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An #ELXN43 and #PPC related thread:

A lot is currently being said about #Canada "rejecting" populism, particularly by the @globeandmail & other left-leaning outlets; they want to call it a dead party.

How is a 2% party "dead" in its first election?
Let's take a look at the closest analog that we have to the #PPC in #Canada; The #GreenPartyOfCanada.

They were founded in 1983, taking 0.21% in their first federal election; 1984. On that alone the #PPC2019 result was significantly ahead of the first showing of the Greens.
Now, let's take a look at the progression of the #GreenPartyOfCanada to its first #HouseOfCommons seat.

It took them until 2008 to get their first MP in #ElizabethMay; it took them 25 years to get a seat.

Now, the #PPC didn't win a seat, so we can't compare that, however...
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Let's talk #BrexitDeal timing, as it turns out Boris and Dom actually have until the end of TONIGHT, to get a form of a deal ready to present to the EU Tomorrow and Friday.

(Small Thread) #HouseOfCommons
Right now, as I type, the Queens Speech debate is happening in the @HouseofCommons; This debate usually runs for around 7 days, although this time, due to the deadline of the Benn Act, we have the Saturday Sitting in the @HouseofCommons.
What it is starting to look like, is that following the Thurs/Fri EU Summit, in the special Saturday sitting of Parliament, Boris is going to roll out AND EXPECT MP's to vote on his NEW #BrexitDeal

It is now that I swear Boris Johnson is hooked up to an intravenous LSD drip!
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[Thread] Evening to those following #BrexitShambles. In part 2 of my @BorisJohnson Tweet Analysis (I absolutely refuse to use the term 'deep dive'), I have analysed approximately 900,000 of Bojo's Twitter followers. Why you ask? Well who knows what you may find... #HouseOfCommons
@BorisJohnson Of the 900,000 followers analysed (he has around a million), around 53,000 joined Twitter in July and August 2019. That's around 6%. You can see a clear spike at that time on the graph, well above the average no. created per month, and one standard deviation. What does this mean?
@BorisJohnson Remember, the graph shows when people JOINED Twitter, not FOLLOWED Boris Johnson. If this was a sample of Tweets in a hashtag, it would be highly likely that most of these accounts are fake followers or bot accounts, designed in this case to boost Bojo's follower base, and ego
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I'm supporting a neighbour through #ESA assessment #dwp #maximus homevisit denied despite written medical evidence he has #agorophobia severe anxiety chronic depression #mentalheath
If he can't go all #benefits stopped he has young children #poverty
#classwar #dwpmurders #JC4PM
Thanku everyone for your lovely replies I'll update u soon just nipping to sit with Barry while his partner goesmto go as she is I'll with the stress of it all
I appreciate all your support xxxx
Gp not go x
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#Brexit news for today:

Nigel Adams, Minister for Wales, and Governement whip has resigned the #Cabinet over #TheresaMay's way forward.


You can hear #TheresaMay's reaction from here

So the splitting of the #ToryParty continues. Where will it end? And can we expect resignations from #Labour if #Corbyn is seen as giving up too much to #TheresaMay during the discussions tonight.

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001/ [article content in this tweet series 001-180 reproduced with permission from Martin Howe QC of Lawyers for Britain @lawyers4britain]
#quote "Leaving the EU on WTO terms: pulling down the barriers to world trade
Introduction: why prices will FALL after Brexit, not rise" /002
002/ #quote "Over the past couple of weeks, the media have been full of lurid scare stories about what will happen if the UK leaves the EU on WTO terms, because negotiations with the EU do not result in a withdrawal agreement." /003
#tariffs #NoDeal #Brexit #WTO #ProjectFear #shortages #food #medicines
003/ #quote "One of the most ridiculous and UNJUSTIFIED of these absurd scare stories is that it will lead to higher prices, and even shortages, of foods and medicines." /004
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