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Speaker of Virginia’s HOD is a Jewish woman, Dem majority leader is a black woman. New Youngkin ad portrays him pushing through a sea of old white dudes, representing the “the same politicians” in Richmond. #VAGov really testing how voters define “outsider.”
He’s running against Terry McAuliffe, who’s a white dude — this ad surely stays on shelf if JCF or McClellan one. It’s just interesting to see how Rs run as change agents; Dems in 2017/2019 made the story about the diverse candidates they were fielding
Youngkin’s other new spot uses clips of Jennifer Carroll Foy calling McAuliffe a failure and a “politician of the past,” so some of this is trying to see if liberal voters will be unenthused at the prospect of TMac coming back.
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Polls close at 7:00 PM. @7NewsDC is on your side with everything you need to know about Virginia's 2021 primary election…
Polls have closed in Virginia. @7NewsDC will bring you live team coverage on air and online at

This photo is from @TerryMcAuliffe election night event in McLean. People are beginning to gather. #VaGov
Right now @TerryMcAuliffe leads with 61% of the vote. @JCarrollFoy has 20% of the vote. @JennMcClellanVA has 11% of the vote, @FairfaxJustin has 4% of the vote and @carterforva is at 3%. @7NewsDC @VaGov
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Youngkin team in #VAGov clipped McAuliffe answer on right-to-work and titled it to say he "would sign a bill repealing" it. The answer is 90% McAuliffe explaining why it won't happen ("You can't get it through the House and Senate!") before saying, sure.
Would have been better for Rs if McAuliffe panicked and shifted left during the campaign, but he never really took a punch, so you're left with Biden-y stuff like this.
Specifically this reminds me of the Biden answer to Lester Holt's confusing question on whether Biden would sign M4A if it landed on his desk, which Biden used to emphasize the parts of M4A he didn't like. This got remembered as "Biden would veto M4A," a bill that isn't passing.
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In 2013, Ken Cuccinelli (R) only lost Fairfax County to Terry McAuliffe (D) by 22 points. If Glenn Youngkin (R) can spend enough in DC to keep his deficit there in the same range, he'd have a chance, given rural VA's drift right since. Still uphill for Rs.
To put it in perspective: a 22 pt margin sounds like a lot, but Northam (D) won it by 37 in 2017 and Biden won it by 42. This fall will test whether the blue shift is permanent up and down the ballot, or back to being more elastic w/ Trump out of office. #VAGOV
Another huge suburban battleground Youngkin would need to snap back: Virginia Beach, which voted for Cuccinelli by 2 pts in 2013 but Northam by 5 pts in 2017. Unlike the past two GOP nominees, Youngkin has roots in Hampton Roads - which could be helpful. #VAGOV
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My weekend column: New polling shows deep, bipartisan opposition to race-centered curricular changes in K-12 classrooms — an issue that’s already percolating in local school board elections across the country and also in the #VAGOV race.…
One Q:

“Should schools teach that white people are inherently privileged, while Black and other people of color are inherently oppressed and victimized?”

22% support teaching that (9% strongly)
73% oppose teaching that (64% strongly)…
70% of respondents said it is not important or not at all important for schools to “teach students that their race is the most important thing about them”

25% said this is somewhat or very important.…
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new from @AndrewStilesUSA and me in @FreeBeacon

you won't find this in @60Minutes but #CAGOV @GavinNewsom, #NYGOV @andrewcuomo and #VAGOV @RalphNortham partnered with CVS, a key donor of them and their Democratic allies, for vaccine distribution…
Campaign finance reports skillfully obtained and extensively reviewed by the @FreeBeacon show that @cvspharmacy donated tens of thousands of dollars to the @DemGovs last cycle.…
Why does it matter? According to @CBSNews's piece on #FLGOV @RonDeSantisFL: "Distributing vaccines is lucrative. Under federal guidelines, @Publix, like any other private company, can charge Medicare $40 a shot to administer the vaccine."…
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NEW w/@akarl_smith: Republicans see an opportunity to begin winning back the suburban voters they lost under Donald Trump's presidency by capitalizing on widespread frustration with pandemic life and directing it at an old enemy: Teachers unions.…
@akarl_smith New NRCC Tom Emmer told staff as soon as he took over to go all in on schools: "It's the teachers unions that want to keep the schools closed. Dems are ignoring the science, and they're standing with their special-interest donors instead of the students."…
@akarl_smith Going after public sector unions is a throwback to the last time the GOP was locked out of power in DC in 2009/2010 and it's a message that every faction in the party can get behind -- with the potential for crossover appeal to indies and some Dems.
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There are more parallels to be drawn between the D prez primary this year and #VAGov D primary next year than there are between the latter and #MASEN -- McAuliffe is Biden.
McAuliffe, like Biden in the primary:

- Has most name recognition
- Moderate, "establishment" candidate
- Can only be stopped if he doesn't face a fractured field (which at the moment he looks like he will face)
- Possibly/probably oldest candidate in the field
We're quite a ways away from the 2021 #VAGov primaries, but where I am right now is that unless McClellan were to drop out and endorse Carroll Foy, McAuliffe very likely has the race in the bag.
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Should Terry McAuliffe become the Democratic nominee for #VAGOV, I’d likely move HD-75 in Southside VA, Roz Tyler’s seat, from Toss-Up to Tilt R (R Flip) Without a black woman at the top of the ticket, D’s put themselves at risk in the seat with lower black turnout.
This would probably also get the VA House of Delegates into Toss-Up territory. This is assuming that Biden wins in November though, of course.
If Democrats do nominate one of the Jennifer’s somehow, their numbers across the board move in their direction. The national investment and interest in the race would be huge. See: Stacey Abrams. D’s across the country want to see a black woman elected to a gubernatorial office.
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[THREAD] They say that hindsight vision is 20/20. That's why I'm so troubled by SJ75 in the #valeg.

A history lesson + a call to action...

#vagov #vapol #fundourschools
First, I'm the Executive Director of @VirginiaExcels. VE is designed to develop and amplify the voices of students and families from historically underrepresented communities to promote educational equity.
As I've shared with all of the participants in our programs, "I've failed you if you only parrot things that I think & I hate failing."

Daily, I ask myself multiple times, "is this best for kids? If not, how can we make it better?"
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I'm so old I remember when #vagov candidates suspended their campaigns for a bit because of the 9/11 attacks and I always appreciated the endurance of the unspoken "let's not be shitty, just for today" rule in politics that endured after
And now North Carolina Republicans are using the anniversary of 9/11 to be extra shitty.
So tell me more about "decency" and "civility" and how Democrats shouldn't swear.
Audio here. NC GOP lawmakers' obvious attempt to usurp the will on state voters, who broke their veto-proof majorities last fall, begins at 5:05. Republicans took advantage of some Dems' absence to override Cooper's veto of a Medicaid bill.
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