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160 Days Since Gov Moved 2 Dismiss case Against @GenFlynn Its Been 45 Days Since DC Circuit Told Judge Sullivan To Act w/ Appropriate Dispatch & Its Been 16 Days Now Since “Hearing In His Court.” And Nothing f/ Court On Gov Motion 2 Dismiss Or Disqualify @SidneyPowell1 #FLYNN
How Can This Be Happning 2 An American Citizen In Broad Damn Daylight? Corrupt Judicial System & Specifically 1 Fed Court Judge Sullivan? DC Circuit Much At Fault 8 Judges Sent Back To Do Exactly This Ignoring Need For Disqualify Cause he Made himself A Party By Seeking ReHearing
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@GenFlynn @americandream09

The Fight Between Good & Evil! The Very Battle For The Soul Of America! It's Up To Every Single One Of Us To Ensure America Remains Standing!
The Beacon Of Freedom!
God's Country! #amd09flynn
We are witnessing a vicious assault by enemies of all that is good, and our president is having to act in ways unprecedented in decades, maybe centuries.

The biblical nature of good versus evil cannot be discounted as we examine what is happening on the streets of America.
It’s Marxism in the form of antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement versus our very capable and very underappreciated law enforcement professionals, the vast majority of whom are fighting to provide us safe and secure homes, streets and communities.

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Smoking Guns Showing Biden Family Made Millions Everywhere Obama Sent Him. Media Has Known For 2.5yrs The FBI Has Known For 2.5yrs & The Justice Dept DOJ Has Known For 2.5yrs. Implications Go Way Beyond @JoeBiden What Kind Of Law Enforcement Do We Have In America? @RudyGiuliani
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The Smoking Guns. Hand Written Notes By Former CIA Director @JohnBrennan 2016 EVERYONE In @BarackObama @WhiteHouse Knew @HillaryClinton Was Running An Op Against @realDonaldTrump Campaign & Doc That Went To One Of The Loverbirds @petestrzok Sayin Clinton Running Op Against Trump
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#FBI 302 REPORT OF #FLYNN INTERVIEW Or Next Draft After That Nor Do We Know How Many Drafts There Were Following Until We Got Ones We Got That Show Material Changes Made. Especially Aftr They Convinced Pence Flynn Lied 2 Him NOT True At All @SidneyPowell1
.@jsolomonReports How Can That Be Given FBI Has ALL These Backup/Computer [Sentinel] Systems Is Chris Wray Keeping A Game Of Keep Away? @SidneyPowell1 Either That Or John #Durham Has It Bcause SOMEBODY NEEDS TO BE PROSECUTED. It Has To Be There Or The Trail Of It’s Destruction.
What Happens Now #FLYNN case? Gov Filed It’s Own Motion To Dismiss. And After I Filed Motion To Disqualify JSullivan They Pointed Out How Serious Issues Are. Suggest He Moot Them By Granting Motion To Dismiss With Prejudice. Hopefully He Will DO RIGHT THING QUICKLY @SidneyPowell1
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🚨 Well well well!
•The rats 🐀 are scrambling!
•Audio transcript: Brian Ettinger
—>Joe Biden's attorney & first Chief of Staff
#Iran #Biden #SEALTeam6 #JoeBidenIsSick #ObamaBidenGate
2. Trump KNOWS!
•Is this the big October Surprise?
•This is sick!
3. Obama paid a $152 Billion bribe to Iran
•Buying their silence on Osama Bin Laden
•Anna Khait said that $2 Billion went back to the US,
to pay politicians silence! WHAT?
—>Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and Nadler? Chuck Schumer, Feinstein, No Name, Paul Ryan? Ryan did oddly quit
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.@JosephJFlynn1 Expects Something f/ Judge Sullivan This Week/Early Next Week On #FLYNN case. Only Couple Things He Can Do.Worse Case Goes To Sentencing. He Could Drop Charges Without Prejudice. Or He Can Dismiss The Charges With Prejudice & Do What he’s Suppose To Do. @BardsFM
Media Went Crazy Over @SidneyPowell1 Reference To Her Discussion w/ @realDonaldTrump & Not To Pardon @GenFlynn? Yes I Spoke To The President About #FLYNN After DOJ Dropped charges. Conversation Was I Dont Want A Pardon Cause We Are Gonna Win, We Did Win. #FakeNews Wants Pardon.
Any Independent Or Undecided Voters Still Undecided On Who To Vote For Need To Look At #FLYNN case Let It Be Clear. Not About Trump Personality or Tweets etc It’s About Policy Power & Judiciary System. If You Understand @GenFlynn case How Important To #RuleOfLaw Vote #Trump2020
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.@JoeBiden Is Unfit To Be President Of Anything. Four More Years! #Trump2020 #MAGA #KAG
Ready On Day 1 To Be President?
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JUST OUT- “#Trump #TurkeyGate #Impeachment- Part 6: All the President’s Ex-Men” Image
To watch the full report: join my Independent Platform at #Newsbud and or my New Community at #Patreon
I’ve read and reread, and then reread again: Despite All Attempts to Keep #GeneralFlynn Case Alive for #TurkeyGate Ops There’s Nothing New or Revealing in This New Supposed #Breaking News:…
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Status In The @GenFlynn Case @MariaBartiromo? Government Just Filed Response To Our Recusal Motion Against Judge Sullivan & Suggested That he Render That Moot By Granting The Dismissal W/ Prejudice Otherwise Has To Recuse himself. @SidneyPowell1
They Framed @GenFlynn Bcause He Was The Cornerstone Of The Insurance Policy To Destroy @realDonaldTrump. Clinton Approved Transaction 7/26 Strzok Open Crossfire Hurricane 7/31 8/15 Strzok Page Txts Discussed N McCabe Office 8/16 Open File On #FLYNN 8/17 sent Strzok Pientka 2 Spy
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We’ve Learned The Warrant Against @carterwpage was Illegally Obtained By FBI. They Used Dossier That Was Unreliable & Fraudulent. Rosenstein Yates Comey McCabe Now Say Wouldnt Have Signed. We Will Get McCabe In. @LindseyGrahamSC @SundayFutures @MariaBartiromo #ObamaGate #MAGA
July 2016 Russians picked up Info that @HillaryClinton Approved Plan To Smear @realDonaldTrump Being Connected To Russians As Political Smear Campaign. Know @BarackObama Was Briefed About Effort & Condoned It. What Obama Did Is Saddest Chapters In History Of Presidency #ObamaGate
Sept 2016 CIA Intel Community Sent Lead Over To FBI To @Comey Directly To Look At Another Effort By Clinton In Sept To Link Trump To Russia To Avoid Scrutiny Over Her Email Problem. If We Can Prove, Charged Perjury. If Clinton Foundation used $ 2Pay 4 Smear Camp There In Trouble.
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.@realDonaldTrump Docs Being Released At Level Now Nobody’s Ever Seen Before. Your Seeing It. We Caught Them Cold. We Have Them Cold. Now Do Something About It #AGBarr @KerriKupecDOJ Other Docs Going To Be Released Which Are Breathtaking Wait Til You See! It’s About Everything.
Hillary Got A Subpoena From Congress. How Do You Get Rid Of Emails After Subpoena? What She Did Is Criminal. Trying Like Hell To Protect but We Got Them. Found Things Nobody Can Believe. Lets See What Happens @HillaryClinton Was Totally Crooked. @realDonaldTrump #HillaryForPrison
Russia China Spying & Knowing Our Secrets cause Hillary’s Unsecure Server @MariaBartiromo? She Was Out There W/ Classified Info Giving It To Anybody. On Weiner Laptop FBI Did Nothing About It. Greatest People In World But The Top People Were Scum. Absolute Scum. @realDonaldTrump
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More Exculpatory Evidence That Shows More Txt Btween Strzok & Page Plannings Communication btween Analysts That Worked For FBI. KNEW @GenFlynn Had Done NOTHING Wrong. Issued NSA Letters To Get #FLYNN As A Pretext To Keep Investigation Open NEVER Shld Have Happened. @SidneyPowell1
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1. STEPHAN HALPER - #Spygate Image
2. 'Stefan A. Halper (born June 4, 1944) is an American foreign policy scholar and retired Senior Fellow at the University of Cambridge where he is a Life Fellow at Magdalene College.' Image
3. 'He served as a White House official in the Nixon, Ford, and Reagan administrations, and was reportedly in charge of the spying operation by the 1980 Ronald Reagan presidential campaign that became known as "Debategate".'
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NEW: @DNI_Ratcliffe has provided almost 1,000 docs to @TheJusticeDept to support US attorney #JohnDurham’s investigation into origins of #Russia probe #Durham…
Here is what’s been #declassified in 2020:
#unmasking doc, #SusanRice email, info about #SteeleDossier ,@JohnBrennan notes, #flynn #kislyak transcripts, house intel testimony where officials said they had no “empirical evidence”of trump collision & more…
In May, then-acting DNI @RichardGrenell declassified 6,000 pages of transcripts of interviews from @HouseIntel #Russia probe, where officials acknowledged they had no “empirical evidence” of #collusion or a #conspiracy between the @realDonaldTrump campaign& #Russia in 2016
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Post & Archives Part 23
Time For #FullAccounting of American Soldiers Left Behind

“McCain and Kerry had all of the live sighting documents of the 1500+ SE Asia POWs destroyed. Why aren’t people talking about this? You destroy all factual information for what reason?”
Dedicated to All #TheBraveOnes

IDF Rescue Mission at Entebbe
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NOW #Flynn's attorney said she spoke to President Donald Trump about the case "to inform him of the general status of the litigation."
Judge Sullivan asked if that conversation was in the last two weeks. Flynn's attorney Sidney Powell said time has a way of getting away from her but seemed to answer it was in recent weeks.
Powell tried to invoke ***executive privilege*** to circumvent Sullivan's questions, surprising the judge who said she does not work for the government.
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Coming up at 11am, Judge Sullivan will hear arguments on the Justice Department's push to drop the prosecution of Trump’s former national security adviser Michael #Flynn. I'll have live updates.
This will be the first time hearing directly from Sullivan--appointed by president's of both parties to serve on the D.C. superior, circuit and district courts--since Flynn asked the D.C. Circuit to force the judge to drop the case.
Background: DC Circuit Won’t Force Dismissal of Flynn Prosecution…
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THREAD: This is a thread about the Barnett 302 posted in "The Library" on Telegram by Harold Finch. I am sharing it here because it was very well done. To join "The Library" download the Telegram app, and then click here: Off we go!!!
Alright, good folks, time for a thread. Thank you to @techno_fog for posting this link to the FBI/DOJ FD302 of FBI Special Agent William Barnett’s interview by US Attorney John Jensen of the Eastern District of Missouri.
It should be noted that USA Jensen of EDMO was assigned to review Crossfire Razor, the #flynn investigation, for criminal activity & misconduct.

This FD302 was released to Gen Flynn’s lawyer Sidney Powell as part of this ongoing investigation.
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#FLYNN NEW: In advance of Tuesday hearing, @SidneyPowell1 files brief with handwritten notes withheld from defense. Judge Sullivan has the authority to "unseal" which would reveal redacted sections but has not immediately done so. Page 1: Documents high level meeting about ImageImage
about Flynn with McCabe, former top FBI lawyer Baker + senior DOJ officials appear to be Dana (Boente) Tash (Gauhar), (Mary) McCord, Scott (Schools) among others. Page 2: “Flynn case was on path to closure until (Amb) Kysliak (sic) conversation. False statement likely to be ImageImage
divided + Logan Act - both" Page 4: looks like FBI team accessed Flynn security clearance application SF86 - roadmap to person’s life Page 5: Jan 2018 “Have Brady order (evidence helpful to defense) from J. Sullivan” + ongoing interview potential witness “Bad memory” @CBSNews ImageImage
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Barnett Indicates Very Little If Any Activity On #FLYNN case Thru August/Fall Until After Election, Really After New Year. Makes Clear @GenFlynn Was The Insurance Policy. Opened File On Him & Kept Open So They Could Go After Him If @realDonaldTrump Won. All Set Up. @SidneyPowell1
Tells They Knew How Bad It Was If Anybody Got Hold Of Messages Big Problem. Evidence Too. Strzok Admitted Playing Games w/ Sentinel System FBI Uses To Store #WhereIsOriginalFlynn302 All Kinds Of Games Inside #FireWray FBI. Barnett Clear NO Derogatory Info On @GenFlynn Whatsoever.
FBI Was Investigating Trump & Collusion W/ Russians. No Evidence Collusion. Kept Driving Narrative Worrid Candidate Trump Wld Chose @GenFlynn As Incoming NSA Then Chose Him. Knew #FLYNN Wld Uncover EVERYTHING. FISA Abuses, Illegal Surveillance, Review Intel Com, HAMMER #ObamaGate
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Incredibly Disappointing #Durham Is Not Going To Be Reporting. Whats Political Is If He Doesn’t Report. The Deepstate Preventing American People From Knowing What Happened. Americans CANNOT Go To Polls Without Knowing Full Extent Detail Of All Corruption. #AGBarr Make Availible.
.@SenRonJohnson Disagrees With Sen Graham. I Am Not Pleased With Production Out Of FBI. Not Happy At All With Doc Production Out Of Director Wray FBI. #FireWray They Sit On Documents That Make It Incredibly Hard To Prove What We Know To Be True. @MariaBartiromo #ObamaBidenGate
Why Is Chris Wray Still In Charge FBI @MariaBartiromo? Job Should Be To Restore Credibility & Integrity At FBI. Only Way You Do That Thru Exposure. Almost Always Redacted Cause Embarrasses Agency Or Powerful Person. Not A Reason To Classify Or Keep Truth F/ Public @SenRonJohnson
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.@MariaBartiromo Sources Unlikely That We Will Get A #Durham Interim Report Or Any Indictments Before The Election. Can Confirm It Is Significant & Expanding. Including Clinton Foundation. Strzok Lead Clinton Server & Trump Collusion. No Evidence Trump, Gross Negligence Clinton.
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