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Klaus Schwab unveils the new symbol.

I did NAZI that coming.

#WEF #KlausSchwab
Anyone wondering if it is real, here is the google image search…
If you have to start the explanation of your logo with, "no, it's not really a Nazi Swastika ..." then you should probably change your logo.
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@joseletemuniz @Mainistreach @Rebel_Pikeman @LeoVaradkar That isn't open to debate.
The world is in the grip of twin neoliberal ideologies: social neoliberalism (Cultural Marxism) and fiscal neoliberalism (Thatcherism on steroids). The socially liberal are far Left and the fiscally liberal are far Right...
@joseletemuniz @Mainistreach @Rebel_Pikeman @LeoVaradkar ... Traditionally they were at war with each other but since the Left abandoned class war (and workers) for cultural war many of the aims of both coincided.
The aim of Cultural Marxism is the destruction of western Christian culture thru the "deconstruction" of...
@joseletemuniz @Mainistreach @Rebel_Pikeman @LeoVaradkar ... western institutions such as marriage, the family, nationalism, Christian morality etc. The tools they use are political correctness (PC, some believe it to be synonymous with Cultural Marxism), language (extending the meanings of emotionally loaded words...
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میخاییل لایتمن یهودی پزشک وکارشناس علوم سایبرنتیک ودستیاربزرگترین کابالیست قرن حاضرمیگوید:همه چیز به سیستم قدرت جهانی بستگی دارد،دنیامجری اوامرماخواهدبودسران کشورهافقط مجری اوامر ماهستند ودنیابه سازما می رقصد!
حالابیایم به این بپردازیم که چگونه اینهادنیا رابه سازخودمی رقصانند!⬇️
واما سران کشور ها چگونه مجری اوامر شان خواهند بودآنان باطراحی سند ۲۰۳۰ ودستور کار ۲۱ از طریق سازمان ملل متحد که خود نیز یک سازمان جهانی صهیونیستی آمریکایی ست بدنبال برقراری نظم نوین شیطانی خود وبرقراری نظام برده داری نوین! ⬇️
از طریق سازمان های جهانی صهیونیستی آمریکایی که هم اکثر کشورها عضو این سازمان ها هستند وبابستن معاهده های الزام آور مجبور به اطاعت از اینها می‌شوند و بدینگونه تمام کشور های عضو سازمان ملل در نظم نوین جهانی شیطانی به طورخودکار همراه اینها میشوند از طریق بستن معاهدات بین‌المللی!⬇️
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1) #Russia is not a good country, BUT they are standing against the #WEF. #Ukraine embraces the globalist agenda, which is why America built them up to take on Russia.
2) What we are seeing is the monopolizing of ideas. #Ukraine was a fairly blank slate that we could prop up as a puppet against #Russia. We installed a carefully selected government there just like in Afghanistan, and their leader was our hand-maiden.
3) Ask yourself, why did the noble President of #Afghanistan flee the country leaving his people behind? Because, he was nothing without the #United States. He could not lead them without the help of our influence. He was weak, just like #America wanted him to be.
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WEF 4th Industrial Revolution:

It’s all about your compliance. You’re the product. They’re selling you off to billionaire corporations for profits.

You’re tracked, monitored and controlled, all for corporate profit and you’re too busy ignoring it all

A thread 🧵 for awareness Image
We will grab more power in the name of #VaccinePassports

We will restrict your travel & freedoms based on vaccination status of ineffective & barely tested vaccines
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Die #FTX-Pleite und die Machenschaften von Sam Bankman-Fried (#SBF) ziehen immer weitere Kreise. Es geht um #China, das #WEF, den Krieg in der #Ukraine und die US-Präsidentschaftswahlen. Eine Übersicht der kursierenden Theorien 👇🧵
Vorab: #SBF hat Kunden um mindestens zehn Milliarden US-Dollar betrogen. Es ist der vielleicht größte Betrug der Finanzgeschichte. Was geschehen ist, findest Du hier:…
Theorie 1: Sam Bankman-Fried ist Sohn zweier Professoren und ist bestens vernetzt in der amerikanischen Elite - insbesondere unter den Demokraten. Mit seinen Spenden soll er für den Wahlsieg von Joe #Biden verantwortlich sein
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Anyone can see the world has gone mad.
Our matrix is insane. Why?
Since antiquity, the ruling families have practiced strategic inbreeding programs to sustain their wealth and power, from Pharaoh to King Charles III and everyone in between.
+1 ImageImage
Its no secret the ancient Egyptians used this practice during many of their dynastic periods. The most famous being King Tut, the offspring of the famous androgynously portrayed monotheist, #Akhenaten and his sister. Tut also married his sister.…
Hapsburg Holy Roman Empire was so inbred for centuries that ruling heads of state suffered from low intelligence, mental issues and physical deformities ranging from inability to walk straight like King Tut, enlarged tongues - inability to eat/talk and the famous #HapsburgJaw ImageImageImageImage
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Bepaalde politici (die ik nóóit zou willen verdenken van het hengelen naar wappiestemmen) hebben blijkbaar geen toegang tot Google, dus laat me toe om even uit te leggen wat Schwab daar doet.

1/ ImageImage
Allereerst: wie is Klaus Schwab, wat is het World Economic Forum, en wat is die 'Great Reset' ook al weer?

Ik citeer even uit een artikel dat ik schreef voor Knack in oktober 2021:

2/… Image
Ten tweede: wat is de G20?

Ik citeer even een korte, maar duidelijke samenvatting van op... *checks notes* de website van het WEF. 😬

3/… Image
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L'escroc Sam Bankman-Fried devait particper à une conférence organisée par le New-York Times, réunissant la "fine fleur" internationale 😏

2499 dollars, la place 😳

Avec le #WEF dans l'histoire dans le rôle de co-organisateur !

C'est irréel !…
Prenez des captures d'écran avant qu'ils changent le contenu de la page !… Image
Au passage, on comprend mieux l'article complaisant du New-York Times envers l'escroc #SBF qui a ruiné des millions de gens en jouant frauduleusement avec leurs dépôts et sans leur consentement !

On a affaire à une mafia qui se croit intouchable !
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Stock Market News Today: Cooling Inflation Data Adds to Trader Optimism | Nov 15
- Stocks.. declined from intraday highs on news that #Russian #missiles intended for #Ukraine crossed into #Poland…
[Paid Nato's #warmongers in #WW3 climax]
Russia-Ukraine live: #Explosions kill two in #Poland | Nov 15
- Russia’s defence ministry has denied that its missiles hit the #NATO member state
[#MSM #misinformation, #smokescreen over #FTX]
2 dead in #explosion in eastern #Poland, near #Ukraine border
- “The causes of this incident are not known at the moment,” Marcin #Lebiedowicz, spokesman of the local State Fire Service office, ~#RadioLublin
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"Je ne pense pas personnellement que le #GrandReset soit inévitable
Nous aurons un long et dur combat contre le récit qui est poussé
Mais il y a bcp d'obstacles face au #WEF et aux #globalistes
Et on a vu, avec le Covid et sa réponse, que ce genre ⬇️
2 - ... de choses vit ou meurt avec l'obéissance du public
Et la chose la + importante que nous pouvons tous faire c'est de continuer à en parler, résister contre ces mesures, horribles, draconiennes et autoritaires dont le WEF est si friand
A la fin ils ne peuvent ⬇️
3 - ... l'implémenter que si le public l'accepte, sans l'adhésion du public, le GreatReset est mort
Les cadres opérationnels qui vont être nécessaires pour le #CBDC, l'#identité numérique, le #crédit #social à grande échelle, tout cela prendra des années
Alors nous avons ⬇️
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This is some serious money laundering!
Speculating a timeline here...
Didn't this construction stop right when #FTX went down?
Yeah, they cry racist trying to toss out propaganda and covering up the fact that their funding source just went tits up!
That's my theory and I'm sticking to it...
Prove me wrong.
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Over de #mRNAvaccins:

Dit is zoals ons voorgespiegeld wordt hoe de vaccins van #Moderna en #PfizerBioNTech werken.

Jip en Janneke uitleg zogezegd. De afbeelding komt (toevallig) van de website van het #WEF

Ook dit zou wel eens een knap lang draadje kunnen worden.
Wat is eigenlijk dat mRNA? En wat is de normale functie? En hoe wordt deze functie gereguleerd?

Dat wil ik hier uitleggen. Maar dan iets uitgebreider dan in bovenstaande afbeelding.

Dit is zoals in een eenvoudig schema over het algemeen...
...wordt weergegeven hoe de cel haar eiwitten produceert.

De 'informatiedrager' van de cel is het DNA. Dit bestaat uit de vier nucleotiden - bouwsteentjes van het DNA - aangeduid met de letters A, T, C en G.

Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine en Guanine.
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You liked #TheGreatReset from @wef and @ProfKlausSchwab ?
➡️ (

You'll love #BuildBackBetter

Who could say no to that? Who wouldn't want it "better"?


Our international Great Leaders have been showing and paving the way since over a year already. After all, is there a better opportunity than this #Covid19 'pandemy' to tackle it?


The (in)famous @wef is of course pushing for it.
➡️… (
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Al Gore (#WEF trustee) et al. are SO CONCERNED about the climate, that they in the process of turning all of #nature into a new asset class – where they will OWN nature, manage/control nature, & profit from nature (via "Natural Asset Companies").

#COP27 #EmergingMarkets #30x30 Image
Of course, this has nothing to do w/ Gore's Generation Investment (#hedgefund co-founded w/ David Blood from Goldman Sachs), #BlackRock, saving capitalism, or the expansion of #privatization. Rather, it's to save the planet.

The $4,000 trillion #climate wealth opportunity.
⬇️ ImageImageImageImage
David Blood to Mark Carney (TCFD/TNFD, #UN Special Envoy for #Climate), 2021:

"We know that #NaturalClimateSolutions are a critical part of the transition to #NetZero & we've known this for quite some time. Why is it so difficult for us in finance [] to put a value on nature?" Image
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:Collapsed #FTX hit by rogue transactions, analysts saw over $600 million outflows | Nov 12
- suspicious circumstances…
- The sudden collapse of "FTX" and its #Bankruptcy filing today, has revealed that FTX presently suffers from $10-$50 BILLION in liabilities with almost ZERO assets…
#HeavenlyJerusalem. #FTXbankrupty filing today, has revealed that FTX presently suffers from $10-$50 BILLION in liabilities.
- #Ukraine was receiving money from the US, Ukraine sent it to FTX, Sam #BankmanFried and #FTX sent it to #Democrats
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‘Onze’ overheid doet zaken met de #WEF, zo blijkt uit WOB stukken.

Vragen aan oa @wimjmvoermans:

In hoeverre valt het #WEF te beschouwen als “Statelijke Actor”, zoals verwoord in deze @NCTV_NL kamer brief uit 2018?

Vraag 2.

Tot welk niveau mogen bewindslieden (namens de Staat) en instanties als #RVO en @WUR innige banden -zelfs overeenkomsten- met deze #WEF aangaan, dit voor camera (burgers) en @2eKamertweets ontkennen, alvorens Titel I Wetboek van Strafrecht uit het stof wordt gehaald?
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#WOBTeam - Het #WEF als ‘Taskforce’ voor de Nederlandse Overheid in de “4th Industrial Revolution”

Het WEF blijkt meer dan een “praatclubje” (quote Rutte)

1/n Image
De rol van WEF Taskforce

Let op: Sleutelwoord neutraliteit

2/n Image
De entiteit moet het WEF bepalen, niet de NL overheid.

Met andere woorden, het World Economic Forum is de baas …

3/n Image
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#CBDCs: Money*
(*with strings attached)

“Banking the unbanked” isn’t about altruism - it’s about getting more serfs into this new feudal reserve, so the Lords and Masters can get their cut.

#WEF #davos #greatreset #Agenda2030 #WHO
#DoNotComply Banking the unbanked” isn’t about altruism - it’s abou
CBDCs benefit not a single human being besides the bankers, megacorporations, billionaire elite, and the career politicians who build massive fortunes through fraud while writing the laws that only serve to diminish our power, happiness, health, and lives so that they might keep
and expand their fortunes, further their deceptions, and well, gracefully (ish) collapse society and population into a more manageable number of serfs for the idyllic future serfdom only some of us will enjoy (or experience).
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🔴 Le capitalisme des parties prenantes du #WEF n'est qu'un fascisme mondial sous un autre nom
par Brandon Smith

Le concept de «fascisme» a été introduit à l'origine dans l' Encyclopédie italienne par le philosophe italien Giovanni Gentile qui a déclaré que «le fascisme 🔽 Image
plutôt être appelé corporatisme, car c'est la fusion du pouvoir de l'État et celle corporative ». Benito Mussolini s'attribuera plus tard le mérite de cette citation, comme s'il l'avait écrite lui-même et il est important de s'en souvenir car cela souligne l'objectif 🔽
principal de l'idéologie, plutôt que de simplement coller cette étiquette comme un moyen malhonnête de saper la légitimité de certains.

Malgré le fait qu'aujourd'hui les gauchistes attaquent souvent les conservateurs comme des "fascistes" en raison de leur désir de 🔽
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