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Seuraa kommenttiketju tästä Hesarin autismiartikkelista, joka julkaistiin viime sunnuntaina. Itse juttu on maksumuurin takana. Mutta suosittelen lukemaan, jos teillä vain on mahdollisuus. Artikkeli on hyvin tehty ja huolella taustoitettu. 1/🧵…
Jutussa haastateltiin minua, konsultti Saara Reimania, psykiatri Terhi Koskentaustaa, Verso Kuntoutus Oy:n toimitusjohtaja Pirita Hämäläistä ja Tampereen yliopiston tutkijaa, neuropsykologi Terhi Helmistä. 2/
Oman osuuden olin saanut tarkastaa etukäteen, lukuun ottamatta otsikoita, kuvatekstejä ja pieniä muutoksia, joita oli tehty tarkastukseni jälkeen. Kuvatekstit ja klikkiotsikot ovat ymmärtääkseni toimituksen valintoja, eivät itse jutun tehneen toimittajan. 3/
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Happening now: Zoom with @lacancircle

"We have been invaded by the proliferation of the impossible Real" quoting Lacan
"Science affects nature but it does not affect the subject. Disjunction between science and the human psyche." Rik Loose paraphrasing #Freud from Civilization & Its Discontents
"Stars in the sky? They never lie. They do not commit errors. But humans do [...] Knowledge is based on an unlimited universe and when applied to Earth it encounters limits."

Rik Loose talk: The Fall of the Object to Earth:
Object a at the Zenith Immonde and Discontent
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For those who have been following the story about the torture of autistic people at the Judge Rotenberg Center: ABAI members just voted AGAINST Contingent Electric Skin Shock, and that is now therefore the official ABAI position!
This step forward is a victory for disability rights activists!

What happens next to #StopTheShock? We don't know yet. There are laws before Congress at the moment, but that is a separate process.

This news via @NeuroClastic, one of the main lobbyists against the torture.
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If people ask me what’s challenging about being Autistic, they probably expect “I wish I were smart like other people 🥺” but what they’re really getting is an infodump about the Judge Rotenberg Center and #stoptheshock
“Isn’t it hard being Autistic? 😰”

Yes it is, I’m glad you brought that up. *rants about being the center of 10,000 health conspiracy theories 🙄

I don’t like being the token tragedy for snake oil salesmen. Your protein powder does not, in fact, “cure” Autism.
“Isn’t being Autistic SO HARD? ☹️”

Yes it is. *proceeds to explain how the #FreeBritney movement illuminated disability rights challenges to the public and what needs to happen now
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Tip for autistic inertia that may or may not work for you:

When I'm feeling really stuck and I have list of things in my head that I "need" to do, I try to pick the one that has 1 step.

Doesn't matter if it's easy or difficult in other ways, just that it's only 1 step.

And it may be that it's not actually one step but in your head you can visualize it as one step.

For example, the task I chose was basically "move a box to a different room" and that was it. To me I saw this as one step which is what got me out of my chair.

The thing I actually needed to do was go take a shower, but that was too overwhelming to think about because that is 10 separate steps. So I thought "I'm just moving this box" and got out of the chair, and then once I did that I could do more complicated tasks.

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#BehaviorAnalyst #BCBA #ABA
I'm a member of the #BanABA movement. We believe that Applied Behaviour Analysis should not be the basis of any nonconsensual therapy for autistic people. We want this type of therapy to be declared unlawful.
Some of us who are part of the #BanABA movement do also talk to ABA professionals who are interested in reforming ABA (even though we believe that ABA-based approaches like EIBI are fundamentally flawed, rather than just broken).
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The #BanABA movement needs a few volunteers for an occasional electronic task. You can opt out at any time. 1/
If you're interested in possibly helping out, please reply below by linking to one of your tweets from July 2022 or earlier where you have used the #BanABA or #StopTheShock hashtag. You'll need to follow me too, so I can add you to our Twitter working group for this. 2/
We don't need many people; two or three will do; but with more volunteers, we know we can possibly count on you in future.
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Poppycock from the infamous friend of Ivar Lovaas, Ron Leaf:
"Even Positive Behavior Support guidelines included the use of strong aversives under some circumstances (Brown et al., 2008)..."
"...and Electric Convulsive Therapy (ECT) is often the recommended intervention with severe depression (The UK ECT Review Group, 2003)."

Dude, they put those people under GENERAL ANAESTHESIA so it won't hurt. It's not an aversive. Are you THAT obtuse?
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I'm going to say this once:

No parent should be "grieving" their child about finding out their identity.

This includes:
Being ND/autistic
Being gay
Being trans
Being left-handed

You are allowed to have feelings! You're allowed to process those feelings!

But, and this is the important part, you are not grieving a person.

You are grieving your own expectations, and have fears and concerns about your kid growing up in this society.

*That* is the loss. You lost a perception. Not the child right in front of you.

And if you're still thinking "Why did you put left-handed on the list?"

It's because currently that doesn't give the same stigma as everything else on that list does. If you don't grieve for left-handedness, because you can expect that possibility,

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[Thread - Feel free to retweet]
Since #autistic is trending, here's some information for anyone suspecting they're autistic:

- Self DX is valid and supported by many PhD researchers and universities
- The DSM autism criteria is inaccurate and rejected by many PhD scientists
- Most accurate information on autism comes from autistic people, including organizations like @NeuroClastic and @autselfadvocacy
- Most mainstream autism research comes from non-autistic people who spread stereotypes as 'accurate' research (ex: autists lack empathy)
- Autism Speaks is not autism friendly
- Autistic people do not lack empathy, and have been overwhelmingly found to have huge amounts of it
- Most autism research tries to frame everything about us as bad, even the things about us that are arguably good.
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I’ve heard this said about my son on more than one occasion, “he seems to think he can do what he wants, and doesn’t have to do something if he doesn’t want to.”

Um, well, yes.

He’s a human being after all, with free will and autonomy.

#GentleParenting #Parenting #WritersLift
Certainly all of our actions have consequences, and I mean naturally-occurring consequences, not adult-imposed punishments.…

#MediumWriter #MediumBlogger #ParentingBlog #ParentingTips #ParentingAdvice #MentalHealthAwareness #ADHDAwareness #Oppositional
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Die autistische Community ist ihrem Ziel, die Elektroschocks am Judge Rotenberg Center verbieten zu lassen, einen Schritt näher gekommen: Das US-Repräsentantenhaus hat für ein entsprechendes Gesetz gestimmt.
Nun muss noch der Senat zustimmen. Erst dann wird es Gesetz.

Ich hoffe, dass das klappt, und nicht das eine Haus das andere blockiert.

Dann wäre endlich Schluss mit staatlich geduldeter Folter.
@gwup, bitte beachtet: Wenn die Elektroschocks verboten werden, die im Rahmen der ABA-"Therapie" eingesetzt werden, ist es kein Verdienst der großen ABA-Verbände. Diese bieten dem JRC nach wie vor eine Bühne.
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Now that the House has voted to ban the shock torture of disabled people at the Judge Rotenberg Center, we need to take a look at something specific relating to that vote.

28 Republicans voted AGAINST the ban on torturing disabled people in ABA at the JRC.

They include some most notably implicated in crimes to overthrow the US government: Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, Madison Cawthorn, Marjorie Taylor Greene.


Ask why these specific politicians are so invested in maintaining the option to torture people by means of electric shocks, to control their behaviour. A jumbled network of arrows...
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Idk who needs to hear this this #Pride but disability rights is an #LGBT issue and LGBT rights is a disability issue.

They overlap. ALOT. But yet I rarely see them brought up at the same time or the connections mentioned.

So as an LGBT disabled guy let me clue yall in

Sorry in addvance if this is all over the place. Not good at structuring my points. But i just wanted to bring members from both my communities together to see the similarities. Abled queers and cishet disabled ppl may not have been aware of eachothers issues.
Throughout history being queer has been seen as a mental condition, as a disability. It isn't of course, but it was and still is treated such.

It may shock cishet disabled people, but abled queers still do face *some* form of ableism, to this day.
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Hey Autistic Person with Large Following/Reputation in Canada Here
Ontario doesn't need an Autism Program and emphasis on it in politics is driven by lobbyists that push services that aren't evidence-driven/highly correlated to trauma
#ABAisAbuse #OnPoli
The Ontario Liberals, when faced with the issue of #ODSPoverty(disability supports being legislated poverty), decided they can't commit to raising #ODSP significantly

Instead they are using #50KisNotOK to feign action on Disability
The evidence-base for #ABA is so bad they call it needs-based instead and the reputation for ABA is so bad they won't even call it by name instead calling it needs-based therapy #ABAisAbuse…
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The JRC says that they need to use [electric shocks] on the people who live there because they struggle with aggression
and self-injury. But the JRC is the only place in the U.S. that uses electric shocks to punish people with disabilities.

#ABAIBoston #ABAI2022 #StopTheShock 1/
In 2013, @UN put out a report calling the use of the GED “torture”. The @US_FDA (which decides what kinds of medical
treatments can be used on people) put out a report 5 yrs ago that said the GED should be
banned. It still hasn’t happened. This is wrong.

#ABAIBoston #ABAI2022 2/
@UN @US_FDA Yet the ABAI (Association for Behavioral Analysis International, the governing body of ABA practitioners) is letting the JRC defend the “ethics” of this torture of disabled people at its conference going on RIGHT NOW. This is unacceptable.

#ABAIBoston #ABAI2022 #StopTheShock 3/
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Dear #BehaviorTwitter

This is a thread.

We know you don't all use electrical shocks on your clients.

But many of you belong to organisations and collaborate with people who condone or endorse this.
We know that the #StopTheShock campaign is not a priority for you.

It's a priority for us.
Your industry, the ABA industry, is completely incompetent and incapable of self-regulation to prevent torture.

You've had decades to stop this, and you didn't care.

You left it to disabled people to spearhead this fight.

Your leaders condoned it and took money from abusers.
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The majority of ABA professionals surveyed are aghast at the torture perpetrated by the JRC.

ABAI allows the JRC a platform to justify the abuse.

How many ABA professionals are prepared to stand up, be loud, and make their voices heard at #ABAI2022?…
Let us not forget who oversees the torture at the Judge Rotenberg Center and, who has the power to revoke these people's credentials: @BACB_Inc are complicit.
A credential from @BACB_Inc does not in any way attest to your competence to work with humans or other mammals, given that the BACB absolutely permits these abuses, which are not allowed elsewhere in society, even when interrogating crime suspects. #StopTheShock
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We told you this was an imperialist cult.

ABAI has an expansionist arm called SABA.

They are serious.

They want to set up control areas in all spheres of society.

ABAI are the people who give a platform to the Judge Rotenberg Center.

It's not just about autism.

They want to mainstream ABA to make it completely unstoppable.
It's a strategy. If they succeed in normalising ABA beyond its current applications, we will have a much harder time trying to stop them from doing this to autistic children.
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For the victims of institutional violence, and especially if you’re autistic and do not understand the source of the hatred that gets directed at you or how people can even imagine such cruelty, the physical abuse is often not the worst.(cont) #StopTheShock #JRCSueMeToo
It is the terror—the abject torture— of not knowing when. You have to be hyper aware of everyone’s moods at all times and try to adjust your behavior to their unpredictable ire that seems to come from somewhere you’ve never accessed. We talk a lot about the electroshocks at JRC.
But the spaces between the shocks, 24 hours a day strapped to a torture device and being around people tasked with using it to control you— that’s the unrelenting anxiety that will cause you to lose yourself and come unglued. It’s neverending.
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New York is introducing Andre’s Law, a bill that would stop the state from sending any more people to the JRC! If you are a resident of New York, call your representative in the State Assembly. You can find yours here:
Then, call your state Senator:
Not a New York resident? Share this call to action with anyone you know who is! Andre’s Law could have a big impact and represents a huge and important step towards shutting down the JRC for good!…
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TW: aba, ableism, eugenics, abuse

ABA stands for "applied behavioral analytics". it uses the theory of operant conditioning. the goal of ABA is to change behaviors with rewards/punishments. the purpose of these forced behavior changes is allegedly to help autistics fit into society.

you might be thinking, why wouldn't autistic people want to fit in? there are multiple issues here. society as it exists right now is not made for neurodivergents. to "fit in", we must conform, we must mask. this isn't a solution for us.
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If you know an autistic person, you’re probably aware that April is “Autism Awareness Month.” What you might not know, however, is that April is a month of pure hell for #ActuallyAutistic folx.

It’s a thread! 🧵
The concept originated in 1970, when we understood a lot less about autism than we do today. Since then, the month has been co-opted by groups like Autism Speaks for fundraising. But what neurotypical people don’t realize is that the vast majority of these groups are actually /2
considered to be hate-groups by the #ActuallyAutistic community. So much of the discourse and dialogue around autism has centered NT people. When you consider NTs to be the ‘norm’ and NDs to be outside of that norm, the discussion veers toward “how do we help them be normal?” /3
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1/22 I hate to do it, but I’m weighing on the @kathygriffin and Sia thing, and comments made to @EricMGarcia. First off, I’m a neurodivergent mother of 2 autistic sons. I’m also in my mid-50s. Griffin accused those of us who were offended by Sia’s movie of misogyny and ageism.
2/23 I’m an old as dirt lifelong raging feminist. Our objection to Sia’s film had nothing to do w/her gender or age. I think the way @KathyGriffin was discarded for the severed head pic of trump reeked of sexism and ageism. There’s one essential difference between the 2 women
3/23 Griffin’s act was punching UP, making a statement about an awful POTUS. Nobody was in danger from the pic. Nobody believed Kathy was a danger. The overreaction of law enforcement was absurd, and that came from Trump punching DOWN. He used his power to harm 1 w/less power
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