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Here’s something interesting...

“You have more than you know”
“Learn our comms”
“GRAPHIC is the KEY”
“The MAP is the KEY”

PGP Keys inside these Q pics? 😳😮🤭🤔🧐🤯🤷‍♂️
This thread will be all over the place.
Sorry in advance. 😇☺️
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Meth is nasty.

It tamps people's motivation,
while juicing them up
in a psychotic journey
where *treepeoples appear.

Treepeoples = People hiding in trees outside

And it also brings up,

2nd man
found dead in
Ed Buck’s apt
died of accidental
meth overdose.

Seems 2 be a thing.

Hear *straight IT
married fellas
now joining in
on hs parTy fun.

Paul's gonna Zooma-Zooma-Zooma-Zoom…
Ed Buck

Dem *donor
horseshoe nasty
infiltrating scum-fuqq
self-loathing POS #Op

Androphiles R fun fags.

Paul been doin'
his rsrch.

Thiel cums up
quite a bit.

Meth + Androphiles + Skank Drug|Money Huney's


*A Thing

Very bad 4 gay community.…
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2) We know they ran an #Op to smear & it #Failed. Now the lawsuits are being prepped. All of the #HaterTweets need to be gathered. @llhanMN deleted tweet is no surprise... From what is being displayed by this #CongressionalFreshman her IQ leaves expansive room for growth.
3) Sortta points out the goals in this smear op. Not convinced about #RBG, but they aren't making much effort to disprove. It is inevitable regardless.
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Okay, ein kleiner Thread:
CN #op #narben #cisnormativität
Ein paar funfacts zu meiner Brust OP
Ich find bei jeder trans bzgl OP immer wieder nervig, dass ich mindestens 1,5 Jahre erstmal drauf warten musste.

Wartestrategien sind dann bei mir entweder:
1. Volle 1,5 Jahre Nachforschung betreiben und mich viel zu viel damit beschäftigen und dadurch schlecht drauf sein.
2. volle 1,5 Jahre mich nicht damit beschäftigen und umso überforderter sein, wenn es zur OP kommt.
Intim OP war 1tens, Brust Op war 2tens

In jedem Fall gilt aber: Wartezeit bereitet nicht besser vor, sondern verleitet mich dazu schnell Entscheidungen zu treffen, sobald ich kann
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2. ......@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2523...…
The text is to #EnemyCombatants" & the definition of #Treason.
#EO12473 from 1984 was amended by #POTUS & becomes effective 1st Jan 2019.…
All of the above......
3. ......@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2523...
add up to an overview of what is to come.The #DOJ backs the actions thus taken in preparation for the coming #MassArrests.
No coincidence, this is a streamlined #MilitaryAction which will be #PAIN deployed!
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2. In several posts #Q asks the same question, over and over…
“FindTheKeytone” and “What is Keystone”? All of us just shook our heads.

#Qanon - #EverythingIsDeliberate

#SeniorExecutiveService is a #RogueAgency
3. As it turns out, #Q was alerting us to the #SeniorExecutiveService – Keystone of the #CivilService - It's "employees", some in the 100's at many of the 75 agencies the #SES has infiltrated, is now 9,000+ in 2018.

This is #TheSwamp!

#QAnon #WeThePeople #GreatAwakening
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