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Check out this week's photo dump of people in struggle around the world: 🧵

Sakhnin, occupied Palestine – Palestinian flags fill the streets on "Land Day", which commemorates the 1976 uprising following the murder of six Palestinian protesters who resisted Israeli land theft.
Sanaa, Yemen – Huge crowds swarm the capital's streets, marking the anniversary of the Saudi war on Yemen
Paris, France – President Macron depicted on a hangman graffiti on the streets which are still engulfed by massive strikes and protests against his anti-democratic pension bill.
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"On Transgender Day of Visibility, we want you to know that we see you just as you are," indeed!

See things as they are, this #TransDayOfVisibility, including predatory males and brave trans-identified people who choose not to be part of the "affirmation-only" #gendergrift.

Corinna Cohn @HeteroDorx is one trans-identified male who deserves greater visibility on #TransDayOfVisibility2023.

They are among the most reasonable voices I know on Twitter, consistently rational and kind.
Buck Angel @BuckAngel is brave here on Twitter, and also on their YouTube where they address real issues such as inappropriate targeting of youth for lifelong medical treatment and longterm effects of T such as vaginal atrophy, .
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Our fearless leader @POTUS is certainly busy today with all these proclamations, statements, fact sheets, and round tables!

A short 🧵on the government efforts to make this the best #TransDayOfVisibility ever!

“Today, to hear directly about the joys, hopes, and challenges that transgender children are experiencing, the White House will host a Roundtable on Affirming Transgender Kids”

No information so far on who will be sitting at the roundtable. Feel free to guess.

A massive White House Fact Sheet, including fun new ways to obfuscate sex on government documents, courtesy of @DHSgov.…

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1 Hallo ihr Cuties

Heute ist #TransDayOfVisibility. Es ist, wie der Name schon sagt, der Tag, der für mehr Sichtbarkeit von trans* Menschen sorgen soll. Doch Sichtbarkeit ist nicht für alle von uns machbar.

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #TDoV #trans #LGBTQIA #diversity Ich sitze vor einem schwarz...
2 Sichtbar zu sein, kann gefährlich sein. Es kann Ausgrenzung bedeuten, Hass & Hetze zur Folge haben, auch Drohungen und Gewalt sind keine Seltenheit. Viele meiner Geschwister verstecken sich, aus Angst vor den Folgen eines Coming-Outs.
3 Es sollte nicht so sein, aber es ist ein Teil der #transrealitaeten.

Aber warum? Immerhin sind wir ein Teil dieser Gesellschaft. Wir sind Eltern, Kinder und Geschwister. Wir sind eure Freund*innen, Arbeitskolleg*innen und Partner*innen.
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As you may know, March 31st is International Transgender Day of Visibility. It's one day full of celebration of transgender people as we rejoice in being proud of who we are.
Additionally, this day is about raising awareness of discrimination, bigotry, and hatred faced by transgender people worldwide.

Visibility is intentional defiance when people hate you and want you to make yourself small.
Trans Day of Visibility is not just a celebration of being trans and belonging to such a vibrant, beautiful community, but doing so despite society's messages that we should be ashamed of who we are.
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For those of you that don't know, today is #TransDayOfVisibility. I'm not going to do a whole thread because that's not my style.
What I will say is that we exist, that we're fairly normal people (apart from getting assigned the wrong gender) and that there's a surprising number of us writing your graphics drivers. 🧐
Do a bit of googling today. Educate yourself (but watch out for bigoted misinformation). There's a lot of really cool trans people in computer science.
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On this #TransDayOfVisibility I have some happy news:

Over the past week, 2,659 content creators from 43 countries participated in the #TransRightsReadathon. We read & made content about trans books, fundraising for >250 different trans-supporting funds & individuals.🧵
Together, we read >7,800 trans books and raised >$234,000 for trans rights!

At least 2 trans authors who had book releases around the readathon saw their books hit bestseller lists. And many, many trans authors reported their best week of sales since their book releases. 2/
The impact of 400+ anti-trans bills goes much farther than the direct harm they do to trans individuals in those states. This climate of hate has a chilling effect across all culture, where every institution & industry may be less likely to support & uplift trans ppl 3/
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Today, on #TransDayOfVisibility, I would urge you to follow @TranScribe_IRL and listen to the stories of Irish trans people dealing with our Irish trans healthcare system. (Recently ranked worst in the EU.) Raise up their voices. It's a national scandal no-one is talking about.
One of the most powerful campaigns during Repeal were the stories shared on the "In Her Shoes" page.

It was impossible to read those stories and not grasp the horrible human cost of our decade's-long abortion ban on ordinary people's lives.

This is no different.
Our abortion ban was a scandal that was underpinned by a lack of regard for women's bodily autonomy and a deep distrust for women.

This is no different.

This is a scandal underpinned by a lack of regard for trans poeple's bodily autonomy, and a deep distrust of trans people.
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This #TransDayOfVisibility, we want to share some of the incredible art produced by trans and non-binary artists and showcase their creativity. We hope you'll discover some new artists as well as well as some favourites, and you're inspired to learn more...
Claude Cahun (1894-1954) was a non-binary surrealist photographer, sculptor and writer whose work frequently took on personas and transgressed gender binaries.

Claude Cahun, c1927, Courtesy of Jersey Heritage Collections Black and white photograph of an androgynous person with sho
Wu Tsang (born 1982) is a filmmaker, artist and performer based in the USA. Her work often focuses on hidden histories and marginalised stories. This still is from her 2016 film Duilian, looking at the queer inner life of revolutionary Qiu Jin. Still of an androgynous character wearing a silver-blue robe
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Anyway, since it's Trans Day of Visibility still, I might as well bring back my super hot beautiful pictures from the past onto the timeline for everyone's viewing pleasure 🥰💗🏳️‍⚧️

#TDOV #TDOV2023 #TransDayOfVisibility A picture of Mishima Kitan with flower crown and flowers aro
Wow, absolute banger!!! 🔥

I am getting heatstroke from my own hotness and I need to hydrate 🥤 A picture of Mishima Kitan with white wrangler hat.
Every morning when I wake up, I check out my body and I am so happy to have my body because I am cute and very hot with all of my tattoos 🥰💗

Can't wait to have the rest of my body covered in ink!!! 😊 A picture of Mishima Kitan in a red bikini top.
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It's #TransDayOfVisibility - let's remember the women and children brutally killed by men with a pathological sense of entitlement.

This thread details "true trans" criminals who are legally "female" despite committing violence against women.
Content warning ⚠️
The case which enable intact trans-identified males to be transferred to women’s prisons in the UK was launched by a sex offender and murderer who was himself seeking to undergo genital surgery.
Mark Jones, aka Karen Jones, had killed a man who refused to pay for his surgeries.
Jones murdered his partner Michael Cutler and changed his name to Karen Louise Lawson by deed poll while in prison.

Five days after he was released, Jones attempted to rape a female shop assistant at a shop which provides lingerie, estrogen, and silicone "female" prosthetics.
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Happy International Transgender Day of Visibility from your friendly internet queer Japanese thembo babe (me)!!! 😘💗

I'm happy to be trans, to be queer, and to be living my best life right now!!! 🥰🏳️‍⚧️

#TDOV #TDOV2023 #TransDayOfVisibility A picture of Mishima Kitan in a white wrangler hat.
In the hegemonic society, we may still need to obtain "visibility" but I hope we can move onto Trans Day of Support where trans people (especially those who are further marginalized by other intersectional factors) can receive tangible support because that's what's really needed.
I believe that visibility is a starting point. While I don't have a massive platform, my online visibility has helped me reach a lot of people, organizations, and companies which led me to job offers and other opportunities.
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Things I don’t find funny.
From a very late diagnosed #ActuallyAutistic perspective.
On April 1, in some parts of the world, deliberate mistruths will be told to try and fool people.
Here in the UK this has now become standard government policy.
In Brazil April Fool’s Day is known as: ‘Dia da mentira’ (day of the lie).
How interesting that so many societies make fun of people for believing what they’re told, rather than for telling lies.
This ‘put down’ category of humour is pervasive and has never seemed funny to me.
A crucial factor in determining if something is funny is unkindness.
Anything resembling bullying is deeply unfunny to me.
I even find self-deprecating humour distasteful.
“Where’s your sense of humour?” they say while dishing out demeaning banter.
Not here, that’s for sure.
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Trans rights rally underway at the state Capitol #TransDayOfVisibility
The gathering comes in response to HB11, the trans-excluding “Student Eligibility in Interscholastic Activities,” the veto override for which received a majority vote last week #utpol #utleg #TDOV
This is the second gathering of this nature in recent days. Last Thursday, around 600 Utahns descended upon the Capitol for sports equality. My dispatch:…
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It’s a good thing that we have a #TransDayOfVisibility because aside from this day, and Pride Month, and International Pronouns Day, and Lesbian Visibility Day, and International Day Against Homophobia, and Harvey Milk Day, and Pansexual and Panromantic Visibility Day, and (cont)
Bisexuality Day, and Bisexual Awareness Week, and National Coming Out Day, and National LGBT Center Awareness Day, and Spirit Day, and Intersex Awareness Day, and Asexual Awareness Week, and Transgender Day Of Remembrance, and (cont)
Pansexual Pride Day, and Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week, and Omnisexual Visibility Day, and Non-Binary Awareness Week, and Transgender Parent Day, and every other day and hour and minute of our lives, we really don’t celebrate the LGBT community enough
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On this #TransDayOfVisibility we have a thread of some pieces we’ve published that we’d love for you to read and share.🧵👇
It's no coincidence that Republican-controlled states that criminalize abortion are also criminalizing gender-affirming care for trans people. And it's only the beginning of their pronatalist white supremacist agenda. From @chgrimaldi…
The GOP have focused their vitriol on the trans community, whom they depict as an existential threat to justify their plans to eradicate their existence from society. From @BrynnTannehill…
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In other news, Happy freakin #TransDayOfVisibility! Right now, simply being trans is under attack by the US govt, making today a time for action. 🧵
Visit There are tons of how-to’s in supporting multiple states in fighting back.
Next, buckle up. There are at least 238 anti-trans bills that have been signed this year. Doing some of the steps in the above link go all year round.
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🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️Today on #TransDayOfVisibility I’m announcing I will introduce legislation that would make NY a haven for trans kids & families whose rights are under attack nationwide 🧵
TX, AL, AZ, ID & LA have proposed criminal sentences for parents who allow their kids to receive gender-affirming care & for physicians who provide it. TX proposed removing trans kids from their parents.

This legislation would:
🏳️‍⚧️1. Reject out-of-state court judgements removing trans kids from their parents based on the parents allowing their kids to receive gender-affirming healthcare.
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Good morning! Happy #TransDayOfVisibility!

The White House and federal agencies put out a number of wonderful announcements about trans rights a few hours ago, and I'm so excited to tell you about them because today should be about trans and non-binary joy. ❤️

1. The State Department announced that starting on April 11th, U.S. citizens will be able to select "X" as a non-binary gender marker on passports. They are the first federal agency to codify this inclusive policy. Applicants can already self-select w/o medical documentation.
2. TSA announced that they are updating their body scanners at airport security to move away from tech that has led to trans and non-binary travelers experiencing frequent discrimination, reducing unnecessary and invasive and humiliating body searches. So excited for this!!!
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Happy #TransDayOfVisibility!

While communities around the world may use different terms, gender variance has long existed and thrived.

Today we're excited to share a new video with @lilyvetch about the South Asian Hijra community - historically categorised as a third gender.
With so many attacks to the existence and rights of trans people around the world, #TransDayOfVisibility is a crucial time to celebrate the trans community, and to raise awareness of the discrimination they face worldwide.

Read more:…
We all have a part to play in supporting trans equality - today, and every day 🏳️‍⚧️

RT this thread to raise awareness and show your support for trans communities this #TDOV! 💞
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Good Morning Sweetlings, Beautiful Monsters and Fabulous Disasters.
Today is #TransDayOfVisibility and I have thought long and hard about what I need to say about it.
For those of you who do not wish to be visible and wish you could just fade in to the background, I support you.
When I announced to the world that I was Transgender, I looked to Twitter to find like minded folk and if it were not for their visibility and strength I believe I would have seriously struggled to accept myself.
For me, I am not openly visible for the Cis, not for the attention and definitely not for the glory. I am visible so that others may see me and find some commonality in life, so that others may see me and feel that it is possible to be themselves.
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"Art.1 Abs 1 GG schützt die Würde des Menschen in der Individualität, in der er sich selbst begreift. Dieser Verfassungsgrundwert gewährleistet zugleich in Verbindung mit Art.2 Abs1 GG die Freiheit des Individuums, sich seinen Fähigkeiten und Kräften entsprechend zu entfalten...
Die Frage, welchem Geschlecht sich ein Mensch zugehörig empfindet, betrifft den Sexualbereich, den das Grundgesetz als Teil der Privatsphäre unter den verfassungsrechtlichen Schutz gestellt hat."
Das ist ein Zitat aus dem Urteil des BVerfG vom 15.08.1996, wonach...
... transgeschlechtliche Menschen von staatlichen Organen die Achtung dieses Bereichs verlangen können.
Das schließt die Pflicht ein, die individuelle Entscheidung eines Menschen über seine Geschlechtszugehörigkeit zu respektieren und ihn auch unabhängig von der amtlichen...
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One of the things I want to say on this #TransDayOfVisibility to young trans and nonbinary people is that family acceptance of one's coming out is not a requisite for a fulfilling trans and/or nonbinary life.
CW: transphobia

As my friends and perhaps some of my long-time followers know, I came out to my blood family as trans when I was 19 and was met with severely negative responses which led me to retract my coming out because I did not feel safe at home otherwise. (1/x)
I had faint hopes that they would be understanding and I had practiced my coming out many times before doing so and when things turned out how it did, I was devastated but was resolved that I no longer could have these people in my life. (2/x)
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Tomorrow is #TransDayofVisibility and truthfully, visibility without power and mobilization just leads to violence so let's get active today leading up to #TDOV. We got you covered at @Trans_Week and I am going to list the most urgent actions you can take NOW.
In Arizona, Governor Ducey has just 3 more days to veto TWO anti-trans bills - SB1165 (banning girls from sports) and SB1138 (banning medical care). Please get loud about these bills, contact Ducey, and take action.…
In Alabama, SB184 is on the verge of passage. This bill would make it a FELONY for parents and doctors to treat transgender adolescents with life-saving medical care up to AGE 19. If passed, this bill would cut off needed care to trans people across the south.
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