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This summary provides an update on the situation in #Bakhmut, as reported by the General Staff.

The fighting in the area has continued, albeit with decreased intensity.

#Ukraine #warzone #militaryoperations #battlefield #conflict #defense Resume: This summary provid...
The AFU has managed to make gradual advances in the suburbs. The enemy has conducted offensives in multiple directions, resulting in 23 skirmishes in the past 24 hours. They have also carried out air strikes and shelling from MLRS.

#combat #UAVattacks #artillerystrikes
The Defense Forces' aviation responded with seven strikes targeting enemy personnel and military equipment. Ukrainian defenders successfully destroyed two Shahed strike UAVs and an Orlan-10 reconnaissance UAV.

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#Mediapooli @JoukoJokinen @merjaya @RSF_en
#mRNA-#YLE valehtelee veronmaksajille jälleen pimeän tullen, kahdessa peräkkäisessä lähetyksessä 19.3.2023, kuin varas
-"#Venäjä pommitti sivilien suojana toimineen #Mariupol'in teatteria, satoja ihmisisä kuoli."…
@JoukoJokinen @merjaya @RSF_en #Humanitarian mission near #Sartana, we met a large number of people who had just fled #Mariupol.
- Among these #civilians was #Nikolay, who agreed to tell us on camera what happened with the #MaternityHospital and the #theatre in #Mariupol
@JoukoJokinen @merjaya @RSF_en cc: @ KimDotcom
The #IntlCrimCourt that we don’t recognize has issued an arrest warrant against #Putin for #evacuating #children from a #Warzone that is getting #shelled with OUR #weapons -we #killed over 20 #million people in 37 victim nations since #WW2.
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@UnrollHelper @IntlCrimCourt @FRANCE24 @threadreaderapp #Putin visits #Crimea on anniversary of its annexation from Ukraine |-3h
@UnrollHelper @IntlCrimCourt @FRANCE24 @threadreaderapp #US threatens to #arrest #ICC #judges if they pursue Americans for #Afghan #WarCrimes | 10/09/2018
- #WhiteHouse Nat Sec Advisor J. #Bolton called the #Hague-based rights body "unaccountable" and "outright #dangerous" to the #US, #Israel and other #allies… Image
@UnrollHelper @IntlCrimCourt @FRANCE24 @threadreaderapp #US #bars entry to #ICC investigators, says '#attacking #America's #RuleOfLaw' | 15/03/2019
- “The ICC is attacking America’s '#RuleOfLaw',” #Pompeo told reporters. “It’s not too late for the court to change course and we urge that it do so immediately.”… Image
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Would you like to become the master of the battlefield?

Imagine the combination of #starcraft2 and #leagueoflegends. Sounds like something you would love to play?

Then let us show you why are we bullish or bearish about @TheWatchCom and which NFTs we hold.

🧵 1/15
Let´s jump right into the Bearish points:

- founder @missingwatcher undoxxed
- tokenomics not released publicly
- some missed deadlines | unfufilled promises
- some unclear | not confirmed asset utilities

Fair enough?

🧵 2/15
Bullish points:

- confirmed partnership with @Ubisoft @Globant @rarible
- friendly, hyped & engaged community
- very promising and unique game design
- strong lore and video teasers
- alpha game release just around the corner
- full game 2023

🧵 3/15
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For every #SriLankan who saw protestors at #GGG being assaulted by the #military & said "if they are doing this in #Colombo, can you imagine what happened to #Tamils in the #North & #East?" ENOUGH! There is no need to imagine, we know! 1/8
There are enough videos, films, still photographs, eye witness testimony, survivor testimony #UN reports, & other expert reports to clearly lay out what happened in #Mullivaikkal & before, was #CrimesAgainstHumanity, #WarCrimes & #Genocide. You chose not to believe! 2/8
There are 100's of people who died getting that information of #WarCrimes out of the #WarZone. Too many #journalists & #activists were killed, attacked, jailed, #tortured & exiled trying to disseminate that information, because you chose not to believe. 3/8
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*HONG KONG PEG DEFENSE RESERVES DWINDLING DUE TO THE HKMA’S BUYING HKD TO PROP UP THE FAILING PEG - EXCESS RESERVES DOWN 44% SINCE MAY. At the current rate of decline, peg defense reserves could be exhausted by the end of August or sooner. #HongKong #HKD #China 1/4
New fully settled excess reserve number down to 190bn HKD from 340bn in May of this year and 460bn in August 2021. Bloomberg reported today that rich Chinese investors are liquidating and attempting to flee HK and China…Chinese bank runs, property developer bankruptcies 2/4
And now cue Xi’s belligerence with Taiwan. Something big happed today with US Treasury, US Military, and several other cabinets simultaneously making strong statements against the CPC. Rumors abound regarding CPC forcing factories to a wartime footing for production. #China 3/4
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🪖zone 📲
💥 Warzone is coming on Mobile 📱
Announcement on June 8, 2022 at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 5pm GMT / 6pm BST / 7pm CEST inside the Modern Warfare II Team Gameplay Trailer 🪖

The new Warzone version will be playable on all platforms: PC, console, mobile!
#CallofDuty #Warzone #MW2 Image
Call of Duty: Mobile debuted in 2019 for iOS and Android devices
"Play classic maps with fully customizable loadouts as iconic characters, and experience the next evolution in mobile Battle Royale."

Now is time for the revolution with #WARZONE on mobile devices
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Wątek o walce w terenie zurbanizowanym.

Krótka analiza walki w mieście przy okazji filmu z kamery 🇺🇦 żołnierza. Lokalizacja niepewna - w sumie bez wpływu na analizę.

Film ⬇️
“In the future, I can say with very high degrees of confidence, the American Army is probably going to be fighting in urban areas.”

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley
Krótka charakterystyka walki w terenie zurbanizowanym:

1. Urbanizacja 🌎 wzrasta - wzrastać też będzie znaczenie walki w takim terenie
2. Wielopłaszczyznowość - piwnice, kanały, poziom gruntu, kolejne piętra, dachy (sektor 360)
3. Miks dystansów - od długich do bardzo krótkich
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📢 #Warzone Season Two launches at 11 AM PST! 🛡️💥🚛

Armored War Machines, a new LTE - Search & Deploy, Nebula V, new Modes, new Weapons, new Operators, new Gameplay, tons of improvements & more!

The Patch Notes are available at: Warzone Season Two key art
Included in #Warzone Season Two:

New content and a whole bunch of Bug Fixes / Quality of Life updates!
Included in #Warzone Season Two:

A new Battle Pass with 100 Tiers of new content!
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It’s time for a #CallofDuty Special Briefing 🚨

We’ve got all the intel you need heading into Season 2 (and beyond):… 🚨
Let’s start with a look ahead:
✅ COD 2022 is a sequel to MW 2019, and being designed with a new #Warzone experience (both led by @InfinityWard)
✅ A massive evolution of BR, with an all-new playspace and new sandbox mode
✅ A new engine powering both the new game and #Warzone
Rolling into Season 2, our team is prioritizing “Quality of Life” changes that allow Warzone to be more accessible and less frustrating for our community.

Over 30 improvements are coming with next week’s season launch + many more bug fixes and issue resolves 🛠
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Verdansk has gone dark.

In twelve hours, Caldera will welcome new visitors. 🏝️

#Warzone Pacific Early Access begins at 9 AM PST on December 8th.

The Season One Patch Notes can be viewed via this link or in the thread below:… Key Art for Warzone Pacific Season 1. Patch notes available
Included in #Warzone Pacific Season One:

Ricochet Anti-Cheat has arrived! Check out the full details on the official blog post here:… Image describing Ricochet Anti-Cheat.
Included in #Warzone Pacific Season One:

The first Playlist update for Caldera starting on December 9th! This will include new modes Vanguard Royale and Vanguard Resurgence. Image describing the first Playlist of Warzone Pacific Seaso
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@Philly852 Right on! This "totalitarian control system" started round October 2004 newly arrived #Paris, my gut told me that i m the primary target of it... getting ready to head to london to family members when the 2005 bombing occurred & a brasilian man cold bloodly killed in the #metro
@Philly852 I mean 2004, travel #BiometricPassport...
Start of it...
As a targeted, using my color, my migrations statue, a water truck driver #NY during 9/11, i & my name was on this satanists/eugenics high list to instill Fear & ensnear, coerce citizens to give up on their privacy
@Philly852 I show what was happening inside #WTC, i flee to Paris, Firenze, Milan, always on the run, dodging to be framed or lured into terrorist attacks scenarios, then the murder of #MeridthKercher ,i started to get the message i got of raping a woman #Pennsylvania hotel... Image
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Just looking at the release schedule coming up, I really wouldn't be surprised if Hazard Zone gets pushed to Q1 2022.

#Vanguard Release - Nov 5
#BATTLEFIELD2042 - Nov 19
#Warzone Integration - Nov 23
#HaloInfinite - Dec 8

Even if Hazard Zone is Free to Play and EA pay creators to play like they did with Apex, are those creators really sticking around playing Hazard Zone when Warzone is so established on so many FPS channels now? This includes the majority of the EA creators.
It seems like 2042 will launch with a good amount of content without Hazard Zone on Day 1, and from a few rumors I've heard, Hazard Zone might need a little longer in the oven anyway.

What do you think? I'd hate to see another mode buried like Firestorm.
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State of Israel:
The most vaccinated country in the world, is The sickest country.
Absolutely madness .
Before approving the booster of the so called vaccine, you must see this data, again .
It is time to stop this madness, it is time to stop 🛑
Pay attention to this .
Dose 1 in israel.
What where the results?
Much more “cases”
Much more deaths .
First official 1st dose , but they injected it much sooner
Second dose
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משרד הבריאות הישראלי = משרד להונאות/הטעיית הציבור, החוקרים ומקבלי ההחלטות.

תהיו איתי, הסבר קצת ארוך .

משרד הבריאות מעדכן מדי פעם את לוח הבקרה שלו וכל עדכון שהוא שהוא עושה רק מסבך את המספרים ומביא למצב שאי אפשר לקבל נתוני אמת, מה שמשיג רק את הפעולה ההפוכה >
ואיך הוא מסבך את העניינים ?
ההגדרות שלהם, במיוחד סטטטס התחסנות שמדובר בנפטרים .
למשל ביום ב’, ה 30/8/2021, הם פרסמו שנפטרו 10 לא מוזרקים, 9 מוזרקים ללא מנת דחף, 3 מוזרקים עם מנת דחף .
את אלו שהוזרקו פעם אחת בלבד, כבר העלימו .
באותו יום נפטרו 25, כלומר 3 עם זריקה אחת,
אז בואו נבין איך הם מציגים את הנתונים ואיך את מסתירים ומעוותים את הנתונים :

מחוסנים עם מנת דחף - מי שקיבלו 3 מנות חיסון ועברו 7 ימים מאז קבלת המנה השלישית.

זאת אומרת, מי שנפטר עד לשבוע יימים מקבלת הזריקה השלישית נספר בתור אדם שהוזרק רק פעמיים, ללא הבוסטר.
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Today, would like to share the thought process and inspiration behind building the South Gujarat's first #Coworking @ikoverk

Coworking Spaces are Plug and Play offices for #Startups, #Freelances, #Consultants and #SMEs but we wanted to build something more- a Community (1/n)
As you enter, you with find a Large Front desk with volunteers to guide you and onboard you for a 7 Days Free Trial amidst the aroma of Coffee and chirping of fellow coworkers discussing new ideas.

#Connect #Collaborate #Celebrate is the motto.
On the Front desk, you fill an intuitive Map of @ikoverk along with Sign which reads - "Remember, when you enter the door to the Right, you will enter the War Room" because everyone here is a hustler, an innovator and a true warrior.
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1. @mybmc announced Rs 10k incentive last year now ask to consider incentives as hike which was due from Aug 18.
#BMCBetrayed @DoctorsKem @ANI @ndtv @RupsaChak @lata_MIRROR @mataonline @LoksattaLive @MiLOKMAT
2. No Academics from 2 years still @mybmc extorted Rs 2 Lakh tuition fees from these hardworking resident doctors in this pandemic for the online lectures which never happened in reality.
@CMOMaharashtra @OfficeofUT @mayor_mumbai
#Fraud #extortion
3. There is no tax liable on stipend as per income tax department and even exempted in govt. medical colleges of #Maharashtra ,but @mybmc extort 10% from the resident doctors. @Dev_Fadnavis @KiritSomaiya @ShelarAshish
#justicefordoctors #FraudBMC
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Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the Garaysar Fear 116 Semi-Auto Tactical Shotgun. Sporting a 3" 12 gauge chamber, 20" barrel, adjustable cheek weld stock, 2 5 rnd mags & set of flip sights & more #Trump2020 #MAGA2020 #MondayMotivation #2A #KAG…
Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Compact Pistol. Chambered in 40 S&W with a 3.125" barrel, 3 Dot Sights, No Manual Safety and 2 mags. A great conceal carry option with excellent reliability #MAGA #Trump2020 #KAG #2A…
Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the very popular IWI Masada. An Excellent made in Israel pistol, it's chambered in 9mm, 4.1" barrel, Optics ready with 4 plates, 3 Backstraps & 2x 17 rnd mags. A superb deal! #Trump2020 #ThursdayMorning #MAGA2020 #2A…
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Special Analysis
"Today, more than 400 American #military bases almost encircle #China with missiles, bombers, warships and #nuclearweapons."
by @johnpilger… #Warzone #war #nuclear #tuesdayvibes #tuesdaymood
“White dust started falling from the sky. I reached to catch the powder. We used it as soap to wash our hair. A few days later, my hair started falling out.”Marshall Islander Nerje Joseph with a photograph of her as a child soon after the H-Bomb exploded on March 1, 1954 Image
A survivor of the first atomic bomb ever used in warfare, Jinpe Teravama retains scars after healing of burns from the bomb explosion, #Hiroshima, in June 1947. Photo | AP Image
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Special Analysys
"Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will.” — Joseph Goebbels
By Julian Cola…
Wernher von Braun was the Director of the NAS Marshall Space Flight Center in 1964. Before being spirited to the US under the State Department’s clandestine Operation Paperclip and its V-2 program, von Braun served as an S.S. soldier and headed of Nazi Germany’s rocket program. Image
Philanthropist Mary Williamson Averell Harriman, heiress to US railroad executive E. H. Harriman, donated large sums of money to German race biologists. Contributions continued to pour in even during the height of the Great Depression. Image
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My friend took these photos of Portland a few days ago. The downtown is boarded up.
My friend holds a concealed weapons license. Like so many people, he refused to get out of his car.
Here are more of the photos my friend took in #Portland.
It’s a war zone in the downtown area.
And here are more photos my friend took in #Portland’s downtown #warzone
Sorry if some repeats.
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Travail en cours sur un sujet important : les joysticks.
Elément clé du gamer performant, on trouve peu de solutions adaptées lorsqu'on a un handicap.

Déroulez le fil pour découvrir nos travaux en cours autour du Xbox Adaptive Controler. (mais pas seulement)⤵️
Solution de base : le joystick arcade.
Facile a manipuler il est très robuste, parfait pour les jeux de combat. Mais on peut le personnaliser.
Gros avantage de l'impression 3D : pouvoir adapter la poignée à différents besoins ergonomiques.
jouer avec le poing, la main à plat ou verticale, avec la bouche, le menton, ou avec le pied, le choix du boitier et l'imprimante 3D permettent de répondre précisément au besoin.
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May 8th marks the 75th anniversary of the #AlliedVictory in Europe, the day when they accepted the formal surrender of #Nazi Germany. Corporations such as @CocaCola, @Nestle and @Ford, eagerly took part in the Nazi experiment.
By: @AlanRMacLeod…
Standard Oil, a huge monolith now split up into a myriad of smaller ones,including #Chevron#ExxonMobil, BP, and Marathon, was crucial to both prolonging and intensifying the war by quietly filling up German tankers.
#AlliedVictory #alliedwwii #Oil @Chevron @exxonmobil Image
@Chase Bank performed a number of key duties for the #Nazis, including accepting, laundering and converting their money into foreign currency. In 1945, they were placed on trial in a federal court for violation of the Trading with the Enemy Act.
#COVID #Warzone Image
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