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A lot of wisdom in this post about the effects of #dataRegulation and #regulatory #compliance throughout not just an organization or #enterprise but through the greater society as a whole.

The first thing I noticed were the popups asking me about my cookies and acceptance...
the exact reason they were there I didnt understand at the time, but now I see its related to #gdpr. The effects of acceptance or denial, I dont know. I dont have the time to read the fine-print, but deep down I hope its doing something good for my #dataPrivacy.

And just as...
Mahima and Nalini write to regarding the #regulatory rules, #dataPrivacy legislation and the #compliance therein for the enterprises of India and for #accessibility and #open banking-- its my hope that all the new #dataPrivacy #regulations like #GDPR, #CPRA, #ColoPA, #VCDPA...
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Risk Management is like a Greek Tragedy, where actors laugh to express their sorrow. Hence, here what mimics laughter is the Normal (Gaussian) PDF and its assumptions.
I believe the strongest voice that emerged in the Post - Crisis years was that of Dr Nassim Taleb, who heavily criticized risk management models and techniques that assume the Normality of returns, and its volatility in financial markets.
The Credit derivatives aka structured products that were financially engineered by Wall Street and the City Quants to provide a market-beating returns used such techniques to pool assets having negative correlations and a low joint probability of default or time to default
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The biggest #bubble of our lives:
- Retail makes prices at the margin by buying OTM calls on sh1t #stonks
- #Tether prints USD backed with #bitcoin and loans & itÔÇÖs fine
- ÔÇťItÔÇÖs a software coÔÇŁ EV maker is larger than almost all #software companies
- Digital images sell for >$300k
- People now make videos explaining they donÔÇÖt need to work jobs because they buy stonks when they go up
- $ETH is undervalued on basis of cashflows for transactions that token holders have zero claim on
- #Ripple dumping on you is fine because they have $XRP fans in Japan
- #Restaurants & Small #businesses go bankrupt because of #lockdown and slow govÔÇÖt help but itÔÇÖs fine
- $HTZ tries to do a cap increase out of chapter 11 because #robinhood
- A Company does reverse stock split and people brag about gains on per stock price basis on social media
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K├╝resel finans d├╝nyas─▒n─▒n T├╝rk ├╝nl├╝lerinde bug├╝n: OSMAN SEMERC─░. Kariyerine T├╝rk─░nvest'te ba┼člay─▒p h─▒zla d─▒┼čar─▒ a├ž─▒lan ve 2008 k├╝resel krizine sa─člam katk─▒ veren "financier".

1992'de Merrill Lynch'in G├ľ├ť ekibine ilk kez t├╝rev ├╝r├╝nc├╝ olarak girdikten sonra farkl─▒ pozisyonlarda... Image
├žal─▒┼čm─▒┼č & h─▒rs─▒yla y├╝kselmi┼č. 10 y─▒l i├žinde Pasifik b├Âlgesinden (ABD+Japonya) sorumlu Sabit Getirili Menkul K─▒ymetler b├Âl├╝m ba┼čkan─▒ olmu┼č. Sonras─▒nda ├že┼čitli dergiler taraf─▒ndan yat─▒r─▒m bankac─▒l─▒─č─▒ ├Âd├╝lleri alm─▒┼č ve 2006'da, bankan─▒n k├╝resel Fixed Income ba┼čkanl─▒─č─▒na getirilmi┼č. Image
Buraya kadar yazd─▒klar─▒m kendi web sitesinden. Sonraki "iddialar" (ehem:) k├╝resel krizi anlatan farkl─▒ kitaplardan olup, ne kadar─▒ ger├žek ne kadar─▒ "g├╝nah ke├žisi ilan edilme" bilemeyece─čiz.

2000'li y─▒llar─▒n ba┼č─▒nda #CDO denen bir finansal yap─▒, Wall Street'te ├žok pop├╝ler olur... Image
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Bankalar ev kredisi verir. Portf├Âylerini topluca finansal varl─▒─ča d├Ân├╝┼čt├╝r├╝r ve nakit ak─▒mlar─▒ teminat─▒nda piyasaya satar / repo eder bor├ž al─▒r. 2008 krizini, bunun yapmac─▒k versiyonu olan "sentetik #CDO"lar yaratm─▒┼čt─▒ ancak bizdeki: nakit bazl─▒ ger├žek transferler...
Derin sermaye piyasalar─▒nda bunun envai ├že┼čidi ├Âzel sekt├Âr taraf─▒ndan yap─▒l─▒yorken; g├╝n├╝m├╝zdeki gibi krizlerde #Merkez Bankalar─▒ el atar. Bu anlamda sistemik sorun i├žermez. Risk unsuru: K├Ât├╝ye kullan─▒lmas─▒ (moral hazard) veya uzun vadede geri ├žekilememesi / kal─▒c─▒l─▒─č─▒ (enflasyon) Image
Bu konular─▒n merakl─▒s─▒n─▒ ve d├Ânem ├Âdevi olan ├Â─črenci arkada┼člar─▒, SPK'n─▒n ┼ču eski anlat─▒s─▒na alal─▒m: ­čśëÔÇŽ Image
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#LinkedData is crucial to creating a #KnowledgeGraph that manifests as #SemanticWeb, period.

The #Web in all of this is about a #Hyperlink-based Entity Relationship Graph that's navigable by both humans and machines using de-reference (i.e., lookups).
@OpenLink has opened up a new community forum channel focused on #LinkedData with the sole aim of teaching anyone that's interested about this powerful concept via live examples.


#GraphDatabase #KnowledgeGraph #SemanticWeb
#CDO #DataOps
Actually, here is a very basic depiction of an Entity Relationship Graph constructed in line with #LinkedData principles.

#GraphDatabase #KnowledgeGraph #CDO #DataOps
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This #BIWisdom Friday I'd like to explore concepts of a #DataCulture. What do *you* think it is? How is it sustained by #Success and #Value? Does support from #BILeadership with a #CDO help? How important are the #Data #skills (maybe especially Literacy)? Join is at 1PM EST
Just a few minutes until this week's #BIWisdom. Join us to discuss #Data #culture . What might it be, how do you use it, how can you value it, or know if it is working.
Happy #BIWisdom to us all. I hope everyone had a fine week.
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Here's what happens when the combined prowess of #CSV #RDF intersect i.e., generation of a #SemanticWeb of #LinkedData visualized using our #HTML5 #PivotViewer:ÔÇŽ

This is an utlra flexible visual drill-down :)

#DataVisualization #GraphDatabases #RDBMS
Here's a post that explains how our #HTML5 #PivotViewer functions in conjunction with #SPARQL re. powerful #DataVisualization that leverages a #SemanticWeb of #LinkedData.


#GraphDatabases #DocumentDatabase #NoSQL #RDBMS
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