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Nirmala Sitharaman presents #Budget2022 in Parliament, #Sensex jumps over 800 points

Catch all the #BudgetSession2022 live updates.👇…

The Budget seeks to lay a blueprint for the next 25 years, says the finance minister.

“We are confident of withstanding challenges amid the coronavirus pandemic,” says #NirmalaSitharaman.

Catch all the #Budget2022 live updates.👇…
Nirmala Sitharaman says the government strives to provide necessary ecosystem for middle class.

“This Budget hopes to lay the foundation for Amrit Kal from India at 75 to India at 100,” she adds.

Catch all the #Budget2022 live updates.👇…
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It should (again) be headline news that #Covid19 is so out of control in the UK.

It is the 3rd time since the start of the Pandemic I've started a thread like this. The last two each ended in an unnecessary 40,000 deaths.

If you think vaccines make this ok.
God help you. Image
To be clear there are no laurels to rest on in the UK as far as vaccines are concerned. The days where the UK could claim to be ahead of Europe on vaccine deployment are long behind us.

You think leaving the EU gave us an advantage? You've missed it meant less honest reporting. Image
Can we argue our exposure to the Delta variant is what's causing our


number of cases compared to our nearest neighbours?

No, that looks pretty much identical these days. Image
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It was hard to hear the irresponsible discussion that I heard on @BallySportsSD between @DonOrsillo, @Mudcat55 and @mlb commissioner Rob Manfred during #MIAvsSD game. The #DeltaVariant will insure that the #CoronavirusPandemic will continue through the end of the season.
Anyone who follows the news know that the pandemic is ramping back up.…
Experts haven't agreed, but I think that vhildren will get sick.…
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@SavageJoyMarie1 @PramilaJayapal @RepJayapal You posted this on March 17, 2021. I agree with you. If #COVID19 hasn't proven how dysfunctional our healthcare system is, nothing will. Stop using #MedicareForAll just to garner votes. Join us on Saturday July 24th!… @M4M4ALL #M4M4ALL
@SavageJoyMarie1 @PramilaJayapal @RepJayapal @M4M4ALL @RepBarbaraLee @repblumenauer @RepJoeNeguse @RepSchakowsky @repmarkpocan @RepCori @RepBrendanBoyle @RepRashida @RepLowenthal @RepJudyChu @RepJerryNadler You're right! #MedicareForAll can be funded simply by getting rid of private insurance. Join us next Saturday! Nadler: 'Eliminating' private insurance could pay for 'Medicare for all' without raising taxes… #M4M4ALL
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#BREAKING Greece orders mandatory Covid-19 vaccination for health workers: PM
#CoronavirusPandemic Image
#BREAKING France's Emmanuel Macron announces mandatory Covid-19 jabs for healthcare staff
#CoronavirusPandemic Image
#BREAKING Macron says 'Covid pass' will be needed in restaurants from August
#CoronavirusPandemic Image
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1/ THREAD. Wow, #COVID19 really loves our family.

Just as I'm finally feeling fully recovered, 14 months after my hospital discharge, our three-year-old son tested positive for Covid.🙁
2/ We were surprised by the positive result. Our son was with my husband and me at our most contagious last year, so we figured that he would have gotten it back then if he was going to get it.
3/ I suppose it's possible that our son did get Covid last year from us, cleared it from his system, and then caught a variant this time around.

It's a reminder that the #CoronavirusPandemic isn't over just yet — and we should still be vigilant.
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While looking into pneumonia cases, scientists in Malaysia have found a new type of coronavirus that can infect humans. It is an alphacoronavirus, which mostly infects cats and dogs. #CoronavirusPandemic…
A study published by Malaysian researchers said an alphacoronavirus was isolated from a human pneumonia patient. Out of the 301 samples of hospitalized pneumonia patients in Malaysia, between 2017 and 2018, eight samples (2.7%) were found to be carrying the novel coronavirus.
Meanwhile, a virologist at the Ohio State University confirmed that the virus was a canine coronavirus, earlier thought to be non-transmissible to humans. However, since the majority of the genome was canine coronavirus, it is likely the virus jumped directly from dogs to humans.
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ANALYSIS: The @Independent Propagandizes Saying Dr. #Fauci "schools @RandPaul for Covid misinformation" Then Senator @RandPaul Takes To @Twitter & Releases Documented Proof That Everything He Claimed The NIH, Fauci, & The Wuhan Lab Were Doing Is True! The @Independent Is WRONG!
CONTD: @Newsweek- Dr. #Fauci Backed Controversial #Wuhan Lab with U.S. Dollars for Risky #CoronavirusPandemic Research.…
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India has received tonnes of medical supplies from several friendly countries as aid in its fight against the catapulting coronavirus crisis. But where are all these supplies headed? #CoronavirusPandemic #IndiaCovidCrisis #IndiaNeedsOxygen #CoronaVaccine…
Indian as well as foreign media have struggled to find that out, but to no avail. Even Union Ministries in India are unable to offer much clarity on the issue. An officer said that all the foreign aid is being received by the Indian Red Cross. #aid #RedCross #IndiaNeedsOxygen
It is then sent to the Ministry of External Affairs, and thereafter, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Home Affairs step in for domestic distribution. However, reportedly, no Ministry offered any details about the distribution of COVID-19 relief consignments. #Ministry
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The Delhi government on Monday announced that it would provide free COVID-19 vaccines to everyone above the age of 18. Earlier, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, among other states had announced free vaccination. #ArvindKejriwal #DelhiFightsCorona…
"Today, we have given the approval for the purchase of 1.34 crore vaccine doses. We will make an effort to ensure that it is purchased soon and administered to people at the earliest,” said Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced in a video conference. #DelhiCovid #vaccine
"This is not the time to earn profits,” he added, while talking about the prices of the vaccines. To note, SII will sell doses to state governments at Rs. 400 each, while Bharat Biotech will sell doses at Rs. 600 each. #Covishield #Covaxin #CoronavirusPandemic #vaccinated #Delhi
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All the Oxygen & Bed's available at one place/thread created just now. Amplify and Retweet it to reach more people. All the resources in the comment section below ⬇️ thread is verified and updated frequently.
#oxygen @COVID19_INDIA #Mumbai #beds
Self Verified ambulance service across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi/NCR and Bangalore

HelpNow provides sanitized and well-equipped ambulances with ventilators/oxygen supply, within 15 to 20 minutes across 24x7
Phone: 88 99 88 99 52.
✅ 𝐕𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐞𝐝
Hospital Beds - 3 Oxygen Beds Available

Hospital Name: Veena Multi-speciality Hospital
Phone: +918080833354
Location: Andheri East, Mumbai

Last Verified @ 25/04/21, 10:10 AM
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Hospitals in India desperately appeal for oxygen as the Covid-19 crisis strains its healthcare system, while Japan issues a state of emergency in some areas just three months before the Summer Olympics are due to open
#BREAKING New Zealand pauses travel bubble after Australian Covid-19 outbreak
#UPDATE New Zealand's decision came after Western Australia announced that the regions of Perth and Peel were entering a three-day Covid-19 lockdown due to a traveler testing positive for the novel coronavirus
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Thread: 1/8

On the other day, @narendramodi declared that people below 45 years will not be vaccinated for now. In his very own theatrical style, he asked the naujawans to bear with this decision.
2/8 #Modi and @BJP4India are famous for preaching deshbhakti. A desh or a modern nation is recognised to have three "vital interests" to be protected at all costs. They are
1. A nation's people
2. it's territory and
3. it's sovereignty.
3/8 It is the practice all over the world to pull all a nation's resources to rise to the occasion if one of its vital interest is threatened. It's people included.
India has immense resources. It is not a poor country. It can afford to vaccinate each one of its people.
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NEW: #Brazil asks for help as deaths from #COVID19 are hitting record daily numbers.

To get a better understanding of the impacts of the #CoronavirusPandemic from the ground, we gathered four perspectives from across the country.…
In small towns across #Brazil like Piúma, Espirito Santo, the health system is insufficient to deal with the surging cases of #coronavirus.

Catarina Mais, a local health professional, spoke to Unicorn Riot saying: “Piúma is asking for help ... Brazil is asking for help.”
Catarina Mais said the #UKvariant, the most aggressive #COVID19 variant, had just entered Piúma, likely from “a tourist from another state or county.” This could be devastating for Piúma, as the population doesn’t have enough hospital beds available nor an ambulance.
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Dr. Kelly Sennholz: Matt Gaetz has been saying for years he was single; he has an adopted son from Cuba.
Rick: He let his son go to FL for spring break.
Dr. S.: He should not have allowed him to go. It's continued insanity!
@MtnMD #CoronavirusPandemic #CoronaVirusUpdate
Dr. Kelly Sennholz: People are tired & are pulling away from wearing masks. Angela Merkel said the deadly third wave is hitting Europe, & it will hit us, too.
@MtnMD #CoronavirusPandemic #CoronaVirusUpdate
Dr. Kelly Sennholz: The new variant--the P variant--is the big problem; it can infect people 3x as fast. The graph had flattened out & now it's rising up again. It's really important to continue distancing & wearing masks.
@MtnMD #CoronavirusPandemic #CoronaVirusUpdate
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1/ A year ago today is when I was admitted to @nyulangone because I couldn’t breathe, thanks to what turned out to be #COVID19 (but we didn’t know that at the time; it was early in the #CoronavirusPandemic, and I hadn’t been tested yet).

#COVID #Covid_19
2/ I didn’t want to go to the hospital, even though I was having a hard time breathing and my mom and husband were telling me to go. I finally went when my husband said that if I didn’t go, he’d call me an ambulance.

#COVID19 #COVID #Covid_19
3/ I was so weak, it took me forever just to leave the apartment. I went from my bed to the dining table, from the dining table to the living room couch, from the living room couch to the door (and our apartment is not that big).

#COVID19 #COVID #Covid_19
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1/ A year after #COVID19, I still have greatly reduced cardiovascular endurance, even though I’ve been back to exercise for months. Jogging a short distance at a slow pace sends my heart rate over 170, which never used to happen. #LongCovid #longhaulers
2/ So my internist referred me to a cardiologist, and I had my visit with her yesterday; here’s a write-up of that visit. #COVID #COVID19 #LongCovid #cardio #cardiology #longhaulers
3/ The good news is that my resting heart rate (83) was normal, and my EKG (see below) showed nothing unusual. #COVID #covid19 #LongCovid #longhaulers
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Many have been talking excitedly about how 6-straight weeks of declining #COVID19 Cases are an indicator that USA reaching natural herd immunity in the next 4-6 weeks. Here are a bunch of reasons why that is bogus... #CoronavirusPandemic #vaccines
1. 28.2 Million COVID cases in USA. Undoubtedly an underestimate due to lack of testing for symptomatic and asymptomatic cases, but far short of any relevant number to herd immunity in a population of 300+ million. GAVI says you need >65% immunization to protect herd
2. 7.73 Million #Vaccine Doses Given, only about 2.1 million fully vaccinated. Doesn't get us any closer to 65% immunization if combining vaccinated and previously infected
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#CoronavirusPandemic | "Steady drop in daily cases in India": Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan
Health Ministry briefing on the new strain of #coronavirus
Rajesh Bhushan, Health Secretary, addresses the media on the new strain of #COVID19
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1/ Nine months ago today (3/16), I was admitted to @nyulangone because I couldn’t breathe, thanks to what turned out to be #COVID19 (but we weren’t sure at the time — it was early in the #CoronavirusPandemic).

Text exchange with my husband Zach that day: Image
2/ My detailed texts are essentially like a diary of my #COVID19 hospital stay. More from March 16: Image
3/ At the time, I didn’t realize how bad #COVID19 would get for me. When I got the positive #COVID test result that night — from Dr. Luke O’Donnell, one of the many great doctors who treated me, God bless him — here’s what I texted Zach: Image
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