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Hi Folks
I have decided to set up a Patreon Page, in order to allow me to continue my advocacy work and hopefully allow me to continue doing what I do.

The link can be found below;

Now, I just want to explain why I’ve set one up [thread]
I’ve been doing my advocacy work on an entirely voluntary basis for almost a decade now. In recent months, the amount of work I’ve been carrying out has grown massively. It’s now reached a point where it takes up comparable hours to my job.
And for most of this time, I’ve been paying for all my own travel, accommodation and any other expenses I’ve incurred in doing this work.

These costs have now reached a point where I have to either scale back my work, or find a way of covering them.
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Rest is the only way. Not like eat healthy veg/do a daily run rest, but Do Nothing rest. Reduce stimuli of all kinds, try to eat somewhat regularly, engage in SpIns if it helps. But mostly rest…lots of time being/hearing silence. “Exposure therapy” approach is counterproductive.
This point by Hantu is also key: “If you only want to recover from burnout to get back to where you were, it's a bit hard to accept where you are at.”

You’ll likely never be the same as you were before, best to accept that and be open to what is still possible or not.
Important is to ignore most NT/work burnout advice, it won’t help and can make it worse while also making you feel worse about yourself and your “recovery process” 📈📉📈📉🌀➰🌀➿📈📉😵‍💫💀
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As you know one of my autistic Foci is community building. I went to see @SexyisntSexists community earlier today. This is what their spokesperson had to say about how @SexyisnSexists treats us:
16 members of her community follow her, It used to be 17 but @SteveStuWill appears to have unfollowed.

From what I can see it is at least 148 accounts but I used a limited expansion approach from @SexyisntSexists followers. These are the members of her "tribe" that have been
mostly likely to "like" @SexyisntSexists mistreatment of the #ActuallyAutistic @Twitter.

You can find the accounts on @Ndict2, it is following them but I will make it into an open twitter list for all to see.
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In this thread, I am going to provide definitions for some of the key concepts which often feature in discussions, training, arguments and even academic papers about autism.
Defining them and agreeing about the definitions can help us reduce our arguments and gain consensus more quickly -- or at the very least, it can help to ensure that we're at least arguing about the same thing, even if we don't agree about how to approach it.
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I couldn't help but note that you all have REALLY high follower counts and you have all come together, it looks recently as a group to follow each other.

I am #ActuallyAutistic and how human networks form is really fascinating to me.
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Hello @TwitterSupport @Twitter
I am brain locked on the best way to write this due to ALL of the issues involved so I am going the most flexible and expedient route.

We the #ActuallyAutistic are currently unable to have equal access to @Twitter due to conditions related to
Our disability and reasonable accommodations could address this.

There is evidence to support the claim that approximately 10 accounts with a professional agenda outside of @Twitter are making a disabling environment impacting (varying from minor to extreme) for 50k+
Users that are considered to have a disability.

In addition to this which should be enough alone. We feel it behooves you to be aware that these accounts while ON Twitter are literally vilifying the use of @Twitter for disabled communities to come together as a show of strength
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#StopSpectrum10K - Allies
1/7 Until now, #ActuallyAutistic people like me have been wondering how to find allies.
But I really like the idea of being an ally for someone else too.
And funnily enough, we have a lot of them, they've been there all along.
Remember the questions -
2/7 about confidentiality? Lack of transparency, etc.
In fact, it's all on the #NHS website, at least for England:
"Your NHS data matters..." and these few words of who can access this info:
"pharmaceutical companies researching new treatments" 😱…
3/7 I don't know if you remember the scheme in 2013: It was so controversial that it was stopped a year later.
So at the same time as the Health and Care Bill is being debated with #ScrapNHSBill and #EveryDoctorUK,…
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Hi @Cambridge_Uni @ARC_Cambridge @sangerinstitute @UCLA and @Spectrum_10K

Please protect the #ActuallyAutistic Community from your Autism Assaulter, I mean, Ambassador @SexyIsntSexist.

They appear to have at least two companions: @DavidJackson1_ & @NotTypicalG.
If you could ask her to ask them to comport themselves, they seem to rile each other up.

As an ongoing victim of prolonged and debilitating abuse I don't take kindly to people claiming our peaceful protest to your Pandora's box of Eugenics to be an act of "abuse"
One of our most beloved figures went offline today and I was attacked and no longer feel safe in the only place that I found to be safe.

This is to say: Take Responsibility for your Rabid ... employee.
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Hello Everyone. Please be aware that there is a twitter account associated with @SexyIsntSexist that appears to be trolling the autism community.

Their current handle is @DavidJackson1_. If you look up their conversations on twitter you will see that their username pops up a
Lot in conversations with many influential people in
The autism community in conversations where they deleted their messages. You can tell they were there because their tag is in the messages that still exist
They are directly associated with @SexyIsntSexist so they are directly, one must assume, associated with @Spectrum_10K.

Here is a tweet where they are "talking" to each other:

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Here are Senators @JamesPerryNC & @JohnBellNC proudly accepting a despised ablest symbol from an organization considered by many autistics as being a hate group: @autismspeaks.

Don't believe us, check out the next tweets!
⬇️ Two assumed Neurotypical Se...

Check out the stats on this tweet!

That is just an image though, maybe its out of context, Need some hard facts? There are plenty of those too
(please tell us who did this amazing infographic)

When you are done with this, keep going to learn more about why the🧩is so offensive to the #ActuallyAutistic.
⬇️ Lots of facts about how you...
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You know, I hope the politicians being targeted by Big ABA realize that what's happening to them is a demonstration of what they're doing to young kids.

A politician tweets or speaks in support of #ActuallyAutistic people, & that is a PROBLEMATIC BEHAVIOUR to be extinguished.
If the communication isn't what they want (support for their abuse), they seek to beat it - and the speaker - into submission.

Now imagine that you're a five year old, and that anger and hatred is being aimed at your "problematic behaviour"...
... but your "behaviour" is something like self-soothing by strumming your fingers, or flapping.

Or it actually is your speech, they just don't like what you're saying (echolalia, perhaps?).
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Now the #ActuallyAutistic community are trying to get me banned from @Twitter by mass reporting me for"targeted harrassment". I've not reported and blocked anyone. Lies. #TameTwitter Image
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When I was blaming myself for not eating enough ("I have failed to eat enough today") not only was I weakened by hunger, I was weakened by self-hate.

Once I looked at -why- it was so hard for me to eat (mostly "food sets off sensory trigger") I could find accomodations. I eat 1/
SO much more now. Real good food. Because I stopped seeing my inability to just go to town on a plate of whatever's put in front of me as a deficit, and started seeing it as the reaction to a process happening in my brain. Then traced the process, learned about myself, 2/
And now I'm not wasting away so badly anymore or wasting my time dragging myself.

Once I found *and let myself have* samefoods I could stop feeling trapped by textures and sounds that made eating totally inhospitable to me.

I do not think I should've had to teach Myself 3/
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Dear @NEAutismSociety, you commissioned me in 2020 to provide a cartoon for international womans day. I want you to know that one of your consultants, the author of this article in which he mentions his affiliation with you, is one of hundreds of people 1/… Image
..people to have engaged in a protected period of bullying, harrassment and abuse towards myself & other ambassadors of #Spectrum10K. I am compiling all of the abuse & will be publishing it today. The "#ActuallyAutistic" community is a front for ideological bullies & bigots who/2
..have no compunction in harrassing people on the autistic spectrum who do not agree with their political viewpoint which is based in "social justice & intersectionality", movements that overwhelmingly display intolerance, sow division & are more focused on punishment & revenge/3
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"I would like to ask for non-autistic people to start actually helping.

We need a buffer to the trauma. We need a break.

I’m tired. We’re tired. Something has got to give so autistic people can get some rest when fighting for justice."
TW gaslighting, spectrum10k

Looking at the replies to the #Spectrum10K statement and I get to read this - Replying to @Spectrum_10K W...
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Today the #Liberal team announced millions more $$ for "research" & "treatment" of Autism.

If this sounds like good news to you, we suggest you look into the history and current state of "research" & "treatment".
Autism is #NotADisease, and doesn't require "treatment" 1/
Yet institutions are thriving on government funding to "treat" autism.
Autistic people don't need to be fixed or cured.
Autistic people DO need communication and sensory accommodations, adaptive school and work environments, and acceptance.
The narrative of "treatment" hurts.
When the same few tragic white middle-class parents are featured in media across the country and those parents insist their nonspeaking children should be cured, ALL nonspeaking kids are hurt.

Autistics are often nonspeaking due to apraxia/dyspraxia/co-occurring conditions 3/
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We're so excited to see and speak with Autistic young people, advocates, researchers, and candidates tomorrow!
Join us as we discuss critical Autistic community perspectives & experiences through the "Strategy" process so far!…
#ActuallyAutistic #cdnpoli Orange background text box with a white frame and the title
It's important for Canadian politicians, social services facilitators, educators, and med practitioners to listen to the communities they work to serve.
The process and narrative of this "strategy" has been controlled by non-autistic-led institutions so far.
When "stakeholder groups" (of people whose career depends on a certain practice getting government funding) are the people leading a social service campaign while the group the services will impact most has strong opposition to the campaign, we know that something has gone wrong.
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Someone asked me how I think about the difference between autism and ADHD in my own life. I gave this answer, I wanna post it publicly so others can provide feedback too.

I dunno how "accurate" this is because I dunno how I feel about these labels being treated as distinct? Autism is the thing that makes me unable to relate to other
The above is my contribution to the "What does it look like to be #ActuallyAutistic and #ADHD at the same time?" discourse.

Please share your own takes if you share this neurotype! #AutisticADHD
...huh. I'm not sure if I like this framing or not, because ADHD has needs too, and Autism has wants.

But I can TOTALLY see how this framing can emerge, because they feel like they're at different levels. Autism feels more rigid? ADHD more indulgent?

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A solid critique of the work I am trying to do with the #wasNotNeurotypical hashtag.

I don’t mean to say eugenics is bad because of exceptional individuals; I’m trying to say that diversity gives rise to new forms of creativity.

The racial critique is spot on too.
We all know that the autistic community has a Whiteness problem.

One way to address that would be to identify Autistic people of color not only now but in history.

One person I’m reasonably confident I can claim was both Black and Autistic was Beethoven, who #wasNotNeurotypical
But like. That’s not great, Beethoven is well-known.

Why don’t I know many other geniuses of color from past ages?

Why is Beethoven’s Blackness not common knowledge?
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If you've met one autistic person, then you've met one autistic person ... but did you even meet them? Lethomathica means that gigantic parts of our lives are not accessible at will even to ourselves and masking is deeply ingrained in many of us.
So, if you've met an autistic person, then you've frequently only met a snapshot or public image of an autistic person. It does not make you privy to their truths or the reality of their daily lives.
When whole aspects of your being and history are not even known or accessible to yourself, it is that much easier to be taken advantage of, to be gaslit, and to inadvertently gaslight others.
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Hey folks, it's the 4th annual International Day Of Protest Against ABA!

Lots of non-autistic people are having a DARVO field day today so I thought I'd explain why so many #ActuallyAutistic people oppose intensive behaviour-based interventions.
#ProtestABADay #BetterWaysThanABA
Here's a terrific thread by amazing Autistic-led advocacy group Autistics United Canada answering the tired old question of "if not behavioural training, how should we approach autistic kids?" :
Here's a report of Actual Autistic People's experiences in behaviour intervention:
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Every marginalized community struggles for attention and support. Sometimes some of them get that, and you can see how it helps. Racism, sexism, religious bigotry, homophobia, transphobia - these issues are big enough to get attention and now have allies and broad awareness. …
For each of these banner causes, there are dozens that never get enough attention, and countless people are left to suffer without any visible means of support. Today I want to ask you to step up to support #ActuallyAutistic people, because we really need you right now. …
Most people don’t understand autism. I was one of those for most of my life, until I realized I’m #ActuallyAutistic and had to learn all this stuff quickly, like my life depended on it. But if you’re not autistic, it’s easy to ignore the reality of being autistic. …
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What went wrong for #Spectrum10k and what are their options now? What can the autistic community achieve? A thread 🧵 #StopSpectrum10K #autism #ActuallyAutistic
1. The key issue for Spectrum10k is a lack of trust. Key here to remember what trust actually is: it is a combination of perceiving a third party as a) competent, b) benevolent and c) transparent. Spectrum10k has issues on all aspects:
a) Competence: is questionable from many points but probably 2 are key. For one, SBC has introduced theories of autism that have set back the field (especially female diagnoses) by decades and has added to stigma (empathy!)
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My followers are a blend of #Autistic/#Neurodivergent folks around the world & then #cdnpoli people -- here's a super quick video explaining why I talk so much about these things and why our movements are important 💜 (& thank you all so much for 2k!!)
Here is some info about #elxn44 , and why the snap election here in “Canada” matters so much.

First, some candidates I hope you can go follow - #1 @kemalahmedproud, who has publicly been attacked for supporting Autistic people against the behavioural modification industry!
@NPNDP - openly Autistic & hella compassionate, @kmalakos - fierce advocate for disabled folks & his riding, @deebizzo - bold and brilliant leader,
@PaulTaylorTO - champion against food insecurity/ injustice, @AmyNormanNL, Inuk land protector & badass. more later...
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