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The central problem with any such debate involving a real scientist is that @joerogan's audience is sooooo dumb (& so statistically unsophisticated) that they will never figure out who won the argument.
@joerogan As the replies by Rogan viewers show, the typical defender of these conspiraties & pseudolibertarian peabrain fails to understand the passage of time, that there are some measures you take when you don't know what's going on.
As I said, #Idiots

Conspiracies (typo)
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If you put money in a real bank (money market), an interest bearing account, not a "piggy bank", your earning power would have been preserved between 1960 and 2008.
Only talk about finance if you know something about finance.
Misinformation: propagandists present a partial piece of information, factually correct, as a general attribute of the system.
Here to sell cryptos to innocent youths.
This case: nobody puts more than a few $$ in piggy banks or cash accts, salaries & investment are indexed.
3(correction: purchasing power not earning power).
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Le 17 Mars 2020 a été à mes yeux, le #lancement de la dernière #RévolutionBolchévique
Dans tous les sens du terme
Enfin, ils étaient sortis du #bois en #Horde

Les #observer agir, en #prosélytes de la peur, des #mesures qu'ils ont #vendues a été une #confirmation de mes #analyses Image
Et toutes affaires cessantes, vu que nous étions #confinés, ai rallumé la #TV, depuis #longtemps #éteinte
Mis les #chaines d'info en continu en mode #zapping
Ajouté un PC, puis deux, pour #capter des #infos sur les #réseauxsociaux, et tenter de compléter le #puzzle Image
Que des #recherches sur le #11Septembre2001 ont entamé.
Voir le #mensonge dans l'#instant ou il se déroule est #perturbant
le voir venir de là où on l'#attendait, plutôt gratifiant
L'un #compensant l'autre, fit que la #peur ne m'a jamais #effleuré, sinon celle de la #répression Image
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Buffalo Tops shooting; eight killed. AR-15 #2A Truth Social – You can't carry loaded #guns at #ShotShow (America's biggest gun show), #Glock, Mars-a-Lago, US Army bases, etc. (all places w/ lots of security) as they fear gun nuts!…
2/ #2A #2ndAmendment - #NRA #SCOTUS / Supreme Court, legislators, executives, etc., for open carry, concealed carry, etc., must ensure THE EXACT SAME LAWS APPLY IN THEIR OFFICES, HOMES and at all times around them, and THEY MUST HAVE NO SECURITY. That’s how the rest of us feel.
3/ Texas, Georgia, etc., have enacted or will permit carry handguns without a license or training Why stop there? How about allowing anyone to drive, do brain surgery, teach school, fly an airliner or be a cop or governor? #GunSense #2A #Idiots #Trump…
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Within our @snf_ch project @TheSubRise, @sspunil organises a summer school in #Georgia on territorial #challenges & #opportunities for #democracy.
🤝 @StojanovicNenad @unige_en + 3 local universities
✍️🙏apply by 1.5.22
👨‍💻… ImageImage
@snf_ch @TheSubRise @sspunil @StojanovicNenad @unige_en Day1 of our @unil #SummerSchool @LopotaS - general terms + conditions for achieving democratic stability and a great exercise by @NinGozalishvili on #Disinformation 👏🍾👍 ImageImageImage
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This tweet is so ill advised. First fans have done this as sign of happiness at the acquisition and should be appreciated. Second this stupidly opens the door for people to say “the Saudis cannot tell us what to wear”. Fire the PR company with the coach! #idiots
If anything the club should import proper Arabic dress and give courses in how to dress in them for those that want it. Would be great to see thousands of fans in thobes and ghutras.
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This illustrates tokenism and half-measures taken to the extreme. And a large part of the problem is the teaching community in these IIsT (and the like).

When you think of Reservations for a particular class of people, you also have to anticipate the problems ... +
... they might face in adapting to the expectations of making it to and thriving in an atmosphere they have no exposure to (socially/culturally).

"If you got in here, you're expected to *get it* on your own and by yourself" - does not cut it. And it's self-serving AF...
... because it excuses the teaching community from actually thinking through what they are REQUIRED to do - to make sure the "reserved" category of students cope, thrive and succeed.

When you decide you're going to take affirmative action, you've got to anticipate ... +
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Fellow Sane Idahoans, don't let the #idleg and #IDiots and #COVIdiots get you down.
Now, if you have complained about the #idleg but you voted for Ryan Davidson, you need to go spend some time alone for some serious personal introspection because you did a bad bad thing.
That said there are some things we all need to do.  The extremists, they won't change, but when you hear normal people you know and who you have a realtionship spout the stupid stuff, know enough about it that you can itnerject and say "actually, that isn't right" #idleg
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If we are to survive, and to improve to become a civilised nation, NEVER forget this, my friends/Civil Society. NEVER forget that the man who now touts 'fixing our own home' today is the same man who revolted against an elected PM and government who said EXACTLY this 5 years ago!
2/ AND in a compact with the Judiciary saw him hounded out of office on one pretext or the other, including the crappy 'Panama Leaks'. Indeed, let us ask @OfficialDGISPR and include @MarianaBaabar and @NasimZehra who write on Pakistan's Security so often: If the undisputed 3/
3/ Ruler of Pakistan, General Bajwa is sincere about changing our country's direction (or, in the wise words of Ambassador @CameronMunter it is high time that Pakistan 'Re-invented' itself a project that I have been suggesting for well on 30 years now, and was called a 4/
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Just look at the confederacy. trump and the Republican Party are a confederacy of: racists, whites supremacists, xenophobes, obstructionists, hypocrites, misogynists conspiracy theorists, greed, incompetence, lust for power and insurrectionists hell bent on
trying to overthrow an imperfect democracy.
Prosecute these confederates. #trumptreason #traitors #maga #thugs #idiots #criminals #republicans #antiamerican
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Der #Putschpanzer und #Querdenken "beehren" heute wieder #Frankfurt am Main #ffm1911
Blödo #Schiffmann fordert zu Beginn, die #Polizei könne heute wieder vieles Gut machen, da sie bei der letzten #Covidioten Demo angeblich ihr Image stark beschädigt hätte ^^
#BodoSchiffmann bezieht sich jetzt auf #b1811 mt der Aussage, dass die Bilder der #Querdenken & #Coronazis um die Welt gingen & man in den USA schon vom #Polizeistaat #Deutschland spricht. ^^
Die #Covidioten & #Coronaleugner jubeln....oha
#Frankfurt #ffm1911
Bödo #Schiffmann von #Querdenken vor dem #Putschpanzer spricht davon, dass #COVID19 nur eine Krise der #Hochfinanz und des #Bankensystems sei. Die #Coronazis seien deshalb in #Frankfurt genau richtig. Wieder #antisemitische Anklänge in der Ansprache. #ffm1911 #Coronaleugner
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Who are you voting for president? Comment if in a swing state ✌️
For context, here's my follower makeup -

80% "very left," the rest "lean left," few right.

RT the poll if you guys want a larger sample size, but I find the above interesting to correlate with the below:

Follow up: Trump was steady at 9% but has spiked a bit higher because some right wing accounts shared my poll with their followers and explicitly asked them to "flip" the poll.

I made this for my own curiosity.

Why they care so much about twitter polls, I do not know.
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After Raipur couple kept their newly born twins as #Corona & #Covid, Kadapa (Andhra Pradesh), two mothers kept their newly born names as #Corona Kumari & #Corona Kumar.

Similarly, a baby girl born in Gorakhpur on the day of #JantaCurfew was named #Corona, 1/2 Image
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Now #ShutDownDC has guys twerking while people throw confetti at them to... stop climate change? Littering confetti is a bold new tactic to stop climate change, let’s see how it works out. These people are not mentally well.
These are totally sane people we should listen to... Real paragons of intellectual strength... Anyone who takes this seriously is certifiably insane. 🙄🙄🙄
How do you parody this? You can’t. What’s more ridiculous than having a climate protest *with kids watching* where a moron litters confetti onto a half clothed guy twerking in the street while forcing cars to emit more fossil fuels since they’re blocked by this idiotic tantrum.
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Well, good night all...hoping against hope that the Father of ALL 'Institutions' AND The Mother of All 'Agencies' (which completely missed Indian moves on Kashmir despite having THOUSANDS of EXPENSIVE operatives working on the matter, or so we were told) understand that they 2/
2/ too are fallible. And that the peace overtures that PM Nawaz Sharif was making were far, far more mature than the dog's breakfast the #SelectedDolt and his fellow #Idiots have made of it.For Gods sake put the #Titanics engines in reverse gear even now, or we are done for. 3/
That huge iceberg we all see will be the death of all of us...Put your egos aside, as I have already asked #AsifGhafoor to do...Remember, in your own words, PakistanFirst, NOT anyones bloody egos...
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On m'a demandé de dire clairement mon vote aux #Européennes2019. C'est gênant, mais allons-y.

Je voterai pour la liste #LFI de @ManonAubryFr.

C'est un choix #tactique, et je respecte d'autres choix dans cette élection.
#CEstCompliqué #Thread #FautBienQueJMeMouille #GabyOhGaby
Choix #tactique : #LFI.
Le #parlementEuropéen pèse peu, mais il peut parfois entraver certaines saloperies. Il faut donc des députés de #combat à #Bruxelles. La liste #LFI est le bon choix en ce sens. Mention spéciale et admiration à @younousomarjee.
Choix #stratégique : #UPR.
L'#UE est condamnée par l'#Histoire. Le #Frexit apparaîtra un jour comme une évidence, et @UPR_Asselineau comme un visionnaire. Mais c'est trop tôt. Ils n'auront hélas pas d'élus. Ils ne pourront pas aller pourrir la vie aux nuisibles de #Bruxelles.
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#Meditation happens beyond #mind. It involves watching #mind. When the real YOU, the watcher, becomes stronger the mind becomes the #servant.

No #discipline, #mantra or #scientific instrument can lead to meditation. No technique can go beyond mind.
The basis of all misunderstanding in a scientific circle is: when the being of a person is in a state of meditation, it creates certain waves in the mind. These waves can be wavelength from the outside by #technical means. But those waves will not create #meditation
You may go on practising with #scientific instruments for years; it will not change your #character, it will not change your #morality, it will not change your #individuality. You will remain the same.
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The @GFuelEnergy tweeted nonsense at least an hour after the #JacksonvilleShooting
Here’s @GFuelEnergy pinned tweet, more than two hours after #JacksonvilleShooting <smh>
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