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I think it is time to face the fact that Russia is an enemy of the United States and that they are doing their best to subvert us and undermined us at every turn. Putin's Russia is not our friend and never will be, but our President is Putin's friend. @threadreaderapp unroll
President Trump has done and asked for thing of or for Russia that no other candidate or President would have dared done and appear subversive and possibly treasonous. The U. S. Constitution defines treason:
Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.
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1st we know Trump (w/19K+ lies) and his Admin lie about most things, so it is easy to figure they are lying about when they knew about the Russian bounty on US and Allied Troops. We have to face the fact that we have a
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weak and corrupt President and Admin. As for what to do about this? Burn the Taliban poppy fields, hunt down anyone involved in this bounty program tried and executed assuming they are guilty.
Put Russia on an enemies list and accept the fact that we are in a de-facto war with Russia. Russia has tampered with our elections, actively interfered in US interest and security with the assistance of Trump, Trump's Administration, and his cronies.
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Thread: #TDS, poor leadership skills, & lust 4 $$$ R a path 2 treason against #WeThePeople.

NJ public health dept officials anonymously sent a letter embedded N this article 2 the Senate President & Senate Minority Leader beckoning 4 help N the midst of nursing home deaths.

Why do 5 states have such a high occurrence of COVID nursing home deaths? The 1⃣st outbreak N the U.S. occurred N WA state & there was plenty 2 learn fr that instance. Federal guidelines outlined who was most vulnerable 2 the #CCPVirus.

The anonymous NJ health dept officials said they came forward bc of the failed mission 2 protect those most vulnerable, the frustration they faced N not being listened 2, being outcast fr stakeholder meetings, & the culture of vengeance, NOT politics.
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If there's one thing that's wrong with this country, it's people that don't think Justice matters.

#Killary was given the questions to the Presidential debate with Trump in 2016.

IDIOT 1: Who cares? She lost.
IDIOT 2: That didn't happen.
Whoa! It's now, no longer a debate. >
^Now take this same idea and change the event. Such as the famous Tarmac meeting. We have well meaning Patriots are responding with: Who Cares?

#Killary was under investigation! And what happened? #MSMsucks did what they do: misdirect, obstruct, and LIE! >
^Patriots must seek to rightly restore the Constitution #WeThePeople understand the absolute need for BLIND #Justice! Because guess what...

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Patriots: Read this from the boards and tell me this doesn't indicate /read like some hella warnings for this week/weekend. #Thread Image
Some small things today. Should be quiet tomorrow through Thursday. But Friday...FRIDAY the real storm hits.
They'll think the worst is over. But pressure from anxiety, others getting caught, etc will lead to "small leaks" and small growths in people waking up as the combined pressure becomes too much. #Drip #Drip
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@UNGeneva Thinks Antifa Rioters&Looters Are Peaceful Expressers of Their Freedom & Have No Concern for Destruction Left Behind in Their Violent Wake

Americans are not going to wait&watch them continue destroying city after city. #WeThePeople appreciate #PresidentTrump

News June 19, 2020 ⌨️

Sources say UN is getting closer & closer to American soil, which is their ultimate goal. United Nations as well as Red Crescent Society have helped move money & terrorists around the world for years.

So-called UN peacekeepers have saved terrorist’s lives by getting them out of hot zones and shielding them when US & their Allies were going to strike. They move them away from harm...
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My fellow Americans

No one has to be a #Democrat any longer. Do Not let them divide us!

Dems chose #Illegals for the last 3 years, over All of Us. Those in cities, farmers, Veterans, everyone
Now its an election year, and for Dems it's time to take the ol' race card out

Lets cut to the schitt friends..
This is the Land of Opportunity. Use it!
don't let the Government use you
Pelosi Biden and Schumer have 39, 48, 46 years totaling 133 years experience between them. Look at our major cities. Cities have only gotten worse and more deteriorated. With all of that experience there is no excuse anymore. #WakeUp #WalkAway
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Throughout the years in my life I have never felt so proud & honored to vote for a President @realDonaldTrump like you, I never wanted to vote. You have inspired so many people Mr. President Trump from #MAGA to #KAG & #KAS that you've inspired the world
...& #WeThePeople stand by you & with you bc you put your life out for America. People rise to your occasions to support you & show how thankful America is for #PromisesKept Like no other President has done before, you have done for America. This #WeThePeople
.thanking you for all the slings and arrows you have taken for us & we stand together in full support of you. I know how proud & honored I feel just to hold my sign #WomenForTrump & four more years #TRUMP2020 is the GREATEST honor yet. More people have woken
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Do u SEE this #pennsylvania? @GovernorTomWolf doesnt give a flyn F%ck about your livelihood, ur bills or family. Hes following orders from enemy @georgesoros. We MUST unite & and not allow him to bankrupt pa or us. He can't veto codified law! Next...
👇👇… ImageImageImage
2. #Tomwolf gave 30mil to the BLM while 3mil+ pa'ers havent recd a DIME of unemployment. The feds paid pa the eic. Biz pd premiums. Its not the website. Pa re did the site yrs ago. Wheres the$ ? Follow @RealCandaceO. She outed the blm actblue as money laundering 4dems
2. This isnt disinfo. Look at wolfs behavior. #NursingHomeSlaughter
Was in all dem states. To purge the conservative voters. Crazy? The dems cabt win so they'll cheat. Win at any cost. Feds are going after all the govs even wolf. Pay attn. Next
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...#POTUS and do all kinds of deals with #Putin? Do YOU remember @HillaryClinton’s response? OH MY, #DJT would rather do deals with Putin than our own fake president. Putin’s translator at the #SingaporeSummit said here the ball is now in your court. As in all the traitorous...
T+T= 40
DJT said on 10-5-17 “Maybe what your looking at is the CALM BEFORE THE STORM“.
Did @realDonaldTrump pick 10-5 by accident when, GOD’S WORD =105
How about
105 = SAVIOUR, the Biblical version with a U in it. Tiffany Blue=...
CALM BEFORE THE STORM was Chapter 7 of #JFK’s book he wrote before coming 110 (President)
CALM BEFORE THE STORM =198 & that’s how many days were left in the year on 6-16-15, when #DJT announced he was running 4 @POTUS
As he came down the escalato, HERE COMES YOUR MAN=...
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@gtconway3d We do not understand why the House Democrats are not pursuing impeachment again. All of those reading this: we have to build a movement as big as Black Lives Matter. What will it take to light that spark?
1) A letter from multiple committees in the House demanding
Trump's resignation for (list of alleged crimes?) The letter could then state should he choose not to resign for said crimes, that the House will vote to impeach him for them. Committees:
Ethics, Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security, Judiciary, Oversight, Economic, Intelligence,
Veterans Affairs, Financial Services, Budget, Armed Services, House Administration, Energy & Commerce, Transportation & Infrastructure all signed by the Chairpersons. That would take the onus off of Pelosi.
2) A full court press in the media by various committee chairs writing
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Hello #DigitalSoldiers. I believe this is a timely thread. Please disseminate as you see fit.
The Subject: Insurrection in America And The Coming Response
A Breakdown of Presidential Authority Under The Insurrection Act of 1807
This is a long thread, so pop some popcorn and enjoy the read. I pray that it leaves you informed and more insightful about what is occurring right now. Do Not Fear. Patriots Are In Control. This will help you understand how this will likely play out. Be calm and PRAY!!
The Insurrection Act of 1807 (Title 10 USC 251-255). This is broadly covered under 10 US Code Chapter 13 - Insurrection. This body of law restricts/grants the President's authority to deploy active military, militia, or National Guard on American soil.
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This is for the #WokeAF

If the #DeepStateCabal would of allowed #NikolaTesla 's free energy, think about how much more beautiful our world would have been!
Our forests, our earth elements are ruined and burned to provide energy.

Free energy would of made the world beautiful.
Pollution- would of never had it if the #DeepStateCabal would of allowed for #NikolaTesla's free energy.

It was all about money, the big bankers would not finance his idea b/c they couldn't make money off of it, no meter 💵

The world would of been so much more beautiful. 🌍♥️🇺🇲
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“I decided to take a deeper look at democracy under stress and began reading what is now more than a dozen books on Europe in the 1930s.” This thread is from Bill Moyers article from “Moyers on Democracy”… /1
“Trump knows how to appeal to a variety of concerns with promises that can be both attractive and contradictory. Because no population is educated enough, sensitive enough, or ethical enough to see through the deception, “the danger is very great indeed.” /2
“It may in fact be one of the chief weaknesses of democracy that democracy can lead to tyranny just as well or perhaps even more than other political systems...
This president is no friend of democracy.” /3 #FascismHasComeToAmerica
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The Deep State - New Thread ! 👊

The New World Order should more accurately be called the Deep State.....

If you like this article - please RT and Follow for more threads.

[Eyes] to [See]

#WWG1GWA #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #QAnons #DeepState #WeThePeople
(1) For decades, extreme ideologies on both the left and the right have clashed over the conspiratorial concept of a shadowy secret government often called the New World Order pulling the strings on the world’s heads of state and captains of industry.
(2) The phrase New World Order is largely derided as a sophomoric conspiracy theory entertained by minds that lack the sophistication necessary to understand the nuances of geopolitics. But it turns out the core idea — one of deep and overarching collusion between Wall Street and
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Suddenly Trump is the bad guy?

Did Americans forget when Obama ordered FBI, military & homeland forces into cities w peaceful protests across America, & there was NO RIOTING! Thanksgiving Weekend 2011…
"It was not even about civil unrest. It was always about this moment, when vast crimes might be uncovered by citizens – it was always, that is to say, meant to be about you." #WeThePeople #HaveThePower #United #AmericaStands
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@TS_SCI_MAJIC12 Been waiting for him to pull the curtains back on The Other Side.
@TS_SCI_MAJIC12 People are beyond ready, I heard a bit of chatter about the 'Filthy Rich' documentary.
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I want to know WHY the hell our incompetent intelligence community had not saw this coming. #WeThePeople have been sending out reports nation wide about crisis/rioters for hire long before this hit. Why have we not had insurgents arrested that were caught on tape setting up and
Leaving weapons for thugs to carry this out. The footage is all available and nothins been done to stop it. This is the same shit the obummer admin did in Ukraine and other places. It is time to drop the Hammer on this bullshit. Dir Wray withheld evidence that would have stopped
the Russia hoax, the impeachment, and now this. We were asked if we see something, say something! We have constantly done this on deaf and dumb agencies. If Q and team were actually in possession of this evidence and stood by while this shit continues, than they are complicit.
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This isn't martial law, nor will it. Those who are guilty went too far, they underestimated the intelligence of the American people awake.

Trump isn't deep state.

During covid he gave the governors the lead to lead. The plandemic trick wasn't working. The criminal elite are ...
... behind the riots (insurance money, decoy from investigations surfacing/crimes, federal stimulus for rebuilding), they want us divided, controlled.

But they overplayed their hand. Trump will come to offense of #WeThePeople, lawfully assume leadership of these Dem regions.
Elections in November now glow red, naturally. The criminals are unwittingly are gifting back America to the people. It's backfired on them!

Don't forget the Trump's EO seizing assets of anyone committing human rights violations. All roads lead to jail, for the same guilty of...
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1. To the black people that hate White people:
We get it we hate white people too, the white people that are keeping you down, the white people that are destroying your very own neighborhoods, the white people that have
2) ..enslaved all of us(which includes white people but not those white people). The problem is you need to understand where to place that anger, it is purposely mis directed at the very people that truly belive all men are created equal, it
3) ..should make perfect sense as to why, but they disguise it well, so i will explain. The White People #DeepStateCabal that you should be standing against are the ones, inciting you to destroy your own neighborhoods, the ones who let illegal aliens take your jobs,
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"Public riots are being organized in serious numbers in an effort to prevent the arrest and capture of more senior public officials."

November 2, 2017
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@RandThompson16 @Rainmaker1973 Roughly *600,000 people each night in America are homeless, appx 35% on the street. $6B ends homelessness, maybe even $3B considering whole families are homeless who would inhabit one house.… *The # of homeless in America is most likely higher. Image
@RandThompson16 @Rainmaker1973 Considering mortgage foreclosures in the month of May 2017 ALONE, were appx 647,000 homes. A moratorium on mortgage foreclosures, would be a good start.

When the world learns the banks were behind the crash in 2008 yet they got bailed out at taxpayers cost, families will arise.
@RandThompson16 @Rainmaker1973 2008-09 bank bailout costs are estimated at $498B to good, hard working Americans.

What if #WeThePeople discover crimes against humanity were knowingly & wittingly committed by those banks, yet they were bailed out?

911? What if they were the prime benefactor too!
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Mrs. Ronna McDaniel, you are very much mistaken this President has lied approximately 19K (K=1000) times. If you are going accuse others of you damn well better have proof.
I am sorry to inform you that your word is not enough. @threadreaderapp unroll
What I have against him is his lack of character, honesty, honor, integrity, compassion, morality, and ethics. If you support President Trump's lies, false accusations, innuendos, racism, divisions, treaty violation, @threadreaderapp unroll
and COVID-19 neglect what does that say about you? Is this what you want to be remembered for? The truth always wins in the long run. @threadreaderapp unroll
@AnastasiaYeager @QueenBeeCanadas @WarlockWoods #WeThePeople #Resistance #Resisters @GOP #Resist
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