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The Chams are an Austronesian people indigenous to what was previously the kingdom of Champa, now in modern day south Vietnam. They currently follow 3 religions, Hinduism, Sunni Shafi'i Islam & a third religion mixing the other two together. They were conquered by Vietnam.
Champa along with Vietnam was under the rule of Han dynasty China after China expanded & conquered territories in south China & Indochina. The official Khu Liên (Qū Lián) led Chams to revolt against China in 192 & established the independent Cham kingdom of Lâm Ấp (Linyi).
The Chams were then Indianized by their neighbor Funan. China & #Champa then fought each other several times over the next 800 years as they shared a border. China invaded Champa in the Sui dynasty in 605 & sacked the Cham capital before withdrawing after disease struck the army.
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Here is UN press briefing room that @AntonioGuterres has banned Inner City Press from for 462 days, his @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric has not answered even 1 of ICP's 6 Qs this morning - thread
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @sdnylive Banned Inner City Press asked On UN sexual harassment, what are the comment of SG Guterres on this this leaked email - and the threat banned Inner City Press received from an FAO official to try to censor its accountability reporting?…
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @sdnylive Banned Inner City Press asked On China and its abuse of the Uighurs on which SG Guterres has claimed to be so strong, what are his comments on that eight Chinese tech firms have been added to the US Entity List for violations against Uighurs?
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Here is the UN Press Briefing Room for the UN noon briefing Inner City Press is banned from by @AntonioGuterres and @UN_Spokesperson who has not answered any of the questions Inner City Press submitted this morning on #Cameroon and #Honduras / #SDNY- thread
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong Banned Inner City Press asked for @AntonioGuterres response to and explanation of the SDNY prosecutors' assertion that El Chapo gave $1M to Honduras' prez and Guterres' September 24 meeting with him at which neither corruption nor drugs was even raised?
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @Mundo_PN @ElMundoSV @sdnylive Banned Inner City Press asked in light of the UN working with the army there, what are SG Guterres' comments and actions if any on that #Mali's Army is using a method to restrain detainees during counterterrorism ops that has led to amputations & serious injuries?
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Thread: Gambling ban driving #Chinese nationals away from #Cambodia - Good news from Cambodia for a change…
Tens of thousands of Chinese nationals are reportedly leaving the kingdom following a government ban on online gambling intended to reduce the number of crimes committed by foreigners.
On Aug 18, Prime Minister Hun Sen issued a directive banning all online and arcade gambling in the kingdom in a bid to safeguard security and public order.
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1/15 Exile has long been part of my life; even though painful it is a lesser evil than the risk of prison or a violent death which permanently hang over Cambodia’s opposition leaders. #SamRainsy #Cambodia
2/15 I have decided to return to my country this year despite the large numbers of legal convictions and arrest warrants against me.
3/15 My 25-year struggle for democracy against an authoritarian regime led by former Khmer Rouge members has led to several assassination attempts and ongoing political and judicial persecution against me.
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Thank you to Dr. Mahathir Mohamad for the precious advice he gave to our leaders andpeople during his visit to #Cambodia.
The following seven valuable pieces of advice are clear from the diplomatic statements that Dr. Mahathir made during his visit. #SamRainsy
1/7 Cambodia must embrace, not reject, the Western-model of liberal and pluralist democracy.
2/7 Cambodia must be prepared for a democratic change in government (just like Malaysia in 2018).
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1\3… | #CCP continues to project naval influence in SE Asia by targeting corrupt authoritarian gov'ts backed by Chinese loans & the CCP's diplomatic clout. Together, Cambodian facilities & China's military outposts in the South China Sea would create 2\
2\3 a triangular perimeter controlled by Beijing that effectively boxes in all of mainland Southeast Asia. This threatens the independence of Taiwan, making it very difficult for the U.S. to support Taiwan if Beijing decides to attack and overtake the Island #FreeHongKong #Taiwan
3/3 At a time when #HongKongProtests demonstrate the demands of the people seeking #Democracy & freedom from Communist repression, this presents an acute threat to the Independence enjoyed by the people of Taiwan and MUST NOT BE IGNORED. #China #Cambodia #Vietnam @BaldingsWorld
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Secret Deal for #Chinese Naval Outpost in #Cambodia Raises #US Fears of Beijing’s Ambitions - Use of Ream naval base would help China’s military project power across a broad swath of Southeast Asia…
China has signed a secret agreement allowing its armed forces to use a Cambodian navy base near here, as Beijing works to boost its ability to project military power around the globe, according to U.S. and allied officials familiar with the matter.
The pact—signed this spring but not disclosed by either side—gives China exclusive rights to part of a Cambodian naval installation on the Gulf of Thailand, not far from a large airport now being constructed by a Chinese company.
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Thread: #Chinese Businesses Are Changing #Cambodia. And Not for the Better. - ‘See, They Are So Happy with Our Generosity!’ - “Without us Chinese coming here and creating jobs for them, the Cambodians would only have a mango a day to eat”…
China is now Cambodia’s largest source of foreign direct investment, foreign aid, and tourists. As part of the trillion-dollar global infrastructure and investment program the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China has poured billions of dollars into Cambodia.
Once a sleepy beach town, Sihanoukville is now a hub for Chinese gamblers, as gambling is illegal in mainland China & only foreigners are allowed to gamble in Cambodia. Dozens of Chinese-built and -owned casinos have sprung up in the last few years, with more under construction.
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That 10 day mission or service trip you are taking this summer to #Uganda #Honduras #Nepal #Cambodia or #Haiti is trash and we are going to give you 8 reasons why:

1) You aren’t qualified. You have no relevant or useful training, experience or specialization.
2) It is a poor use of money. That $2,000 that you and each member of your “team” is spending? Invest it in the projects you think you’re helping instead.

3) It’s about you. This *experience* is actually not about the needs of “the people “ you are visiting in that country.
4) You are using poor people to make you feel better about your privilege and wealth. Rather than actually investing in efforts to help people get out of poverty, you offer handouts and temporary solutions.

5) You can visit a country for what it HAS rather than what it LACKS...
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1/7 On behalf of the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), I would like to express to the European Union my deep gratitude for their effort and determination to help defend human rights and restore democracy in Cambodia.
2/7 Even though the CNRP was arbitrarily dissolved by the Hun Sen government in November 2017 to prevent it from participating in the July 2018 election, it continues to represent the will of at least half of the Cambodian people, a fact which nothing can hide.
3/7 On behalf of the Cambodians from all walks of life that the CNRP continues to speak for, I would like to confirm to the EU that the response it is considering to address the totalitarian drift - a suspension of the EBA programme - is acceptable and appropriate in our eyes.
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1/x Thread on censored songs in #Cambodia:
If it's about economics, or criticism of the ruling party, it's fair game for censorship.

"‘I don’t have a choice’: hip-hop artist in Cambodia deletes song after becoming a political pawn"…
2/x 'Drunk Teacher" (Chen Sai Chai, Town production) banned on request of Ministry of Education. December 2018…
3/x “Only True Love Remained” (Khmer Amatak) banned September, 2018…
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Through peace agreements signed in Paris in 1991, Cambodia is obliged to respect absolute neutrality in its foreign policy. #SamRainsy #Cambodia @UN
2/8 On the basis of reliable, tallying sources, China, with the agreement of the government in Phnom Penh, is in the process of building aerial and port infrastructure in the coastal province of Koh Kong in Cambodia which could be used for military ends.
3/8 The infrastructure is similar to that built by China on the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, which are the subject of territorial dispute.
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1/3 I call on the governments of countries who are friendly with #Cambodia, and especially those countries that respect democratic principles and human rights, to disregard the arrest warrants against the eight leaders of the Cambodian opposition. #SamRainsy
2/3 The eight are Long Ry, Men Sothavarin, Eng Chhai Eang, #SamRainsy, Mu Sochua, Ou Chanrith, Tok Vanchan and Ho Vann. They were ridiculously charged with “plotting to commit treason and incitement to commit a felony.”
3/3 The UN, the US Congress, the European Parliament, ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch can confirm these arrest warrants have been issued for purely political reasons and show worsening repression in Cambodia under Hun Sen.
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[1/4] Washington State Senator (local Senate) #DougEricksen who served as 'election monitor' & praised #Cambodia's 2018 Election now applies to register as 'foreign agent' for one-party government.
Additional articles on the topic follow.…
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1/5 The Phnom Penh regime is spreading rumours that CNRP President Kem Sokha would be willing to ask for his “rehabilitation” from Hun Sen. This is pure nonsense. #SamRainsy #Cambodia #FakeNews
2/5 The 118 leading CNRP officials, including Kem Sokha, were unconstitutionally banned from politics when the CNRP was dissolved by the Hun Sen regime in 2017. By arbitrarily dissolving the only credible opposition party, Hun Sen has destroyed democracy in #Cambodia. #SamRainsy
3/5 Therefore, Kem Sokha and his CNRP colleagues are entitled to fight for the reinstatement of the CNRP, which will imply their full, dignified and automatic rehabilitation. #Cambodia. #SamRainsy
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"because the United States, however flawed, is a force for good in the world in my opinion." - Colbert
They've killed 20-30 million people since WWII. Nixon created Pol Pot.
This belief that so many of them hold, about "greatness"; it's a mental illness.
"Flawed" America in Laos
One person a day, every day on average, is killed by an Empire #UXO. They won't even clean them up. They dropped 270 MILLION bombs on Laos. America was not even at war with Laos.
And then there was #Cambodia
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1/6 In a telephone call with government officials made public Feb 14, Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen said the government must destroy the opposition, the CNRP, before the European Union withdraws the country’s free-trade privileges. #SamRainsy #Cambodia
2/6 The statement amounts to an order to kill. Hun Sen’s willingness to resort to murder to eliminate critics has been shown many times in the past. #SamRainsy #Cambodia
3/6 The CNRP is supported by millions of Cambodians, and the party scored close to half the vote in both the national election of 2013 and the local elections of 2017. #SamRainsy #Cambodia
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Tweeps, have you been to the landmark @LouvreAbuDhabi #Louvre #AbuDhabi? No worries. Got @twitter. Had the chance to visit while in the #UAE for the @MilkenInstitute #MIGlobal #MENASummit. Follow this thread for a #TwitterTour of highlights.… #art #museum
Hello #LouvreAbuDhabi! @LouvreAbuDhabi ~ in all directions, the #magic of art & creativity on display. Crossing borders. Crossing cultures. #artmatters #museumlove
#Stunning. This two-headed figure is one of the oldest monumental statues in the history of humanity. It is some 8500 years old. On display at the @LouvreAbuDhabi. 👥

@VisitAbuDhabi #AbuDhabi #LouvreAbuDhabi
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1/6 Credible political scientists agree the CNRP has never engaged in any 'color revolution'. #SamRainsy #Cambodia
2/6 Astrid Noren-Nilsson: “The CNRP leadership had twin constraints: it is a party that respects the ‘rule of law’ until the bitter end and is determined to avoid any bloodshed.” #SamRainsy #Cambodia
3/6 Lee Morgenbesser: “The CNRP failed to follow the example set by successful foreign opposition groups, including the color revolutionaries in the Balkans and post-Soviet states . . . " #SamRainsy #Cambodia @LMorgenbesser
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1/7 On behalf of the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), I want to express to the EU – meaning the European Parliament, the European Commission & all member states – my deep gratitude for their effort and determination to restore democracy in #Cambodia. #SamRainsy
2/7 Though the CNRP was arbitrarily dissolved by the Hun Sen government in November 2017 to stop it participating in the July 2018 election, it represents the will of at least half of the Cambodian people, which cannot be hidden by the sad return to a one-party system. #SamRainsy
3/7 On behalf of the Cambodian citizens from all walks of life that the CNRP represents, I want to confirm to the EU that the response it is considering to address the totalitarian drift in Cambodia – a suspension of EBA – is acceptable and appropriate in our eyes. #SamRainsy
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1/12 Concerning my plan to return to #Cambodia in 2019 I would like to clear some misinformation and misinterpretation related to my previous repatriation plans in 2013 and 2015. #SamRainsy
2/12 On July 8, 2013 I announced my decision to return BEFORE I received a royal “pardon”. #SamRainsy
3/12 After four years of forced exile due to unjust heavy jail sentences handed down on me in Cambodia, I publicly declared that I would return IN ANY CASE in my capacity as President of the then newly founded Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP). #SamRainsy
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Just landed in #Thailand & looking forward to speaking at the @AfiForum. At the event? Come say hello. #AFIF2019.
500+ of the world’s leading #investors & #FI will explore investment opportunities to foster inclusive financial markets across #AsiaPacific
#Davos #WEF19 or here at the Asia Financial Institutions Forum @AfiForum #AFIForum 2019 in #Bangkok: something to ponder this #MLKDay weekend & beyond. #microfinance #accessstocapital #fintech #finance #inequality
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1/13 CAMBODIA UPDATE from Mu Sochua, Eng Chhai Eang, CNRP Vice Presidents. Dec 18, 2018
To avoid the CNRP being paralyzed at the leadership level after being arbitrarily dissolved by the Phnom Penh authorities . . .
2/13 . . . and with its President Kem Sokha being held under house arrest . . . the vast majority of the party’s officials and activists who can be contacted and accept to publicly express their will, have designated Sam Rainsy as Acting President, effective December 9, 2018.
3/13 Sam Rainsy, CNRP co-founder & former President, is the only person with the historic and popular legitimacy to lead the CNRP in a transition period which will end at the moment when President Kem Sokha has full freedom restored and can personally express himself in public.
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