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This will be my thread for the #Uncool50 rundown of 2022! My favorite 50 formally released singles between December 1976 to now.

Come along for the ride it’ll be fun! My personal guardrails for it were a big help w/ hard choices (see below)
#hiphop Image
See here for the rules and other players. Then come back each night to see my next entry - some obvious, some niche, and everything in between!

Much thanks to @nonoxcol for getting this going and giving it clarity!
Chronological order, so not the lowest/highest ranked, but the first (and a trailblazer!). It still sounds like little else and can make me cry. #RIP you legend

1. @DavidBowieReal - “Heroes” (Sept. 1977)

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From performing small roles to being the top actor across South

From receiving a remuneration of 200/- and to become
Highest paid actor (1.25cr in 1992) in India crossing Amitabh Ji

He's been Incredible from 44 years
His journey from Vara Prasad to #Megastar is inspiring

Though he started his film career with #PunadhiRallu

However, his first released film was #PranamKhareedu

44 years since it is released and he has seen many heights as an actor in this span

Chiru as Naagulu
Dialogues lekunda Expressions tho thana acting caliber ento chupincharu

A super hit thriller with an absolute engaging plot

#Chiranjeevi garu nailed it

Trivia :
His First Filmare Nomination

Also remade in hindi after tremendous success
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The better your notes, the easier it is to manage your boss. Seriously.

Managing up takes planning, communication, relationship building & integrity.

Here are 3 ways to unlock that superpower by simply building a repository of tagged daily notes: 🧵👇🏻 #Ship30for30

1️⃣ Use Daily Pages to Plan Your Day, Week, Month, Quarter, and Year

Daily Pages ground your thinking to time-based buckets (rather than just project folders).

Reflect on yesterday and plan for today and tomorrow.

When you reflect and plan, you can focus on what you need from your boss to meet your goals.

When you show your boss you've got the wheel, they won't actually need specifics about little tasks.

That unlocks autonomy, agency, and a higher plane of thinking about your work.

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Haven’t we had enough planning scandals?…
‘It is difficult to escape the conclusion that the amendments are being rushed through to avoid controversy, negative media coverage, and the requirement to actually explain what is at issue.”
- @Mickcliff

- Me
“On Thurs. evening opposition politicians were given details of 48 pages to be added to a 20-page planning bill.
2.5 hours have been set aside on Wednesday to debate these along with amendments from the original bill. It will be impossible for proper Dáil scrutiny to be applied.’
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Are you a BAD Manager? What makes a #manager good or bad? You need to realize that the correct answer is not a definite point on a scale. Like most quality measurements, the answer would have a range…
Like how sweet is a cup of tea? Or like salt to taste. Being a "Good" or "Bad" #manager has a range. Also, there is no one size fits to all approach to #management and #leadership
It helps that we have a range to play. Makes conformance easier and realistic. You have a real chance to be “Good” and an equal probability to be “Bad”. The choice is always ours.
#Management #Leadership
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Analizando sobre los aspectos que más se recuerda en un videojuego, creo uno de ellos es el inicio, sobre todo los primeros bosses. Lo que más veía en los arcades era primeras fases completadas. Después tocaba echar más monedas porque la dificultad se disparaba. Todo pensado.
Busco un homenaje al primer boss, por permanecer en la memoria más que el propio boss final, una quimera para los menos habilidosos. Pensadlo, de lo que más se habla de un juego nuevo es sobre cómo comienza. En la primera fase se resume lo bueno que va a aportar un videojuego.
Aunque, todo sea dicho, hay juegos donde ya el primer boss (o incluso enemigo) es ya de otro nivel. Poca compasión la de estos japos. Desahogan su estrés con nosotros, los jugadores, que lo confiesen.

#videojuegos #bosses #inicios
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The main reason #leaders fail is because they do not connect with others.
Think of the best #boss you ever had- did they bond with team members? Leaders must always bond, even with your enemies and people you do not necessarily like! Who can you create a stronger bond with in your team, and is there anyone who may not feel connected to you?
Feel free to share your experiences below!
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.... भाकरीची किंमत ....

संध्याकाळची वेळ होती, मी माझ्या एका मित्राबरोबर सिंहगड रोड ने जात होतो, हिंगण्या च्या स्टॉप च्या अलीकडे एक किलोमीटर असताना पुढे वाहतुकीच्या कोंडी मुळे गाडी थांबवावी लागली, इतक्यात आमची नजर रस्त्यावर खडी फोडणाऱ्या कुटुंबाच्या पाला कडे गेली. Image
( पाल म्हणजे तात्पुरती ताडपत्रीची झोपडी ), तिथे तीन दगडाच्या मांडलेल्या चुलीसमोर त्या झोपडीची मालकीण भाकरी भाजत होती, नवरा शेजारच्या बाजेवर जुन्या वर्तमानपत्राचा चुरगळलेला कागद वाचत बसला होता,
त्या बाजेखाली त्याचा छोटा मुलगा एका तुटलेल्या खेळण्या बरोबर खेळण्यात दंग झाला होता,
वाहतूक अजून काही सुरळीत होत नव्हती.

माझा मित्र,जो एका मोठ्या कंपनीचा मालक होता,अगदी टक लावून त्या टम्म फुगणाऱ्या बाजरीच्या भाकरीकडे बघत होता, एव्हाना त्या भाकरीचा खमंग दरवळ आमच्या कारच्या खिडकीतून आत येत होता.

माझ्या मित्राने कधीतरी लहानपणी आपल्या खेड्यातील मित्राकडे अशी
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I hate to get emotional here, but too late. I lost an incredible friend named Dustin Diamond this week, & man my heart hurts. We did standup 2gether, he judged my TV shows, he'd yell at me when I wasn't on time for dinner at his house (terrible stew)...
Dustin would game plan with me about how he plotted to play the media as a "Heel" character on reality shows as a big FU to them. He like Andy Kaufman a lot. He'd throw cray Halloween parties, boasting over a million dollars of wax creatures he collected...
Dustin even asked me to help cast his fake porn. I gave him a number to a guy in Florida, but Dustin figured it out on his own. A company offered a million bucks for his porn, and they didn't care if he faked it. So.. DD faked it! Made a Million bucks! (Real actor in pic)
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#leadershipdevelopment - Have you ever had to work for an indecisive boss?

Someone who hated taking #decisions. Someone who didn't like being "put on the spot" and asked for a straight answer. How did you work with them?

#thread #communication

2/ I had someone like that early on in my #career and by making me think & act differently, they actually made me a better #leader! Here's what I did ..


✓ Present them with options (Rather than going to them with just a "Can I do this? Yes/No" Present them with at least 2/3 varied options on how best you want to proceed. Be prepared for a #conversation, weighing the pros/cons for each)
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#Ingratitude gives birth to different problems.

You must ever be #grateful to the Lord and your spouse for the gift of #marriage. Learn to be appreciative of whatever your spouse does or gives, no matter how little. /1

#Xmas #Christmas #MotivationalQuotes #family
Sometimes, as a woman, your husband does not have enough means to take care of everything in the home. Learn to still be grateful for the little.

Be understanding. Life is truly in phases. What you can't afford today, will surely come tomorrow.

I know that there are some men
...that shirk their #responsibilities. Such #men are mere boys. But in a situation where the case is genuine, please bear with your #husband. Assist him where possible.

The #God of heaven is your Rewarder.

When your husband tells you that he's facing a #financial challenge,

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⬇️ AAP Chronology Samachiye ⬇️

March 25 beginning of the nightmare, 6 patients who were tested positive in Andaman & Nicobar Islands had one thing in common, all returned form a gathering at the Markaz, the HQ of the Tabligi Jamaat, New Delhi.
(April 02 📺👇)

April 13, 1071 cases out of 1510 positive cases are linked to Tabligi Jamaat, ie; 70% cases in Delhi. 'Tabligi Jamaat' cases has been replaced as 'Positive cases under Special Operations'. The total positive cases were 97 on March 30, now 1,451 patients are in hospital.

April 29, 125 new cases in 24 hours in Delhi, total count jumps to 3439. With more than 40 cases reported so far, the 31st Battalion of CRPF has become the epicentre of #ChineseVirus cases in Delhi.

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THREAD riassunto su #Bonafede e #DiMatteo
Preso il caffè?
Ieri sera a #nonelarena su #La7 è intervenuto telefonicamente il Giudice #DiMatteo (magistrato antimafia, membro #CSM che vive sotto scorta dal 1993 ed è considerato unanimemente l'erede di Giovanni #Falcone
Lo ha fatto per rivelare che all'indomani dell'insediamento del Governo gialloverde nel 2018, il neo ministro della Giustizia #Bonafede (#M5S) lo chiamò per proporgli di scegliere fra l'incarico di capo del #DAP o della Direzione Generale della Giustizia Penale.
Il giorno dopo #DiMatteo andò di persona da #Bonafede per comunicargli di aver scelto il #DAP ma si sentì rispondere che per quell'incarico era stato scelto un altro magistrato (#Basentini).
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Gros thread sur la Coupe du monde 1994 🔥

La fameuse World Cup racontée : vidéos, commentaires d'époque, articles de journaux, anecdotes, analyses et des bonus. Avec un peu d'humour bien sûr.
Préparez les nachos, le Coca-Cola et votre port d'armes; on part pour les States !!!
Tout d'abord, rappelons que c'est le dernier Mondial à 24 nations (avec les meilleurs troisièmes qualifiés).
Niveau général plus resserré, beaucoup de tension sur les différences de buts et la victoire à 3 points est mise en place.
Une nouveauté pour plus de spectacle donc.
Autre changement important : le nom des joueurs sur les maillots et le numéro inscrit au milieu.
Beaucoup de maillots collectors du coup, des couleurs flashy et une typographie restée dans les mémoires.
C'était une révolution.
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170808 KBS Cool FM Moon Hee-Joon's Music Show - Starring #RedVelvet's #Seulgi, #Wendy, #Yeri
Intro Music: #RedVelvet's #RedFlavor
MC: They're Summer Queens who are loved by people. We'll meet #RedVelvet right after the ad break!
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As a #Boss beware that at one stage or another,in business,you’ll find yourself dealing with following groups of people.If u don’t deal with them wisely, your business is in danger
1 #ThomasGroup
They walk with you but they don't really believe in you.Though God can use you infront of them,they are not easily moved & take time to believe in you.This group will delay your vision and it’s a struggle & burden to lead such people who don't believe in you
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