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#Genocide scholars from all over the world appeal to global community- genocide of the #Armenia|ns in Nagorno-#Karabakh"is a very real possibility".
They cite #Erdogan:
1. #Turkey is ready to once more "give a lesson" to #Armenia|ns
2. “Deportation” of Armenians [referring to the #ArmenianGenocide] in 1915 was the most appropriate decision at the time
3. Armenians are “leftovers of the sword”
"#Aliyev spoke abt a “hypocritical, global #Armenia|n conspiracy w/ Western politicians,who are embroiled in corruption and bribery,”reminiscent of Hitler's "global Jewish conspiracy” thesis,reiterated many times in Nazi speeches as a pretext and justification for the #Holocaust"
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@crousselle thank you for bringing the existential threat facing #Christian #Armenians to your readers. The ferocity & violence of Turkish backed aggression by Azerbaijan is aimed to eliminate the only remaining Christians & create one Islamic state.
#Artsakh was 80% Armenian in 1988 when it’s people stood up against ethnic persecution by #Azeris & declared independence. #recognizeArtsakh merely is their wish to live & pray free, speak their language & raise their children without the threat of violence or ethnic cleansing.
Another Armenian region, Nakhichevan, was not as lucky, Azeris had systemically pushed Armenians out, & recently a UNESCO heritage site of 13th c Arm cemetery of intricate cross-stones was destroyed by Azerbaijan. #sanctionAzerbaijan #sanctionTurkey #peace
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Video Part 2:
Further context will be provided in this thread, in the form of examples of war crimes and media reports.

In short, Artsakh (aka Nagorno-Karabakh) is a small disputed territory which has been continuously inhabited by Armenians since antiquity as they are indigenous to the area
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#Azerbaijan loves talking about #Khojali - and one day, when I have the time, I'll try to talk about it too, but be honest about it - the topic is marred in propaganda and disinformation. But this time, let's talk about the photographic evidence Azerbaijan represents. (thread)
Armenians took #Khojali , so how does #Azerbaijan have so many photographs?
This is the story of one of those photos.
On March 2019, the Azerbaijani embassy in Iran organized an exhibition of photographs allegedly representing the events of Khojali (thread)
At least one of those photographs might seem familiar to you. It shows a woman kneeling at the body of a dead child.

You might have seen it before - as a featured photo on English, Farsi and Vietnamese Wikipedia. It was a featured photo on EN Wikipedia on 24 April 2015 (thread) Image
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#OurFavoriteTurkishTroll is back to show off his lousy Twitter game. He must have forgotten that the Chairs and Ranking Members of the Senate Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committees started the #SanctionTurkey chorus:
He must have also missed it when the US Congress passed the NDAA last year with a provision calling for the US to #SanctionTurkey Image
It must really burn him up when a Congressman in his former jurisdiction (and member of the Congressional Turkey caucus) introduced legislation this summer to #SanctionTurkey…
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Friends, I wanted to bring attention to a horrible injustice and conflict happening right now in region of Artsakh, otherwise known as Nagorno-Karabakh.

First, I’d like to ask that anyone who is able to please send your support here:
The primarily Armenian population at Artsakh is being attacked by the oil rich country of Azerbaijan with the support of the Turkish state. The narrative being told is that Armenians are occupying this region as such, they are the aggressors. This is false.
This region has been inhabited by a majority of ethnic Armenians for centuries - records go as far back as the 5th Century BC.
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Big time shoutout to the Armenian protesters in Hollywood.

I think 1,500+ people went down Sunset Blvd, abandoned their cars in the middle of the street, and went to the CNN building to protest.

They. Shut. It. Down.

#Armenia #ArmenianGenocide
2/ I mean, the Armenian protesters really shut it down (Cahuenga & Selma):

#Armenia #ArmenianGenocide
3/ Hi CNN, there’s a few thousand Armenian protesters outside that have something to say. You may want to pay attention:
#Armenia #ArmenianGenocide
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Armenian Protest on Hollywood Blvd and Highland. Pretty much shutdown the heart of Hollywood. People were definitely passionate.

Talked to a few men there, and they said they were preparing to travel to Armenia to fight Azerbaijan/Turkey. #Armenian
2/ Protester explains to spectators the Armenian plight in their fight against Azerbaijan/Turkey:
3/ Observation: Armenian protesters feel that the world is distracted. Azerbaijan & Turkey are capitalizing on the distractions to create a new genocide.
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Post of the day - amid drone hunt near Yerevan :)
Good night. Let God be with our soldiers today. Image
Tadiran radio equipment captured by #Karabakh made by Israel's Elbit company, also providing drones to #Azerbaijan .
#Turkey provides drones & mercenaries. #Israel provides drones & equipment. Am I getting it right - their interests meet in fight against first Christian nation? Image
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Few hours off twitter, only to find this madness 👇👇?
No need to search, but I have no doubt #Erdogan behind the #azarbaijan aggression!
#Turkey’s defense minister Hulusi Akarhas affirmed that Turkey will stand with #azarbaijan “with all available resources” against #Armenia

Because those resources worked wonder in #Syria #Libya & #EastMed

When will @jensstoltenberg realise that Turkey has become a rogue state?
Stand with #Armenia 🇦🇲
Never forget #ArmenianGenocide
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#ArmenianGenocide & atrocities, the murder of a nation - Publication date 1915
by Toynbee, Arnold, 1889-1975; James Bryce, Viscount, 1838-1922
Who Was Emmanuel Carasso?
He was a Sephardic Jew and a #Freemason, a distinguished member of the lodge "Macedonia Rissorta" in Thessaloniki. It may be interesting to mention that Prime Minister Talat Pasha (1917-1918) was also a member of Karasu's lodge.…
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In another slap to #Turkey, #Egypt’s FM openly criticised #Turkey, while meeting his #Armenian counter-part.
“Egypt monitors actions in #Libya, #EastMed, and Arab world indicate disruptive actions [ from Turkey].”
In the same meeting, #Armenian FM accused Turkey of sending radical fighters to #Azerbaijan, compounding the tension with #Armenia.
Time for #Egypt to acknowledge #ArmenianGenocide
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You did this! 5 years ago tomorrow, hundreds of people started working tirelessly on a labor of love on behalf of so many Armenian people who did not have a voice. After 5 years of work & preparation, & decades of denial, we finally started shooting in Lisbon. I had 4 studio Image
heads around that time tell me - without reading a single word on the page or watching a single frame of the film - their companies could absolutely not be involved because of concerns about business interests & the reaction of denialist forces overseas. Those were just the ones
who had the guts to be honest because they know I will not reveal their names or companies. Yes...what you watch this country is absolutely influenced by foreign government interests. In addition, years of sophisticated market research revealed that there is minimal domestic
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This is the fact on record that #Turkey did a brutal genocide of #armenians .

It is the moral & ethical responsibility of #Turkey to accept their bloody deeds & apologise for #ArmenianGenocide .

(1/15 ) 👇👇

@HSajwanization @TIinExile @UNArmenia @Kamaksh30527763 ImageImageImageImage
The western portion of Historical #Armenia , known as Western Armenia had come under #Ottoman Empire by the Peace of Amasya (1555) and was permanently divided from Eastern #Armenia by the Treaty of Zuhab (1639).

(2/15) Image
B/W 1894-1896, in response to the large scale protests by Armenians, Turkish military officials, soldiers & ordinary men sacked Armenian villages and cities and massacred their citizens.

Hundreds of thousands of people were murdered.

(3/15) Image
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Please read & share. The impact of @thepromisefilm has been magnified thanks to streaming in the U.S. on @netflix 🙏🏼 Once you have streamed the film, the platform may show a preview - Make sure to click back on the screen right away so you can hear the Grammy-nominated, anthemic Image
title song by our dear friend...the legendary @chriscornell ... Leaders in the human rights & Armenian advocacy communities successfully used the film as a tool to fortify their ongoing efforts to secure #ArmenianGenocide recognition in Congress. Thanks to all of you out
there, now the film is being used to teach more people than ever before about the atrocities committed against the #Armenian, #Greek & #Assyrian populations by the Ottoman Empire. The film is just a starting point & we encourage you to read the facts from reliable sources like
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Please share this thread & links if they are helpful to you. Friends who are not on Twitter have asked me to share this Instagram post for those who want to pass it along. I have added to it given recent events. The global Armenian nation is not a monarchy, but we do have a queen
👑 My dear friend @cher tells it like it is. Thank you all & to the countless numbers of people out there, from ALL backgrounds, who have started to watch & share @thepromisefilm Some of my non-Armenian friends who recently jumped aboard are now keenly aware of the organized
anti-Armenian sentiment teeming throughout social media & beyond. Thankfully, it has backfired & our history is now in the global consciousness. There are unfortunately so many crises in the world right now & many people are suffering from the global pandemic & its repercussions,
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People have asked me why the #BlackLivesMatter movement is so important to me. I have the honor of working closely with my friends — scholars, activists, artists & community leaders on and off campus — who have shaped my perspective over the course of my life. During our recent Image
conversations, I am often reminded of this powerful mural in Little Armenia by Artoon. With respect to the Genocide, Armenians have over 100 years of fighting atrocities, displacement & forced migration. Many of us have been fighting for human & civil rights, tolerance,
recognition, justice & reparations. I absolutely empathize with my brothers & sisters because Black communities have been fighting for centuries...& their wounds are still open too!!

I am grateful to all of you out there who have supported our films, projects, & campaigns over
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Retweet & share the news. Thank you to @UCLA for embracing our heritage & culture 🙏🏼🇦🇲 Please read the full interview with The Promise Armenian Institute’s outstanding inaugural director, Dr. Ann Karagozian!
We made @thepromisefilm to raise awareness about the #ArmenianGenocide & to help secure U.S. Congressional recognition. It is incredible to see the early work of The Promise Institute for Human Rights & The Promise Armenian Institute at UCLA...we are still here ❤️🙏🏼🙌🏼💪🏼✊🏼
The Promise Armenian Institute is designed to be a hub for world-class research and teaching on Armenian studies and for coordinating research and public impact programs on Armenia across UCLA, and with the Republic of Armenia and the global Armenian diaspora.
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1)@awiktorin @EU_Armenia:

It was not a 'tragic event'.
It was a #Genocide. It inspired RAPHAEL LEMKIN to coin the term "GENOCIDE" in the first place, way before the #Holocaust (a note: the term #Holocaust had also been used for Armenian Massacres 1894-1896)

2) @awiktorin @EU_Armenia:

In case you & your team would like to educate yourselves more on the #ArmenianGenocide..:


(HINT: scroll down once you follow the link below)
3) @awiktorin @EU_Armenia:


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On this day 105 years ago, Ottoman authorities rounded up and deported from Constantinople (now Istanbul) Armenian intellectuals and leaders.

Most were eventually murdered.

We recognize this day as the start of the #ArmenianGenocide.

1.5 million Armenians were killed.
Turkey goes to great lengths to deny this dark chapter of history and silence those who speak the truth.

We can't let Turkey do this.

Keep fighting to educate the world. Keep fighting to spread the truth.
And do not forget that Erdogan's bodyguards savagely beat protesters including U.S. citizens who were exercising 1st Amendment rights on American soil, in our own capital. 👇
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So, today is about survivors and not just the dead. So, here are 20 artists who survived the #ArmenianGenocide who went on to make great contributions . First, Arshile Gorky (who needs to intro). His portrait of him and his mother (2 versions) is a touchstone of American art.
Then there's the "van Gogh of Hawaii" Arman Manookian, and @johnalbertseed has a great little book about him. He had a short life, painted idealistic scenes (I wonder why), and killed himself (like many survivors sadly did) at the age of 26, 5 days before his birthday.
An artist many people don't know was a genocide survivor is Raoul Hague. The Abstract Expressionist sculptor was included in MoMA's 12 Americans exhibition (1956) (pics here). He moved to Woodstock in the 1940s and worked exclusively in wood. He lived next door to Philip Guston.
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Sözde Ermeni soykırımının konuşulduğu bu günün bizim için gündem yapılmasi gereken konusu ve asıl unuttuğumuz 5 milyon soydaşımizin canına ırzına malına malolacak bununla birlikte yerinden yurdundan Vatanindan edecek 19 yy başlarindan ilk Sırp isyanları ve ilerdeki isyan ve ImageImageImageImage
katliamlara örnek teşkil edecek 1821'deki Yunan isyani, 93 harbi ile Balkan Harbi katliamlaridir.. Asil soykırim ve katliam 1804'den 1912 kadar olan süreç içinde isyanlar ve
143 yıl önce bugün başlayan 93 harbi ile 1912 deki Balkan harpleri neticesinde Balkanlarda Türklere karşı yapılmiştir..
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History of Armenian Genocide memorial construction - 1965-1967… ImageImageImageImage
Descendants of #ArmenianGenocide victims were silent in USSR, talks of the past were prohibited. Up today I don't know where they come from Western Armenia, because no one dared to talk even inside our family. History was kept in memories of older ppl, who were passing away.
All until 50th anniversary of arrest of 270 Armenian elite of Ottoman Empire - political figures, composers, poets, writers. Among them was Grigor Zohrap, parliament member from Constantinople, writer & lawyer, whose head was smashed with stone during detention. Image
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In memory of the #ArmenianGenocide, #PonticGenocide #Kafno, #Sayfo, different places, different methods, same anthropogenic extermination campaign
#DeadAreMyPeople, Kahlil Gibran
"Gone are my people, but I exist yet,
Lamenting them in my solitude...
Dead are my friends...
and in their Death my life is naught but great
The knolls of my country are submerged
By tears and blood, for my people and
My beloved are gone, and I am here
Living as I did when my people and my
Beloved were enjoying life and the
Bounty of life,
and when the hills of
My country were blessed and engulfed
By the light of the sun.
My people died from hunger, and he who
Did not perish from starvation was
Butchered with the sword; and I am
Here in this distant land, roaming
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