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1./ I truly get tired of repeating this. Many nonspeaking #ActuallyAutistic folk who are diagnosed with ID/DD and are high support needs can type and have access to social media.
2./ It is impossible for me to "ignore" or disregard the needs of #autistic nonverbal high support needs folk with intellectual disabilities because my teen son is one of those people. That is all I speak about.
3./ Sayıng that #ActuallyAutistic activists ignore the needs of "severely autistic" kids and adults shows the parent posting that hogwash has never met the disabled folk tweeting. I have. So I am aware of the degree of disability and comorbid health crises they managed daily.
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@SFdirewolf: if allies need to think of themselves as co-conspirators, they need to support the orgs that are already doing the work, like HEARD and @autselfadvocacy (I missed the first one, so sorry). Props to director @JustStimming (see their resources):
@SFdirewolf @autselfadvocacy @JustStimming @JHMarble: #autistic and disabled people are the experts in their own lives! Imagine what could happen if even 1% of the money splashed all over #autism causes and orgs was given to the autistic people who know what to do with it to change #autistic lives for the better?
@SFdirewolf @autselfadvocacy @JustStimming @JHMarble @JHMarble recently took on Fiona Ma for spewing ableist crap all over the disability caucus at the recent DNC (WE LOVE YOU JOHN.)
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Why is it so hard to make a couple of simple phone calls? Oh yeah... #ActuallyAutistic
Because tweeting about it helped me lay out the steps, I made the two phone calls. Unfortunately I had to leave a voicemail for one, which means they’ll call back and terrify me.
“Why don’t you just do the thing?”

Because I can’t mentally put together the steps to make that thing happen.

“Just do it”

I’m trying, but I keep forgetting how.

“Stop making excuses”

I’m making a plea for help.
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Haven’t done an #ActuallyAutistic thread in a while & I’m having a rest & recover spoons day, so here are my top tips for getting the best out of an autistic colleague / employee. I also think some these tips are transferable to friendships, but that’s a topic for another day 1/
Offer an autistic employee flexible working & tailor their hours & presence to their particular needs. Some might prefer to work from home, others might want to come in to an office, but find rush hour difficult so might want to travel in before or after the worst of it. 2/
Many autistic people are self-starters & don’t need to be in a face-to-face environment to get work done. It’s not true of everyone, of course, but it can be easier than an open-plan office, for example, where the environment can be unbearable for some autistic people 3/
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Jeepers, #ActuallyAutistic people, learn to recognise when some other autistic is having a meltdown on Twitter. How's your ability to reason through and resolve things mid-meltdown? Ja, me neither. So give the same consideration to them as you would want for yourself.
If you are convinced that you are right and you need to teach them your truth, know also that this won't be the other person's "most teachable moment"..
Also, think about who YOU have hurt during meltdowns. Some of those people were probably quite decent people, compared to the many jerks you could have chosen to hurt if meltdowns were premeditated.
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I don’t have many friends. The few I do have are long distance friendships or I see them only once or twice a year. I struggle to maintain friendships because others often expect more out of me than I have to give. But I’m happy. Anyone relate?#ActuallyAutistic #AskingAutistics
Growing up I would have “one friend at a time” because I could keep track of one friend (often fawning over them inappropriately). It was never good to “put all my eggs in one basket” because if my friend moved I would suddenly find myself alone & in need of a new friend.
Making new friends is always difficult, because I struggle to read new people. I can “memorize” the mannerisms and preferences of a person to learn to work around them but a new person is an unpleasantly fresh slate. #ActuallyAutistic
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Here's what I see in the lethargic response from most #ABAICon19 delegates towards the idea of condemning torture...
The ABAI leadership and conferencegoers actually don't care about human rights because they don't care about humans.
There's no point anymore in trying to persuade them to care. All that remains now is to show those who do care that the ABAI is a despicable institution, and that membership and adherence to its code of ethics is merely a pact of honour among thieves.
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[THREAD] CW: Graphic descriptions of abuse, images of open sores, children crying.

Evidence of over 50,000 people being abused in Uganda. Adults and young children given bleach to drink. Unpaid independent #actuallyautistic investigator @fionapettit71 is threatened.
CW: Graphic descriptions of abuse, images of open sores, children crying.

Evidence of over 50,000 people including children abused in Uganda by cult introduced by Westerners.…
CW: Descriptions of abuse, image of child abuse.

Evidence of over 50,000 people including children abused in Uganda by cult introduced by Westerners.…
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RE: #CourtneyHerron. I know some #ActuallyAutistic men who are jerks. But let's tread carefully when the discussion about Courtney's murder becomes about neurodivergence and mental illness. It's about men's violence. A Thread.
By "jerks" last year I found out a childhood friend of mine (also autistic) had grown up to become a neo-Nazi. If one day I were to wake up and hear he got in trouble with the law, or murdered someone...
I wouldn't be massively surprised. Like most communities, the #ActuallyAutistic community has bad people, and in particular - bad men.
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If an autistic teenager can lead 1.6 Million people (in 125 countries) in global protest today, why can’t #ActuallyAutistic people lead the autism organizations which operate in our name?…
This may be a shift in thinking for some. However, the social movements of many marginalized groups are often started by allies on their behalf. As they grow, the responsibility for leading the movement shifts to the group at the center of the discussion.
The deeper question is this: “What are the barriers preventing autisic people from leading the organizations which operate in our name?”.

Where can we be accommodated?
Where can we be empowered?
Where can we be heard?
Where can we be centered?
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We already have #DisabilityTooWhite for the disability community as a whole dealing with why there no representation of disabled POC. Now, we need a hashtag for #ActuallyAutistic community and the new hashtag is #AutismTooWhite. Yes I said it- Autism is damn white. /1
We need to fix this problem right now. The image of autism need to change and have to reflex the REAL diversity in the autistic community. If you know autism affect everyone, you know you have to represent everyone within the community and not the majority of the community. /2
It is not fair at all to leave out #ActuallyAutistic POC of the conversation. We need to do better. We cannot let the image of autism continues to dominate the media and conversations. All of you could see is autistic white males. This is the stereotype still exists today. /3
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A few gentle reminders (thread):

1. Neurodiversity is not ‘extremist’, it simply means humans have a variety of brains

2. Autistic people who celebrate autism and don’t want to be cured can (and do) consider autism a disability. They are not mutually exclusive views.
3. The #ActuallyAutistic hashtag means the person tweeting is autistic. That is all. This is also not ‘extremist’. (NTs please don’t misuse it - if you want our attention use #AskingAutistics 🙂)
4. If an individual, or even a few individuals, tweet abuse and they are part of the neurodiversity/ actually autistic community... they are just individuals tweeting abuse. They do not represent me or the group at large. You cannot extrapolate and conclude we are all abusive.
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Now: Where Do We Go from Here? Learning How to Prevent Suicide in Partnership with Autistic People and Their Allies, led by @Sarah_NottsUni, who has been doing this for four years now. #INSAR2019…
@Sarah_NottsUni More than 10K stakeholders worldwide have identified the top 10 priorities, with equal representation of #autistic people. #suicidality #INSAR2019
@Sarah_NottsUni Now: @soundcube, #actuallyAutistic on why lived experience is key.

“I don’t live with autism. I live with my wife and two cats. I *do* live with PTSD."

#suicidality #INSAR2019
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Behaviour Analysis. The Autistic Way. An example. Thread.
Let's say we have a 5 yr old autistic girl, Sam. Sam is asked to sit still on the floor at school during 'circle time'. Sam does not sit still. Sam gets up and wanders round. What's potentially happening here?/
Firstly, let's look at how the classroom may appear to Sam. Not all autistic children will see this exact effect, when in noisy, busy, fluorescent-lit spaces. Some do. Teacher becomes invisible in the sensory chaos. /
Secondly, Sam may be able to hear people talking across the entire school. Next door, moving in the hallways, chairs scraping, bells sounding, planes overhead, clocks ticking. It is a deafening, bewildering experience. Teacher becomes impossible to hear./
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Thinking about the importance of #ownvoices to me as an #actuallyautistic reader. Keep in mind, I love so many non-own voices books and authors. But for those who are neurotypical, cis het white readers, this might help you understand the movement from a different perspective.
I grew up surviving by mimicry while also afraid to be seen by people. My wife, also #autistic, is an observer. I am a hider. I was afraid to be a target. So I learned to be neurotypical by reading anything and everything I could. I didn't know that was my reason though.
Now, as a 40 year old, I understand and do it purposely. I've learned to act more sexually interested than I may be, not as a negative, but to make my wife (or partner at the time) know that I do want to be there, but #asexuality means I experience it differently.
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While it's nice to see @Spectrum talk to #ActuallyAutistic voices, there are a couple of important factual errors and (I assume) inadvertent misrepresentations in this piece. Thread to follow.
First, because it's most important, the federal rules referenced here don't say anything about the size of the setting people live in - instead, they talk about the rights people have within a particular setting:…
I can understand how the author may have been confused on this point, since NCSA and other opponents of federal regulation in this space have repeated that (false) talking point frequently, but the actual text of the rule makes no reference to size.
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@slooterman Hey @slooterman , my quick thoughts on the matter. First, have you noticed how a lot of fictional stories position neurotypical women as a key to normalcy or completion of autistic men? See: @Atypical , even @GraemeSimsion ‘s Rosie project series (which is better than most)
@slooterman @Atypical @GraemeSimsion IE “it’s a truth universally acknowledged that an #ActuallyAutistic man who wants to fit in must be in want of a nt wife”
@slooterman @Atypical @GraemeSimsion Compare that to portrayals of #ActuallyAutistic /coded women. Saga Norén (my fave autistic character) has casual sex, relationships on her terms, in her way, is not defined by her relationships with men etc
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I experience my world intensely and the energy flows out of my body naturally. I won't be ashamed of that. #ActuallyAutistic
My sensory experience is intense.
My emotional experience is intense.
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It's about a month from #Apraxia Awareness Day.

I have a challenge for #ActuallyAutistic people: Raise awareness of apraxia.

Why? Because apraxia is VERY COMMON among autistic people and VERY SELDOM recognised.

The behaviour of apraxic autists is often (mis)treated using ABA.
There are several types of apraxia. Apraxic autistics often call their type of apraxia "the body-mind disconnect" or the "brain-body disconnect".
This type of apraxia is different from just having problems with pronunciation or with accuracy of movement. With autistic apraxia, you may end up doing or saying a COMPLETELY different thing from what you intended.
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1) A year ago today I was officially DX #Autistic at the age of 36. I spent most of my life knowing I was somehow fundamentally different to people around me but didn’t know how to explain it beyond saying “I’m different” #ActuallyAutistic #Autism
2) Prior to official DX I was Self DX for about 18 months. I will forever be grateful to the #ActuallyAutistic community who gave me support and didn’t use my lack of an official DX to insult, bully and exclude me. God knows I’ve experienced enough of that sort of behaviour ...
3) ... in my life from people who considered me weird, a freak and abnormal. I didn’t Self DX as autistic because it was “trendy” or “fashionable”. I wasn’t a “fraud”, I wasn’t trying to “appear more interesting”, I wasn’t “impersonating a disability” or seeking “attention”
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Just noticed there’s some more “othering” of self diagnosed autistics going on, so I’m going to drop some #ActuallyAutistic views on the subject - As a formally diagnosed autistic.

Let's go ahead and consider this some more education in the name of #AutismAwarenessMonth.
Now - I don’t believe myself to be “greater than” those who are self diagnosed by virtue of my formal diagnosis, but I Think I should put it out there as cred. Consider it using my privilege for good.

Most places won’t cover DX (Bizarre, with how medicalized autism is in public discourse!), and assessment can be prohibitively expensive. Even for those who have it covered / can afford it, there can be huge waiting lists. Assessment comes with many barriers.
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The response to my thread has me thinking that there needs to be a book translating clinical diagnostic criteria into relatable subjective stories. 5 chapters, one for each DSM criteria, then a bunch more to show how reductive DSM actually is. #actuallyAutistic
Chapter 1: "Persistent deficits in social communication" - a chapter talking about all the ways we work really hard to understand NT people around us and how they never extend that same courtesy to us. How weird it is to me that my 'normal' is a 'deficit'.
Chapter 2:"Restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior" - many people see this and can't relate to it. But a chapter explaining how stimming and special interests feel would translate that pathologizing medical term into a relatable human description.
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@teliferous @mykola Talk about your interests and ask about ours. Reciprocate genuine enthusiasm in subjects* you find interesting. This may look like taking turns "info dumping" at each other

Fyi much of the time if an #actuallyautistic person is info dumping at you it means we like you
@teliferous @mykola * if there's a subject that's not super gripping to you and we keep going on about it, we're not bring rude, we just often don't catch subtle cues to shut up

BUT if you get in that situation and gently but directly/clearly say "hey, tbh i don't find this subject super enjoyable,
@teliferous @mykola Would you mind changing the subject, many of us will be so overjoyed to have finally found someone direct about this (and who doesn't throw weird signals at us then get snarky/mean out of no where) that just *telling* us when to shut up could be a near instant path to friendship
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Oh for goodness' sake. This ABA in 2019, and it is STILL an abnormal human rights violation perpetrated by adults against disabled children. They don't treat non-disabled children like this!
And now for the syrupy people who say, "My ABA isn't like that, we do X differently and we are gently supporting, not trying to change them, etc. etc." -- if you are one of those "good" therapists, why do you call your method ABA, knowing that the term has ALL these connotations?
Like, who are you actually trying to please? "Oh, the government only pays for it if it is called ABA, but actually it's more like play therapy..."

OK, so why don't the Floortime and Son-Rise and a whole lot of other people call their method ABA?
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