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Here’s another 🧵 about #autism for medics after the popularity of my last one. This time I’ll look at some principles you should follow when prescribing for an autistic pt. My practice mainly involves psychotropes but these are principles that any specialist should follow 1/22
Autistics are more likely to have physical and mental health diagnoses, and are therefore more likely to be on 💊, and so it’s important that we can manage them appropriately. The principles I’ll outline are basically just good medical care, with some special considerations 2/
1 - set aside plenty of time to discuss it. Many autistics struggle to make decisions, and can feel panicked if they feel being pushed towards a certain one. They will often want a lot of information before making a decision. If you don’t have the time to give them that info 3/
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I am an autistic therapist and this is my thread on finding the right therapist part 1/?
Ask your potential therapist what their theoretical orientation is. This will tell you what they view as the cause of mental health distress, whether it's biological, psychological, social, or something else. 2/
Ideally this will filter out the therapists who think distress is caused by being too sensitive, or who want to push meds at the first appt. 3/
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You know what … there should be a day of the year that is the annual deadline for people to Self DX.

So they can say … well … I am 72.5% sure … so alright … I guess I am #ActuallyAutistic.

I think that might help a lot of people.
It should be an “8th” due to ♾
Oh! August 8th? For the Au?
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To my fellow white #ActuallyAutistic friends:

There's a HUGE amount of our lives that REALLY don't feel very "privileged," especially when Autists in general face so much discrimination as it is, already.


As hard as it is to believe, we still VERY much have "white privilege."

Depending on your flavor of Autism, that can be EXTREMELY difficult to see, ESPECIALLY if you're female, trans, or any other subgroup minority within "whiteness."
I can see it pretty easily, considering I've managed to pass as NT for my entire life until my early 40s.

I'm a 6 foot tall white dude, and I can mask like a motherfucker.

Shit, BOTH of my parents were cops, growing up.
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1/7 Rejection Sensitivity (alt text in picture descriptions) Slide 1: Title of “Rejection Sensitivity” in a multicolo
2/7 Rejection Sensitivity Slide 2: Main text reads: “Rejection Sensitivity, or Rejec
3/7 Rejection Sensitivity Slide 3: Title of: “Experiencing Rejection Sensitivity”
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Discovering I'm #ActuallyAutistic in my late 30s, here's some of #MyAutisticTruth
Life was going pretty badly, you know? So many failures, so many burnouts, so many confusing relationships. And the common denominator through it all had been me. I was just BAD at being a person. A BAD PERSON.

But really, I'm #ActuallyAutistic
And somehow that was so so much worse.
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1/8 Situational Mutism Pt. 2 (alt-text in picture descriptions) Slide 1: "Situational Mutism is all about the situation
2/8 Situational Mutism Pt. 2 Slide 2: "Mute around crowds or in front of a lot of pe
3/8 Situational Mutism Pt. 2 Slide 3: "Mute around strangers or with new people"
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#AskingAutistics #askADHD How do SSRI's affect you?

I started one two months ago or so and it has been a drastic difference. Some good, some bad. I also have both acute/"normal" and complicated PTSD and am in both bereavement and burnout though, so lots of factors.
I'll go first: The SSRI I'm on hasn't particularly impacted my mood that I've noticed, but it has effectively killed my body's drive for sleep, food, and sex. These can be categorized into "annoying", "dangerous", and "good", respectively.

#ActuallyAutistic #ADHD
I've had disordered sleep my entire life. Since the pandemic, I've taken to going to sleep after not being able to stay awake any longer and waking up whenever I wake up. Now, I need to actively choose to go to sleep which is mostly OK now that I'm aware of it.
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1/5 Situational Mutism Pt. 1 (alt text in picture descriptions) Slide 1 - title "Situa...
2/5 Situational Mutism Pt. 1 Slide 2 - title "Situa...
3/5 Situational Mutism Pt. 1 Slide 3 - title "Be Ac...
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The difference between Autistic masking and Autistic shielding, a thread.
Ahead of my talk on this, thisWednesday on @aucademy

Autistic masking is a trauma response to the consistent bullying, harassment, stigma and marginalisation Autistic people face.
It is so much more than trying to fit in or fly under the radar. It is unconscious self-preservation, an automatic response to keep us safe.
There is also a misconception around Autistic masking that we become outwardly non-Autistic in our behaviours, mannerisms and speech.
This plays very nicely into the neuro-majority idea of invisible disabilities and differences, which is a total fallacy. The idea of ‘invisible’ disabilities was created so that non-Disabled people could continue to gaslight, neglect and abuse us under the guise of ‘not knowing’
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My area of specialised interest is trans and / or non-binary Autistic experiences.

I wrote my undergrad thesis on supporting gender divergent Autistic students. I just finished my MRes on trans+ Autistic narratives and recommendations for research on our experiences. 1/5 A trans and non-binary flag...
This is important to me as a trans masc NBi Autistic person who works with gender divergent Autistic young people. I have just handed in my 20,000 word dissertation. 2/5
I will share my findings early next year with info graphics, plain language summaries etc and possibly in Spanish as well!

Here are the articles from my Trans and Autistic series so far:

Trans and Autistic - where do I belong?…

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RIP to the @washingtonpost Outlook section. I wrote one of my first big pieces on autism for the section. Many things I've written have aged terribly. But if anything, I'm more strident in my belief in teaching #ActuallyAutistic men about sex and consent.…
This last weekend was my dad's birthday and I never thought I would get to write about Rush in @washingtonpost but @AdamBKushner let me for the Outlook section when Neil Peart died.…
I don't think I've ever written anything as personal as this. Nor has anything I've written since ever been read as much as this. Honestly? If that's the case I can die happy.…
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I know a lot of #ActuallyAutistic folks here keep your accounts anonymous or are using a pseudonym, and God knows, I understand why that's necessary for a lot of us.

But please, please consider letting someone you trust know who you really are...
...Or someone in your life know how to let people know if something happens to you.
Since the start of the pandemic, there are instructions on my computer to make sure certain people get contacted if anything happens to me.
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Reading more of the rhetoric and combativeness on social media between professionals and patients and it makes me want to get my Ph.D. to try to be a bridge.
To be clear my position is in defense of patients. There are communication barriers between the worlds and I am like a diplomat on crack.
Not many of get to be both a professional AND what’s being diagnosed. It’s a gross disparity that those who can attain the positions of medical influence do so because they don’t have to maneuver life living what they’re diagnosing.
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Could we have a big generous welcoming thread explaining #Autistic acronyms and colloquial language to help newcomers?


Ehler Danlos Syndrome “Like autism, Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS)/hypermobility spectrum disorders (HSD) appear to be complex spectrum conditions and are classed as hereditary connective tissue disorders (HCTD).”

Applied behavioral analysis is the most widely used therapy for autism in children, but Autistic self advocates describe it as torture. It comes directly out of conversion therapy and tries to make Autistics less Autistic, which of course is impossible and hurtful.
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Stop trying to drag @StLuciaYoga, @Mae_DayJ & @Olas_Truth through the mud because they pointed out your racism and ableism.

Especially since they are pointing out that what you did was to #ActuallyAutistic and Black trans people!
Come talk that shit to me. I don’t have mercy like that.

I don’t do conversation.

Lawyers if there is slander or libel.
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A recent study showed 1/5 of people referred to #psychiatry OPDs are #actuallyautistic. If your clinical experience is that this is much lower, you’re probably missing #autism in your patients. This 🧵 will explain why that’s a problem, why it happens, and how to stop 1/35
The first question some people have is whether or not it even matters, a dermatologist doesn’t need to know if somebody is autistic or not to treat their psoriasis, so do you need to know if they’re autistic or not to treat their depression? Well, you do. For a few reasons 2/
First, there is a differential for depression in autistic people that is clinically very difficult to distinguish from depression but does not respond to antidepressants or therapy - burnout. If you don’t know your patient is autistic, you won’t consider the differential 3/
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According to a common stereotype, #ActuallyAutistic females are androgynous, untidy and dress in ugly, comfortable clothes. Surely, if autism affects someone's appearance, it must be something bad and repulsive! Many an autistic female goes unrecognized due to this stereotype.1/
But that's not the only way it harms us. Besides being based on a hateful view on autism, the stereotype of "ugly Autistic females" mislabels many struggles fairly common among autistic females as just "another autism trait". I am talking about things like struggling with 2/
physical and mental health issues, history (or present) of abuse and trauma, poverty, stress, marginalization which may limits an individual's ability to self care and access to fashion. Also many autistic people presumed to be women are actually something else but misgendered.3/
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Neurotypical people encourage masking because they think that it will help us "socialize" and "make friends". But it does not. A friendship where one can't safely be their authentic self doesn't sound like real friendship to me.
Masking only makes it harder to find real
friends because it attracts all the wrong people and confuses those rare, right ones who can feel that there's something very right about you, but are at the same time repelled by the mask. Success with masking means that those people eventually drift away and you find 2/
yourself surrounded by people you don't even like all that much. In my experience, it's better to feel like you are all alone in the world. At least, that world is Takiwatanga, a gentle world filled with wonders and breathable air and there is no pressure to mask. 3/
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Much like when a Queer or trans person stays in the closet because they don’t feel safe, NeuroDivergent masking, or camouflaging, is defined as when a NeuroDivergent Person consciously, or subconsciously, masks or hides, their Divergent traits, in order to blend in.
We do it to keep ourselves safe. We do it because the world around us can be very hostile, and blending in is self-defense.
However… blending in can also feel like a slow death, putting yourself aside to pacify the expectations of other people, making yourself small, ignoring us our own wants and needs.
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Three things about autism I wish everyone knew:

• No two autistic people are alike.
• Autism doesn’t exist on a linear spectrum.
• Autism presents differently across genders.

#ActuallyAutistic #neurodivergent #AuDHD #AutismAcceptance
Embrace Autism has over a dozen self-assessments:
Three more things about autism I wish everyone knew:

• Autistic children become autistic adults.
• Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder present from birth and is highly genetic.
• Autistic masking accounts for many people being undx for years or decades.
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The toll of undiagnosed neurodivergence - a 🧵


#ActuallyAutistic #Neurodivergent #ADHD
Growing up undiagnosed neurodivergent I internalized everything. I internalized all the negative messages I heard about myself:

⁃I’m too much, too loud, too talkative, too emotional

⁃I’m disorganized, lazy, aggressive, a poor listener, weird

I learned to keep my thoughts and feelings inside because I didn’t have safe people to share them with. I felt like an outsider and that my world was precarious. I was always on the edge of being drummed out, found out, excluded, rejected.

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