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I stayed in Mir hotel when I visited Severodonetsk 3 years ago.
It means the Russians reached the city limits, coming from the forests in the northeast of the city. This is (was!) a crowded residential area far away from the industrial part of the city. ImageImageImageImage
Why do I always have to be right?!😡
Of course, this was no “sabotage and reconnaissance” team, but the spearhead of the Russian main force, reaching the city.
They won the battle for the hotel and now have a bridgehead in the city.
The battle for #Severodonetsk has started. ImageImageImage
“Russki Mir” has come to Hotel Mir. ImageImage
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Hoy uno de los temas más controvertidos y que más pereza nos da a los Cardiólogos (adjuntos y resis)… 🥁🥁

El intervalo QT…¿cómo se valora? 😵‍💫

Una vez leído no se os quedará la misma cara que se os quedó al ver los #Oscars2022 🥶
📚El QT va desde el inicio de la Q al final de la onda T y representa el conjunto de despolarizacion y repolarización miocárdica #CardioEd
Es la representación del potencial de acción miocárdico! 🤓 ImageImage
Peeeero, no es tan fácil 😵‍💫 y tiene condicionantes!
✅ Edad 👶🏼
✅ Sexo 🚺🚹
✅ Frecuencia 💓
✅ y otros …💊🧂
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The #RELAx trial has been published today in @JAMA. It was coordinated by Anna Algera. This thread is to explain the rationale, what we did, the findings and the meaning.
The rationale of #RELAx is based on the following premises.…
First, there is NO adequate evidence on the level of PEEP in non-ARDS patients. Most of the studies are old, conducted in post-surgical patients (short-term ventilation), and were not powered to detect differences in patient-centered outcomes.…
Second, despite the absence of evidence, the levels of PEEP used in non-ARDS patients increased over years, from 5 to 7/8 cmH2O, probably as a reflection of studies and practice in ARDS patients.…
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If you die, the company you work for will not be closed down, ministry will not stop, life will continue, so can you relax now! Guy your blood de hot😂 Can you be calming down now🙄
Before You Overwork Yourself, Hear This!! #THREAD

It was a sad day as Mr Tunde just passed on, he was always available making sure everything was going fine at the company he worked for yet he forgot his health also needed attention.
From meeting to meeting, office to office, country to country he tried to secure a name for the company yet he forgot he needed to secure his future by taking care of his self.
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At the fast pace of our lives, and in a time that we are so switched on or wired, that switching off and relaxing are not luxuries, they are necessities!!
Exhaustion, time poverty and sleep depression are worn as badges of honour today! It ain’t normal or cool just because society has normalised it, it’s highly abnormal!!
Burn our doesn’t give you a prize, but it indicates that you have neglected all of you! There ain’t anything cool about that. Never feel guilty or apologetic, about taking rest or relaxing.
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Why The RUSH?

Everyone in our generation seem to be in a hurry to get to their destination before the expected time, some even drive cars as if they are driving to Canada from Nigeria🙄 Where are you rushing to?
#Thread Image
You want to rush into marriage when you are not prepared, you are not ready to be a wife, cook and a mother, you are not ready to take care of the needs of others, you don't even have enough money to rent a house. Why the rush?
You want to rush into a relationship, you are just 15, emotionally unstable, you are still struggling with your academics, you don't have a stable prayer life, you didn't even ask if it's God's will! Why the rush?
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I started playing #guitar in college. Some of my friends back home played, so I thought I'd learn. It's been years since I kept up with it. With no job and an empty house, I had time. Plus, I could crank up my amp. Ava would have hated it. All the more reason to do it.
Strumming a few chords or playing a riff through a loud amp usually makes me feel better. It's more of a distraction this time. My amp is a little old. Even a #ragpicker might pass on it. "If you're not going to play it, sell it," Ava nagged. Life always got in the way.
Or I got in the way. Not even ten years ago I kept getting sick all the time. Painful stomach cramps would radiate weakness throughout my body. I learned how to wash it away like healing #rainwater. That's when I really started to figure out who I was and what I could do.
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Earthquakes are good. That means the tectonic pressure is being released along the fault lines. Gaspar de Portola recorded the first one in 1769 while he was exploring in the desert southeast of Los Angeles. There are between 12,000 - 14,000 a year.…
There are over half a million earthquakes around the world and we forget that population growth in vulnerable areas is the main reason why these natural events become disasters. We keep building on fault lines and shores.
By contrast war and famine are preventable disasters yet we can't seem to figure that out. So we worry about the "big one" while our President threatens the "big one" with Iran and other nations. Just google "Trump Threatens". #Gofigure
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@BlueNovember3 @glennkirschner2 “I am having a really hard time feeling hopeful....ready to go to a cabin in the WIFI....plenty of #drīnks
🍷 🍸 🍹
#Dōn’t💢 Máte 🐲 😛🙈🙆🏻‍♀️💔💩
Gō 🤨
@BlueNovember3 @glennkirschner2 #rèlāx 🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♀️
#bréāth 😮 #Wōōds 🌲🌳🌿🍂💐🍁Gōōd ✨🌟
#Péācēfūl 🎋🐸😷
#Clēānsīng 🌾🌾🧹🦠🧬💚💙♥️
#Ńō💢 Wōrrīēs 🤭 #WIFI 📶🌀🧿
#Chíll 🙇🏻‍♂️➰🙇🏻‍♀️➰
🍸🍒🍈 Slàinte 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇮🇪
Cuiribh fàilte air 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇮🇪
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Pues me voy a animar como dije el otro día a hacer un proyecto 365, pero en vez de haciendo fotos, editando fotos mías antiguas, random, basadas en el mood de cada día.
La única limitación que me voy a poner, va a ser el formato 1:1... A ver lo que sale xD
I´ll say it also in English :)
I´m gonna try a photography 365 project, but instead of taking photos, processing old random photos of mine...
Only one rule: the square format.
Let´s see what I got, which will be directly affected by the mood of the day...
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