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#OnThisDay Sep 15, 1918, the Ottoman Army of Islam captured #Baku. With the ethnic #Azerbaijan'i Turks at their side, they carried out a systematic massacre of the #Armenia'ns in the city, during which its estimated that 15,000 to 20,000 Armenians died.

#Turkey #ArmenianGenocide
A terrible panic in Baku ensued once the Turks entered the city. The Armenians crowded the harbor in a frantic effort to escape. Regular Ottoman troops were not allowed to enter the city for 2 days, so that the local irregulars – bashibozuks – would conduct looting and pillaging.
Later, Ottoman troops participated alongside the irregulars & the Azeris of #Baku in the plundering, who then turned their fury against the city's #Armenia'n population. Calls by the German officers to treat the local population with leniency were ignored by Ottoman commanders.
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The drill ship #AbdulHamidHan, #Erdogan’s latest vanity project in a country where 15 million people suffer from hunger, was launched yesterday. But who was #AbdulHamid after whom the vessel was named? A thread on the #BloodySultan and the #HamidianMassacres by #theHELC 1/12
Abdul Hamid II was Sultan of the #Ottoman Empire from 1876 to 1909. During his reign, unrest amongst his oppressed subjects in the #Balkans and Asia Minor intensified. His barbaric response would culminate in the massacres of #Armenians and #Assyrians of 1894–1896 2/12
After #Turkey’s defeat in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–1878, it was agreed in the conference of #Berlin that Russia would evacuate the Armenian populated territories of the Ottoman Empire in return for the implementation of reforms to protect the local population 3/12
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Armenian-American Dr. Raymond Vahan Damadian, the inventory of the MRI scanning machine passed away yesterday at the age of 86.

Dr. Damadian was born in March of 1936 to #ArmenianGenocide survivor Vahan and Odette Damadian.
He grew up in New York & became a licensed physician, medical practitioner, mathematician, and inventor.

Dr. Damadian was the first ever to perform a full-body scan of a human being on July 3, 1977, to diagnose cancer. Despite his success, he was denied the Nobel Peace Prize.
Today, the MRI is considered the one of the greatest medical breakthroughs of the 20th century, and his invention has undoubtedly impacted, saved, and prolonged millions of lives.
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"[...] historia będzie na próżno szukać słowa... Armenia”

24 IV obchodzimy Dzień Pamięci o Ludobójstwie Ormian. Jednym ze świadków tamtego czasu był niemiecki żołnierz, Armin Wegner. Jego zdjęcia i relacje były dowodem tureckiego okrucieństwa i wyrzutem sumienia Niemiec... ⬇️
Armin Wegner urodził się 16 X 1886 w Elberfeld w Nadrenii. Naukę pobierał na Dolnym Śląsku, w Strzegomiu, potem studiował prawo we Wrocławiu,
Berlinie i Zurychu. Wkrótce po ukończeniu przez niego doktoratu,wybuchła Wielka Wojna. Kontynuując rodzinne tradycje wstąpił więc na
ochotnika do wojska. Ale zabijać nie chciał,dlatego został sanitariuszem. Zimę 1914/1915 spędził w Polsce, gdzie za swój trud w opiece nad rannymi otrzymał Krzyż Żelazny. Jego życie odmieniła wiosna 1915 - wtedy to Cesarstwo Niemieckie weszło w sojusz ze Stambułem,a Wegner został
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Today is the 107th anniversary of the #ArmenianGenocide.
On April 24, 1915, Turkish officials arrested 250 Armenian leaders and intellectuals in Constantinople. More arrests followed as thousands of Armenian notables were imprisoned, executed or deported.
This marked the beginning of the systematic destruction of the Ottoman Empire's Armenian population. The persecutions continued with varying intensity until 1923.
The Armenian population of the Ottoman state was about two million in 1915. An estimated one million had perished by 1918, while hundreds of thousands had become refugees. By 1923 virtually the entire Armenian population of Anatolian Turkey had disappeared.
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Nazi concentration camp badges:

Jews (yellow, star of David)
Socialist/Unionist (Red)
Jehovah Witness (purple)
Gay (pink)
Gypsies (black)

#NeverForget Image

#WhiteNationalism is an abomination.

It was a movement so BARBARIC and DISSIMILAR in world history, that men had to find a new word to describe its satanic conduct.

The word that was settled upon' #Genocide

The #ArmenianGenocide started in 1915

The Holocaust 1941 and 1945.

But, before those two genocides trsanspired, one happened in Africa: "It took place between 1904 and 1908"

Herero and Namaqua genocide…

#NeverForget Image
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I also studied post WWII German history and the rigorous teaching of the Holocaust (not to mention the fact that there are memorials in every German city) is a great inspiration for how a society can embrace shame and become better for it.
Post reconstruction USA was essentially the opposite: no reparations, no Nuremberg trials, no shame, no memorials (but Confederate statues a few decades later just to be jerks) and instead the energy just moved to other ways to perpetuate the same systems (redlining, segregation)
My mom was one of those kids who was taught rigorously about the history. And she taught me that my pride as a German meant accepting the Holocaust along with Beethoven. It was OK to feel tremendous pride for some parts of our history as well as tremendous shame for others.
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.@POTUS -- the #ArmenianGenocide you recognized last month was part of a larger genocide of Christians in Turkey. Today marks another major phase of that genocide, in which at least 353,000 Greeks from the Pontus region perished. #PontianGenocide
Today we honor the memory of those who perished during Turkey’s campaign of extermination and genocide against Greeks in Asia Minor, Eastern Thrace, and Pontus.
While an image may be worth a thousand words, these words -- true accounts of the atrocities -- remind us of the thousands of lives lost and call on us to ensure that such a horror never happens again.
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Armenians revolted against the Ottoman state of which they were citizens. They attacked and killed the Turks together with the Russian army in the WW1. Therefore the Ottoman state, deport the Armenians another Ottoman cities.

#ArmenianGenocide fake
Armenians had a population of 1.2 million. The big majority of them reached their destination cities.

#ArmenianGenocide fake
Swedish officer Hjalmar Pravitz, followed the deportation Armenian convoys. Says there is no Armenian genocide.

By Hj Pravitz, Nya Dagligt Allehanda, 23 April, 1917

#ArmenianGenocide fake
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"🇹🇷has once again escaped the consequences of its actions, this time in Nagorno-#Karabakh... 🇹🇷is already being considered to be a global problem, even though 🇺🇸🇪🇺🇷🇺 refuse to accept this reality.." /1
"Let us explain in what sense 🇹🇷has become a problem for the whole world. The world has rejected totalitarian ideologies, since they were responsible for innumerous killings & the suffering of humanity. Fascism, Nazism, Communism, all of them were tested & finally rejected..." /2
"The only totalitarian ideology that stands the test of time is Turkish racism, which took various forms during the 20th century, such as the nationalist (& Islamist) racism of the Neo-Turks, by Mustafa Kemal & the Gray Wolves, and in the 21st century, under Tayyip #Erdogan..."/3
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The #ArmenianGenocide 🇦🇲 is a well documented historical fact for 🇪🇺European (including Russia) countries and for the 🇺🇸US. Biden's public position on this issue does not change the whole picture. Though, it might gain him a few extra-supports.…
Biden's position on the #ArmenianGenocide🇦🇲 should probably be seen as an American retaliation for the numerous displeasures 🇺🇸USA have with Erdogan. It is also an acknowledgement that #Turkey 🇹🇷 is not an important and trustable member of #Nato anymore.…
🇵🇰#ImranKhanPTI wish to interfere in this bilateral quarrel is of no consequence on The #ArmenianGenocide 🇦🇲international recognition. It, however, evidences a humiliating puppet, if not pet, status for #Pakistan under Khan's rule.…
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@batuhangcr your thread is nothing more than a lie.

This is the fact on record that #OttomanEmpire did a brutal genocide of #armenians.

It is the moral & ethical responsibility of #Turkey to accept their bloody deeds & apologise for #ArmenianGenocide ImageImageImageImage
The western portion of Historical #Armenia, known as Western Armenia had come under #Ottoman Empire by the Peace of Amasya (1555) and was permanently divided from Eastern #Armenia by the Treaty of Zuhab (1639). Image
B/W 1894-1896, in response to the large scale protests by Armenians, Turkish military officials, soldiers & ordinary men sacked Armenian villages and cities and massacred their citizens.

Hundreds of thousands of people were murdered. Image
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[Thread] Historical proof of Armenian Dashnaks (Armenian Revolutionary Federation) & Russian Invading forces massacres of Turks and Kurd's inside Anatolia which lead to the events of 1915. Turkey wants recognition of this but its ignored mostly by Western Media. #ArmenianGenocide
Western Media itself reported mostly about Armenian Dashnaks before WW1 terrorizing eastern Anatolian Turks and Kurds, these actions where mostly supported by Russian Weapons and Explosives. All of these 4 articles are from the @nytimes reporting on these events.
Different western Newspapers reported on Armenians being ready and siding with Russian Invading forces. This is from The Times, London, 12.01.1915, reporting on 8000 Armenians readying themselves in the UK to fight with the Russians, while 5000 more are ready in the USA.
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Why did this @serdaribrahimke tweet objecting to Biden's acknowledgement of the #ArmenianGenocide mostly get retweeted by accounts created this month with names ending in 4 digits? #SaturdaySpam

cc: @ZellaQuixote
Answer: a retweet botnet, consisting of 45 accounts made between April 22nd and April 24th, 2021. All have names ending in four digits, and all (allegedly) send most of their tweets via Twitter for iPad with occasional use of Twitter for Android.
This botnet has thus far posted no original content whatsoever. All of its 3016 tweets are retweets, almost all of which are of Turkish-language content.
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Friends have asked me about the #ArmenianGenocide my entire life – I’m typically the only Armenian they know. Every time this surfaces as a contentious DC issue, newsroom colleagues ask what’s the big deal. 2/
Until now, presidents have declined to formally apply the term “genocide” for fear of sparking a backlash from Turkey, which vigorously denies it. #ArmenianGenocide 3/
This denial comes in spite of a massive historic record of evidence. You can start here if you want to know more.

The more you go down this historic rabbit hole, the more heart-wrenching it gets. 4/ #ArmenianGenocide
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1) Sharing a few personal reflections on @POTUS Biden's immensely moving decision to recognize the #ArmenianGenocide at long last (1/10):
2) A quarter century ago, I began researching the major genocides of the 20th century. My research began, naturally enough, w/ the Ottoman slaughter & I discovered the extent to which Raphael Lemkin invented the word "genocide" in 1944 w/ the destruction of the Armenians in mind
3) With publication of "A Problem from Hell" in 2002, I was stunned & humbled by the response of Armenian-Americans who invited me into their homes&churches, & who attended public events to rebut the orchestrated lies of Turkish govt officials who tried to discredit my research.
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1/ April 24, 1915 marked the beginning of Turkey’s genocide of ethnic Armenians. My great-grandparents, who lived in the town of Van, buried their young daughter, my grandmother, in their yard to protect her. They gave her a small hole through which she could breathe.
2/ The Turks slaughtered her parents. She later walked to a nearby convent, where the nuns raised her, in safety.

She never knew her extended family, and she didn’t even know her birthday.
3/ @Turkey_Gov has never accepted responsibility, offered an apology or reparations. In fact, it has led an active campaign of denial of this documented chapter of history, and pro-Turkish propaganda.
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Beginning in 1915, the Ottoman Empire perpetrated a genocide, killing 1.5 million Armenians. For decades, American leaders did not acknowledge this fact, due to pressure from Turkey. Until today.

Thank you @POTUS for your historic decision recognizing the #ArmenianGenocide. 1/7
Some two million Armenian-Americans live in the United States, and most are descendants of genocide survivors or victims.

Today’s change in US policy happened because of the tireless work of these individuals, who campaigned for decades on behalf of recognition. 2/7
For survivors & their families, struggling to have their experiences recognized was extremely painful.

US officials were forced to pretend that historical facts were just opinions & to deploy euphemisms to describe cold truths. This was wrong. 3/7
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This is an immensely huge step and one that president after president had punted on making in order to pacify Turkey. The Armenians deserve better and so does every ethnic group that was massacred after its murderers learned lessons from what the Ottomans did over a century ago.
This was Hitler in 1939: Accordingly, I have placed my death-head formations in readiness... with orders to them to send to death mercilessly and without compassion, men, women, and children... Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?
Biden's statement refers to Constantinople (not Istanbul) and to the Ottoman Empire (which has not existed for more than a century). Turkey should take the hint, similarly state that the #ArmenianGenocide took place long ago and finally acknowledge that it happened.
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Idag på minnesdagen går mina tankar och böner till minnet av mina förfäder och alla offer i det Armeniska folkmordet för 106 år sedan #ArmenianGenocide
Det är alltför sällan vi i Sverige får höra eller lära oss om svenska kvinnor som gjort skillnad för mänskligheten. De finns, det talas om dem i andra delar av världen och en av dessa är Alma Johansson.
Frågar man nästan vilken armenier som helst; ”Nämn en person som gjorde allt vad den kunde för att minska lidandet för armenier”, då skulle många svara Alma Johansson. För många av oss i Sverige är hon en helt okänd person, med ett alldagligt svenskt namn, men inte mer än så.
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Long overdue recognition of the #ArmenianGenocide is in sight. The memory of those lost to this genocide were dishonored by the stubborn and immoral refusal of the @WhiteHouse & @StateDept to recognize this crime. But as @ANCA_DC points out, this is not merely about the “past”.
If we are ever going to be serious about “Never Again”, we have to acknowledge what happened in the first place. As @DavidHarrisAJC and @AJCGlobal have long pointed out, punishment of the Turkish perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide might have affected Hitler.
And as @USCIRF detailed this week, Turkey carries on the legacy of genocide today by oppressing its religious minorities - including the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian communities against which it perpetrated genocides a century ago👇
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Oggi 106 anni fa, l'Impero Ottomano iniziò lo sterminio di 1,5 milioni di Armeni in 2 anni #MedzYeghern #GenocidioArmeno #GenocideArmenien #ErmeniSoykırımı #ArmenianGenocide ma costruzione del nemico ed eccidi iniziarono già nel 1894, col sultano Hamid II…
Nonostante la Turchia neghi ancora oggi #MedzYeghern #GenocidioArmeno #GenocideArmenien #ErmeniSoykırımı #ArmenianGenocide e persegua chi lo ricorda, esistono persino immagini dello sterminio degli armeni scattate dagli stessi Ottomani, a mo' di trofei Image
La storica Benedetta Guerzoni ha dedicato una ricerca all'uso delle immagini da parte degli Ottomani per demonizzare gli Armeni e celebrare il loro sterminio: Cancellare un popolo. Immagini e documenti del #GenocidioArmeno #MedzYeghern Mimesis 2013… Image
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1 - Mayıs 1915’te İttihat ve Terakki önderlerine suikast iddiasıyla yargılanarak idam edilen Hınçak Partisi üyesi Paramaz (Matteos Sarkisyan) mahkemede yaptığı savunmada şöyle diyordu: “Bu ülkenin refahı için yapmadığımız ne kaldı?” +
2 - “Ermenilerin ve Türklerin kardeşliğini sağlamak için öylesine fedakarlıkları kabul ettik. Ne kadar enerji tükettik, ne kadar çok kanımızı akıttık… Bizim karşılaştığımız nedir? Yalnızca çabalarımızı yok saymakla kalmadınız, bilinçli olarak bizi imha etmeye çalıştınız.” +
3 - “Şunu unuttunuz ki Ermenilerin imha edilmesi bütün Türkiye’nin yıkımı demektir.” 1915 Ermeni Soykırımı’nın 106’ıncı yıl dönümünde Ermeni halkının acısını paylaşıyor, onurlu direnişlerini saygıyla selamlıyoruz. #ArmenianGenocide
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Osmanlı bir Ermeni Soykırımı yaptı mı?

Bu sorunun cevabı yüzyıllık bir bulmaca gibi, bir türlü doğruyu bulamıyoruz. Nedeni 1915 döneminin kaotik ve karmaşık siyasi ortamı

Cevabı ben baştan vereyim, hem evet hem hayır

Bu nasıl cevap mı, anlatalım:

Soruya şöyle başlamak lazım, 1915'teki devlet Osmanlı devleti midir? Hayır değildir.

1908'de 2. meşrutiyet adı verilen yönetim darbesiyle İttihatçılar devleti ele geçirmiş

1909'da başkenti Selanik ordusuyla işgal etmiş, padişahı esir alıp Selanik'e sürmüş

1912'de Balkanları+
işbirlikçilerine peşkeş çekmiş (IMRO-Sandanski vs)

1914'te devleti Almanya'nın yanında savaşa sokmuş bir cunta Devleti yönetmektedir

Bu cunta devleti ele geçirmek için bölücü Daşnaksütyun cemiyeti ile işbirliği bile yapmıştı

1915'te bütün askeri yönetimi Almanlara devretmiş+
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