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Wow. AI technology can be used to target and oppress marginalized people at a mass scale, and Google just put the president of the Heritage Foundation, a xenophobic transphobe, on their AI Ethics Council. Now employees are speaking out:…
This is the person Google just invited to advise them on ethics in Artificial Intelligence technology. They announced it four days before #TransDayOfVisibility
The letter has been signed by more than 80 Google employees, plus dozens of academics, activists, attorneys, celebrities, etc

One member of the AI Ethics council already resigned over the controversy

There's info on how to add your name at bottom of this…
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Ich war immer schlecht auf den #TransDayOfVisibility vorbereitet. Was soll ich da bloß twittern - einfach nur ein Selfie? Oder doch irgendwas Tiefgründigeres?

Diesmal hab ich was Besonderes. Quasi ein "tiefgründiges Selfie".

Das Innere meiner Genitalien & ein Thread mit Infos.
Vorweg will ich klar stellen: ich möchte weder mich, noch trans* Menschen generell, auf Genitalien und andere Körperteile reduzieren.

Wer meint, jemand müsse dysphorisch bzgl. der eigenen Genitalien sein und/oder eine OP daran anstreben, um trans* zu sein, ist hier falsch.
Genitaloperationen sind für einige trans* Menschen ein wichtiges Thema.

Während die Medien es oft als *das* definierende Thema zentrieren, sind Informationen darüber tabuisiert und auch für uns, die es direkt betrifft, schwer zu erhalten.

Ich will dazu beitragen, das zu ändern.
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Today is #TransDayOfVisibility

Throughout the day, we‘ll be sharing content that celebrates transgender and non-binary people. If you are trans or non-binary, reply with a photo or a tweet with your story for us to share!
Kai, Eisha and Jennifer are three transgender women who shared their stories as part of the Trans in America documentary series. Here are their stories 👇
Kai, from Texas, and her mom, Kimberly, celebrate Kai’s truth every day. #TransDayOfVisibility
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It's #transdayofvisibility and as a non-binary person, I'd particularly like to acknowledge that, hey, we're here too.

We're not just making "fashion statements" or trying to be "trendy for attention". +
I've been deliberately misgendered by both cis and binary trans folks. Cis people dismiss and ridicule my identity and an hour later, a binary trans person makes some asinine comment about my "cis passing privilege". +
I'm sick of thinking I've found spaces where I'm safe, people who understand the dynamics of not conforming to cis-imposed standards, the pain of being forced into that harnass and punished for rejecting it, only to in turn be rejected by the very people I deemed "safe", +
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CW suicide:

Jayden Lowe died on 22/11/2018 after 11 months on the waitlist for the monopoly transgender children's gender service. 7 months on he would still be waiting. The wait is now 21 months & still rising. Some of our kids will never get there. #NHSfailingtranskids
Imagine if in September 2018, Jayden had reached the @NHSEngland service, they still would not have given any immediate medical treatment. They would not have offered bridging hormones, instead they would have reported him & his parents to social services for self medicating. 2/
@NHSEngland If not ejected from service, Jayden would have suffered more waiting during an assessment of minimum 3-6 to establish eligibility access hormone blockers. If already through puberty, blockers would create a medically induced menapause, extremely distressing as a 17 year old 3/
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A Huge Caravan Of Central Americans Is Headed This Way, And No One In Mexico Is Stopping Them
Organization's website:

Organization's twitter:

Legal organization's twitter:

Main organizer's twitter:
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this is a thread of my videos about various transgender topics for #TransDayOfVisibility just in case you feel compelled to learn about this stuff

there's also a youtube playlist here:…
"they" is a perfectly acceptable and useful singular gender-neutral pronoun that many trans people use

(fun fact: many nonbinary people identify as trans because they don't identify with the gender they were assigned at birth)

TERFs fucking suck and trans people have to deal with them every day.

if you're cis (not trans), be thankful you don't have to deal with these assholes on a daily basis. and we'd appreciate your help dispelling their harmful ideas

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1/ One of my favorite Dr. King quotations is about street sweepers, and I'd like to tell you why I'm thinking about it a lot today.

(image: @TheKingCenter)

2/ When I read this quote as a kid, I was dirt poor. My mother worked minimum wage jobs for long hours. We were on welfare. To me, this quotation was a revelation because it amplified the dignity of the adults in my life. It made them visible, not the set pieces of other stories.
3/ As an adult, as an out transgender person, that take on labor has expanded in my eyes. Visibility is not easy. Visibility for trans people, in our time, is a form of labor. In many ways, being openly transgender is a job in itself.
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Ein erklärender Thread
zu dem Label fluidflux
anlässlich #TransDayOfVisibility

( evtl. nötige CN sind vor den jeweiligen tweets. )
So hey,
ich nutze mehrere Label für mein Geschlecht.
Ja das ist ok und valide.

Neben dem gröszeren Label nonbinary/nichtbinär,
oder wie meine lieblings Schreibweise enby ( wie cute ist das bitte? 😻)

nutze ich unter anderem das Mikrolabel fluidflux.
Ich nutze das Label seit ein paar Jahren nach dem ich mehrere Label versucht habe.

Bisher kommt es dem am nächsten :3
Und wird vermutlich noch ne weile bleiben.
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