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If you pay attention, you will notice that #BITCOIN, #ETHEREUM & the general #cryptocurrency market is DOWN! However the emerging ecosystem inside CARDANO DOES NOT CARE! Cardano is having a mini bull run in Image
its ecosystem. Wether you know it or not, these are the beginnings of A RIDICULOUSLY EXPLOSIVE 🧨 BULL MARKET FOR CARDANO this cycle. Most Of you can’t see it now, some of your have been misled or deceived to think you are late to the opportunity, you are DEAD WRONG.
Take another look, our top dex @MinswapDEX still has a market cap of $24 million dollars, our top lending protocol @AadaFinance still has a MKCAP of $24 million, our top synthetic @Indigo_protocol has a MKCAP of $10 million, Our top #memecoin @snekcoinada $SNEK is under
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OpenLeverage is now live on Arbitrum with the Permissionless Money Market!

This expansion is providing more opportunities for Arbitrum's DeFi users to leverage.

What does this mean for DeFi on #Arbitrum?
How can you capitalize?

I will explain, #ùRT 4 Others Image
2/ @OpenLeverage is a permissionless lending margin trading protocol that connects traders to trade with the most liquid decentralized markets.

Like #Uniswap, #PancakeSwap, & #SushiSwap, it allows you to use long or short trading pairs on DEXs efficiently & securely.
3/ @OpenLeverage is now live on #Arbitrum, supporting $GMX, $GNS, $RDNT, and $BFR.

Offering a permissionless money market unleashes more opportunities for Arbitrum's long-tail market.

What does this mean for #OpenLeverage & integrated protocols?
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1. 介绍 PancakeSwap V3:BNB 链和以太坊上更高效和用户友好的 DEX…
2. 聚合签名的原理及为什么对 EIP 4337 很重要
3. 盘点巨鲸持有最多的 5 大 Arbitrum 生态代币
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#LayerZero 🧶⤵️

What about the VCs?

Over $170 million has been raised, funds include:

Binance Labs, Sequoia Capital, a16z, Coinbase Ventures, FTX, Uniswap, PayPal Ventures, Sino Global Capital and others.

And there are a lot of activities here 😎

1/23 Image
Lets start with discord, go to the link (, pass the captcha, turn off notifications except channel for announcements.

Since, as I said, there are a lot of activities and need to test them all, I will divide them into two categories, Bridges and DeFi


1. #Stargate @StargateFinance (
This is a BASE, use it as often as possible, not just because they have the same team, but because it's really a quality platform

3/23 Image
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1/ 📚 Welcome to the world of crypto slang! In this thread, we'll dive into the most popular terms and phrases used in the #crypto community. Buckle up, and let's get started! #CryptoLingo $QUACK
2/ 🤗 HODL: A misspelling of "hold" that became a popular term in the crypto world. It means to hold onto your cryptocurrencies rather than selling them, even during market fluctuations. Stay strong, HODLers! 💪 #HODL $QUACK
3/ 😱 FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out. This term describes the anxiety people feel when they see others profiting from an investment or trade, making them want to jump on the bandwagon. Remember, always do your research before investing! 🧐 #FOMO $QUACK
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This Multi-Chain, micro-cap #DEX will kill and replace every #CEX.

Let me introduce, @THORSwap.

This project review as well as other reviews & free crypto guides can be read more clearly on my website:

1/ 🧵👇
2- If you haven't already heard of #Thorchain $RUNE, they are the incredible multi-chain #blockchain that depletes the need of using Centralised Exchanges (#CEX) & other Third-Parties that aren't entirely necessary.
3- #Thorswap is their very own multi-chain Decentralised Exchange (#DEX) that utilises the power of their #blockchain, @Thorchain which supports a variety of major blockchains and #cryptocurrencies.
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1) Since the fall of many notable exchanges a lot of users are asking themselves:

• Should I use a #DEX?

• Which ones should I use?

2) “Not your keys, not your crypto”

FTX’s collapse is a symptom of a problem inherent to ALL centralized exchanges, also known as custodial exchanges.

Customers tokens parked on the platform are exposed to the risk the exchange could go bust.
3) Many #CEX customers have lost faith and are now rushing to withdraw their funds, opting for non-custodial solutions instead.

This is where #DEXs come in.
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Today, the price of $BNX dropped from $125.6 to $58.45, a drop of ~53%.

Here is a thread about $BNX.

- Who dropped the price of $BNX?
- Token Economics
- Top holders of $BNX Image

Who dropped the price of $BNX?

At about 16:30 UTC, 3 addresses withdrew $BNX from the BNX-BUSD Staking Pool, removed liquidity of $BNX from #PancakeSwap, and transferred all $BNX to Binance and #PancakeSwap for sale.

They dumped a total of 15,832 $BNX ($1.9M at that time). ImageImageImage

The selling time of these three addresses is very similar.

And all of them first withdraw from the staking pool, remove liquidity, and then sell.

It seems that these three addresses belong to the same person.
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Ankr got hacked!


A short thread about what Ankr Exploiter did.

First, Ankr Exploiter stole the key of Ankr Deployer and minted 10T aBNBc to send to himself.

Then he transferred 1.125 $BNB to Ankr Exploiter address as a gas fee by controlling the key of Ankr Deployer, and then began to dump aBNBc.…

He exchanged a total of 4,050,500 $USDC and 5,000 $BNB ($1.5M)

And he exchanged 4,500 $BNB for 1,293,087 $USDC, and deposited 900 $BNB into Tornado.Cash.
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Exploiters minted over 1 Billion in $GALA tokens on BSC & fears caused a 20% drop in GALA.

The problem is caused by a misconfiguration of the @pNetworkDeFi bridge.

#GALA #galatoken #breach

🧵👇 $1B Crypto Hack Fears Spur ...
➡️ Hackers immediately sent the freshly minted GALA to #PancakeSwap.

➡️ The attacker dumped a total of 10.72 billion $GALA and earned a total of 12,977 billion $BNB ($4.4 million) by draining the PancakeSwap pool to zero.

#news #Hack
@pNetworkDeFi stated that a new pGALA token will be created to replace the old compromised one and will be airdropped to those who had pGALA before the pool was drained in the coming days.

#DeFi #cryptocurrecy
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1/ A short thread about $GALA.

An attacker minted 55.6B $GALA ($2.17B) on BSC.
#Gala #GALAcoin #GalaGames #pNetwork…

Then he immediately dumped the minted GALA to #PancakeSwap.

He dumped a total of 10.72B $GALA, and earned a total of 12,977 $BNB ($4.4M).

He drained a #PancakeSwap pool to zero.

Some arbitrageurs found and started buying $GALA from #PancakeSwap, then moved to #Huobi to sell.

Which caused the price of $GALA on #Huobi to drop from $0.04 to $0.0003, a drop of more than 99%.
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1/ In less than 3 mos., @WombatExchange firmly sits at #3 in the list of DEXes on #BNBChain, with an ATH TVL of US$220m.

A $10m swap only incurs $4.7k slippage vs $2.5m on #Pancakeswap.

How is this possible?

🧵A thread on how Wombat is re-engineering the stableswap experience
2/ What is @WombatExchange?

Wombat is a low slippage, hyper efficient stableswap built on #BNBChain. Its TVL currently sits at US$178m, comprised of stablecoins and $BNB liquid staking derivatives. Image
3/ What’s special about @WombatExchange?

Two words: Coverage Ratio.
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撸毛是最内卷的,交互教程满天飞,但当你跟着教程刷完大批钱包后,却发现一次次被反撸,从 $OP $ZZ $SAFE .. 的失望中应该体会到了吧,可以确定地说,绝大多数撸毛党都将成为项目方的撸毛韭菜,贡献了燃油费手续费最后一个子也收不到。


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Last week I wrote about Liquidity Pools. Today I'll be going deeper.
Kinda like a Part 2!

𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗶𝘀 𝗟𝗶𝗾𝘂𝗶𝗱𝗶𝘁𝘆 𝗠𝗶𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴?

A Thread 🧵

👇👇👇 Image
From the word 'MINING', someone might think of Blockchain mining for example in terms of #Bitcoin but no it doesn't involve block mining at all.

In fact it's a much more simpler process.

Liquidity mining is an investment strategy in which participants within a DeFi protocol contribute their crypto assets to make it easy for others to trade within a platform.
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After 18 months of work we are finally starting the Community Fair Launch🐻🍯

Here’s an explanation of how you can participate🚀

A Thread🧵
1/ Buy or Swap tokens for BNB🔄

To be able to participate in our Community Fair Launch you will need to acquire BNB tokens.

How to get #BNB ?:
- Buy on a Central Exchange e.g. #Binance
- Or Swap on a Decentralized Exchange e.g. #Pancakeswap

What do we do with these #BNB ?
2/ Transfer your #BNB tokens to your wallet 💰

We need to get the #BNB tokens to our wallet in order to invest them in the Launch Pool

For this we can either use:
- #Metamask
- #WalletConnect

Transfer Tutorial 👉
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1/6 Do you want to be REALLY early for new token listing, fair launch or stealth launch?
1. See when new tokens appear on PancakeSwap New Listings page (works best when Token with Links is switched ON)
2. Click on Telegram icon of the project, check their chat
#cryptogems Image
2/6 Want to check it out? Here's for example where you can find all new PancakeSwap token listings:…

but we track Uniswap, SushiSwap, Trader Joe, and many others as well

3/6 We are the world's largest token sale aggregator with currently almost 200 Active and Upcoming IDO, IEO, ICO, pre-sales and private sales of new crypto projects here:

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[#Thread & Confession] Après un certain temps afin de digérer une mésaventure #crypto, j'ai décidé de vous en parler et vous faire un récapitulatif à titre éducatif.

Enorme coup dur à titre perso et toujours très difficile à encaisser.

Commençons par planter le décors 🧵👇🏻 Image
Nous sommes le 12 Décembre 2021, je créer un #wallet sur MetaMask comme pour pratiquement chacune de mes opérations on-chain.

Pourquoi ? Pour éviter de me faire siphonner des fonds en cas de fausse manip ou si je fais un approval et que j'oublie de le révoquer. Image
Le wallet étant créé, je dépose dessus des $BUSD puis les convertit en $UST en utilisant @acryptosx, une plateforme qui me permet de swap les stablecoins à coût plutôt réduit.

Les $UST sont ensuite envoyés via le bridge Terra vers un wallet Terra station. Image
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1) Common. One of the first products being build on $AZERO and due to release this year.

Common isn't just a dex. It's going to be the dex of all dexes.

A thread 🧵what "Common" is all about and why you should pay attention.

Read on 👇

@get_common @Aleph__Zero @AntoniZolciak Image
2) Common is a decentralized exchange. A place where you can safely trade your assets without a middleman.

You can trade peer to peer directly from the comfort of your own private wallet. Unlike a centralized exchange you are always in control of your own assets.
3) Decentralized exchanges are nothing new. They have been rising in popularity the last couple of years and every native network has multiple ones.

Some of the more popular ones you may already know are:
#uniswap on ethereum
#PancakeSwap on smart chain
#spookyswap on fantom
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Let's Talk about DeFi..

DeFi stands 𝗗𝗲𝗰𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗿𝗮𝗹𝗶𝘀𝗲𝗱 𝗙𝗶𝗻𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗲 but what's it all about?

Is it just Bitcoin? What does it really entail?

𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗶𝘀 𝗗𝗲𝗙𝗶? [DeFi 101] 📝

A Thread 🧵
When we talk about #Bitcoin, we talk about a peer-to-peer system that allows people to send and receive money without any intermediary like the Bank or stock Exchanges.

But Financial services are more than sending and receiving, ain't that right?

That's where Defi comes in.
DeFi not only allows transfer of money.

It allows for other financial services such borrowing, lending, fixed deposit, etc.
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1/ Eli5DeFi is a collaborative effort to educate people about #DeFi, #Cryptocurrency and #Blockchain with infographics and visual guides.

Our #Notion page is a one-stop place for curated DeFi information and resources
2/ To find our unrolled #infographics🧵, you can check our @typefully page below:
3/ Our first #visualguide is about @CurveFinance Primer, including @ConvexFinance and #CurveWars narration. Check the🧵for more details!

$CRV $veCRV $CVX $crvCVX
#Curve #Convex #DeFi #YieldFarming

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🪂 Sunday is the best day to share #alpha 🪂

Today, I have another #airdrop info for ya.

When the market is bleeding, somebody is building a #CurveFinance on the BNB chain.

Here's what you have to know to qualify for the CONFIRMED drop:

⚡ 🧵
(1) @WombatExchange is a DEX for stable coins, currently launched on the BNB chain.

However, they are designed for being #mulitchain.

(wrote about it a couple of weeks ago)
@WombatExchange (2) Here are a couple of facts:

-> they reached $40M in TVL
-> they are supported by Jump Crypto and Wormhole
-> they are accelerated by #binancelabs

And... they are in BETA now 😋
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What is #liquidity pool? how does it work? what is impermanent loss? how to minimize it?

This visual guide will help you understand #LP and how it enables decentralized #economy to thrive.


#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #DEX #Uniswap #PancakeSwap
LP is a vault into which participants deposit and lock their assets in smart contracts to form a market (trading pair) and make it liquid for those wishing to trade in that pair.


#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #DEX #Infographic #yieldFarming
Most #LP requires assets to be paired, this asset will create trading pair by utilising constant product formula to ensure a fair price.


#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #DEX #Infographic #yieldFarming
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Les Bro, comme promis, voici les erreurs que nous avons faites en tant que débutant. On veut vous les éviter 🙂

Rappelez-vous un petit ❤️ ça fait du bien et 🔁 pour aider les autres 👍🏻
1) Jamais de #Futures, #Margin
2) Analysez le #Fondamental
3) Top 100 #crypto uniquement
4) Pas de #Swapping
5) Jamais de #FOMO
6) Ne jouez pas vos économies
7) Evitez les influenceurs "#ToTheMoon"
8) Ne perdez jamais la valeur de l’argent
9) Prenez vos profits
10) Pas d’affect
1) Les marchés dits "à effet de #levier" sont interdits quand on débute ⛔️

L'appât du gain est facile car vous pensez exploser vos gains grace à l'effet multiplicateur. Or vous allez surtout multiplier vos pertes et potentiellement tout perdre 🤕

Débutez par le marché #Spot 👍🏻
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The past few days, even weeks and months, weren't the most glorious for crypto. However, luckily, there were some coins that did not disappoint! Here are the best performing #cryptocurrencies of this week and why they did so well. 👇🧵
1/ #monero $XMR
How come?
- Monerun: community asked holders to withdraw their funds from centralized exchanges, to test exchanges reserves
- Planned hard fork (v15) which will upgrade the privacy and general performance of the network
2/ #Apecoin $APE
How come?
A rumor suggests that the owners of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFTs may receive virtual lands on the Yuga Labs' much-anticipated "Otherside" metaverse platform.
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