil et tous ceux qui nous partagent, avec simplicité et sans voyeurisme, les coulisses de métiers dont nous ne connaissons que l'apparence le
plus souvent. Pensées vers la team #soignants - y compris des 4 pattes urbains & autres ruraux que sont les #vetos, la team #sciences, la team @Fragritwittos dont le point commun est l'humanité qui fait autant de bien que les photographies de #paysages, #potichat, #art ... qui
sont aussi partagés.
🔸Loin du travail de lobbying et des polémiques souvent stériles avec les rageux qui écument aussi ce média,
🔸 loin des donneurs de leçons qui voudraient que tout le monde leur ressemble alors que leur norme est clairement transcendable
(toutes catégories
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Hello everyone! Thank you all SO MUCH for your support, and for pushing FIENDISH #2 to 100K! Now that we have hit 100K, it's time to announce the details of the FIENDISH fanart contest!
More details in 🧵and on IGG 👇…
I'm looking for one finished illustration of any of the characters, creatures, or environments of FIENDISH.

👉The winner will win $400 USD and be printed in FIENDISH #2, and two runner ups will win $50.

👉The due date is Halloween, 10/31.

👉Submit by tagging #FIENDISH2FANART!
🚨Please make sure your artwork is 6.88x10.44" and ≥300dpi!🚨
If the final artwork is smaller than specified, it cannot be printed and will be disqualified.

Submissions are also limited to one piece per person, please!
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🇵🇱 #Poland submitted 7️⃣ restitution applications to #Russia 🇷🇺. The applications are for the return of cultural goods and works of art stolen by the Red Army during #WWII.

#ReparationsForPoland @PiotrGlinski #RepublicNow #UNREDEEMED @KimOosterlinck #art #PolishHistory #stolenart
Of all the countries #Poland suffered the greatest #WWII losses, also in the terms of art & culture. Contemporary experts estimated the museal losses alone to >𝟓𝟎%. To this day, in many🇵🇱 museums there are empty frames, a symbol of🇵🇱 war losses #unredeemed #ReparationsForPoland
@PiotrGlinski pointed that "from the beginning, 🇩🇪 carried out a planned&systematic robbery of public, private&church collections".

"However, it was not only the 🇩🇪 who robbed 🇵🇱 cultural goods. On Sept 17, 1939 the Red Army together with "art experts" entered 🇵🇱 territory"
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American Gothic (1930), de Grant Wood, es un clásico de las obras de arte más famosas y también de las que más se han parodiado.
Cuando #grantWood la pintó se inspiró en el tipo de persona que él creía que podía vivir en ese tipo de casa.
#arteyalgomas #beautifulDayArt #art Americana Gothic. Grant Wood
La casa, realizada en el estilo Carpenter Gothic existe, actualmente, y se encuentra en Eldon, Iowa.
La escena muestra a un granjero y su hija, confundida, habitualmente, con su mujer, en la época rural del S XX.
#arquitectura Casa real en la que se insp...
El #hombre, en realidad, es su dentista el Dr. Byron McKeeby. Y la #hija es Nan Wood Graham, hermana del pintor.
El nombre de la pintura es un juego de palabras relacionado con el estilo arquitectonico.
#arte #artist #modernismo Los artistas reales posan c...
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Hilo de Software Libre/Open Source para arte y multimedia.

¡Espero que os sea útil!

#floss #art #multimedia #art #crossplatform
Antes de empezar, aclarar conceptos:

Todo lo que te muestro es, como digo en el primer tweet, LIBRE (GPL) u OPEN SOURCE.

No hablo de gratis, pese a que todos los programas puedes conseguirlos directamente de los creadores de forma gratuita.

Si quieres y puedes: contribuye.
Todos los programas que pondré son MULTIPLATAFORMA:

-Linux, Windows y Mac como mínimo.
-Para PCs/portátiles con intel/AMD y en la gran mayoría de casos también ARM (Raspberry Pi, los nuevos Mac, etc.).

Cuanto más independiente de un sistema/hardware, más libertad de movimiento.
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the echo of silence

some nights the silence echoes
louder than any clap of thunder
my heart aches for a voice
as my hand involuntarily reaches for another
only to touch a ghost
engulfed in the ocean of loneliness
i flail in its frigid waters
as it leaks from my eyes in great salty drops
that caress my lips in the mockery
of ironic imitation
some voices are smooth whiskey
some the raucous screech of crows
some hands are roughened some smooth
none of that matters if love is there
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💥The Amazing #Ancient Persian Gold and Silver Oxus Treasure👑👀💥

(A thread 1/6)👇

An incredible treasure discovered near the Oxus River is one of the most precious collections of ancient #Persian artifacts known to us today.

#FindsFriday #History #art
Around 180 pieces of #jewelry, metalwork and statuettes, and about 200 coins have survived, but the original cache was much bigger. Comprised of stunning #gold and #silver artifacts, the #treasure is an impressive example of ancient #wealth. (2/6)

#FindsFriday #art #Archaeology
The Oxus #Treasure was discovered about 1877-1880. The exact place and date of the find remains a mystery. Kobadiyan has been suggested as most likely place. (3/6)

#FindsFriday #History #Art

Gold & Silver statuettes of bearded men (British Museum)
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He was fed tha fuck up!
📸 Support my art and help pay for my Chinese food addiction lol #Prints #photography #art ImageImageImageImage
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1/ It's day T-93 of Tutankhamun 100 day countdown celebrating 100 years since discovery of his tomb. Today its Box Day! #Tutankhamen #Toutankhamon #Tutancâmon #Tutanchamun #Tut #Tut100 #Tutankamón #ツタンカーメン #图坦卡蒙 #圖坦卡蒙 #Τουταγχαμών #тутанхамон #투탕카 توت عنخ آمون#
2/ Not Boxing day (Dec 26) for those in UK & Canada, but boxes, chests, & caskets from Tutankhamun's tomb. Egyptians didn't have wardrobes & dressers. Elite stored their stuff in boxes. Carter found dozens of wood boxes in the tomb from plain to lavish.
3/ Chests made from local woods like sycamore & exotic imports like cedar of Lebanon & ebony. Veneers of ebony, ivory, etc & gold leaf also applied to Tutankhamun's boxes #Egypt #Egypte #Egipto #Egito Αίγυπτος #Ägypten מִצְרַיִם# مصر# #Egitto #エジプト #이집트 #Египет #Єгипет
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I was recently driving down a quiet Catskills country road and spotted graffiti scrawled on an old building with stained glass windows looming up on my left.

As I passed by, I glanced at the front of the structure and did a double take.
The façade of the dilapidated building had a wooden Magen David with a sign that read “Cong. Anshei Glen Wild”.

The building was padlocked, the crumbling front steps overgrown with weeds. One of the windows were smashed, but try as I might, I couldn’t get a view inside.
As soon as I got home, I set out to discover more…
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2/ The moon was just as meaningful as the sun to Ancient Egyptians. Thoth and Khonsu were both lunar deities. Khonsu was the eternally youthful god reborn monthly through lunar cycle. This statue from Karnak Temple depicts Tutankhamun as Khonsu. #Eygpt #Mythology #Archaeology Image
3/ Thoth, god of Wisdon & writing was also a lunar god. His sacred animals were the Ibis & Baboon ImageImage
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Always so inspiring listening to Dr. Anthony Fauci. Sharing his wisdom and decades of experience at the very fore front of fighting to end the #HIV #Epidemic
#AIDS2022 Image
The global statistics on #HIV show that our work is far from done. We must do more to #EtHE
#AIDS2022 Image
#COVID has had a profound impact on rolling back progress on the fight against #HIV
#AIDS2022 Image
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Kandinsky (1926) … 🤔 Image
An interesting aspect of abstract art is its rejection of the conventions and characteristics of the society of the time, especially materialism …

This stems from the belief that the Western world was in a state of profound decline!
Every work of #art is the daughter of its time, many times it is the mother of our feelings.!!

In the same way, each period of culture produces its own art that cannot be repeated.
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1/ I used DALL-E to imagine beyond this painting @OpenAI Inspired by @literallydenis #dalle #dalle2 #artificialintelligence #art
@OpenAI @literallydenis 2/ Something that AI headlines don't always capture is that as a human, you actually have a lot of artistic input in what the AI paints. The AI didn't draw all this automatically - I prompted it to draw certain elements
@OpenAI @literallydenis 3/ Here's a sampling of the prompts I used. For each prompt, I added "painting by Johannes Vermeer" at the end for style Image
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Can DALLE answer riddles from the Hobbit? Let's find out!
#dalle #openai #experiment #dalle2 #aiart #AiArtwork #hobbit #LOTR #AI
This really is an easy riddle! #dalle2 #openai #dalle2 #aiart #AiArtwork #hobbit #LOTR #AI #riddles
(Except that the answer is mountains, not trees)
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Don’t worry about being original.
Plagiarism is stealing from one source. Originality is stealing from many.
Making a perfect copy is humanely impossible. Seek #Inspiration whenever you can find it.

Remember that #Inspiration is active though.
Play different #Games (#TTRPG, #Videogame, #BoardGame, just play).
Watch weird stuff (#Movies, #TVseries, #Documentaries).
Read #Books (#Fiction, #NonFiction, #Fantasy, #Crime, #Horror).
Just watch people (great for #NPCs).

Don’t worry too much about what’s good and bad. Look for stuff to steal, modify, reinterpret, corrupt.
A game you don’t like to play may teach you something yet.
A movie you don’t care about might have a cool character.
Keep your eyes open. We don’t see a lot.

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Start now!
Start small!
Start with what you have.
Use paper and pencil. Google docs. Scribus. Public domain art. Stock art. Creative Commons.

1/4 Image
Set a reachable short term goal that will still challenge you.
Write 300 words everyday.
Finish a Pamphlet with a adventure/monster/miniRPG.
Write a game in less than 24 pages!
These will kickstart your creativity and keep you motivated!

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For the record, and I would like to be clear about this, I have been a writer, creator, and consultant for products since the early 90s. You can find early things I wrote on USENET. #writing #criticism #art #SocialMedia… 1/35
If you happen to read, watch, or otherwise consume something that I have created and you have criticisms, however sharp and/or pointed – tell me.

Publicly! 2/35
Write bad reviews on GoodReads. Write scathing analyses on Amazon (because yes, some of my work has been published and is available on Amazon). Send nasty letters to my publishers and link to copies on Twitter. 3/35
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#Actuarial Risk Management of Pension Funds is a highly specialized field.
This work needs both knowledge and understanding of #Actuarial #Mathematical Methods and #Financial Risk Models.
#LDI (Liability driven investing) & CDI(Cashflow Driven Investing) have unique feature risks
Also, #ILS Insurance-Linked Securities and ART Alternative Risk Transfer Products are other asset classes which need a new set of risk management skillsets, which includes both actuarial maths and an enhanced understanding of NAT CAT Events with combined effects.
Actuaries and Risk Managers must master the craft and science of side-pocket investing in the Insurance Securities Market based on Risk Transfer Methods applied.
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The @OHBM #BrainArt exhibit is live! Come stop by Hall 4 to visit this year's special theme exhibit “The Connected Brain”.

Check out our featured artists in the thread below.
Anne Sikora’s work is an interactive installation à l’odeur representing five #emotions : love, anxiety, happiness, sadness and aggression. All guests/attendees are invited to smell the sweat of these emotions and may guess which is which.
@cbuyukberber’s “Hyperconnection” takes the initial generative form that has been created as a mural based on @vborghesani’s studies on comparing the states of the #brain while we process language & turns it into an animated meditative deep dive into the organic #networks.
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As an aspiring #Artist , I love to Paint/Sketch my own perspective & observations of things that inspires me. I've been doing this for a decade & would love to share it on this platform.

Hence, I am starting this thread where I'll add my couple of #artwork everyday. Let's go...
"Under the same moon, Let's watch it together, tonight."

This is made with Soft Pastel on Black sheet.
Follow on #Instagram for more:

#StarryNight #moon #night #NightSky #Sketching #sketch #art #artwork #artistsontwitter #Artists #Artist #artistsupport Image
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I'm bored, I'm going to write a guide on how to find artists to commission and how to do good business with them because I literally. Have. Nothing. BETTER to do. #art #commission #guide
So when you're looking for an artist, you wanna look for three things: Do they draw what you want, do they match your budget, and are they compatible.

I'll break down them as I go, since I can't fit this shit in small bits.
For the first, make sure they draw what you want. Whether it's SFW, NSFW, you want not just specialties in your fetish (if applicable) but you want to make sure they can actually draw the thing you want drawn. Don't ask for a dragon if all your artist has drawn is horses, etc.
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(1) It's critical that advances in AI be understood by those from the humanities and creative arts. This is because commercially available AI will soon cross the point where, to paraphrase Arthur C. Clarke, it will become 'indistinguishable from magic'. #scifi #dalle2 #futurism Image
(2) When talking of magic “There are only two worlds-your world, which is the real world, and other worlds, the fantasy. Worlds like this are worlds of the human imagination: their reality, or lack of reality is not important. What is important is that they are there..." #dalle2 Image
(3) "...These worlds provide an alternative. Provide an escape. Provide a threat. Provide a dream, and power; provide refuge, and pain. They give your world meaning. They do not exist; and thus they are all that matters." (Gaiman) #dalle2 #NeilGaiman @neilhimself #London #Magic Image
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