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1/9 The launch of the Crypto & Digital Assets All Party Parliamentary Group’s report on making the #UK a #crypto hub highlights the potential for the country to lead in crypto innovation, provided the right regulatory framework is in place.
2/9 But urgent regulation in the industry is still needed. The report showcases a prime example of successful public-private collaboration, acknowledging the opportunities presented by the #cryptocurrency & digital assets industry.
3/9 These include financial service efficiencies, economic growth, research opportunities, and improved financial inclusion. The #UK must strategically plan across governmental departments to realise these benefits.
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1/10: This threads critically highlight a few points on the #UK #FCA Proposal on #Cryptoasset Financial Promotions Rule that seeks feedback on how they approach & how firms comply with their requirement of fairness, clarity and not misleading. #CryptoRegulations
2/10: The FCA has introduced new regulations for marketing cryptoassets to #UK consumers. This move requires firms, including those based overseas, to comply with the regime and review the statutory instrument alongside the Policy Statement (PS). #CryptoRegulations
3/10: Firms planning to market to UK consumers must carefully consider the four available routes for lawfully communicating promotions and ensure compliance with the relevant requirements. Seeking professional advice is crucial during this preparation phase. #ComplianceMatters
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"In March 2023 the #Forest #Conservation Amendment bill was plaed before the LokSabha. Ms Prakriti Srivastava,IFS (PCCF #Kerala) & I jointly wrote a submission to the Joint Parliamentary Committee, link provided at the end of the (long) thread. 1/n
highlighting the imp pts:
Fundamental changes in the proposed bill:
a)Limits the scope & ambit of the original FCA (1980), removing crucial safeguards from a vast majority of India's #biodiverse rich #forests, thereby opens the floodgates for diversion for other uses
b) Undoes many provisions of the existing #ForestConservationAct; c) dilutes the 202/1996 #SupremeCourt ‘Godavarman’ #judgement, overturns its #conservation gains
(d) facilitates privatisation of forests to create plantations
e) shifts focus from conservation of forests to 3/n
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😲若监管不明确,#Coinbase 可能会离开美国?

伦敦金融科技周上,英国前总理George Osbourne 寻问 #Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong是否能看到Coinbase离开美国?
#Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong 回复表示

Brian Armstrong 还表示,

英国监管透明度有更高的优势——因为只有一个负责监管负责商品和证券的金融行为监管局 (#FCA)。

但美国有2个监管机构:商品期货交易委员会(#CFTC) 和证券交易委员会 (#SEC)。

英国人就不会遇到CFTC 和 SEC抢地盘这种不幸的事情。😐😐
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📢 The countdown is on: #DORA compliance is expected by 17th January 2025!

The Digital Operational Resilience Act 🇪🇺, came into effect 2 days ago. Its scope is large: EU-based financial entities (including small startups/fintechs) but also their IT service providers 🏦☁️ 1/6
Some highlights:
1️⃣ A reiteration of top management's responsibility for ICT risk mgmt
2️⃣ A real step up in 3rd party risk mgmt is expected: expectations go beyond contractual measures📋; with critical IT providers placed under industry-wide supervision by the regulator🔎 2/6
3️⃣ Testing, testing and more testing👍! A global approach to be adopted, including advanced, threat-based testing by independent testers...

➡️ Some of our clients have already made good progress in setting up the #Framework and concrete questions are beginning to be asked. 3/6
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ Offshore #PSP (Payment Service Provider) #CheckoutDOTcom (formerly #OpusPayments) - “Checkout”: ‘how Europe’s most valuable start-up lost its crown’ (…). Checkout (like it’s PSP brethren) was ‘formally’ authorised by the … ImageImage
2/ UK’s blind eyed financial regulator (@TheFCA, formerly #FSA) in 12/2012, following implementation of the 2011 #Emoney regulations: Checkout’s website would follow months later. The FCA’s ‘#Emoney scene’ has been long covered by a thick ‘FCA fog’ which scandal … Image
3/ after scandal has sunk in to (#Wirecard, #AlliedWallet, #Payza etc - the subjects of future exposes). Little is known from the press about Checkout (precursor: #OpusPayments) - many press articles read like the same company press release, simply regurgitated.
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Wie viele #Bundesliga-Vereine haben Verantwortliche für #Nachhaltigkeit, kennen ihren CO2-Fußabdruck und haben ein CO2-Reduktionsziel?
Die Fragen habe ich allen 36 DFL-Klubs gestellt. Hier ein Thread mit allen (Nicht-)Antworten der Vereine. Insgesamt sieht das Ergebnis so aus. Zu sehen ist ein Balken-Diagramm. Überschrift: Nachhaltigke
Zwei Drittel der Vereine in der 1. und 2. #Bundesliga-Vereine kennen ihren CO2-Fußabdruck nicht. Vier haben bereits ein Reduktionsziel. Die DFL hat Nachhaltigkeitskriterien verabschiedet, damit die Zahl steigt. Vielen reicht das Tempo nicht. @sportschau…
Meine Fragen waren:

Beschäftigt Ihr Verein einen Nachhaltigkeitsbeauftragten?
Hat Ihr Verein den CO2-Fußabdruck berechnet?
Hat Ihr Verein spezifisches, messbares und terminiertes Ziel zur Reduktion der CO2-Emissionen?

Hier die Antworten aller Bundesligisten:
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Ich gehe dann mal jetzt die Tabelle der 1. und 2. Liga durch und nenne kurz, was ich an dem Verein scheiße finde. Dann können mich alle hassen und keiner fühlt sich ausgeschlossen.
#fcb : Junge, wo soll man da anfangen. Hoeneß, Katar, nervige käufliche Blogger, Mia san mia usw
#bvb Echte Liebe am Arsch. Eigentlich schon insolvent gewesen, von den Gläubigern und den anderen Clubs gerettet worden, null Demut, Watzke nervt af usw
#scf Generator, scheiß Auswärtsblock
#b04 Homophobe, sexistische Pissultras (Zitronenmann), Ausnahme für 50+1, Werksclub
#tsg Hopp, Hopp, Hopp
#sge teilweise extrem asige Fanszene, Überheblich af
#fcu Kultclub, mehrere rassistische Vorfälle, nervige Wagenburg-Mentalität
#koe EUROPAPOKAL, Poldi is ein Gott, Maleranzüge
#m05 egal af, Fans wollen sich damit nicht abfinden
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❗️Two More Important Call for Evidence Video Testimonies Published❗️

Both submissions are part of the @appgonpbandffs
Call for Evidence about @TheFCA.

They are by...
George Patellis - this is an outstanding contribution to the cause - over 5 hours of commentary about George’s experience as a whistleblower at the hands of the FCA...
...Thomas Winnifrith, the former fund manager turned investigative journalist & also founder & editor of the popular share tips website,
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Meines Wissens gab es Strafanzeige gegen Wirecard im Januar 2020 oder so. @ebit4u - Man hat leider nie mehr davon gehört, sollte mal nachhaken @B_Strunz #Wirecard hat früher schon lustig geantwortet auf behördliche Anfragen. Habe davon "gehört". "Aus Kreisen" #curacao #theweb
sollte man :) @B_Strunz @t_stoneman @FabioDeMasi wer auch immer... Jaffe oder Hildegard sollten auch schauen, ob Verstecksystem der illegalen Anbieter parallel ist zu Marsaleks System. Falls ja: Rolle der bekannten Anwälte? #wirecard #theweb
Also großes Plakat nehmen und Netzwerke illegaler Kunden blau skizzieren, Netzwerke der Geldabflüsse rot, dann schauen #wirecard #theweb Ich habe zu wenig Informationen, sonst würde ich es selbst machen. Ich glaube übrigens nicht, dass es 1:1 ist, aber es gibt Knoten.
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Kleine Statistik zu den bisherigen Gegentoren der #Bundesliga: Sascha #Burchert hat nicht nur mit 11 Gegentoren die meisten kassiert - jedes Gegentor kassierte er auch aus der Kurzdistanz (≤ 11m). 8 Tore waren Direktabnahmen, davon 4 Kopfbälle.

#kleeblatt #Keeperanalyse Image
#Burchert kassierte gemeinsam mit #Riemann die meisten Tore beim Versuch im Block zu verteidigen (3), wobei Burchert bei gleich 5 Gegentoren aus meiner Sicht keine Chance hatte.

#kleeblatt #meinVfL ImageImage
Alex #Schwolow kassierte ebenfalls 11 Gegentore - 10(!) davon per Direktabnahme (4 per Kopf). Auch wenn ihn bei 4 Gegentoren aus meiner Sicht keine Schuld traf, resultierten 6 Gegentore aus misslungenen Paraden mit der Hand (Abdruck flach/halbhoch/hoch).

#hahohe #hertha Image
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka @retheauditors 1/ The curious case of ‘El Filibusterismo’. An aide memoire on : 1. Payment Service Providers “PSP’s” (). 2. Unlawful Pharma dispensary affiliate ops () - affiliate pornography ops … Image
2/ operate in a similar fashion except they are ‘virtual goods’, so are ‘digital fulfilled’. In 07/2009 the #Earthport Crew () announced (shortly before its then CEO James Bergman was reported ‘dismissed following an internal enquiry’) that Philippines …
3/ international money transfer op come prepaid card op #RediKard was ‘fully integrated’ in to #Earthport’s systems at >30,000 transactions/month(seemingly the standing start!). RediKard’s Managing Director was allegedly none other than Christopher Bauer who would later … ImageImageImageImage
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1/ @retheauditors @premnsikka @ArmitageJim The curious case of “who’s really the daddy ?”. @FinTelegram asked “is the #FinMax binary option/FX/CFD #scam network really operated by a former high-ranking Ukrainian police officer + his wife?” ( AND ...
2/…). It’s Belfast footprints entwined with other notorious blacklisted crypto/binary option/FX/CFD ops + far more. It’s interesting to note that the #FinMax group’s “#RUSVPN” VPN op targets #KODI (P2P media centre app, primarily for illegal viewing ...
3/ of movies) influencer deals. KODI movies often have injected “Englishski” ads for notorious blacklisted online crypto/binary option/FX/CFD ops. The appearance of Belfast addressed UK SPV “Morris Processing Ltd” is fascinating, it being the initial purported owner & ...
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ The Telegraph’s @Will_Kirkman writes of yet another of @theFCA’s made men in the infamous #PremierFX scandal(). PremierFX operated in the FCA’s notorious #Emoney/#API cesspit of #MoneyLaundering & fraud facilitation, but ...
2/ scratch the surface + as if #Wirecard’s fingerprints were not enough it’s the same familiar tale we saw in the #LCF scandal (+ many more) of the FCA not just asleep at the wheel, but actively turning a blind eye to multiple red flags. In the case of #PremierFX, ...
3/ the FCA astonishingly ignored #PremierFX itself reporting to the FCA that it had been fined by the Bank of Portugal for operating illegally. In yet another parallel to the damning Dame Gloster #LCF report lashing the FCA, we also saw in the PremierFX scandal the ...
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ While @thefca slumbered, their FCA made men/women wet their beaks in the notorious dark world of “entrepreneurial” aka “Golden Visa’s”. In 2018 the UK suspended “Golden Visa’s over endemic #MoneyLaundering concerns… AND ...
2/…. The FCA’s made men/women aren’t fussy, their target demographic at the top end usually Chinese “big crocs” & FSU “mini-me oligarchs”. This week @TheFCA woke up from its slumber + stopped #DolfinFinancial (UK) Ltd from carrying out regulated ...
3/ activities(… AND…) citing “serious concerns over the way Dolfin operated it’s business, including Tier1 Visa ops & financial crime controls”. The FCA was very quiet though about the seemingly all consuming Russian #CryptoCrap ..
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Bundesligavereine als Autobahnraststättensnacks. Ein Thread. #Bundesliga
FC Bayern München: Butterbrezel mit Salz
Kennt wirklich jeder. Ist immer wichtigtuerisch direkt neben der Kasse platziert. Deutlich zu teuer und für Möchtegern-Genießer. Wenn man Zähne zeigt, wird von oben direkt salzig reagiert.
Borussia Dortmund: Bockwurst im Laugenmantel
Vereint echte Bodenständigkeit mit weltmännischem Flair. Will ganz vorne mitspielen, ist im Endeffekt aber dann doch nur eine Bockwurst, um die der Tankwart eine angetaute Laugenbrezel gewickelt hat.
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The #UKGovernment Torture Report

This is a very short overview of what the #UKAuthorities have done in the case.

#PraiseTheLORD #PraiseGod #Borisjohnson #Downingstreet #PritiPatel #UKParliament #Dailymail
In 2005, I set up a business selling CDs, namely mixtape CDs after graduating from Uni.

In 2006, my home was raided & my business was stopped. They said the CDs I was selling were in breach of copyright.
It was a complete shock as the exact same CDs I was selling were prevalent on most high streets and supermarkets. They were selling in their thousands in places such as #Tesco & #HMV. And #Woolworths were the actual UK Distributor of these CDs.
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Gira un articolo che dice che la Fiat prende soldi pubblici da metà anni '70. Errore, la Fiat succhia soldi allo stato, con la benevolenza di tutti i peggiori criminali di questo paese, da quando è passata nelle mani degli Agnelli. #FCA 1/4…
Come è arrivata tra le mani negli Agnelli poi è una storia molto interessante: fondata dal figlio di un orologiaio e brillante meccanico, venne predata da un gruppo di ricchi e altolocati torinesi, che esclusero il fondatore dalla dirigenza. Di conseguenza Michele Lanza 2/4
tra i pionieri dell'auto in Italia, lasciò la sua quota azionaria. Questa fu acquistata all'ultimo minuto da Agnelli. Nel corso degli anni successivi, grazie a spregiudicate operazioni finanziarie, Agnelli acquista la maggioranza. Viene incriminato, ma grazie all'amicizia 3/4
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@retheauditors @premnsikka #WolfOfSophia allegedly scams tens of thousands of EU citizens >€100m…
@retheauditors @premnsikka German, Austrian police raid offices, arrest #WolfOfSophia suspects in Israel-linked €100m scam…
@retheauditors @premnsikka #WolfOfSophia - not good news for @TheFCA .. a quick look at the scammers networks shows a key part allegedly being a London based #FCA authorised Payment Services/e-money outfit MoorWand Ltd allegedly already in “hot water” - WTF FCA ? ImageImageImageImage
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1/2 @retheauditors @premnsikka The fascinating case of #LCF’s payment agent @TheFCA’s #GCEN + the infamous Osage 1 “scheme” - we’ve seen this “scheme” before in the shadowy world of the notorious #FCA authorised City One Securities & it’s head honcho , .. Image
2/3 the Knifton Clan, @TheFCA’s “regulatory catflap hotels” (Kession Capital/Sturgeon Ventures) & alumni of Renwick Haddow’s Capital Alternatives megascam in “The curious case of Venture Equity Ltd.” . It’s alleged GCEN was also payment agent for ...
3/3 “Cherish Chum” “schemes” eg “InvestUS” .. just how many more “schemes” were GCEN payment agent for ? ..
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1/ @retheauditors @premnsikka @alexralph The curious case of the Grosvenor Motley Crew’s Baldock’s & Bothers Beal. **Part of what would have followed has been removed due to unfinished U.K. criminal court cases.** Back in the 2000’s (before New Labour’s “A-Day” wild west) .. Image
2/ John Russell-Murphy had a different name + a “different game”(next curious case). Benjamin Beal tells us in 2008 he joined “Intelligent Investment”, a murky unregulated SIPPshitting op hawking the usual off plan property & land “schemes”. Looking at Intelligent Investment’s ImageImageImage
3/ website back in 2010 we see the notorious Ames Clan’s Harlequin Property “scheme” along with an Australian wheat Farm Land “scheme”(The notorious Renwick Haddow ran an infamous Australian wheat farm land scam “Agri Firma” [Capital Alternatives] with.. ImageImageImage
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1/2 One of the #FCA’s cossetted kitties “Carey Pensions” accused of being ‘in bed with scammers’ during SIPPShitting trial… AND “Carey Pensions” to face fresh legal challenge as judgement looms… ..
2/2 Long-awaited “Carey Pensions” legal ruling 'imminent', lawyer says.… AND “Carey Pensions” firesale acquirer sees Professional Indemnity Insurance rise £500k”…
We won’t spoil the surprise of who else used “Carey Pensions” to do the “#FCA stuff” in their offshore SIPP “schemes” ... but the bank accounts used were a bit of a giveaway LOL and reusing (renaming) SPV’s isn’t smart LOL .. one for another day.
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#fcapsa #fca #Lega #ue
FCA 54% vendite, matrimio alla pari, 45% consiglieri amministrazione.…
#fcapsa #fca #Lega #ue
FCA 54% vendite, matrimio alla pari, 45% consiglieri amministrazione.…
#fcapsa #fca #Lega #ue
Settore auto eccesso capacità produttiva, fusioni si fanno per fare sinergie... alcune fabbriche dovranno essere chiuse... stato Francese è azionista di PSA che avrà 6 consiglieri su 11. Chiuderanno le fabbriche in Italia.
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This all started because the #MetPolice & #LBRUT couldn't do their day jobs properly & decided to take the law into their own hands. It started as a small cover up 12 years ago but has turned into British State Persecution.

#Skynews #BBCNews #DailyMail #Guardian #Euronews
My company was raided. It should have been a straightforward matter. But the #MetPolice & #LBRUT forgot to seize my computer & came back to do a 2nd raid. The search warrant didn't permit a second entry, however, #LBRUT entered unlawfully

#Guardian #Telegraph #DailyMail #GMB #UK
Complaints were then made to my MP #VinceCable. He liaised with the #Metpolice & #LBRUT. And then weeks later, the search warrant was completely changed & was passed off as the search warrant executed on the day of the raids.

#DailyPolitics #Libdems #Conservatives #labour #bbcdp
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