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This year's #CyberMonday will be full of fake online reviews. But, the @FTC isn't taking this seriously enough.

The agency recently voted on a fake review fraud case with cosmetics maker @sundayriley. The company will pay $0 and face no meaningful consequences. This is wrong. Image
The @FTC ignored formal objections filed by @ConsumerReports and dozens of consumers, who warned that this no-money, no-fault settlement would essentially encourage fake review fraud, rather than deterring it.…
The pandemic has made online shopping a necessity, and the government should not signal that companies engaging in fake review fraud will face no consequences.

The @FTC must turn the page on its fraudster-friendly approach when it comes to fake reviews.…
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I know there are a lot of unmet needs this holiday season, but if you have something to spare and value my work, please consider paying something for it via @Patreon.

Freelance fees don’t pay all the bills; I depend on the support of readers like you:
As a reminder of what you’re helping fund with a monthly pledge of any amount, I’ll link to some of my work in this thread.

Here’s my latest, on evangelical Trump supporters refusing to accept that Biden won the election:…
I published related commentary on @RDispatches this month:…
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Heute ist wieder „Black Friday“, der Start des Weihnachtskaufrauschs in den Vereinigten Staaten und seit ein Paar Jahren auch hier. Warum dieses Kaufexzess keine gute Idee ist, ist vielen bewusst, es lohnt aber, einen Blick auf die Gründe zu werfen.

Der @handelsverband rechnet für dieses Jahr mit einem Zuwachs der Aktionsausgaben am heutigen #blackfriday und am kommenden #cybermonday von 18 % gegenüber dem Vorjahr. Anders ausgedrückt: trotz Corona wird ein Umsatz von 3,7 mrd. € erwartet.
Auch wenn die Prognose insbesondere anhand Befragungen des @IFHKoeln und auf Basis der Entwicklungen der letzten Jahre getroffen wurde und die Corona-Entwicklungen möglicherweise nicht in Gänze berücksichtigt wurden, ist also doch zu erwarten, dass heute sehr viele Menschen…
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#QAlert 12/3/19 Thisnwill be my THREAD for all #QPosts for Tuesday December 3, 2019. How do elected officials become mega/multi-millionaires? Corruption.Logical thinking and more!

Let’s Gooo!
@POTUS @shadygrooove #QAnon #CyberMonday #WWG1WGA
#QAlert 12/3/19 Q3647…
Who audits where the money actually goes?
What % is typically categorized as costs?…
How to 'steal' taxpayer money?
The 'Con':


@shadygrooove #QAnon #CyberMonday #WWG1WGA…
Who audits where the money actually goes?
What % is typically categorized as costs?

@shadygrooove #QAnon #CyberMonday #WWG1WGA
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Live look at me hunting for those sweet little #CyberMonday deals 🧐🎅
TFW you find the perfect deal
BRB gotta go sell some bitcoin so I can surf for more deals
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#QAlert 12/2/19 Thisnwill be my THREAD for all #QPosts for Monday December 2, 2019. People awake = greatest fear and more!

Let’s Gooo!
@POTUS @shadygrooove #QAnon #CyberMonday #WWG1WGA
#QAlert 12/2/19 Q3637
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 12/02/19 (Mon) 12:55:59 ID:
Board Post No. 21

@POTUS @shadygrooove #QAnon #CyberMonday #WWG1WGA
#QAlert 12/2/19 Q3638
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 12/02/19 (Mon) 12:58:58 ID:
Board Post No. 22

@POTUS @shadygrooove #QAnon #CyberMonday #WWG1WGA
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It’s #CyberMonday, and we've been scouring all the deals on the web so that you don’t have to. We’re threading the best #CyberMondayDeals out there right now: 1/
From PS4 and Xbox One to PC, VR, and Nintendo Switch, there’s big discounts in gaming this #CyberMonday. #CyberMondayDeals 2/
Looking for new speakers or headphones for the audiophile in your life? Check out these #CyberMonday discounts. 3/
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Just in time for #CyberMonday holiday shopping, today we are launching a new paper taking a deep dive into the technical methods and business practices that drive corporate surveillance. #BehindTheOneWayMirror…
What information do trackers use to figure out who you are? How do advertisers track your activity across multiple devices? How does your data end up in the hands of data brokers you’ve never heard of? Our new paper covers these questions and more.
And it’s not just advertisers and data brokers. Business, concert organizers, airlines, political campaigns, and others have adopted tracking techniques as well, with unsettling consequences for regular people.
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Empty the Pews: Stories of Leaving the Church is starting #CyberMonday at number 9721 on Amazon’s overall bestseller list. Amazon lists millions of books, so that’s not too shabby!

My thanks to all of you who’ve believed in this book…

For those who are curious, #EmptyThePews the hashtag was launched in August 2017 to call for people to leave right-wing churches in protest and to share stories of what drove us to leave. @laureneoneal and I had already been working on the anthology for about a year at that time.
We decided to give the anthology the title Empty the Pews later, but the book comes from the same place as the hashtag—belief in the power of stories to effect social change.

It takes courage to share our #EmptyThePews stories, but the more we do, the greater the impact.
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In honor of it being #CyberMonday, Jupiter moving into Capricorn (first time in 12 years) & an 8 day, I'm officially declaring today:


To celebrate:

"Woke/Yoked/Remote" will return to $17 for the next 28 LUCKY folks to use code

26 left
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@1100Penn NEW: Two GOP reps plugged 'amazing' Mar-a-Lago

After visiting Mar-a-Lago to pick up an award from a far-right group, Reps. Hice and Gosar promoted the president’s club on Twitter

via @1100penn
WATCH: Rep. Jody Hice (R–GA) on @realDonaldTrump's Mar-a-Lago—

"This place here is amazing.“

"You can’t hide success and its just evidence that this president knows what he’s talking about when it comes to business.”


@realDonaldTrump @1100Penn WATCH: Reps. Jody Hice (R–GA) and Paul Gosar (R–AZ) on @realDonaldTrump's Mar-a-Lago—

"Mar-a-Lago’s not a very shabby place."

"The lamb chops were unbelievable."

via @1100penn

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1/ You should probably read our new investigation before doing your #CyberMonday shopping:

Amazon’s internal warehouse injury records expose the true toll of its relentless drive for speed.…
2/ We amassed internal injury records from 23 of Amazon’s 110 U.S. fulfillment centers.

Taken together, the rate of serious injuries for those facilities was more than double the national average for the warehousing industry.
3/ The numbers: 9.6 serious injuries per 100 full-time workers in 2018. The industry average: 4. The rates at one warehouse in Eastvale, California were 4x the industry average. At another in Troutdale, Oregon, they were 6x.
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One of the oldest Holocaust groups in Germany loses its nonprofit status. From DW, day 10 of Holocaust stories
Students at University in Chicago had assignment on if the Holocaust happened. They were outraged! Professor has apologized. Day 11
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Historians believe they have disproven the claims of author Horace Greaseley. He claimed to have escaped 200 times from Nazi POW and work camps. Day 8 of Holocaust stories
Loewe clothing pulls outfits for being too similar to outfits from the Holocaust. Day 9
One of the oldest Holocaust groups in Germany loses its nonprofit status. From DW, day 10 of Holocaust stories
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Did you know that every day there is a Holocaust story in the news? Not exactly "new"s but rather advocacy by the media. System was the first one I know to prove that.

As a tribute, a return of Holocaust story of the day. From the New York Times today. Day 1
A secret group in Labour Party who deny the Holocaust? Day 2 of Holocaust Stories
Nazi camp guard to be charged with 5,000+ counts related to the Holocaust, article from Axios.

Will the Israeli terrorists from Irgun or those responsible for the Nakba be hunted down and put on trial? Oh, I guess those war crimes are different. Day 3
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Are you getting ready for #BlackFriday or #CyberMonday? What are some things you can do to drive sales? Here are some quick hits... #ecommerce #tips 1/6
Tip 1: Compress those images! Use tools like @jetpack @imagify @cloudinary or @KrakenIO to compress your images so that your pages load faster. When pages take longer than 2 seconds to load, sessions length can get cut in half! 2/6
Tip 2: Run load tests! Don't wait for the traffic to tell you if your hosting is ready for tons of sales. Instead, work with your host to run load tests. We can help you if you're hosting your stores at @LiquidWeb or @nexcess. 3/6
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THREAD: As the trade war drags on, there will be two more rounds of tariffs on imports from China, first on September 1, then on December 15. Here are five things you need to know... (1/7)
1. Trump’s latest escalation will drive up the average US tariff on Chinese imports from its current level of 18.3% to 20% on September 1. The December 15 tariffs will ratchet up average US tariffs on imports from China to 21.4%. (2/7)
2. The September 1 tariff round will directly affect many consumer goods for the first time. Footwear, clothing, and textiles constitute more than a third of the value of the new targets. (3/7)
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Thread 100% subjectif pour recenser les meilleures taglines de films qu'on aurait trouvées TROP COOL quand on avait 13 ans. Mise à jour aléatoire.

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