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Did you know that @WVUFLU supports the state of West Virginia subsidizing the #dogracing industry with YOUR TAX DOLLARS?

$17 million dollars of our state budget is going to the cruel practice of #Greyhound Racing.

@WVUFLU you have the opportunity to grow and change. #wvpol
“Without the purse subsidies from the racetrack’s gaming operations, purses would decline to such a level as to make it uneconomic for kennel owners to continue to race greyhounds in West Virginia.” And most of the winnings don't even stay in state. #wvpol #GreyhoundDerby2023 Image
Female #greyhounds are routinely given methyltestosterone, an anabolic steroid, to prevent a loss of race days. This performance enhancing drug is prohibited in other dog racing jurisdictions, but continues in #WestVirginia. But @WVUFLU says this isn't abusive.
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Anyone following the money-election-geopolitical timeline? Campaign finance reform is a house on fire.

#FTX #Afghanistan #UkraineWar #usmidtermelections2022 #CampaignFinance

The timeline is eye opening.
May 2019 - Former Wall Street trader Sam Bankman-Fried and ex-Google employee Gary Wang founded FTX, the owner and operator of FTX.COM cryptocurrency exchange.

No notable activity until July 2021 when $900 million funding round valued FTX at $18 billion.
November 6, 2020 Election Night - Arizona called for the two low polling Democrats in 2020 Presidential election by Fox News, touted by an NPR article as ‘a bold move’.…
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Starting a #campaignfinance thread for the 1/31 filings today...
The Alabama Patriots PAC, which is spending for Mike Durant, received $1 million in December from America's Promise, which in turn got: $500k from Jeffrey Chambers (TA Associates), $250k John Chambers (Cisco), $500k Kevin Taweel (Asirion) and others
Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA), who is running for mayor of Los Angeles, stopped raising into her House account but still has $1.17 million cash on hand..,
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🚨 Here's a sobering fact about corruption in SL - One or more Sri Lankans have featured in almost every one of the major leaks associated with offshore tax havens from #PanamaPapers to #SwissLeaks and now #PandoraPapers. Go figure. 1/
Add to the fact that these leaks cover only a fraction of this massive industry and it begs the question - is corruption systemic or has it in fact become "endemic", or native to our system of political power and governance? 2/
This is why at the last general election my criteria was very simple - My ❌ for your Asset Declaration - and in my district of Colombo there was alas, only one solitary candidate. This needs to change. 3/
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A new #FEC doc shows @FEC has officially shut down one of the most memorable scam PACs of the 2016 election — a group called Americans Socially United, which bilked scores of donors, including actor Daniel Craig, while purporting to support @BernieSanders…
Americans Socially United purported to support Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential bid but did little to actually aid Sanders.

The Sanders campaign, in fact, tried in vain to get the PAC to cease its activities in 2015, as I reported for @publicintegrity…
The man behind the Americans Socially United super PAC — Cary Lee Peterson — was arrested in March 2016 and later went to prison after being convicted of securities fraud, as @lateshiabeachum reported for @publicintegrity in 2018…
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1/ Bringing ashamed Trump supporters to the table. Lessons about violence prevention from my Northern Ireland discussion group. #Inauguration2021 #January6th #democracy #violentextremism
2/ Americans are at a pivotal moment "You have to re-humanize each other. If we had introduced better language at the start, we would not have descended into 30 years of violence & death." #January6th #CapitolSiege #PVE
3/ Our politics are septic. "you're at a crucial turning point. Language desperately matters. The Capitol mob committed violent attacks on behalf of others. If you are Trump-adjacent, your silence now gives them permission to carry on like this." #January6th #CapitolRiot
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AOC has received over $10M in contributions and spent $6M+ this cycle. This is a much bigger ballgame than last time.

So where is that money going this time? Well, things get weird pretty quickly.

#1 $2.5M - VEYOND!
#2 $876k - Middle Seat Consulting
#3 $865k - Payroll Image
Her top recipient is something called "VEYOND!", which has received ~$2.5M from AOC so far this cycle.

These are some large payments.

The memo simply describes the largest one as "card payment"... ImageImage
But in trying to find out what Veyond actually *is*, I was surprised to find that they had no web presence at all 🤔

The top results are about a location called Veyond Cave in Elder Scrolls.

There are a few other companies called Veyond, but not AOC's. Image
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🚨🚨🚨BREAKING! #SCOTUS delivers a welcome win for #campaignfinance transparency this morning as it denies cert in Doe v. FEC.

Key players in a straw-donor scheme involving @ACUConservative had sued @FEC to keep their names forever secret.

@ACUConservative @FEC I wish I could have convinced my colleagues to follow the dark-money trail to the end, but at least with respect to the Doe plaintiffs, the @FEC was *unanimous* that these names belonged on the public record.

@ACUConservative @FEC As soon the trial court lifts its stays, I will un-redact my Dec. 2017 statement and make sure all FEC documents are quickly released without redactions.

Details here:……

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The mystery thickens. I looked at the most commonly donated denominations to Bernie's 2016 campaign & found MORE oddballs.

Anyway, it appears that there are more bizarre monthly donations that appear during other times of the month.
Just like how the $14.03's show up monthly at the end of the month, we've got others. Here are all of the others with at least 900 individual donations.
These show up during the 14th & 15th

Count: 2682
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Anyone needing an example of how destructive the DC Circuit’s CHGO decision is to @FEC enforcement need look no further than the $100+ million potential #campaignfinance violation in MUR 6596 (Crossroads GPS) and my GOP colleagues’ just-issued statement of reasons about it. /1
@FEC In this matter, Crossroads GPS spent $139m on political activity in 2012 (73.4% of budget!) yet didn’t register as a political committee. But @FEC GOPers actively waved off directly on-point federal case and ignored clear and settled law in excusing this inexcusable behavior. /2
Their statement flails along for 19 pages. But they could have tossed the first 18. All that mattered was this paragraph. Per CHGO, the mention of “prosecutorial discretion” allowed them to place their opinion beyond any court's review. This is *not* what Congress had in mind. /3
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OK, for true #campaignfinance nerds, here's a short explainer on the effect of today's ruling in “Pursuing America's Greatness v. @FEC.”

In short: Unauthorized committees *still* can’t have candidate names in their formal names. But now they can use them everywhere else.

Here’s why:

In 1992, @FEC adopted 11 CFR 102.14(a). It has three parts:

1. An authorized committee (a candidate’s own campaign committee) *must* have the candidate's name in it.

2. Unauthorized committees (PACs, superPACs, etc) *cannot* have a candidate's name in them.

3. The "name" of a committee, according to the regulation, “includes any name under which a committee conducts activities, such as solicitations or other communications, including a special project name or other designation."

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Here’s this week’s rundown of what’s going on in the #FloridaLegislature.

A few bills covering campaigns & elections, and a continuation of the FL GOP’s war against poor people.


CS/HB 689 - allowing voting machines that produce “voter-verified ballots”
Introducers: @RepFitzenhagen (R), @Mel_Ponder (R)

CS passed Oversight 12:0, now in Public Integrity

HB 615 - deletes provisions for public funding of elections

Passed Oversight 7:5, (@AnnaForFlorida, @KimDanielsFl, @RepBobbyDuBose, @GoodforFlorida, @Javierfor114 voted no)
Now in Public Integrity.


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THREAD: Shout-outs are in order in the wake of the ~$1 million in penalties obtained from Right to Rise & the foreign nationals who gave to the #superPAC illegally. Many players did a terrific job. In order: @FEC, @OpenSecretsDC, @theintercept, @CampaignLegal, & FEC again.

@FEC @OpenSecretsDC @theintercept @CampaignLegal First up: The @FEC’s excellent website,, provides the raw materials that allow journalists, nonprofits, researchers, and the public to follow the money. In this case, data from Right to Rise’s filings was scooped up by…

@FEC @OpenSecretsDC @theintercept @CampaignLegal …the indispensable @OpenSecretsDC, otherwise known as The Center for Responsive Politics, which slices and dices @FEC data and adds tremendous value.

Here’s CRP exec director @skrmhlz, speaking at the FEC, explaining how they do what they do:


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I am seriously jazzed. We now have the details of the first bill the Democrats will present in the 116th Congress. It's basically an anti-corruption bill. They're tackling #VotingRights, #CampaignFinance, and #Ethics!!

Here are some of the specifics of the bill: Thread/
And to be clear, it's not just the incumbent Democrats that worked on the bill. A group of freshmen House Reps have been involved too. 👍🏼
1. The bill would create a NATIONAL automatic voter registration system. Citizens could opt out if they wish. We know from the states that have automatic voter registration, it increases the number of registered voters dramatically. 💯
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1/ So! 657 days and 50,000 followers into the effort, it's time to close up shop at @alt_fec. The midterms are done and it looks like the Republic just might survive this crisis. We have been called to #resist in other ways.

Two parting thoughts as we ride off into the sunset:
2/ • Our #campaignfinance laws have been fundamentally broken by #SCOTUS. It's not a matter of flipping #CitizensUnited – you have to reach back to Buckley v. Valeo (1976), the case that established that the government has no interest in a level playing field…
3/ and that preventing corruption is the only allowable reason to regulate #campaignfinance. This was a bad idea from the start, and has led to rotten results. Since #SCOTUS is unlikely to help out anytime soon, and amending the Constitution is unlikely to work, …
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BREAKING! Major #SCOTUS @FEC decision determining how 2018 #campaignfinance will be reported.

In a nutshell: It limits the ability of #darkmoney groups to keep their donor lists secret this election. /1
@FEC This is a real victory for transparency. As a result, the American people will be better informed about who’s paying for the ads they’re seeing this election season.

@FEC The details:

8/3: Trial court rules @FEC regulation allowing #darkmoney groups to hide donors is illegal. Delays killing reg until 9/17.

9/15: DC Circ. declines to extend that delay; Chief Justice Roberts *does* extend it.

Full #SCOTUS just flipped that: The reg is dead. /3
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#CampaignFinance records from the 1990 effort showed that
#Pence then 31, had been using political DONATIONS to pay the MORTGAGE on his house, his personal CREDIT CARD bill, groceries, GOLF tournament
for his wife.
#Resistance #Resist…
#Pence's older brothers, Ed Pence, is an executive at Cummins Inc., a company that manufactures engines for the #Russian military and has also used LOBBYING firms connected with #PaulManafort, indicating that Pence may have ties to #Russia.
#Pence gives #Putin brophile a new meaning and takes Russiaphilia to a whole new level. It gives Pence MOTIVE for IGNORING U.S. Congressman Cummings’ warning, last November, re #FLYNN.
Cummins is deeply involved in #Russia through sales and joint ventures.…
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We’re very pleased to have not lost any followers in The Twitter Bot Purge of 2018. We have 49,864 real human followers who actually give a damn about #campaignfinance, it would appear!

It’s a big election year! RT this, follow @alt_fec & help us crack 50k followers! 146 to go!
136 to go. That’s not a quick response from the Twitter community – that’s some bad math.
Shameless self-promotion dept.: 82 followers to go! We may be finding the upper limit on who cares about elections in this country. RT and follow @alt_fec and help us crack 50k.
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Now is perhaps as good a moment as any to brush up on the concept of “in-kind contributions.” Under federal law, these are amounts paid to influence an election that don’t go through campaign's bank account. The key word here is "contributions." That's what they are. /1
Let's take a keg of beer at a campaign event. If the campaign paid for it, it has to be reported as an expense. /2
But if someone who's not the candidate brought it, that’s an in-kind contribution. It doesn’t matter that the campaign never saw the cash. The beer purchase has to be reported by the campaign as a contribution, and then as an expense. /3
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