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Has the UK lost its fucking mind?

A thread.

We elected as PM a man who’s cheated on both his wives, had countless affairs, fathered at least 7 kids with 4 women and has been sacked twice for lying. He even lied to the Queen.

#LiarJohnson Image
He ignored the biggest pandemic in 100 yrs cos he was sorting out his divorce and writing a book to pay for it. Then he delayed the 2nd lockdown and failed to close our borders to stop the #IndianVariant. 150,000 died as a result and he said “let the bodies pile high”. Image
He lied that Brexit would give the NHS £350m a week, then his Govt gave nurses a measly 1% pay rise (= pay cut, after inflation) and made hospital staff pay for their parking. The nurse who treated him for COVID has quit the NHS completely. Image
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ICYMI @IndependentSage released an emergency statement yesterday saying that as things stand with #DeltaVariant aka #IndianVariant in UK, we believe it's difficult to justify moving ahead with 21 June full reopening. We wish to avoid another full lockdown…
Since April we have seen an exponential increase in #B16172 #DeltaVariant; it is now the dominant strain circulating in UK. Latest evidence suggests it's more transmissible, has higher risk of hospitalisation & more vaccine escape than Kent variant. We need to take action NOW.
Latest data also showing that #Deltavariant aka #IndianVariant is spreading rapidly through schools with ~97 primary & secondary school outbreaks btwn 26 April and 30 May. Cases in England are the highest among 10-19 year olds. We need to bring cases down so schools can STAY OPEN
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UK govt making a big song and dance about moving Portugal from green to amber on their not-fit-for-purpose travel traffic lights system. Meantime PHE report showed ystday #DeltaVariant (from India) in UK is MORE transmissible, has higher risk of hospitalisation and vaccine escape
It is MAJOR NEWS for the UK that Public Health England have upgraded the risk from #DeltaVariant (aka #IndianVariant) to *red* in terms of higher transmissibility, more risk of hospitalisation and more vaccine escape than previously thought yet hardly any news outlets covering it
Not only has Boris Johnson been misleading the public by maintaining there's "nothing in the data" to suggest 21 June lockdown easing cannot happen (when evidence about public health risk has been strong), but the risks associated with Delta aka #IndianVariant have got WORSE.
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"Nothing in the data yet"?? #IndianVariant is nearly dominant strain in UK. It's much more contagious than Kent variant; 1 dose of vaccine only offers ~33% protection. It has increased in all regions; it's affecting younger groups more. And only 39% population fully vaccinated.
Daily cases are rising rapidly; in last week it has increased by ~35%. Boris Johnson & Ministers pushing out the line that "we always expected an increase" after May 17, BUT it's the *rate of increase* which is the most concerning. And there's NO govt strategy to keep cases down
The Govt have focused ONLY on vaccinations to address exponential growth of #DeltaVariant aka #IndianVariant, with a target to fully vaxx over-50s by June 21, but what about under 50s AND children? Approx 28million people will still be left partially protected, or unprotected.
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Hello! It's a super sunny Sunday in (almost) all of #UK, enjoy the BBQ & don't worry too much about #Covid19

This is the daily #Coronavirus megathread and soon I'll make my predictions about🚦travel review.

To my anonymous donors💚just sorry I can't thank you personally.
Late on yesterday's thread some alarming news from #Bahrain, and also on there data from #Argentina and #Brazil

But today in the next 2 tweets, I'll start by taking a look at the infection situation which can go a long way to determining🟢🚦countries

Europe's most #Covid19 infected nations (7-day rate AD/M)
Same top 10. NL slow getting cases down

1 #Sweden 188
2 #Netherlands 182
3 #Lithuania 177
4 #Latvia 168
5 #Denmark 167
6 #Belgium 164
7 #Greece 154
8 #Andorra 148
9 #France 139
10 #Slovenia 135

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Saturday's #Coronavirus megathread starts here.

Thanks so much for everyone who contributed yesterday, if you have no idea what I'm on about here's another sneaky link to my crowdfunder!

It's a quite start today following the flurry of news last night..…
So a lot of data and a couple of new stories came in during the last hour or so of Friday, including South America data.

You can catch up on #Argentina #Brazil #Colombia #Bulgaria #Norway stats, and some #OlympicGames news by clicking and scrolling ⬇️

Now more very concerning news from #Bahrain, one of the most vaccinated territories on the planet.

#Covid19 cases are still rising there - more worrying is the real increase in deaths too.
Second highest daily number of new cases & deaths in the latest update
graph @Worldometers Image
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Finally, here is Friday's #Coronavirus megathread

🚦review imminent, I'm getting a lot of questions.
I reply to everyone but it's so time consuming
I'm now working on 7-day rates for EVERY Greek island.

No obligation but if my efforts are worth £1, thx…
I'll continue to post free advice and data, so nothing will be hidden from anyone, so please don't be angry or upset! And yes you can still ask questions!

So the big news in UK today is that the single shot Jansen (J&J) #Covid19 vaccine has been approved…
The big #Covid19 data news overnight is that #Argentina smashed its own record again, topping 40,000 cases in a day for the first time.

41,080 new cases to be precise, up around 15% on last week's total.
Another 547 new deaths
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While all media attention continues to focus on #DominicCummings' explosive claims about Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, Cabinet Sec et al, there is one issue that has had less attention: whether the govt STILL believe in #herdimmunity through natural infection? @IndependentSage
Even until a few weeks ago, following Stage 2 of the Roadmap (with a Third wave on our doorstep in Europe), Boris Johnson talked about learning to "live with the virus" and accepting more hospitalisations and [inevitable] deaths with reopening more places.…
And it's clear that UK govt are neither "following the science" nor adhering to "data not dates" when we're told that there's "nothing in the data" to suggest the govt need to "deviate" from its Roadmap. Covid cases, linked to so-called #IndianVariant are rising across many areas
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1/ Tragically I can @carolecadwalla.

From the v start of the pandemic, #PHE have made a number of decisions that have definitely NOT been in the public’s or healthcare workers’ interest & will have resulted in many more lives lost or irrevocably damaged than was necessary.
2/ Downgrading #COVID19 from the list of HCIDs was one such example.

Few HCWs doubt that the decision was based on supplies of #PPE available.
Anyone in doubt should try to watch this @BBCPanorama by Richard Bilton which is bizarrely no longer available?!
3/ @DrRCoull & I were 2 of many GPs who raised concerns last yr over the LEVEL of #PPE HCWs expected to wear when dealing directly w/ confirmed or suspected #COVID19 pts.
@drmeenalviz @ThePalpitations @DAUK_GP & @EveryDoctorUK @DrSimonHodes +others REPEATEDLY RAISED THE ISSUE
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1/5 Dear @susannareid100 & @adilray & @gmb, millions of school children, families & teachers across the country urgently need your help.
Masks are no longer required leaving pupils & 1000s of unvaccinated/partially vaccinated adults <40 vulnerable to #COVID19 & #LongCovid.
2/ W/ case numbers of the #IndianVariant ⬆️ sharply in many parts of the UK, I’m utterly mystified that we’re allowing so many young ppl & children to be exposed to #coronavirus every day they’re in school.

We don’t know enough about this #COVIDVariant yet to be so reckless.
3/ Just like the failure to put #India on the #RedList soon enough, the decision to remove the 😷mandate from schools will certainly result in more #COVID & #LongCovid cases.
It is too early to know whether hospitalisations & deaths will rise too.
We can but hope they don’t.
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1/10 So #UsForThem, not satisfied with removing one of the very few protections our children have from #COVID19 , want to rob them of the chance to be vaccinated against it too?

Next they’ll recommend we shouldn’t brush their teeth without consent!
2/ Anyone with any knowledge of a world before routine childhood vaccinations will know that children suffered a great deal from diseases that we luckily rarely seen now.

Acute illness, long term morbidity & death.

Take a look at the UK childhood vaccination programme⬇️.
3/Molly Kingsley’s recent writings seek once again to misinform & confuse, to put a❓ over what is responsible parenting.

She implies that children must be able to give informed consent for #COVIDVaccination for it to have any validity.

Who consents for the IMMs above Molly?
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1/12 How anyone who claims to care about children can read this thread & look at these figures, & still think “Oh yes, this was a good time to remove 😷s from secondary schools!”

What madness is it that has lead to pupils, staff & families being so unprotected from #COVID19?
2/ #Bolton is just 1 town, every day this week more places have found ⬆️cases of the #IndianVariant.

A local school has an outbreak, a whole yr group’s been sent home. A min of 10 children have tested +ve, so assuming they all have a mild infection, ONE could get #LongCovid.
3/ Has the #PrimeMinister decided that this is acceptable COLLATERAL DAMAGE?

Is this what the #antimask anti-scientific groups like #UsForThem, #HartGroup & the #CRG want for the children of this country?
1000s of innocent children w/ long term symptoms we don’t yet understand? Image
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1/6 Can someone please ask the #PrimeMinister @ tomorrow’s #PMQs whether he has any idea what the answers to these questions are?

Ideally @Keir_Starmer or @kate_green?
But in the absence of @UKLabour’s support 4 effective mitigations in schools I’m not holding me breath.
2/This “human experiment” is being conducted on CHILDREN FGS!

They may have parents who are not yet vaccinated or CEV. There are large numbers of teaching staff who are <40.

How is this even remotely ethical @MattHancock?
3/ We have the #IndianVariant spreading across the country...v few mitigations left in place...households mixing freely in many indoor children no longer required to #WearAMask

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For any parent or teacher who believes that the Gvmt is being “guided by the science”, following “data not dates” & has the best interests of your children & family at heart, today is a good day to read these articles from @NafeezAhmed @BylineTimes.
There’s NOTHING “we are a grass roots parents group” about the people pulling the strings of government, resulting in decisions that have directly affected the lives of pupils, staff & families of both.

#UsForThem, aka #ForMeNotYou, do not care about YOUR CHILD or ANY STAFF!
Their #NoMasksInClass campaign, the results of which begin tomorrow, has nothing to do w/ education or keeping children safe.
The vast majority of children understand that being asked to #WearAMask at school is a very small price to pay for keeping others safe & them at school.
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Most of us accept that it's entirely sensible to get vaccinated against #COVID19 & to keep new variations under control.

While there are legitimate concerns over lockdowns, anti-vaxxers, & those who believe COVID is 'a hoax', are among the most dangerous fools on earth.
Yet our dysfunctional Govt & PM blather about 'common sense' & refuse to condemn them, having repeatedly failed to take decisive action to control the virus.

We've know about the #IndianVariant since February, but action wasn't taken until late April - & STILL flights arrive!
When combined with a decade of unnecessary ideological austerity, outsourcing, privatisation, & real-terms cuts of 25% since 2015/16 to our #NHS, it is *crystal clear* that these corrupt free-market obsessed criminals are directly responsible for 130,000 largely avoidable deaths.
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What saved my brother when all hope was God was #plasma. He responded to the 1st unit given to him & the 2nd one got him off oxygen support. Many suffering under this strain have recovered with/after #PlasmaTherapy. Is this coz there's a shortage? #COVID19 #CovidIndia @PMOIndia
Making #PlasmaTherapy illegal is liking tying the hands of our docs & telling them to save lives. Are you trying to kill people? First no oxygen supply & now this!

I ask you, is it harming anyone? Are there any sideeffects? The ministry talks like they have it all figured out.
Shortage of a medicine in the market doesn't render it unnecessary as the govt would have us believe. It doesn't have to be a miracle cure. First, rem's not needed (now DRDO will save us all). Then, why Delhi needs more 02 than Mumbai (asked in SC. new, more virulent strain?!)
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A reminder that Boris Johnson knowingly and willingly delayed putting India on the travel red list for weeks until he received political pressure from all sides. If the #IndianVariant scuppers the UK’s recovery, he must be held accountable! #
Hello @BBCNews, would be great if you could raise this fact. #Accountability…
This is chart for the date Johnson put Pakistan and Bangladesh on the travel red list, but chose to ignore what was happening in India.
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Good afternoon #PrimeMinister,
Reading the @Telegraph article below has caused me significant angst. As a healthcare professional who has seen just what #COVID19 can do, I am struggling to understand the rationale behind this decision.
Just as we are unlocking cautiously you want to risk the lives of more individuals by removing one of the few mitigations in secondary schools?
We know that #COVIDisAirborne & that we have several #VariantsOfConcern here already.
Have you seen this chart #PrimeMinister?
V few <40s will be vaccinated by May 17th & while their individual risk of serious disease or dying is low, their risk of #LongCovid is MODERATE!
Many parents & teaching staff are <40.
The numbers of #NHS & teaching staff w/ it already are horrendous. Why put more ppl at risk?
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Since India announced the ‘E484Q & L452R’ #DoubleMutant , I was curious about the emergence of the ‘E484Q and L452R’ mutations. When I analyzed all publicly available #SARSCoV2 sequences, the first ever case was reported in Maharashtra, India in a sample collected on 12/5/2020.
In India, the Double Mutants are primarily found in Lineage B.1; USA- B.1.427 and B.1.429; Sweden-L.3. Outside of India only 46 sequences of double mutant were found, UK-22, USA-12 (mostly California), Sweden-5, Canada -3, 1 in Singapore, Germany, Australia and New Zealand each. Image
The E484Q mutation was first seen in a sample collected on 03/09/2020 in Midtjylland, Denmark; 03/20/2020 in San Diego, US; 03/22/2020 in Maharashtra, India; 5/20/2020 Wales, UK. The mutation is seen mostly in B.1 lineages including B.1.1.7 and mostly in India, USA and UK. Image
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