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#Protest against #Covid19 #lockdown after fire kills 10 in Xinjiang | Nov 26
- Late Friday, videos circulated widely on the Chinese internet showing throngs of residents in #Urumqi marching to a government building and chanting “end lockdowns,”…
#China is #Rothschild's Model for #NWO | Dec 9, 2019
- The #genocide experienced by the #russians in Ukraine, funded by the #oligarchs and carried out by the #Azov-#Nazi - battalions is a copy the #China’s genocide against the #Uyghurs
#Rothschildism #MSM: 154 articles in less than two days.
Title: "#China's Communist Party to celebrate 100th #birthday in show of pomp and power."
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Gab: @ TommyRobinsonOfficial -15m
#UK Boris announces the #end of "#covidpassports" and #masks.
#European Legal Expert Says #VaccineMandates Are the Beginning of a '#SocialCreditSystem' - January 19
- There is a massive movement going on in Europe, right now hundreds of thousands, millions actually who are very much aware of what’s at stake here.…
#China #Rothschildism #Macron
I think that #France should quickly adopt our #socialcredit system [0:12].
'Laught' [0:17-0:20].
#YellowVests detected before they acted [0:27].
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🪡 A long-ish, angry speech in the Lords on #PlanB - and on the fact that official opposition have failed to oppose the government's introduction of further restrictions and #COVIDPassports... (1/5)
🪡 Issues like free social association, liberty and personal sovereignty are crucial - not some abstract notion to be dismissed as too many still do... (2/5)
🪡 Other peers raised the lack of efficacy about vaccine passports, or asked Qs about how serious Omicron is to health beyond high transmission, I wanted to stress the real collateral damage to a free society - when illiberal measures are a first, instead of last, resort... (3/5)
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1. #Travel? #Holidays? #COVID19?

During this #COVID I am going to create a rolling thread about key issues and articles of interest, just so as you can see the evolution toward a return to normality in 2022, 2023, 2024 or 2025; according to predictions by #Aviation!
2. #Travel? #Holidays? #COVID19?

Interesting article about #staycations and their price!!

The attitude of some UK h/makers, is I'm afraid, a common feature found in holidays abroad. I've heard many a tale about the Master vs Serf behaviour of some Brits!…
3. #Travel? #Holidays? #COVID19?

It's not done with us yet:

"...hard to anticipate what the timeline will be for the expected shift of COVID-19 to endemicity..."…
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So the Gov't has gone from promising a review of #VaccinePassports in February...…

to officials saying #domestic uses are "dead" and "not going to happen" in May...…

to the review stating they won't be #mandated in early July... @BorisJohnson announcing they WILL be #mandatory for (mostly) young people from the end of September:…
Meanwhile, and despite MONTHS of denials*, it turns out the Government has already spent £23.6 million on #VaccinePassports 👇 and has already cut deals that could run until 2023 at least...…

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As balanced an article as you will see USA Today put out on #Covidpassports. However, it repeats some arguments for that are easily countered if you're educated on it.

* Existing Vaccine requirements have a myriad of medical & religious exemptions

* Mentions the difficulty of identifying the vaccinated. No mention of the 30%+ of the population with natural immunity. Hammer that any and every opportunity
* These states moving to ban #VaccinePassports will only make the ID system more difficult. Support that.

* Mentions how paper vax cards are easily forged. In order to overcome this, it will have to be an electronic system. When this happens you are now treading into PHI & HIPAA arguments
* Mentions discrimination and sub-class of people. Now you are treading ADA

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@BorisJohnson #Covidvaccine It’s not a vaccine in the traditional sense, it’s an MRNA cocktail. There is no vaccine for Covid, only a symptom-minimising jab which does not stop you getting or spreading it. Both Pfizer & Moderna concede their jab does not prevent transmission nor immunity.
@BorisJohnson none of the so called vaccines guarantee protection from transmission, so if you have had the vaccine you could still transmit to others. Rendering the idea of vaccine passports irrelevant. As well as being in conflict with basic human rights and civil liberties.
@BorisJohnson It’s against the principles of free and open society and directly implies coercion. Also as I’ve said above. The passport idea is pointless. The vaccines are designed to reduce the impact of symptoms in the individual, they do not protect others from risk.
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