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EXC: So. @PhilipHammondUK has finally said it - the entire 'bucaneering Britain' #Brexit narrative is based on a fallacy.

The much anticipated free trade deals don't outweigh costs of barriers to trade with EU from #Brexit 1/Thread

Full interview:
@PhilipHammondUK Think about that for a sec.

The whole row over the backstop and quitting the Customs Union is so we can win the right to make ourselves poorer.

So says the for Chancellor. They have "very limited" economic potential. /2
@PhilipHammondUK As you'd expect from 'Spreadsheet Phil' he's not making it up - he's run the numbers. (See research by LSE, HMT, @jdportes and others).

They are mad:

UPSIDE from FTAs all FTA is less than 0.5% additional GDP by 2030

DOWNSIDE of Canada minus deal? Negative 4-7% 'lost' GDP /3
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#OpportunityCost is the aggregate net cost of doing something, vis a vis 'not doing it' at all.

The initial project, option & prospect of #Brexit came with huge opportunity costs, which were too easily pre-discounted as #ProjectFear. 1/
The initial #Leave case, dramatised by the #BorisBus, contended that UK could save its £350m pw #EU 'gross membership contribution' and pass that 'saving' straight to the #NHS - as 'additional funding'. 2/
The #Leave case focused on saving UK's #EU gross membership cost in favour of #NHS.

It ignored regular #EU annual contributions back into a multiplicity of UK projects, which would obviously be stopped, if we ceased membership.
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[Thread] Interesting phenomenon brought to my attention by @karamballes regarding pro-Brexit accounts trying to rally followers on Twitter today. Firstly if you type "need to increase my pro-Brexit followers" on Twitter you'll see a lot of similar tweets #StopTheCoup
@karamballes So I examined the accounts and the retweets of any of the accounts that mentioned the phrase "need to increase my pro-Brexit followers". I then did some basic corpus linguistics analysis on those accounts, and again I found a few things quite bizarre.
@karamballes Understandably, #Brexit is the top word featuring in most biographies of the accounts. It appears in around 603 of the 3256 accounts. That's a lot, and could suggest such a call to arms really gets the issue-based Twitter accounts together. 145 accounts contain the word Trump
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@JH_Brexit Yates doesn't come across v. well, but doesn't refer to the government forecast specifically.
Roughly extrapolating from your graph, Robobank's analysis might be indicating extremely low growth but perhaps not, I'll concede, negative growth overall during the coming decade. 1/?
@JH_Brexit But he indicates he is ultimately using his own analysis, so strawman challenge is a fail here.
But what I now want to do is challenge an assumption, not in models but in your interpretation of it: that the success of an economy is determined by a growing GDP. 2/?
@JH_Brexit Not saying that I don't want GDP to grow; quite the opposite. I'm suggesting that the difference that the difference between a 1.5% & 2.25% annual GDP growth rate (as an example) are much bigger than you imply in terms of their effects on the majority of the population 3/?
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Ode to #Brexiteers on Brexit

We’re deluded.
We colluded,
With Russia and the Alt Right crowd.
And we won’t be cowed.

We’ll Brexit, the harder the better.
Ignoring the law by principle and letter.
It’s the EU’s legislation on ex-pat tax,
That really put up our backs.

The EU referendum was won by cheating and lies.
The fact that there are Remoaners is really no surprise.
All that stuff about Fair Play and Just Not Cricket,
That’s fine for sport, But not our cash!

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Things #Remainers clearly still do not know about the #EU, although this could be such a huge thread as there are so many that I have tried to list only the most important ones, but please feel free to add anymore. Thread 1/11
The 1st thing was the framing of the referendum question to leave or to remain a binary once in a generation vote. Framing was crucial as by now we would have become a fully integrated member of the #EU had we voted to remain but we voted to leave despite the lies of Remain. 2/11
There would never have been a 2nd #EU referendum vote. As a fully integrated Eurozone member state your electorate has no say on the following five policy areas: (i) monetary policy, (ii) fiscal policy, (iii) trade policy, (iv) immigration policy & (v) industrial policy. 3/11
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THREAD (#EP2019)

Polling Day is upon us & here is a thread showing why ALL #Brexiteers need to turn out & cast their precious vote for the @brexitparty_uk
See a graphic breakdown by region of how the main parties have betrayed us. On Thursday it’s time to say no more 1/14

Green is Good - Red is Bad

#BrexitWrecker is an MP who voted for a 2nd Ref &/or to Revoke A50 - All Remain parties are full of them #Labour is by far the worst offender

#BrexitInbetweener is an MP who voted for May’s WA more than once

#BrexitLegend True BeLeavers


Labour has 11 #BrexitWrecker MPs and should not be given your vote.

Vote for @zatzi @JonathanMEP @math_patten Tracy Knowles @DrAnnaBailey1

Vote for @brexitparty_uk

Vote for #Brexit

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"Some additional info on Deep DD Limited majority owner of Big Data Dolphins - 12/16 incorporation filing shows Gold Directors Limited is director of Deep DD Ltd

There's a Gibraltar Gold Directors Ltd w/contact name Louise Kentish"
"Gold Directors Limited, which is director of Deep DD Limited, majority shareholder of Big Data Dolphins, is also listed as a director of Somerset Bridge (Bermuda) Litd - an Arron Banks company"

A memo of association dated 12/16, associating Big Data Dolphins, Gold Directors Ltd, and Deep DD Limited.

Gold. OK.

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Aggregate IQ, SCL Elections, and Cambridge Analytica, launched out of the same addy as the News Corp building (same as Fox News HQ, NYC):
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If you look at Russian capital outflows into Scotland - Scotland b/c of tax loopholes - Trump's cash purchase of #TrumpTurnberry in 2014 🚩starts to look really suspicious.

RUs were looking for safe places to stash cash while oil prices plummeted:

"Inside Trump’s Money-Losing Scottish Golf Paradise
The president’s Turnberry deal demonstrates his love of the sport — and his dubious business judgment."…
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1. A short story of #Brexit in four acts. Act 1) in 2010 Coalition comes to power and presses on with dramatic #austerity, wrecking the UK's social compact... causing massive economic harm...leading to 2015 General Election
2.... in which Cameron promised an #EUref, while secretly speculating on another hung parliament with #LibDems blocking such a referendum… Yet, Act 2) lots of #austerity disgruntled #LibDems & 2010 non-voters, along with some Cons voters switched to..
3. #UKIP in 2015 General Election. #LibDems got wiped out, #Cons gained 27 seats from LibDems (out 28 overall seat gain), while #Labour lost massively to #SNP -- allowing Cameron to go alone, being pushed by #Brexiteers in #Conservative party to go ahead with #EUref.
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What the referendum has shown me – thread, please add your own tweets to it: 1/11
The referendum has shown me that none of the three major UK parties and very few of our politicians, especially on the #Left either care about or even understand what the real definition of democracy actually is & why we voted to leave the #Left also hates the working class. 2/11
The referendum has shown me Parliament has for too long been allowed to ignore the wishes of the British people and more importantly without any real consequences to them, from expenses to lying under oath there has been one rule for us and a different one for them. 3/11
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Do ya’ll know Gov Bryant takes credit for introducing Nigel Farage to Dump? He’s one of the peeps responsible for the unholy alliance of #MAGA & #Brexit. Bryant made it possible for a UK co to illegally access insurance data for voter targeting at Ole MS. Keep an eye on him.
Short THREAD re MS Gov Phil Bryant, Lord Michael Aschroft, and #Brexiteers who helped to steal the US election for Trump in 2016:

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There is a detectable wry smile on @theresa_may's face as she thanks her departing Foreign and Brexit Secretarys' in a statement to a packed Westminster house. /1
Her statement on the Chequers Proposal is detailed, dense and nuanced - a bit like one of her set piece speeches, albeit with 90% less Cakeism. /2
This doesn't mean the EU will accept it of course. But that's an issue for another day. Right now it is telling that @LiamFox, the Brexiteer Trade Sec. is sitting beside her. /3
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This points to No. 10 having made up its mind about the toxicity of @BorisJohnson. Which makes sense. His ability to fight proxy wars, betray colleagues, and barefacedly lie is hard to get past.
But the appointment of @DominicRaab suggests she just blinked. /2
This doesn't suggest the Brexit crew feel particularly confident about rolling May any time soon. /3
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Two years on from #Brexit referendum vote, UK growth has slumped. Lowest of any G7 country. Lower than Eurozone. Likely to fall further (c. Airbus). But hey, no worries, it's all #ProjectFear say the #Brexiteers (graphic @WSJ)
Still, young Brits can always pick fruit - rather than look forward to careers in high-tech industries like Airbus. Well done #Brexiteers (but hey, no worries it's all #ProjectFear isn't it?)
Consumer spending slumped after Brexit Referendum #PeoplesVoteMarch 🇬🇧🇪🇺 (Well done #Brexiteers. But hey, no worries it's all #ProjectFear isn't it?)
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Since May's fateful appointment & her 'Brexit means Brexit' this has always been OUT v IN. Talk of deals is fantasy. We should vote IN asap!
.@KenClarkeMP apart, Tory MPs voted #A50 trigger (Mar17) to appease #Brexiteers untroubled by unseen cost/impact assessments or exit plans.
7 months down their rocky road to nowheresville, that #A50 trigger is looking like the most ill-judged & stupid parliamentary decision ever!
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