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President Trump’s tweets/retweets 01.17.2019!!
1. 9:04:35 EST
2. 10:04:29 EST [60] min Delta
3. 10:29:19 EST [25] min Delta
#WRWY #WWG1WGA #KAG @realDonaldTrump
Delta’s between POTUS tweets today are [60] and [25]!! I’m adding Q drops #60 and #25 here!!
#QAnon #QTeam @realDonaldTrump
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President Trump’s tweets 01.15.2019!!
1. 6:58:52 EST
2. 7:16:00 EST [18] min Delta
3. 7:25:45 EST [9] min Delta
4. 7:37:55 EST [12] min Delta
#WRWY #WWG1WGA #KAG @realDonaldTrump
President Trump’s tweets 01.15.2019!!
5. 7:49:21 EST [12] min Delta
6. 7:58:29 EST [9] min Delta
#WRWY #WWG1WGA #KAG @realDonaldTrump
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Conclusive Report to Anti-Climatic
Willingly Colluded to Un-Willingly
Traitor to Un-Knowing Tool
@realDonaldTrump #MAGA #Qanon
#DrainTheSwamp #WitchHunt
#DeepState #RealRussiaCollusion
#FakeDossier #FakeNews #SpyGate
The SetUp...
Comey was hated by #DemonRats
when he reopened Killary
Investigation in Oct...then came the list of crimes followed by "however"

[RR] suggested the firing of
Comey to set up the narrative
of Obstruction.

Comey becomes a hero again to support Obstruction narrative.
Projection Delaying [SC] starts.
Mueller temp. safe being chosen
as Special Councel to investigate
unverified #FakeDossier paid for
by Killary. Not to look into any
crimes committed, but to look
for a crime. #FisaGate revealed.
Brennan lied. Clapper lied.
Strozk/Page Emails.
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To Fellow #Patriots (Worldwide):

Here’s a thread I hope will #encourage you! It’s a bit more aligned/vocal from my actual faith in God, but I know that many of you can relate, too.

We are fighting a beautiful battle. #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide

A Short Thread on New Year:
A Short Thread on New Year 2019/5779. “Ayin Tet.”

A Year of Harvest (of Souls) & of “Overcoming Witchcraft;” The Snake 🐍 in the Grass.

A year of “Trampling Underfoot.”

Perhaps a resolution to the battle of the #WitchHunt (literal not hyperbole) in our land.

Read on:
Recap on 5778, was significant, but I want to specifically emphasize the “POSITIONING OF #EAGLES” in assignment.

Many of you might have had multiple real-life eagle encounters or dreams. I had several. This was key.

Eagles are now in position.

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!!NEW Q DROPS!! 12.20.18 12:33:29 EST…
Future proves past.
News unlocks.
You have more than you know.
"….and House Speaker Paul Ryan’s chief of staff, John Burks."
When did Paul Ryan announce he was retiring?
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
2. Why would the Speaker of the House retire?
Age of Paul Ryan?
Sometimes reading between the lines demonstrates those complicit in treasonous / traitorous acts are no longer (or soon to be) in positions of power.
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
3. R's easier to remove than D's?
D's holding on to power as long as possible hoping to sway pending action [cover]?
Think SC.
How many senior FBI & DOJ officials have been removed?
None left by choice.
Nothing To See Here.
Nothing is being done.
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Hannity, Carter and Solomon are
tied to most current public info.
@realDonaldTrump #MAGA #Qanon
Senate and SC were the targets order to initiate [D] Day.
#TrustThePlan #TickTock #SpyGate
#PainComing #ClintonFoundation
#FisaGate #GreenCastleRedCastle
...THAT DON'T EXIST. #WitchHunt
#FakeNews #FakeOutrage
Dems know they NEED to cheat
to win elections. #VoterFraud
[HRC] #ClintonFoundation is the
#RealRussiaCollusion #UraniumOne
@realDonaldTrump #MAGA #Qanon…
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Exclusive: Whitaker told he does not need to recuse himself from overseeing Mueller investigation - CNNPolitics…
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The @trishregan interview with Jerome Corsi. If that doesn’t tell you something about what has been going on in our Country, nothing will. Very sad!
2. One of Mueller's henchmen is Jeannie Rhee. Rhee instructed Jerome Corsi to break the law so as to lie in pursuit of President Trump (above, 7:43). Rhee represented Hillary Clinton during the 2015 lawsuit regarding her private emails, & a Clinton Foundation racketeering case.
3. Mueller & Comey impeached Illinois gov'r by dragging him out of his family's house in handcuffs to prison 14 years by secretly wiretapping him, suppressing evidence, claiming his solicitation of campaign funds for state improvements was asking for (nonexistent) personal gain.
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1. in Sep #JudgeHowell, who oversees #FedGrandJury-related cases, saw #MichaelDreeben (of the #MuellerTeam) & issued a ruling on a subpoena.
On the 10th Dec we began to get the news that the #DC #CircuitCourtOfAppeals was engaged in secret #GrandJury arguments. ......
2. ......@dsamuelsohn, of #POLITICO, #tweeted showing a #USCourtOfAppeals doc.
On Friday, 14th Dec, word came that not only the courtroom, but an entire floor had been sealed.
On 15th Dec many had put......
3. ......the pieces together realizing that this was all linked to an individual the #MuellerProbe wanted to question on the #FakeRussiaCollusion #WitchHunt.
It wasn't some epiphany, but rather common sense that has brought forth the unconfirmed reports that it was in fact......
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Check the timelines. #Corsi pushed this AFTER the election & AFTER #Mueller’s appointment. @Jerome_Corsi’s big heart clearly made him an easy target for this entrapment scheme. Who introduced him to this fake patient & fake #Israel’i doctor? #DirtyCop #Mueller’s lawless thugs?
… moreover, is this how #Corsi was misled into promoting the #QAnon conspiracy theory, which preys upon people’s desperate need to find meaning in the chaos of this #WitchHunt & which is working to undermine support for @AssangeDefence (i.e., hush now, “trust the plan.” 🙄)?
… I’m not saying #Corsi is a bad guy. Far from it… I’ve heard great stories about his relentless journalism & big heart. What I AM saying is that he was utterly (& surprisingly) naïve in his charitable efforts & this has opened him up to totally unlawful legal jeopardy.
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2. ......@ProfMJCleveland #Tweets article from #TheFederalist.
Reported yesterday, #JudgeEmmetSullivan, presiding over the @GenFlynn debacle, has ordered that #Mueller hand over the pertinent 302's & memos.
The sentencing memo methodically makes a case for a sentence......
3. ......of 1-year probation.
Footnote 23 revealed the agents’ 302 of his interview was dated 22nd Aug '17. That date is key as it puts the 302 report 7 months after the interview.”
Turns out the #FBI created numerous drafts & waited 7 months to file 1!…
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#MichaelCohen only served Michael Cohen, and look at what a mess he made of that! You were too loyal to him Mr President..
If what you did was a crime? Everyone in DC must be charged. #Reciprocity
Tax evasion was Michael Cohen's crime.
Lying to Congress was Michael Cohen's crime.
Paying someone from your own pocket🤔not a crime.
Mueller and Cohen are COLLUDING to commit a #WitchHunt
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@Jim_Jordan Any #Trump sycophant, alleged pedophile protector, trying to besmirch this hero, while his own children will have to suffer from the decisions made for the country, is sad. Why wouldn't the #GOP make it an open door session if they had nothing to hide? Your reign ends soon.
@Jim_Jordan As time passes, more comes to light, with the Steele dossier, Trumps alleged involvement in Epstein child sex ring where Secretary Acosta stopped the FBI investigation before more suspects could be arrested, and money laundering campaign contributions from Russian operatives.
@Jim_Jordan Plus your support for a theocratic monarchy that really acts like a ruthless inhumane dictator & desire to sell American technology to them when it could then be used to kill our own troops or handed over to Russia is genuinely INSANE. Who is dishonorable, spineless sycophantic?
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It's not possible to comment intelligently on #Mueller & the entire #investigation without reading LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice, self-funded and published in 2014 for the purpose of educating the public on the need for #CriminalJusticeReform
2. It crosses @GOP & @DNC administrations but has come to expose serious political abuses of #DOJ. It's made a lot of powerful people very angry.
The @FedSoc has not let me speak on topic since the book came out.
My own #BarAssociation @TexasBarCLE won't let me speak on it. WHY?
3. The book is TRUE, reads like a legal thriller but NAMES prosecutors who rose to positions of great power on the backs of people they wrongfully convicted.
It NAMES federal judges who turned a blind eye to egregious injustices.
No one has challenged a word of it, nor can they.
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I’ve said it repeatedly: #DirtyCop #Mueller has a lot of skeletons in his closet… or rather, OUR closet. During his time at @TheJusticeDept & @FBI, he engaged in a pattern of coverups + coercion, harassment, & intimidation of #whistleblowers, subordinates, & even victims.
… moreover, #DirtyCop #Mueller has engaged in numerous instances of prosecutorial misconduct, has openly & publicly embraced the use of “parallel constructions” (lying to judges/jurors), has had no qualms about misusing #FBI counterintelligence resources, has overseen rampant…
#JTTF abuses, has allowed/requested surveillance of innocent people (inc. journalists/politicians), covered up numerous #FBI failings (i.e., the #BostonBombing, which #Russia warned us about), & has engaged in malicious political prosecutions (this #WitchHunt is the latest).
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2. 💥John Solomon💥
💥Has #emails that PROVE:💥
💥The #Obama #DOJ & #FBI KNEW that the #SteeleDossier was a #lie 💥
💥BEFORE the applied for it💥
💥The #MuellerWitchHunt was started to #coverup #Obama 's #crime s💥
#ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation
3. 💥John Solomon💥
💥Says that #DOJ Officials committed perjury💥
💥When they swore that the #SteeleDossier was true.💥
💥But THIS was the #Strzok #insurance #policy 💥
💥That was to overturn the #2016Presidentialelection results💥
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...stealing America is over.
#TickTock #TheStormIsHere Rats
🕊GreatAwakening can't be derailed
@realDonaldTrump #MAGA #Qanon
#FisaGate #SpyGate #WitchHunt…
STRINGERS...#TickTock #Flailing
#PainComing regardless. #Qanon
For God And Country - We Fight.
🕊GreatAwakening Sheep No More
@realDonaldTrump #MAGA #KAG
...damn those pesky emails.…
Why so sloppy? @realDonaldTrump
They never thought she would lose.
#WWG1WGA #FisaGate #MAGA
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#Qanon drops (mock tweet) by
@realDonaldTrump for later tonight? Will @POTUS Tweet this?
In either case, the John Soloman semi-leak from Friday's show will be interesting when elaborated on.
#MAGA 🕊GreatAwakening #KAG
#Qanon & @realDonaldTrump troll the #MSM shooting fish in a barrel.
While #DeepState thinks it's a misspell, @POTUS is actually calling out to #AmericaFirst #Patriots the
Qanon mantra #WWG1WGA.
Add to
Link pics...
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With the constant repetition of the term “witch hunt” by @POTUS, I did some digging into the old witch hunts. Turns out, witch hunts are a common cultural phenomenon for change when society’s beliefs radically change. Witch hunts occur when groups are separated by wide political,
Cultural and economic differences. And here’s the key: They’re triggered by one person’s perceived misfortune. That person then begins a movement based on “witchery” to discredit the movement & steal back the lost power. #WitchHunt #HillaryForPrison
A witch hunt always occurs in times of radical social change and upheaval. And-this is another gem & will blow@your mind given the present circumstances-the witch hunt itself is “an agent of sociocultural change.” Remind you of anyone? #WitchHunt
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!!NEW Q DROPS!! 11.29.18 5:49:55 EST!!
We know.
Q #QAnon #Q @realDonaldTrump
!!NEW Q!! 6:01:45!! A picture is worth many sentences.
Has POTUS ever made a statement that hasn’t been proven to be correct (future)?
Think timing.
Think Senate lock.
Think SC lock.
Locked & (who is) Loaded.
Q #QAnon #Q #Huber #LetTheSentencesBegin @realDonaldTrump
Anon comments on Q’s drops!! #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
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Steve Bannon is smuggled into the Oxford Union through the snowflake mob
Police officers in full riot gear were needed to get him inside
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1) I believe many in the Republican base are upset that nothing was done about Mueller and the ending the Special Counsel #WitchHunt. They know that the Obama Administration violated the law but nothing was being done. They were tired of being told to be patient with Sessions.
2) Enough of them were discouraged enough not to vote in these mid-terms. I believe that gave the Democrats the end in the House. We should be happy to have kept the Senate.
3) Firing Sessions was Trump message to these discouraged Republican voters. I believe Trump will now go on the offensive with this "Russian collusion" BS. It's time now.
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