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Comrade Ayatollah - Introduction
(In the end the whole world seems to be a stage😉)
Did you know that #ahmadinejad was a #Jew and Ayatollah #Khomeini a deep #SAVAK agent working for the #CIA, #MI6, #KGB, or a combination thereof?…
You never know for sure 😉
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1. At no point in history was #Iran ever a democracy. To suggest otherwise is factually wrong.The narrative that America overthrew #Mossadeq,often falsely cited as Iran’s “1st dem. elected PM,” denies 1000s of Iranians who took part in his ouster their agency @AymanM @yasminv
2. From 1941-1979 Mohammad-Reza Shah #Pahlavi appointed & dismissed 22 PMs (incl. #Mossadeq x2) in accordance w/ the 1906 Constitution. Yet, Mossadeq is the only 1 referred to as “democratically elected” despite the fact that all were appointed and dismissed in the same manner.
3. Under the Iranian Constitution of 1906, the Shah, and only the Shah, appointed the Prime Minister. The Constitution also gave the Shah the authority to dismiss the Prime Minister.
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#BREAKING an Ukrainian plane carrying 180 passengers crashed close to Imam #Khomeini airport near #Tehran
#Breaking First footage of the Ukrainian airplane while on fire falling near #Tehran
Pictures of what’s left of the Ukrainian plane’s wreckage, nothing much, according to Iranian media it’s very unlikely that anyone survived
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Corrected: BREAKING: #Iran #IRGC announce it has fired ballistic missiles from Iranian territories, at the #US #Ain_alAssad military base, the second largest #American military base in #Iraq.
.2/ The #IRGC warns the #US from responding ”which will be met with a larger response, ” according to #Almanar tv.
.3/ The surface to surface missiles were apparently fired from #Eslam_abad, western #Iran, says #AlManar tv.
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So tonight is the time to keep the pledge with #Soleimani's grieving family. All uncles his children, from #Baqeri to #Nasrullah and their sidekicks like Shahenshah #Naqvi, will start avenging the killing of the mass-murderer. Last night's cyber-attacks were childish thu. #Syria
Certain #Khomeini|sts today supposed that a land invasion of #Iran was imminent. It was merely to play victime and cash on anti-#America|nism. The fact: #Iran's threatening a new war, not the other way round. Already, the regime's set alight Syria, Yemen and Lebanon besides Iraq
#Soleimani, who died in action (on duty), was the grand field commander of these conflicts. He's directly involved in killing 100s & 1000s #of Arabs besides #US, western, #Pakistan|i, #Afghan citizens. If #Iran avenges, it will bring the war home, its victims have long awaited.
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1.) We might actually have peace in the Middle East if #Iran and corrupt #Iraq government stands down and abdicates their positions. Good news is this should in fact scare the living sh*t out of everyone and will result in a suicide mission if #Khomeini wants to get silly.
2.) Looks like by the end of 2020 we might actually have full blown peace everywhere between #Iran, #Iraq, #Israel & #SaudiArabia. That'd be quite the feather in the 2020 election cap if @realDonaldTrump can pull it off.
3.) This also ties into the billions of dollars #Obama gave the #Khomeini on cash pallets where shipments of the cash were found missing. Once Khomeni is out and a democratic #Iran is in place THEN you free up the funds for the Iranian PEOPLE! #MIGA #Qanon
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The Iranian revolution
US had extensive contact with Ayatollah #Khomeini before #Iran revolution, Khomeini’s initial attempts to reach out to the US dated back to 1963, 16 years before the revolution 😁
"Death to #USA & #Israel is all FAKE!" 🤓🤣…
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27 November 1978:
Khomeini’s face is in the moon!
Earlier, rumors had spread in Iran that the devout believer would see the face of Ayatollah #Khomeini during the next full moon. (1/11)
@HistorianofIran #IranianRevolution
2/11 At the day of 27 November, millions of people received the moon with cheers, actually recognized the image of Ayatollah Khomeini and shouted allahu akbar from the rooftops of their houses – which became the established sign of political disobedience.
3/11 Tara Bahrampour remembers: “Khomeini’s face is in the moon. Everyone’s talking about it. Taxicabs brake in the middle of traffic so people can jump out and look up at the sky, and neighbors gather in the alleys at sunset to point at the outlines of his eyes. [...] ...
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#Q #QAnon #WWG1WGA
#Iran #IranProtest #IranProtests

Protester shot in the head, allegedly filmed today in Zirjan, (North-East) Iran.

Careful, very graphic!

#Q #QAnon #WWG1WGA
#Iran #IranProtest #IranProtests

Footage, apparently taken today in Tehran.

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On 30 Sept 2019 #NCRI held a press conference at the National Press Club of Washington, DC, revealing new details on the #Iranian regime’s September 14th attack on SA #Aramco oil installations pointing to this fact that #IRGC high commanders participated in this attack.
So the question comes in mind who is #IRGC and what is its mission?
In this video, we want to take a look at some terrorist activities of #IRGC in the world.
#NoImpunity4Mullahs #BlacklistRouhani @USAdarFarsi
Below is the history of IRGC.
#IRGC created by #Khomeini in 1979 is an #Iranian government agency tasked with defending the regime against internal and external threats. Espousing a radical ideology and a paranoid worldview.
#NoImpunity4Mullahs #BlacklistRouhani @StateDept
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"Contrary to myth being fabricated, Islam does not pose a threat to the West. Rather, Islamic “terrorist” organizations have been created to serve Western imperialistic objectives" 😈…
Salafism is not Islam, rather it is a political ideology to keep the power and wealth in the hands of Saudi Royal family.
Introduction, Saudi Royal’s Prostitution Rings, Saudi Royal’s Child Sex Slave Trade and historical background of Saudi Royal family…
The #MuslimBrotherhood is a London creation, representing organized Islamic fundamentalism, the organization called the Muslim Brotherhood is the umbrella of fundamentalist Sufi, Sunni, and radical Shiite brotherhood societies…
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The clergy behind #Iran's Islamic Republic and the #Muslim_Brotherhood have much in common ideologically—wanting a state governed by the shari'a, pan-Islamism, a hatred of the West, and antisemitism. The two developed links long before the 1979 revolution.…
Sayyid Qutb, the ideological godfather of the #Muslim_Brotherhood, met in Egypt in 1954 with Navvab Safavi, the creator of the first Islamist terror group in modern #Iran. Qutb's ideas influenced Safavi, and Safavi's followers later joined #Khomeini to carry out the revolution.
The current Supreme Leader of #Iran, Ali Khamenei, is an admirer of #Muslim_Brotherhood ideologue Sayyid Qutb's idea of a totalised Islamic state, and even translated two of Qutb's book in the years before the 1978-9 Islamist revolution in Iran.
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One of the reasons of the retardation of Arabs and falling behind (and make them worthless in all worlds) is that they do not know a thing called (neutral evaluation) or (neutral description)
because Arabs, in general, exaggerate when they love and when they hate and they don’t know any moderation.
#Imam_Ali for he was the first Arab man to diagnose this dangerous disease of Arab nation by saying: Love your beloved one wisely as he might be your enemy one day.. and hate your enemy wisely as he might be your friend one day.

What a wonderful wisdom quote.
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As I mentioned previously...
And I repeat now...
The most powerful tool that the #Iranian_Regime has is that it is unknown to both allies and enemies.
Their allies and enemies are idiotic.
And as said by #Khomeini (the founder of the Iranian Regime): "NO ONE KNOWS ME"...
For that reason, no one knows the Iranian Regime.

The foolish will say... are you the only one who knows the Iranian Regime?
The answer: Yes... I am of the few who know the depths of the Iranian Regime.
As for the followers of #Iran... they are attracted by fear.
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L'anniversaire de la mort de Rouhollah #Khomeini
1989 - 2019
Un #Thread pour rappeler le désastre ⇣

Mars 1980, la « révolution culturelle ». Période durant laquelle les universités ont été « purgées » de toute influence « occidentale » et non islamique afin de s'aligner sur l'islam révolutionnaire et politique. Les plus grands universitaires sont démis de leurs fonctions.
Selon le voeu de Khomeini, l'islamisation des institutions se met en route. Commence ainsi la femmophobie en Iran. Femme ayant la « tête nue » est considérée « nue ». Il faut donc cacher sa nudité: la naissance du voile obligatoire et la police des mœurs.
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Guatemalan Syphilis Experiments: Rockefeller Foundation, Johns Hopkins the ‘driving force’ according to lawsuit…
Rockefeller did sponsor Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Pre-War Germany🤔

John spent the astronomical sum of 300 million dollars in building Oil Company, nowadays EXXON, near the concentration camp Auschwitz, by the German Warburg family
#Mengele #Holocaust…
Israel, Guatemala and Apartheid
"In particular, he received 300 #Israeli advisers who trained his army and with which he conducted an experiment on the #Maya Indians"…
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1- "#Turkey uses a special vocabulary 2describe #Kurdish movements&their members,using terms such as“rioters", "saboteurs-atheists”, “separatists-terrorists”, “traitors”, “remnants of Armenians”, “a 2nd Israel”, “reactionaries-communists”, “infidels-enemies of God”etc"!
> #Kurds
2- #Iraq Fm 1979-2003,Saddam presided over killing of +182.000 #Kurds –leading genocidal"Anfal Operations”, multi-stage campaign of mass murder&displacement of ppl,used chemical weapons against Kurds in Halabja 1988.Saddam’s war led2 destruction of 100's Kurdish villages&towns"!
3- #Iran Ayatollah #Khomeini, founder of Islamic regime of Iran, also claimed tt he was not “against #Kurds" but only fighting “enemies of...Allah” in #Kurdistan!During his war on Kurds,Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (#IRGC) committed tens of massacres against Kurdish ppl.."!
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#Iran Protests courtesy of the #CIA
Jun 25, 2009 After President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won the Iranian Election, riots and protests erupted in #Tehran, The western media was quick to report on this #PSYOPS.
#US politicians, #Israel, #SaudiArabia & media dream of #RegimeChange in #Iran.
Jan 3, 2018 The more intense and violent demonstrations in Iran have given way to patriotic rallies with thousands of Iranians shouting pro-government slogans.
Jan 3,2018 Are the protests in #Iran spontaneous, or are they the result of another #RegimeChange operation?#TheCorbettReport James explores the past, present & future of #US and #Israel-i involvement in Iran, & the attempts to foment unrest in the country.
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