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Israeli civilian bus set on fire during rioting in East #Jerusalem, the driver managed to flee , he claims that he entered the area by mistake.
Video from the scene
#Israel #Jerusalem
Update : the driver was with his family in the bus , they managed to flee the scene while the Palestinian mob was stoning and torching the bus
#Jerusalem #Israel
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1. On April 10th 1979 , Palestinian terrorists had detonated an IED that was placed in the central part of Shuk (market) HaCarmel in central #TelAviv
The attack occurred near a fish vendor ,approximately at 12:15 (PM) , as the market was bustling with activity , with many locals and tourists alike shopping for the upcoming Passover Seder.
Ellah Asoulin which was moderately wounded in the lower part of her body will recall : “I was shopping for Pesach , I decided to buy some fish to do for the holiday Seder and went to a fish vendor. We talked , I chose the fish I wanted and payed him…”
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Brutal attack by policemen against MK Ofer Ksif that participated in a protest against allowing Jewish Israelis living in the East #Jerusalem neighborhood of Shekih Jarrakh.
Gladly ,he was not wounded and was able to give interviews to #Israel’i media just moments after. Image
According to Ksif , his shirt was torn and glasses broken. The policemen threw him to the ground , and 1 of them punched him in the face.
As you can see , he was checked by paramedics on the spot.
#Israel #Jerusalem
Here is Omer Ksif , in a news 13 studio hour after he was attacked by police forces during a protest in #Jerusalem
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1. On April 8th 1956 , several Palestinian terror groups managed to infiltrate from the #WestBank (then Jordanian territory) and #Gaza (then Egyptian territory) and carry out number of attacks against Israeli civilians and to sabotage Israeli civilian infrastructure. ImageImage
In the morning hours , several Palestinian terrorists had fired towards Israeli civilian homes and vehicles near and j. Ein HaShofet (south to Haifa) and near and in Nes Harim (near Beit Shemesh) wounding 2 Israelis
Palestinian terrorists from #Gaza had attacked the railway bridge near Ashkelon , while another group attempted carry out an attack in Yad Mordechai but were neutralized. Image
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In 1920, the "Nabi Musa" celebrations took place on April 4, coinciding with #Passover and the Greek Orthodox #Easter.
Amin al-Husseini, who was then at the beginning of his career, and Araf al-Araf stirred up the celebrating crowd with enthusiastic hate speech that day.
As a result, after the traditional prayer at the end of the holiday, the incited #Arab crowd marched from the mosque in the Judean Desert, 20 kilometers from #Jerusalem, to the homes of the #Jews in Old Jerusalem, shouting "Adbah al-Yehud" (Slaughter the Jews).
And a call that later turned out to be correct - "a-Daula Mana" ("The (British) government is with us").
The #Arab crowd shouted "Independence Independence" & sang: "#Palestine is our land - the #Jews are our dogs." During all this time, #Arab
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Achtung hinter
stecken fast nur die deutschesten aller dtsch. &österreichischensten aller österreich. Enkel der Nazitäter deren Berufung Hasbara ist& Juden, die es wagen Zionismus Kolonialismus Israel zu kritisieren mit unbelegten Antisemitismuskeulen bedrohen
Antisemiten wie die deutschesten aller deutschen "Antideutschen" Enkel der Nazitäter &Holocaust-Antisemiten, die alle Juden verfolgen, die es wagen eine rechtsradikale kolonialist. Ideologie wie den Zionismus &die israelische Regierung zu kritisieren, sprechen von Antisemitismus.
Argumente gegen Diffamierung:
Wider die begriffliche Unschärfe. Die »Jerusalemer Erklärung« liefert eine präzisere Definition des Phänomens #Antisemitismus…
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As Netanyahu looks to cobble together his farthest-right coalition yet, western democratic governments and diaspora Jewish leaders need to take a stand.
#Israel #Elections2021…
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has brokered an electoral alliance that is almost certain to bring #Israel’s version of the #KuKluxKlan into the Israeli parliament when elections are held later this month.

#GreatestDemocracy of the ME?…
Smotrich was once apprehended by the Shin Bet for allegedly plotting a terror attack to protest Israel’s Gaza withdrawal, although charges were never laid. He once boldly claimed that #Jews cannot be #terrorists; in other words, one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.
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1.On the morning of Wednesday, March 23rd, 1994, at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, a Palestinian terrorist had opened fire towards a Victor Lescheber , a security guard in the near by Income Tax authority building.
In 1991 Victor made aliyah to Israel from Russia with his family. They lived in Pisgat Ze'ev. Victor, who was a computer programmer in the USSE, could not find a job due to language difficulties, so he worked as a security guard.
The terrorist shot at Victor at close range, while he was on his way to work, the terrorist then stole his gun and fled.
Victor was seriously injured, and succumbed to his wounds that night at Hadassah Hospital in #Jerusalem
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1. On March 21st 1978 , Palestinian terrorists in Lebanon shelled heavily Israeli civilians communities along the #Israel-#Lebanon border
The shelling began at evening hours as people began returning home from work.
At the time of the shelling Shim’on Arussi and two other members of Kibbutz Menara drove back to the kibbutz in the from the agricultural fields where they worked, when a shell hit near the vehicle.
Shim’on and another passenger, Menachem Carmin were murdered on the spot. The 3rd passenger was severely wounded. It took some time until the emergency forces managed to reach the vehicle
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#ICC prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, says she will begin an investigation into war crimes perpetrated in the #WestBank, E #Jerusalem, & #Gaza. While this is an encouraging step...…
in terms of broadcasting the #Israeli #military’s HR abuses on the intl stage, it is important to remember that #ICC rulings do not have any power w/o the cooperation of other states; #Israel and the #US have made it clear that they will not in any way support these proceedings.
While the investigation and potential subsequent trials might be meaningful in a symbolic sense, it is real people like our #international friends and partners who need to do the real work of connecting with their representatives.
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The chief of Vetevendosje and the new Prime Minister Albin Kurti, who won the election of Febuary 14th, received a letter from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan congratulating him on his election victory.
Erdogan said in his letter that he appreciated the stance of Kurt's faction, which expressed its willingness to rethink the decision to open the Kosovo embassy in Jerusalem.
Furthermore, I am pleased to hear the position of your party if takes, that if takes the power it would reconsider engagement of Kosovo on opening of the Embassy in Jerusalem. I believe it would be useful to avoid such a move, which would cause serious harm to Kosovo,”
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So there's been some talk lately of #Antisemitism, so let's talk about it. #Israel and #Palestine are still fighting over #Jerusalem #WestBank #Gaza. #Zionist propaganda says that #antizionism = #Antisemitism. Not true. Look at #History and the agreements that were signed.… - if you look at the massive influence Jews established during WW1 with the elites, they nearly screwed the Arab #Palestinians out of all their land - which they've been there since the #OttomanEmpire conquered Jerusalem.… - the 1967 #SixDayWar agreement with the @UN cemented in writing today's borders. I get it #Israel - you want the land that was conquered. Well, too bad. YOU signed the treaty too, and many of us Gentiles just want the wars in the Middle East to end.
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#Israel #Germany #Jerusalem #Armory

Israel's Ministry of Defense said on Tuesday that it had sold to Germany an Israeli-made tank protection system.
To protect the German army's fleet of LEOPARD 2 tanks, Germany will use the Trophy anti-missile system, the ministry said in a statement. The agreement "includes the provision of systems for a company of tanks, interceptors, and spare parts as well as operational and
technical training," the ministry said, adding that the systems will be delivered over "the next several years." Rafael, one of Israel's weapons and defense technology companies, produced the Trophy system,
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Motion picture “Dara of Jasenovac” is a testimony on the Holocaust in the Balkans from the perspective of an innocent girl. It shows strength of the human spirit amid the chaos of one of the most cruel times in human history. Available on Youtube 1080p res Image
As such this film w/ so much human pain is a memorial to all innocent victims regardless of their ethnicity or religion. The film is in Serbo-Croat but to get the point the translation, although it would be appreciated, is not essential. The eyes of little Dara say everything.
As a person of both Serbian and Croat origin, Orthodox and Catholic background, with great-grandparents who were German and Hungarian I don’t find it ethnically offensive but deeply spiritually cathartic. It’s not made for the glamour of the awards but as a testimony to truth. Image
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#Palestina, #Gerusalemme (1898-1914): moschea di Omar o Cupola della Roccia, lato sud.

#Palestine, #Jerusalem (1898-1914): mosque of Omar i.e. Dome of the Rock, south side.

Library of Congress, Matson Collection

#FreePalestine #PalestinaLibera #storia #photography #fotografia
Lato nordest.

Northeast side.
Lato nord.

North side.
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1,900 year-old controversial #Aramaic document known as the #TalmudofJmmanuel #TJ was discovered in 1963 by #IsaRashid & #BillyEduardAlbertMeier just south of the Old City of #Jerusalem, written by #JudasIschkerioth and found to be the source of the #BookofMatthew
After more exploring inside the #tomb-site (which Meier learned later had been the tomb of #JosephofArimathea), Meier & Rashid noticed something buried underneath a flat rock and it turned out to be the #TalmudJmmanuel scrolls along w/a few small artifacts
The #TJ #scrolls had been wrapped up together in animal skin which was in turn encased in resin, by then dry and crumbly
There were four rolls, each of which contained many leaves (each 30 by 40cm in size) of #Aramaic writing, obviously old and fragile but the writing was legible
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#Cuypersdraadje 65: de Sint-Hippolytuskerk (1884-1886) in #Delft: driebeukige kruisbasiliek met twee transepten en 5/12 gesloten koor met omgang; niet-afgebouwde toren met uit ± 1960 kopergedekt zadeldak van A. van Kranendonk; oorspronkelijk ontwerp: 100 m hoge ijzeren bovenbouw. ImageImageImage
Zadeldak met dakruiter over schip en transepten, lezenaarsdaken over zijbeuken; topgevels op traveeën lichtbeuk. Interieur: houten spitstongewelven over schip en transepten; stenen kruisribgewelven over zijbeuken en koor, op ronde pijlers met koolbladkapitelen; voor volledige ImageImageImage
interieur geplande polychromie werd alleen in het koor uitgevoerd. Inventaris: Jugendstil kruiswegstaties van 3,8 x 2,8 m (1925); Pels-orgel (1949, thans in Spanje);
Buiten gebruik gesteld in 1971, waartegen toen veel protest kwam; de kerk is in 1974 gesloopt. ImageImage
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#Putin: ‘We consider #Israel a Russian-speaking state’ (2019)
The richest Jews in the world gathered in #Moscow for the International Leadership Reunion (ILR) conference.…
Keren Hayesod – United Israel Appeal is the preeminent worldwide fundraising organization for Israel, which was established in London in 1920, to serve as the fundraising arm of the Jewish People and the Zionist Movement.…
Ze'ev Vladimir Jabotinsky & Keren Hayesod
From 1921 onwards, Jabotinsky was a member of the #Zionist Executive and one of the (co-)founders of Keren Hayesod, #Irgun, #Betar youth movement and the Jewish Legion.
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🇺🇸 Après 4 ans de présidence #Trump, l’arrivée au pouvoir de Joe #Biden constitue, pour certains, un espoir d’apaisement.

À #Washington, où la communauté afro-américaine représente la moitié de la population, qu’attend-on de ce changement de présidence ? Reportage @gu__gu
🇺🇸 Le démocrate Joe #Biden va entrer ce mercredi à la #MaisonBlanche, à l'issue de la cérémonie d'investiture #InaugurationDay2021 #InaugurationDay #Inauguration2021.

Mode d'emploi de cette journée obéissant à un protocole très strict avec @FRANCE24 ⤵️
🇺🇸 "Pour guérir, nous devons nous souvenir."

À la veille de son investiture, Joe #Biden a rendu hommage aux victimes du #COVID19 à #Washington, devant le #LincolnMemorial #Inauguration2021 ⤵️
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Die Diskurs-Manipulation und Rufmord
Einfluss-Agenten wollen den israelischen Totalitarismus vor Kritik bewahren.… "Antideutsche" Feliks Hasbara-Agenten Felix Klein @MENA_WATCH
Der Serien-Rufmörder „Feliks“, der eine Vielzahl an Personen durch manipulierte Wikipedia-Einträge in Misskredit brachte, muss einem Mandanten eine Entschädigung iHv 8.000 € wegen schwerwiegender Verletzung seines allgemeinen Persönlichkeitsrechts zahlen.
"Der nachhaltig als linksextremer religiöser Eiferer bekannte Wikipedianer „Feliks“ hat es sich zur Lebensaufgabe gemacht, etliche Personen des öffentlichen Lebens als antisemitisch erscheinen zu lassen, ... Image
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#Israel #Jerusalem #Earthquake #STUDY

According to a realesed sutdy experts estimate that a possible 6.5 earthquake will hit Israel possible in the next years or decads, no one can say for sure. Destructive earthquakes in the Dead Sea struck like clockwork for thousend of years.
The found this cycle dose hit Israel estimated every 130 to 150 years. According to the study the last one of that kind was according to resarchers 1927 with a 6.5 in the dead sea vally, injuring hundrets of people in Amman, Bethlehem, Jaffa and Jerusalem.
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#Israel #Jerusalem #Coronavirus #VACCINE

Less than two weeks after starting a record-breaking vaccination campaign, Israel has vaccinated nearly a million of its citizens.
Health Minister Juli Edelstein announced that around 950,000 Israelis had already received the first dose of vaccine. That's more than ten percent of the population - the country has almost 9.3 million inhabitants.
According to the Ministry of Health, around 15,400 people were vaccinated in Israel on Thursday alone. More than 40 percent of people over 60 in the country have already received the first dose of the Biontech Pfizer vaccine. According to information from Oxford researchers,
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#Israel #Jerusalem #Coronavirus

Two days after the beginning of a new partial lockdown in Israel, the corona infection numbers in the country have climbed to the highest level in three months.
The Ministry of Health announced that 5449 new cases had been registered within 24 hours - the last time the numbers were so high in early October. For comparison: The German health authorities reported 12,892 new corona infections within 24 hours -
but Germany has around nine times as many inhabitants. A third part lockdown came into force in Israel on Sunday afternoon, which is initially supposed to last two weeks. However, an extension of several weeks is expected. A massive vaccination campaign is running in parallel.
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Auch die Zukunft des Nahen Osten (einschließlich von Israel und Palästina) liegt in einer Überwindung aller Nationen &Trennung in Völker und Religionen. Kulturen und (auch Religionen, so sie denn nicht als Herrschaftsinstrument missbraucht werden) fließen zusammen &nebeneinander.
Die Zukunft der Menschheit liegt in der Überwindung aller Nationen (Spaltungen in künstliche Völker) und Grenzen hin zu einer herrschaftsfreien Gesellschaft der größtmöglichen Teilhabe, Freiheit und Vielfalt ausnahmslos aller Menschen. ImageImageImageImage
Es gibt zum Glück keine Erbfeindschaft mehr zwischen Franzosen und Deutschen, sondern bei vielen Gemeinsamkeiten eine sich gegenseitig befruchtende und ergänzende kulturelle Vielfalt. Das ist auch die Zukunft von Israel und Palästina!
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