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Ever wondered what it takes to build an intelligent Q/A assistant? 🤔

@OpenAI #gpt3 and a few hours is all you need!

🤯 Yes, you heard it right!

🕹 Built a #javascript wizard using @streamlit to answer all your queries like a human expert!

A thread 🧵

#nlproc #AI #lowcode
@OpenAI @streamlit Gone are the days when you had to spend hours on @StackOverflow for resolving code-related queries!

🪄 Javascript wizard gives you precise answers to all your #JS related questions by leveraging #gpt3's latest code-davinci model that understands your queries just like humans!
@OpenAI @streamlit @StackOverflow I have made the application code #OpenSource so you can just clone the repo and build #gpt3 powered #AI applications for your usecase!

👨‍💻 GitHub Repo -…

#NLP #lowcode #nlproc
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How to make your weekend productive? 🤔

🕹 Build an end-to-end neural search engine in #Python using @JinaAI_

🤯 Yes, you heard it right!

@JinaAI_'s DocArray library and a few hours is all you need to build a complete search solution!

A thread 🧵

#nlproc #OpenSource #AI
@JinaAI_ Neural search lets you improve search relevance by understanding the intent and going beyond the conventional keyword-based search!

Some common applications are:

👉 Q/A chatbots
👉 Voice assistants like #alexa #siri
👉 Recommendation system by @netflix
Check out this blog to build a semantic search engine for textual data.

It will walk you through the steps to build your first neural search application in no time!

#python #artificialintelligence #nlproc #OpenSource #datascience #lowcode…
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We just rolled out ToolJet 1.0 🚀
We are also live on ProductHunt, really appreciated it if you can take a few minutes to review ToolJet -
Thanks, everyone for making this happen in such a short time!

#opensource #producthunt #lowcode #nocode #devtool
What's new:
+ Started with 7 integrations and now we have 20+ datasource integrations
+ Started with 15 widgets and now there are 35+ UI widgets
+ Responsive canvas
+ Redesigned the application builder and dashboard for better usability
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#buildinpublic #automation #startups

At the request of @alistairswilson, here is my present #OpenSource Tech Stack!

Many of these are #Nocode/#Lowcode tools that make your life a lot easier.

So grab a cup of coffee & settle into:

Top 20 Solutions in My Tech Stack
🧵 👇
1. n8n (#Automation)
What it is: Connects different systems together and automates the tasks.

How I use it: How don't I use it?! Automated emails. Hardware Endpoint. API creation. System monitor.

Twitter: @n8n_io
2. Bitwarden (#Password Safe, #Security)
What it is: Safely stores & remembers your passwords so you don't have to.

How I use it: I have over 2000 username & password pairs. This remembers the very long passwords I create!

Twitter: @Bitwarden
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Amazon just announced a new #nocode/#lowcode tool at re:Invent conference.

It’s called AWS Amplify Studio.

In their own words, it is: “a visual development environment that offers frontend developers new features to accelerate UI development with minimal coding”
And this will totally blow your mind. 👇

The tool accepts a #Figma file and converts it into #React components library that you can then pull into your app.

So, not a no-code tool and definitely not for beginners.
But they are clearly bullish on the low-code/no-code approach to development.

They are positioning it as a “happy medium” between drag-n-drop development and the ability to customize.
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“HashiCorp: Past, Present, Future”

In this article, our guest contributor @shawnxusy takes you to explore the tech & biz model of HashiCorp $HCP, one of the most prominent open source startups to date.

@shawnxusy 1/ Like pianola that consistently automates piano playing, HashiCorp $HCP builds consistency via automation in cloud infra space.

Ex. Terraform automates away repetitive steps in provisioning a new EC2 server instance on AWS thru template, w/o replacing infra engineers #lowcode
@shawnxusy 2/ Origin story:

Growing up, co-founder @mitchellh wrote bots that auto-perform repetitive steps in games.

In 2009, his frustration of spending hours switching computing contexts to simulate diff customer environments prompted HashiCorp’s 1st open source product, Vagrant
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Be part of a community and grow faster!

Learning together with other like-minded no-coders will help you grow faster. But where to start?

These 11 communities might be interesting for you! Thread below 👇

Build anything without writing code. The #1 ranked platform for no-code education and community. Become a founder without being technical!

The #1 community for non-technical founders, makers, and entrepreneurs. Join 10,000+ founders building businesses with #NoCode
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No-Code AI or ML in your projects? I did an hour of research, and those are the 9 best tools & APIs for integrating into your projects.

Happy predicting 🤖

#lowcode #nocode #machinelearning #datascience

👉 @clarifai

✅ computer vision, natural language processing, and automated machine learning
✅ many ready-to-use models
👉 @levityai

✅ flexible ai model creation in a visual drag and drop editor
✅ computer vision, text processing
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What key 8 difference between permissioned #blockchain #setcoin & public blockchain #bitcoin?
Check the thread 🧵 👇

#investing #Finance #finanstwitter #cryptotrading #cryptocurrencies #cryptocurrency #cryptoart #defi #altcoin #CryptoNews #ethereum #Dodgers Image
1. #ESG Compatible with limited energy usage to deploy and run ledgers and nodes.
2. #Scalability: much faster validation, and transaction execution;
3. Generating income from real sector #assets;
Next 👇

#fintech #banking #cbdc #CryptoTownEU #DigitalCurrency #NFTgaming
4. Advanced #identity system for #digital #assets owners #validation;
5. Facilitating #green & #cycling economy transition
6. Diversification between income of green buildings, #renewables, #smartcities, #agtech, vertical farming, technology sector private equity assets
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3 steps
How to start your idea (#startup) from scratch
No needs:
- #hiring #engineers (product developers)
- #UI/#UX #designer
- #PM
- #Marketing #teams
- #angel or #vc #investors

- increasing curiosity
- #skills growth
- intentions for great

Check the thread 🧵 👇
Step #1
Use #nocode or #lowcode solutions to build your #product from scratch (needs $15-30 for domains and nocode platform)

You don't need funds or hire engineers/designers to build your product just grow your skillset.
Build on @bubble by single person 👇
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I love supporting smaller accounts on Twitter, but sometimes you gotta learn from the best.

Here are the 20 no-coders with the most followers 👇
1/ Vlad Magdalin @callmevlad with 46,884 followers.

Co-founder/CEO @webflow
2/ Ben Tossell @bentossell with 33,768 followers.

no-code education | Founder (acq by @zapier) | Investor in no-code/low-code tools
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How I built my full functional personal website in less than a day using low-code. 🚀

Spend less, Ship Faster.

A thread which you will love 🧵👇🏻

#nocode #lowcode
Tech stack used 🏆:

1. Frontend - React app using @divjoy
2. Newsletter using @tinyletter
3. Email using @EmailJS_com
4. Chatbot using @wotnot_io
5. Analytics using @splitbee
✅ Frontend

- Build the complete UI using components provided by @divjoy to save time

- Created multiple pages using the visual editor from Divjoy

- Exported the code which was a ZIP file of React app
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How I created a Mini Bank App using low-code in less than a week 🏦 💰

// THREAD 🧵 👇🏻

#nocode #lowcode #100DaysOfNoCode #BuildingInPublic
✨ Overview

Built a Web application that mimics the behavior of the bank like show balance, transaction history, FAQs, Block cards. It's a mini Bank 🏦

Stack Used

@airtable as Backend
@UiBakery for Frontend
@MailerLite for Email Integration
@zapier for workflow
✨ Frontend


Used UiBakery components via drag and drop visual builder, modified some styling according to our theme, and hooked REST API via built-in Data Connection.
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How I build a complete WebApp using lowcode in less than 2 weeks.

An Interesting thread 🧵 ⬇️

#nocode #lowcode #100DaysOfNoCode #BuildingInPublic Image

Built a Web application that allows you to Login via OTP and access the portal having a different demo, case studies, video.

Stack Used

@airtable as Backend

@UiBakery for Frontend

@zapier for workflow automation
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1/ What about government? #OpenBanking #CBDC? Final of 7 essays w/ @NateSoffio is here
@QEDInvestors @whartonfintech today, the evolving API-mediated marketplace, look forward to no-code/low-code movement and SCOTUS giving legal certainty.
2/ APIs are everywhere, every SaaS company must turn into an API-first company to survive. For the last 6 weeks we’ve laid out a guide for the next generation of SaaS built on the foundations of API-first development.
3/ What does it mean for the next generation of fintechs to be powered by API-first companies?

First it means that the barriers to entry are going to go down for consumer facing and small business companies.
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The #lowcode/no-code movement has gained significant momentum over the past year. Once a ridiculed topic has now evolved into an empowering machine. ⚙️

A thread on the rise of #Nocode.
As per google trends, search terms related to the #nocode movement have seen a sharp uptick over the past year. Major volume of searches is coming in from countries like the US, India, UK, and Europe. No code search trend
However, on further perusal on a wider range of keywords, you find a whole range of countries also in the mix. The #Nocode movement has reached countries like Kenya, New Zealand, the Philippines, UAE, etc.
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Introducing: Budibase 0.8 Release 🎉

Title: Game Changer

In this version:
- New form builder
- Search
- Auto columns
- Bindable URL params
- Rest API
- Improved data relationships
- Filtering

Let's go for a scroll...

A new form builder
The new form builder is magical. You can create forms from your schema, or create custom forms from scratch. Out of the box, forms come with dark mode, validation, accessibility, and sizing props. More importantly, they're super flexible and beautiful.
Role Based Access Control
Assign access permissions to tables and views. You will now be able to control who can read and write from tables, as well as allow public access to tables for non-logged-in users.
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Getting started with #NoCode 101:

If you have been hearing a lot about NoCode but don't know where to start, here's some guidance.

I cover:
- Why NoCode?
- Popular tool stacks (& other tools)
- Where to start?
- Some use cases as a showcase

Let's go 👇🏽

1/ Why NoCode?

- Obvious: you don't need to know or learn how to code

- Anyone in your team can take up product building initiatives. No more "developer bottlenecks".

2/ Why NoCode? (contd.)

- Focus shifts to the goal the tech is meant to achieve rather than the tech itself: latter is a very common misstep!

- The underlying products you use also keep improving. So what you can achieve through them also increases proportionally.
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Hace tiempo quería meterme a investigar un poco más sobre el crecimiendo del espacio #NoCode y #LowCode, herramientas que te permiten construir aplicaciones interactivas con poco/ningún conocimiento sobre código.

Hay cosas locazas que están pasando.…
1. Herramientas como Webflow ( hacen demasiado fácil montar una página web, incluso con un motor de contenidos (CMS) detrás, con buen estilo visual. Sin tener que gestionar servidores ni infraestructura.
2. Coda ( tiene una onda parecida a Notion, un formato de documentos con elementos interactivos con el que se pueden crear mini-apps/mini-sites para equipos y comunidades de manera muy sencilla.
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What I've learned after making 180 no code apps in 2020 (a thread 🧵)
As founder of @LowCodeAgency, this year I’ve had the opportunity to work with dozens of founders, business owners and entrepreneurs in order to build a custom, #nocode or #lowcode app for them. Image
@LowCodeAgency We’ve been lucky enough to work with huge companies, but our bread and butter are SMB’s and entrepreneurs. I wanted to take this opportunity to share these learnings.

1. Good, original ideas are very scarce

I can't tell you how many bad ideas we've built. Image
@LowCodeAgency People thinking they are making the next uber, doordash or yelp, without disrupting the current process big time are mistaken (IMHO). Too many people think they can do the same, but lack an original idea.
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Even though I haven't been a big fan of Twitter threads so far, a lot of people I know have made 100-tweet threads for @threadapalooza so I thought I'll give it a try as well. I will start with #APIs and hopefully end up connecting them with the #FutureOfWork. Let's go ...

First of all, when I talk about #APIs, I mean HTTP-based interfaces connecting apps and backend servers as well as different services with each other. For now, the technical details, such as whether they use REST, GraphQL, gRPC etc., shall not matter. (1/100)
When humans interact with computers they require a user interface (UI), and when machines interact with each other they need application programming interfaces (APIs). At the end of the day, however, these have to be implemented by humans. Good #APIDesign considers both. (2/100)
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1/ Here is how I built an Amazon review and rating tracker MVP that provided a daily report of a skill developer’s skills. using #nocode and #lowcode tools.

I hope this inspires your non-coders to build whatever you’ve got on your mind!
2/ Every Amazon product, including skills, has a 10 character Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). With your ASIN, you can find your skill’s page for all international markets:
3/ I started this whole thing with a Google Sheets with the ASINs and all of their associated URLs. This is a list of all the URL for all skills in all of the markets.
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Story of how I built Scale, once again with #NoCode tools.

It helped me understand the limits of such tools, needing Javascript in many cases. So, in terms of classification, it wasn't no-code but #lowcode.

Here are the details of Scale ( Thread 👇🏽
Firstly, the tech stack:
1. @webflow (frontend)
2. Webflow CMS (storing data)
3. @thatsfinsweet (search and future filters)
4. Pavel's (@alertlogic) raw.githack (for hosting git URLs of SVGs)
5. jscolor (color picker)
1/ Webflow

is great for building layouts that are easily responsive. I was also able to change the layout of the page (from 3-column to 2-column) quite simply with a click of a button.

Also, with the CMS, no database was needed. But there are limitations.
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With an explosion of software in the past few years, IMO, the tech stack of the future will see a LOT less custom code.

The attached poster/graphic summarizes my thoughts.

11 tweet thread follows... 🧵⬇️ This poster shows the Tech ...
With 100+ launches on PH every day, there is a high probability you will find software that does what you need at a price point that works for you

These will be the first port of call for any process automation and new product functionality

Some examples coming up ...
Some tools provide functionality for your product

@getstream_io gives you newsfeed, @twilio gives you chat/SMS/calls, @keen_io enables reporting out of the box, @bannerbearHQ API creates bulk images. And so on
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