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#nexus dénonçait des 2019 l'ambition mondiale des vaccins ; restera à déterminer si la pandémie covid a été une opportunité créée ou pas d'accélération du programme 💉🥴 ImageImageImageImage
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Cette revue #nexus (merci pour eux d'acheter votre exemplaire 🤞) mérite d'être mentionnée 🙏
la revue Nexus disait en 2020 : "Pour ceux qui doutent encore des objectifs "masqués" derrière la course de la course au vaccin , alors même que le virus semble avoir disparu en ... Image
mutants non virulents, voici simplement la première des 23 mutations profondes anticipées par ce cher président :
Les technologies implantables :
Le premier téléphone implantable commercialisé est prévu pour 2025. Au programme : géolocalisation , suivi de comportement de santé,
tatouage intelligent ou puce électronique et lecture d'ondes cérébrales, c'est à dire de la pensée.
Il y a aussi les spart dust, ou poussières intelligentes, qui pourront agir dans le corps et stocker vos informations corporelles via votre nanoéseau personnel.
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The case for #interoperability and #ICON’s Blockchain Transmission Protocol (#BTP) $ICX
#cryptocurrency #blockchain #metaverse

A thread! 👇
There are many similarities between the internet and #blockchain in terms of how the #technologies have dawned and evolved. This will, undoubtedly, continue going forward. Much like the dawn of the internet, there are isolated networks operating with their own rules and uses.
Really, this was pre-internet because, initially, the internet was just a connection between similarly isolated networks of computers. But as the #technology was refined and became more desirable and used, this network of networks grew into what we know as the #internet today.
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Don't know how to code but want to try connecting to the @NexusOfficial blockchain? Let me show you how you can with the @bubble #Nexus plugin in minutes!

(1/?) $NXS @NXSCommunity #Bubble #NoCode #NoCodeTutorial
(2/?) Step 1: If not done so already, create an account on @bubble 's platform. Create (& follow required prompts) or open an existing app!
(3/?) Step 2 - In the Plugins tab on the left hand side, click "add plugins".
Search for "Nexus Blockchain"
Click "Install" and then "Done"
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Back 2 Back CATCHES!

I've always known the TRUTH about EVERYTHING ..

The future went back to the past/beginning (As far back as they could go with causingA Nexus event), created Books/Stories for the FUTURE/Telling the future from the past, so Humanity wouldn't be destroyed.
This is how specific names were placed in the Bible beneath what is actually being read on each page. Anyone can decode & see what lies beneath but the world let go of Gods hand & chose lives of Lust, desires & sin.
WITH OUT causing A nexus event*
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موضوع: نقش #اثرشبکه در پروژه های #کریپتوکارنسی
وقتی دارید پروژه های کریپتو رو بررسی می کنید، نکته حیاتی رو باید در نظر بگیرید که تا حالا چقدر این پروژه کاربردی بوده؟ چند شرکت، کاربر یا dapp از اون استفاده می کنند، میدونید که از ico های سال ۲۰۱۷ خیلی از پروژه ها مردند.
صرف یک ایده نمیتونه نشان کاربردی بودن پروژه باشه،کاربرد باعث ایجاد اثرشبکه میشه واثرشبکه محرک رشده، چرا قیمت اتریوم با اینکه مشکل مقیاس پذیری داره درحال رشده، چرا قیمت ایاس و ترون ضعیفتر از رقبا، افزایشی است؟چون کاربران وبرنامه های زیادی دارنداز اونها استفاده می کنند(اثرشبکه)
بعضی ها می پرسند کار دیفای کی تموم میشه؟ من میگم هیچ وقت، نیاز به کاربردهای دیفای همیشه وجود داره، آیا ممکنه روزی بیاد مردم وام نگیرند یا سپرده گذاری نکنند؟ هرگز، ولی خیلی از پروژه های دیفای هم از بین خواهند رفت مگر اینکه کاربران خود را زیاد کنند.
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1/10 In this #USIran conflict, we need #FijiMedia #PacificMedia to run analysis pieces dissecting what it means for us in the islands. Our ignorance is frightening. Analysis on the following in layman's language for all people would be greatly appreciated:

1. #History of #PacificWars - e.g. the world wars and their legacies to articulate generational impact.

2. History of nuclear activity and its impact on island/er(s).

3. #Militarisation in the region and #Demilitarisation efforts over the years.

4. US military bases in the region and the risks we face as a result (Asia-Pacific).

5. #USIran conflict implications on future of #ClimateChange efforts - particularly important because the few small victories we've had as a region have been hard-won.
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Trump Allows High-Tech US Bomb Parts to Be Built in Saudi Arabia;

Remember what the Saudi’s did to the WTC on 9/11 & to Khoshoggi...?

Trump Tower Meeting Figure (Nader) Stays Jailed on Child Porn Charges

Senate Intelligence Committee sets date for DonJr.'s testimony

FBI found texts between Nader & MbZ & MbS. His contact list included ambs to RU, Qatar and UAE

New subpoena for Stone's former aide Andrew Miller docs/comms re 2016 RNC in Cleveland. #Nexus

A court just ordered the release of crucial docs in mysterious Mueller case🍿

Guo Wengui, hired a private intel firm to dig up dirt on Chinese nat’ls, then sued, re failure to deliver.

The intel firm claimed Guo’s aide gave it a thumb drive loaded with malware & that he sought info on people whose records were deemed sensitive by the US gov’t
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