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$TAI is AI Leader on #Arbitrum chain; why are we so bullish?

$TAI is an ALL-IN AI project that provides solutions & tools for everyone. They delivered three AI solutions already & are constantly working to create more (another coming today)

Explore Further details🧵

$TAI is the one and only first-mover AI as a service #AIAS. They've already established partnerships and collaborations and are excited to see where these will take them.

They created a Pitchbook for VCs to help them raise 7 figures. This has helped secure more funding and support from investors. $TAI has also secured its first IT company partnership, which will help expand its reach and develop even better products.
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On today's #Crypto News and #Project updates
Date: 03/14/2023

#Avalanche CEO @el33th4xor appointed as CFTS's Technical Advisory Board
Jump and Jane Street under probe by prosecutors

@binance halts sterling transfers
Instagram sunsetting digital #collectibles
@CoinbaseAssets disabled trading for $BUSD

📍Projects Updates:
@eulerfinance updates on $fund recovery
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What if I told you 2024 will be the year to create generational wealth in crypto?

But this opportunity will only present itself for those who are ready for it.

Here is the exact playbook you need to learn to position yourself 🧵
What I'll cover:

• Why crypto
• Techincal analysis
• on-chain data
• Jobs in web 3
• what to be focusing on
Before we dive into this thread....

Why crypto? there are opportunities out there like the stock market, gold, silver, and other assets to accumulate

so why do I believe will be the place to create generational wealth?
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1/ The @KAVA_CHAIN ecosystem is heating up with the 200M $KAVA developer incentives.

@EquilibreAMM is the largest DEX on #KAVA and is essential to help the ecosystem grow.

Let's take a look at $VARA 🧵 Image
2/ @ChadCaff did an excellent thread on $VARA. He explained how the growth of the #KAVA EVM ecosystem relies on @EquilibreAMM.

3/ The $KAVA ecosystem is poised to explode and there is one project that is almost essential to participate.

@EquilibreAMM is a DEX native to #KAVA and offers users a place to perform swaps on the KAVA EVM chain, provide liquidity and earn rewards.
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You shouted 🗣😱 After seeing the 50 X

So I provided you the very foundation step to getting positioned in the $Kava Ecosystem. 😌😮

Interesting right.

#Newbies Edition

Like ❤ and RT 🔄.
Only for #Kava Frens.
🧵🧵🧵 Image
After you shouted, you quicly went to your wallet to see how you could swap to Kava. This was when the token spiked to 3x

You went to all the #Dex you were familiar with but to no avail 😤😞😠 No way to quickly swap to #kavachain
Still looking at that screen, now at 5x.
After much frustration, you decided to sit back and watch as the token played out. Under the next 10 mins .... 10X

😭😲 What!!!

Now you are very much to eager to swap into the chain.

Here's what you should do🪶
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Looking for the next exploding ecosystem with potential 50x plays?

I got you

#Kava just receive $750 million for their developer incentive program.

Here are 3 promising narrative plays you need to know about 🧵
What I'll be covering:

• What is kava
• Why they received $750m
• How it works
• Promising protocols on kava
#Kava is a decentralized blockchain that combines the speed and interoperability of Cosmos with the developer power of Ethereum.

inflow into $KAVA ecosystem has been on a steady increase

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1/ The #KAVA ecosystem has been a hot topic with its 200M $KAVA developer incentive program.

One project on @KAVA_CHAIN has already gained the title of the fastest growing lending protocol in all on Web3.

Let's take a look at that project $MARE - @MareFinance 🧵 Image
2/ What is @MareFinance ?

Mare Finance is a decentralized and open source lending protocol built on the $KAVA blockchain.

Designed for individuals, institutions, and protocols Mare Finance is a peer-to-peer lending platform designed for everyone.
3/ With plans to become the leading lending platform on #KAVA they offer competitive incentives for the money markets and aim to have the deepest liqudity.

@MareFinance is based of the popular lending platforms such as @compoundfinance and @AaveAave.
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1/ Kava’s excited to highlight our partner, @SushiSwap, and the value this Tier-1 #DeFi protocol has brought to our community and ecosystem since their deployment earlier this year 🧵
2/ Sushi has launched Sushi Academy v1, a comprehensive guide to all things #Sushi and DeFi.

It’s a great resource for #Kava users looking to learn more about the #DeFi space. ⤵️
3/ In 2022, Sushi deployed its Trident AMM and #BentoBox to Kava.

Since then, users have spun up several custom pools, used Onsen farms, and added liquidity on Kava, all via the familiar #Sushi UI 🍥

Try the @SushiSwap pools today on the #Kava EVM. ⤵️…
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1- Bu hacimsel ilişkiyi severim, #KAVA kendi özelinde olumlu olumsuz bir gelişmesi var mı henüz incelemedim. teknik olarak baktığında son iki dip bölgesinde ( Günlük seans) alım hacimleri ve satış hacimlerine bakınız.
2- Burada gördüğüm şey şu, alım mumları hacimleri ve satış mumları hacimlerine baktığında alan bir çok kişinin satış yapmadığını gözlemleyebilirsiniz bu hacimsel farklılıktan. Öte yandan grafiği 4 saatlik zaman diliminde incelediğinizde öne çıkan çizgiler bunlar.
3- 0,94 seviyesinin geçilmesi %15 lik bir hareketin tetikleyicisi olabilir. Günlükte de bunu alan bazı arkadaşların satmak istemediğini düşünürsek gözümüzün önünde tutmak faydalı olabilir.
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⚛️Cosmos Ecosystem - Q3 2022 Quarterly Report

This report dives into an overview of the @cosmos & the #Cosmos Ecosystem

💠Network Activity
💠Ecosystem Breakdown
💠Highlight Events
💠 #Kava #Osmosis #Secret #Juno Highlights

Let’s dive in 🧵👇

@cosmos 1/ Network Activity

1.1 Total Value Locked (TVL) of @cosmos Ecosystem

▪️ @kava_platform is ranked first with a TVL of $291,2 million.

▪️ Next is @osmosiszone with a TVL of $209M.

▪️ @THORChain came in third with $105.85M.

@cosmos @kava_platform @osmosiszone @THORChain @DefiLlama 1.2 Developer Activity

▪️ @osmosiszone & @cosmos are two projects with remarkable development activity

▪️With a total of 1865 commits in the third quarter, #Osmosis is in first place

▪️ #Cosmos is in the second position in the third quarter with 1,718 commits

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$KLEO Airdrop is now LIVE!

We have several announcements in the thread below, so please read them carefully!

Connect your wallet and click "Claim". Once the tokens are claimed, you will see your balance displayed.

Your $KLEO will be claimable over 12 months (every 30 days). All unclaimed tokens from the prior stage are clawed back to the community fund. Do not miss your window!

If you delegated on #KAVA, #Desmos, #Lum or #Vidulum -- you must process a magic transaction to assign a $JUNO address for your airdrop.

Please do so before Stage 2 (August 25th), otherwise your allocation will be clawed back to the community fund.

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Like it or not, the Cosmos ecosystem is bound to become the ultimate MEV bots fun park

Interchain accounts, interchain security etc. are all making the playground space bigger & better

Let's kickoff a series of reasonably short Cosmos MEV threads with Part 1: the Basics
MEV stands for miner extractable value & represents the profit that a "miner" can make through its ability to include, exclude or re-order transactions within the blocks

The term Miner comes from the Proof-of-Work world - for Cosmos, that'd be the validators & relayers
In practice, MEV isn't necessarily extracted by validators but by also by independent network participants who run algorithms on blockchain data to find profitable opportunities

This is almost always done through automated bot strategies
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.@kava_platform is becoming a #Web3 interoperability powerhouse, thanks to the successful Kava 10 #CosmosEVM launch

We're excited to integrate Kava’s #YieldFarming features via its easy-to-use app. Our simplified dashboard is about to give Kava its next greatest power-up! (1/6) Image
The #Kava ecosystem is attracting dozens of protocols, thanks to the possibilities opened by #EVM compatibility.

Kava is the fastest-growing blockchain for developers for good reasons. (2/6)
For us, partnering with Kava increases the reach of our all-in-one secure #DeFi platform for crypto investing, growing total users and TVL. (3/6)
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Yesterday @DeanTribble & @zmanian introduced $IST at the @Gateway_Conf in Prague. Difficult to imagine a better timing to present an over-collateralised IBC-native stable 🌕 here's my summary of the mechanics of the Inter protocol 🧵
@DeanTribble @zmanian @Gateway_Conf $IST is the latest Cosmos stable to position itself in the starting blocks for the $UST replacement race & you can check out the others here (the list is missing $SILK on @SecretNetwork & $USDX on the @kava_platform & I'll cover both separately)
@DeanTribble @zmanian @Gateway_Conf @SecretNetwork @kava_platform Inter is a protocol on @agoric, a highly-anticipated IBC-enabled chain built on top of Tendermint. Agoric clearly deserves its own thread but the core value proposition is to let developers write smart-contract in JavaScript, the most dominant scripting language of the internet
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[THREAD] Où placer ses #stablecoins ?

J'ai toujours privilégié la diversification et la sécurité au rendement. Voici la répartition de mes stablecoins👇

⚠ Cela ne représente absolument pas la répartition de mes actifs sur ces blockchains.
⚠ Aucune solution est sans risque. Image
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Since $UST is the de-facto stablecoin of the #Cosmos ecosystem, I thought it'd be interesting to sum up the intense story of yesterday's de-pegging sequence 🧵
It started Saturday afternoon on the East Coast with significant withdrawals from the Anchor protocol
Some of the funds were bridged via Wormhole to Ethereum, and swapped for $USDC in the Curve pool
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The price of $ATOM has taken a beating over the past couple of weeks, possibly because it somewhat lacks a clear utility. Let's see why the implementation of a Hub model is likely to change that for forever 🧵
First let's remind everyone that the value of $ATOM is not just represented by the price of the coin. In fact most of it's value so far has been in the form of generous airdrops distributed to stakers by the projects building on Cosmos
And right now, all of these chains participating in IBC must implement each other’s light clients. So with N blockchains, you need N * (N-1) implementations.
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Viele Sachverständige & Behörden versuchen leider mit #Wissenschaft #Minderheiten zu diskriminieren. Das ist aber meist keine #Wissenschaft sondern eher #Geschwurbel. Ein kleiner Thread... 1/7
Das ganze hat Tradition. Ich denke über die "Wissenschaftler", die für das Nazi-Regime gearbeitet haben, wurde schon alles gesagt. Aber #Homosexualität beispielsweise wurde noch bis vor ein paar Jahren von vielen Mediziner:innen als Krankheit betrachtet! 2/7
Auch bei #Drogen-Konsum gab es früher schon die absurdesten Gründe Menschen zu kriminalisieren. Ärzte erklärten im 18. Jhd., dass #Kaffee, welcher vornehmlich von Muslimen konsumiert wurde(!), geisteskrank mache & ungesund sei. Dies half das damalige Verbot zu rechtfertigen. 3/7
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I've been using recursive lending & borrowing on @kava_platform to get a 55% yield on $UST paid in $KAVA and $HARD. Here's how that works 🧵
The strategy takes advantage of the fact that the net borrowing rate (after rewards) is higher than the net lending rate. In the case of #Kava, much higher!
One should deposit $UST and borrow $ATOM. Borrowing on Kava needs to be over collateralized so you cannot leverage indefinitely.
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1/ If you are like me and were excited for @Umee_CrossChain I have some bad news for you and I laid out my concerns and how to resolve them.

Please pay attention before touching this project. If you feel I got any details wrong please correct me!

#ATOM #CosmosEcosystem
2/ The most glaring issue to start is the 1.8 Billion dollar valuation they have given themselves pre-launch.
3/ To put it in perspective that is the current valuation of giant #AAVE, it is nearly 4x the price of established #Kava, and around 2/3 the valuation of #Osmosis with over 1.3B in TVL.
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Today we will speak about @kava_platform and how to get 70% APY on your stables.
1/ @kava_platform is working on a kava chain which has around 500M$ of TVL and it is a part of @cosmos eco system. Recently @kava_platform joined #IBCGang which will allow crosschain transfers, but let's come back to the topic.
2/ Go to and add liquidity to the BUSD/USDX liquidity pool for 70% APY. APY depends on the price of rewards which are paid in $SWP token and total value locked. I have started farming with 140% APY last year. Image
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1/ Un thread 🧵pour décortiquer Cronos et découvrir ses opportunités de #yieldfarming !

De nombreuses personnes sont familière avec #Cronos de, l'un des plus grands échanges centralisés au monde.
2/ Les Débuts : 1/2

Cronos fait partie de l'écosystème qui englobe Exchange, App et Chain.

Cependant : s'est fait un nom comme émetteur de cartes de débit cryptées.
3/ Les Débuts : 2/2

La société avait précédemment lancé sa propre chaîne, qui est un SDK #Cosmos construite au-dessus de la blockchain Tendermint.

Cela signifie qu'il est incompatible avec Ethereum, qui est codé sur Solidity.
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#Kava Nedir?
Merkeziyetsiz Finans'da (DeX) çok önemli bir işleve sahip DeFi projesi ,Merkezi olmayan Finans İçin Zincirler arası Platform.

GrayScale Fonu yakından takip ettiği bir proje olan $Kava Coinbase listelemesi muhtemeldir!

Ayrıntılı proje ve WhitePaper Analizi⬇️ ImageImage
1-) $KAVA Kava, BTC, XRP, BNB, ATOM ve diğerleri dahil olmak üzere büyük kripto varlıklarının kullanıcılarına teminatlı krediler ve sabit paralar sunan zincirler arası bir DeFi platformudur . Kullanıcılar, Kava'nın stablecoin'i USDX karşılığnda kripto paraları teminat altına alır Image
2-) $KAVA
-Merkezi olmayan krediler ve kaldıraçlar,
-Faizli Stablecoin Hedging,
-Genişletilebilir sentetikler ve türevler şeklinde bankacılık sistemin bulunan hizmetleri sunar. Image
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#Bitcoin 41.600$ üstü kalıcılığını koruması durumunda,

Portföyünüzde bulunması gereken yüksek kazanç potansiyeline sahip 5 #altcoin 'den oluşan 4 farklı sepet⬇️🔥
''1. Sepet'' ⬇️
Portföyünüzde yer vermeniz gereken Demirbaş ilk 5 #altcoin
1-) #Ethereum $ETH
2-) #Polkadot $DOT
3-) #Solona $SOL
4-) #Uniswap $UNI
5-) #BinanceSmartChain $BNB
''2. Sepet'' ⬇️
Portföyünüzde yer vermeniz gereken Projesi güçlü 5 #altcoin
2-) #VeChain $VET
3-) #Filecoin $FIL
5-) #TheGraph $GRT
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