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🎥 NEW VIDEO ALERT! We break down the intricate process of #DeFi #Liquidation in light of the recent market liquidation topping $163 million due to USDT short-time depeg.
Dive deep into the #crypto world with #EigenTx: 🌐 #Blockchain

🔗 Collateral and borrowing play a crucial role in liquidation. In the video, we illustrate this by borrowing TUSD against vBUSD collateral via #Venus.
Understanding this exchange is crucial to navigating the volatile crypto market: #Cryptocurrency

🎬 And this is just the tip of the iceberg!
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In my 10+ years of Crypto experience, I have never seen that kind of market condition where #BTC is down only 3%, and major #altcoins are down 20-30% 😱😳

Let's take a deep dive to know what's going on in the #Crypto market 👇
🔻In the past few hours, the #altcoin market has crashed like there is no support.

🔻So let's take a look at the factors crashing the market, which also include some #FUD.
1. #Binance is selling its holdings.

🔻An account started the rumour that @binance sold mass amounts of coins over the last few months, which caused the market crash.

🔻He also claimed that Binance moved a large chunk of its reserves. Image
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A 🧵
I try and avoid cheap, tawdry comparisons between modern politics and Hitler’s Nazism, Stalin’s Communism, and Mussolini’s Fascism.

But in this case, ya gotta call a spade a spade.


Comms Director for the CPC @SarahFischer__ has gone beyond blatant #propaganda / #disinformation.

She now sees fit to use language like “liquidation of a people” in order to describe the new Canadian #passport.

Think about this.


“Liquidation of a people”.

Unless you’re talking about bargain bin shopping, what does the word “liquidation” conjure?

If you’re even a casual student of history, it’s eerily reminiscent of the Nazi #liquidation of the Jewish ghettos during WWII.


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#USP101 🔔 How does $USP #liquidation work?

Positions with a health rate lower than 1 are open to discounted collateral liquidation to prevent under-collateralization & protocol insolvency.

We use the dutch auction format, and portions can be filled partially. 🧵
2/ Anyone can trigger a smart contract check of all position health rates. If health rates are below 1, the auction process will be kickstarted. The kickstarter will receive a reward to compensate for their incurred gas fees and efforts.
3/ The contract asks the oracle for the collateral's price and it then calculates the collateral value.

Calculate the auction Starting price by multiplying the collateral value by (1+Buffer). If the buffer is 0, the auction Starting price would equal the collateral value.
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#retraite : très intéressante étude des services statistiques des ministères sociaux s'agissant de l'incidence sur les #fonctionnaires de l'application des règles de #liquidation des retraites du #privé.
De nature à déconstruire pas mal d'idées reçues
et sans doute à encourager le @gouvernementFR @Elisabeth_Borne dans ce travail indispensable d'harmonisation.
Deux points clés mis en exergue par la #DREES :
➡️ une hausse globale potentielle de 1,5 %
🔹35 % des salariés du public bénéficieraient d'une ↗️ de 10 %
🔹13% connaîtraient une ↘️ de 13 %
➡️ la prise en compte des primes qui pour certains fonctionnaires représentent une partie conséquente des émoluments perçus nécessiteraient une ↗️ des cotisations
🔹+ 28 % de cotisations supplémentaires en moyenne
🔹et jusqu'à + de 40 %
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How to become your own bank 🏦

Financial independence, (or self-sovereignty), is being able to take ownership of your assets and money. It’s having enough to do what you want with your time.

And no, financial independence isn’t just for the rich...
Financial sovereignty is a journey. One in which you become freer and more powerful over time, as your knowledge and toolset develops.

Bitcoin has opened the gates to a new age in which you can claim back control over your finances in a way that was previously impossible.
Unlike other fiat currencies, where central issuers can print and devalue them overnight, #Bitcoin is ruled only by its code—which is protected by its community.

So, how do you get started on your journey?
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L'USDT ne publie pas de preuves de ses réserves 😨
L'USDC de votre adresse peut être bloqué à tout moment 🔒
DAI est composé à 80% d'USDC 🤮

Comment retrouver un réel contrôle sur son argent et assainir l'écosystème ? 🤔

Découvrons le stablecoin le plus résilient du marché 👇🧵 Image
Si vous préférez une version Blog, ce thread est déjà disponible sur mon medium 👇…
[0 - 5] Introduction

Le concept de #blockchain décrit par Satoshi Nakamoto dans le #whitepaper du #Bitcoin montre la décentralisation comme un tiers de confiance afin de ne plus se reposer sur des plateformes aux agissements opaques 💭 Image
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Something that's been on my list to research for a while is @TeamKujira $KUJI. Below is a summary of my research and analysis of it.

#CosmosEcosystem #Altcoin #Kuji #Kujira #Dex #Terra #Liquidation #Analysis #DYOR
Firstly, a disclaimer. After compiling what I needed to see, I bought a small high-risk-high-return $Kuji bag a few days ago as mostly a long term hold. This isn't a shill, it's me "placing my money where my mouth is". Maybe your assessment of the situation will be different.
1. #Kujira is a project that has migrated to its own chain after the #Terra collapse. It's now a sovereign chain, splitting #DeFi offerings into into #dApps which provide order-book, liquidation and staking/governance capabilities.
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1 New to investing?

2 Confused by #fintwit jargon?

3 Do we trust people presenting “valuation” to know what they don't know?
(Hint: “my-laser-eyed-golden-skin-ape-pic-is-worth-at-least-twice-your-diamond-skin-ape-pic” = relative pricing. Not valuation)

Follow #PiggyBack🧵

1/X Image
Equity = Assets - Liabilities

But what asset and liability values are we going to use?

The answer as always: it depends on what we are going to use it for.

Here is a summary of equity metrics, from the most conservative:

Price/”Net-Net” Working Capital (P/NNWC)

Classic Graham/Dodd strategy

Assumes: Use only most liquid current assets, deduct subjective discounts.

Conditions (often missed in screens):
1) Not consuming assets (melting ice cube/negative cash-flow)
2) Historical profitability

3/X Image
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Hey @milesdeutscher, great write-up on the $LUNA #yield opportunities on @prism_protocol! 🥳

We missed some more information on the capabilities of $pLUNA, though! No problem - that's what we are here for 🤝

A quick 🧵 on what you can currently (& soon!) do with $pLUNA!
1/ $pLUNA represents the principal token of $LUNA.

In theory, you should be able to do everything with $pLUNA, that can be done with $LUNA, except of course, earn staking yield (as that's what $pLUNA's counterpart $yLUNA is for!)
2/ Since @prism_protocol just recently launched, in practice things are looking a bit different though.

Naturally, you can #hodl your $pLUNA. Besides that, you can...
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We are creating a price prediction market for stakers of $BTRFLY. This way, those who wish to hold their BTRFLY long term can #capitalize on short term price movements. Let’s look at a couple examples... 🧵
2/Let’s say you think that $BTRFLY is going to be $10,000 a token in a year, but you feel like there are some negative short term catalysts coming. Simply predict "short" on @entropyfi, only risking your rebase rewards. If the price goes down, you earn money and hedge your bet.
3/If the $BTRFLY price goes up? You lost some rebase rewards but your holdings still appreciated in value. This can be defined as a ‘soft hedge’ because of the lack of risk being taken in comparison to actual leveraged products.
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I came across a new project called @vestafinance and decided to dive deeper into it because it drew my attention. Why?

Let’s make a 🧵👇🏽 about it!
First things first, what is @vestafinance? It is a #collateralized #debt protocol which means that the protocol allows for borrowing with a slight over-collateralization of just 110% instead of the usual 150 - 180% rates in $DeFi.
At the launch of the project you can deposit #ETH/#gOHM/#renBTC to mint $VST. (This is the stablecoin which can be minted through the protocol). If wanted, the $VST can always be converted back to redeem the underlying collateral.
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[#Thread] Comment générer environ 30/35% d'intérêt avec ses #stablecoins sur la #blockchain @avalancheavax.

Une stratégie possible grâce au programme Avalanche Rush, @StakeDAOHQ (@bneiluj) ainsi que d'autres protocoles.

A consommer sans modération et bien reposé ⬇️
Cette stratégie de #YieldFarming utilise différents protocoles #DeFi.

Elle a été présentée par @lemiscate lors de différents lives sur la chaîne de @CryptoMatrix2 et @LeJournalDuCoin .

Un grand merci à lui car il œuvre chaque jour pour un écosystème #crypto meilleur.
Disclaimer : Ceci n'est pas un conseil en investissement.

Ce genre de méthode comporte des risques liés aux cryptomonnaies, stablecoins, #smartcontract, #liquidation, faille et hack.

Faites vos propres recherches (#DYOR) et n’investissez que de l’argent que vous pouvez perdre.
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[Thread] Dernière partie de la trilogie avec les 13 erreurs des débutants #crypto #investisseurs.

Orienté vers l'investissement, les erreurs peuvent être nombreuses et coûter très cher.

C'est #dimanche, il faut beau, profitez en pour vous détendre en terrasse bien couvert. ⬇️
1) #Investir des fonds que vous ne pouvez pas vous permettre de perdre

C'est la règle d'or de tout investisseur et c'est d'autant plus vrai en crypto. Un simple hack de votre matériel et vous finirez #REKT.

N'investissez JAMAIS JAMAIS de l'argent qui vous est nécessaire.
2) #Investir de l'argent des autres

Vous avez réussi quelques #trades et prenez le melon ? Sachez que votre belle histoire peut couper court en cas de chute, #hack ou mauvais placement.

Qu'allez vous dire à ces personnes qui n'ont peut-être plus rien ? Ne faites jamais ça.
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1. [#CeJourLà] Le 19 février 1796, le Directoire organise la destruction du matériel permettant la fabrication d’#assignats. Réalisée en Allemagne, une gravure dépeint l'opération comme un « #brûlement » de billets. Cette transposition graphique vaut bien un thread d’#econhist 👇
2. À l’origine, les assignats sont créés en 1789 comme des titres d’emprunts gagés sur les ventes à venir des biens nationaux. Cependant, les émissions d’assignats dépassent rapidement la valeur des biens nationaux et les titres se transforment en papier-monnaie.
3. En quelques années, les assignats se déprécient tant qu’il est tentant de parler d’#hyperinflation. Or, pour nos esprits contemporains, la prolifération de billets dévalués s’accompagne souvent de leur destruction par le feu.
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Apart from historic #FarmBills to defang APMC,amendments to
#InsolvencyandBankruptcyCode,by @narendramodi gov,merit attention

IBC Bill mandates that default on repayment wef March25,2020 would not be considered for initiating insolvency proceedings for at least 6mnths-Big move
This amendment to #IBC will aid #MSMEs in particular,who may have been impacted by lockdown

Guiding principle of IBC by @narendramodi gov has been #Resolution of a distressed unit,to keep it as #GoingConcern

#Liquidation is the last resort&updated IBC Bill seeks to further that
Big highlight of #MonsoonSession is #Supplementary demand for addnl spending of 2.36 lakhCr by @narendramodi gov due to #Covid, of which 1.67 lakhCr is cash outgo

40000Cr more for #MNREGA
20000Cr for #PSBRecapitalisation
44340Cr as #RevenueDeficit grant to States&2262Cr to #SDRF
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Every four years we hold a national soap opera to choose the Chief Devourer of the Herd until the next #elections.
Occasionally, we even choose adorable, young candidates, to bring more innocence into the field of politics.
Sadly, 'young' politicians quickly grow older.

Whatever their reputation and activist credentials, our civil services and political offices seems to bring out the devourer in people, young and old alike.
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1/ It seems every #trader has to do the same mistakes as their predecessors. There are #wisdowms you will only understand, if you have experienced them yourself. In this thread I will give you the #wisdom, which can make the difference between being broke and driving lambos #btc
2/ Money is made in big swings

When realizing what profits can be made with trading, many start daytrading and want to #profit from every movement. You won't make more #money. Instead you will lose plenty of time. Watch big time frames and take positions for weeks #btc #trading
3/ When entering a #trade, have targets and a stop loss order

There is nothing more for you to do. There are two outcomes:

-you being stopped out
-you reaching your target

either is fine

realizing losses > being a bagholder
realized profits > unrealized profits

#btc #trading
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