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Text: Luke 24:1-6
Title: The Journey of life (2): Wonders of the cross



Focus on the pain and not the gain
Take your life's mission very serious
For us Christians, the cross has more meaning than just the Christian faith. It's a summary of the life of Jesus, it depicts God's plan for man's redemption.

The cross also symbolizes sacrifice and exchange of God's righteousness with the sinful nature of human. 1Peter 2:24
2Corinthians 5:21

The wonders of the cross.
1. We have enjoyed liberation from Sin
Sin means to miss the mark, not to measure up to the demand.

Romans 1:22-24, 3:3-4
Thank God, through Christ, we can not miss the mark. Ephesians 2:9, Hebrews 6:4-6
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Pope Francis leads the Easter Sunday Mass at Saint Peter's Square in the Vatican at 4 pm (Manila time) on April 17, followed by his traditional speech and blessing called "Urbi et Orbi" (To the City and to the World).…
During his “Urbi et Orbi,” the Pope tackles pressing issues across the globe as he addresses not only Catholics but the whole world.

The Pope also grants a blessing that carries a plenary indulgence – remission of punishment for sins that had already been forgiven – provided that a Catholic would go to confession, receive communion, and prays for the intentions of the Pope.

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Happy Easter Everyone!

Today, we look back at the history of Easter to our nation's relationship to this holiday and how we can learn to come together on this day in the midst of the present crisis...

#srilanka #history #easter #eastersunday #EconomicCrisisLK #GoHomeGota2022
The Holiday celebrates the resurrection of Christ. According to the New Testament, this occurred 3 days after he was crucified in 30 AD. This holiday concludes the 40 day period of fasting that began with Lent.
Specifically for our nation, Christianity probably first arrived around 72 AD after St. Thomas visited Kerala and his teaching spread southward. However, most of the nation's Christian population came from conversions during the colonial period.
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#MiniJurassicgirl is walking 12km on @RamblersGB trail today to raise money for @WaterAidUK. We are on our way to start, she is pumped & excited to help children have clean water and toilets 😃

We are walking over 2 hillforts and across the Dorset countryside. It's tough, long and we are behind her, supporting her all the way!
First leg, she has to get up the steep hillside of Hambledon Hill, part of @nationaltrust. A really impressive iron age hillfort! @NTSouthWest #saritawalks4wateraid #walkinwinter #ramblersambassador #ramblers
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Now ministering second service is our Senior Pastor, Rev. Dan Ayidu @danayidu
Topic: Engaging The Resurrection Power
Text: Gen 32:28
God will change every bad name they have called you in Jesus name.

#ChurchGRA #EasterSunday #Restoration #GRAEasterService
(Acts 1:3) When Jesus arose, He showed Himself alive with proofs that cannot be denied.

#ChurchGRA #EasterSunday #Restoration #GRAEasterService
God will do something in your life that you will doubt in the name of Jesus.

#ChurchGRA #EasterSunday #Restoration #GRAEasterService
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TEXT: Hebrews 10:11-18


- Our Christian faith centres around the resurrection of Christ.

- 1Corinthians 15:14-19: If not for the resurrection of Christ, our faith is empty
- God's resurrection is key in our Christian journey; if He did not resurrect, the dead will not resurrect.

- Christ's rising from the dead solidifies our faith.
To buy back, to release from blame. Hebrews 10:11-18; 1Peter 1:18-19
- Means to redeem from the curse of sin. Ephesians 1:7; Galatians 3:13-14

- Christ made Himself a sacrifice for our sin and He did it once and for all.
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#PraiseAndWorship #RoyalAmbassadors

🎶I have come to give back to You
I have come to say thank You Lord
I have come to give back to You
I have come to say thank You Lord🎶

#ChurchGRA #EasterSunday #Restoration #GRAEasterService
#PraiseAndWorship #RoyalAmbassadors

🎶Take all the praise
Take all the praise
You deserve
Take all the praise
Take all the praise
You deserve🎶

#ChurchGRA #EasterSunday #Restoration #GRAEasterService
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Now ministering is our Senior Pastor, Rev Dan Ayidu @danayidu
Topic: Understanding The Resurrection Power
Text: Phili 3:10
Every believer is expected to experience the power of His resurrection

#ChurchGRA #EasterSunday #Restoration #GRAEasterService
@danayidu (Matt 27:50-53) When Jesus rose up, He didn't rise alone.
(Acts 2:24) All hell conspired to make sure Jesus does not rise.

#ChurchGRA #EasterSunday #Restoration #GRAEasterService
But the salvation of man was anchored on the resurrection of Christ so Heaven made sure that Jesus would rise.

#ChurchGRA #EasterSunday #Restoration #GRAEasterService
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Happy Easter!
Welcome to another time in God's presence. We are excited to worship God and fellowship with you.
Thank you for joining us.

#ChurchGRA #EasterSunday #Restoration #GRAEasterService
#PraiseAndWorship #RoyalAmbassadors

🎶I know he rescued my soul
His blood has covered my sin
I believe
I believe🎶

#ChurchGRA #EasterSunday #Restoration #GRAEasterService
#PraiseAndWorship #RoyalAmbassadors

🎶My shame He's taken away
My pain is healed in his name
I believe
I believe🎶

#ChurchGRA #EasterSunday #Restoration #GRAEasterService
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@tracesoffaith 1) After I started to Listen to @amygrant 's music, in 1985. And, I began to listen to #ChristianRadio , regularly. BUT, then, 17 years later; a teaching colleague of mine invited me to "Give This #BibleStudy a try." The teacher was a lady I had Only known from listening to @KSBJ
@tracesoffaith @amygrant @KSBJ 2) B4 & After School & she & the #DJ , were broadcasting Live, in downtown #houstontx & it was a #WatermelonSeed #SpittingContest ! #Hilarious ! A month later, I found out This #BibleStudy was a One of it's kind; bc it was going to be #OnlineToo ! It was #BelievingGod2002 ! By...
@tracesoffaith @amygrant @KSBJ 3) @BethMooreLPM ! 😂✝️💞🍉😛 #ForReal ! 😂 The #OnlineStudents started 1.5 weeks after the #HomeGroup . The #BibleStudyVideos were broken up into smaller parts. Well, as I Listened to the First Session, I was beginning to #FallInLove w/ the "Biblical #Jesus "; but, I didn't
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Yesterday evening, after 30 hrs of non-assistance, Italy sent an ATR-72 to search the boat we were last in contact with at 1250 CEST on #EasterSunday. It overflew a large area covering the forecasted drift of the target in the weather. ImageImage
During the night, @Armed_Forces_MT sent an aircraft, which spotted a boat in distress at 23.56 CEST in psn 35°01‘N, 013°06‘E. RCC #Malta issued a NAVTEX. We assume it is the boat with ~55 people we lost contact to, as it fits our drift estimation.
Shortly after, the by-passing IVAN with Portuguese flag stopped in the area. The ferry must monitor the case and provide needed assistance! But the rescue must be carried out by a ITCG vessel from Lampedusa. Italy and Malta need to cooperate to rescue the people in distress. Image
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SPECIAL ANALYSIS: #Mutualaid is the medicine that bodies respond well to,the antidote to #capitalism, the salve for those basic elements of humanity ruthlessly shanked by our system. Charity pities. Mutual aid understands. 
By: @ActivistEleanor
As state and local authorities struggle and the federal government focus on saving #WallStreet, a volunteer-driven mutual aid revolution is taking hold in disenfranchised communities across #America.
#Covid_19 #coronavirus
#EasterSunday #Easter #mondaythoughts Image
As Dezeray Lyn, member of the Tampa, FL Mutual Aid Response to COVID-19 puts it, “Charity is transactional, hierarchical.” Mutual aid is about “sharing with your community because they are us, we are them.” 
#MondayVibes #TrumpVirus #coronavirus Image
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Last week, I was very engaged with enhancing our efforts in the fight against #COVID19 in #Nigeria. @FMoHNigeria started with the daily situation room on Mon. 6th, and inaugurated the accreditation team to accredit additional #COVID19 isolation and treatment facilities
Tue. 7th was #WorldHealthDay and @NigeriaGov is fighting to secure national health and security. I visited @FollowLaSG, with #PTFCOVID19, to inspect response preparedness. @JideSanwoOlu is an exemplary incident commander and @LSMoH has met the #COVID19 response commendably
On Wed. 8th, on behalf of @NigeriaGov, I received generous donations from @OfficialMESL: medical equipment, PPE, generator and accommodation for #healthworkers in UATH and Minna Isolation Centre @NigerStateNG...
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As the #Christian community prepares for #Easter, which will take place on #Sunday, #Israel’s permit regime decides who will receive permits to travel to Jerusalem and who will not.
By: @P_Strickland_
#TrumpsEasterTraditions #EasterSunday #Easter…
#Israel severely restricts the freedom of movement for both #Christian and #Muslim #Palestinians — including their access to holy sites in Jerusalem and elsewhere.
#JesusIsAlive #TrumpsEasterTraditions #EasterSunday #Easter #COVID19
Jerusalem is home to a number of holy sites for the Abrahamic faiths. For Christians, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, which dates back to 326 A.D., is the place where #JesusChrist is believed to have been crucified.
#EasterSunday #Easter #COVID19 #SundayMotivation
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@NicolasMaduro wrote: "From the beginning, #DonaldTrump downplayed and even denied it ( #coronavirus ), the same way he has done with #climatechange.
By: @AlanRMacLeod
Graphics: @MintPressNews
#COVID19 #EasterSunday #Easter Image
The crisis in the #UnitedStates aggravates because, despite having the resources @realDonaldTrump, is not willing to transform the healthcare system to prioritize full care for the population instead of profit-based private pharmaceutical industry.”
Unlike in the United States where #coronavirus treatment can cost up to $35,000 and where #Trump seems more concerned about the economy than about peoples’ lives, Venezuela is handling the crisis by placing value in health over profits.…
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Beginning in Jan, Dr. Duane Caneva chief of ID @ DHS began a Covid warning email chain for an elite group of MDs & Fed Gov't ofcrs, named Red Dawn.
This is critical info.
Hack for paywall on my feed.
EVERYONE should read this. #EasterSunday…
This thread from Seth Abramson is an important addendum to the Red Dawn reporting.
2-"The “Red Dawn String,” Dr. Caneva said, was intended “to provide thoughts, concerns, raise issues, share information across various colleagues responding to Covid-19,” including medical experts and doctors from the Health and Human Services Department, the Centers for Disease
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FDA Comm Hahn @ Antibody Testing on MTP today: “I am concerned that some of the antibody tests that are in the market that haven't gone through the FDA scientific review may not be as accurate as we'd like them to be. We have authorized one antibody test already and I can assure
2-"the American people that what we're doing is using data and science to look at those tests to make sure that they're valid, they're accurate and they're reproducible. We know, Chuck, that no test is 100% perfect.
3-"But what we don't want are wildly inaccurate tests. Because, as I said before, that's going to be much worse, having wildly inaccurate tests than having no test.” #EasterSunday
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But Mary stood weeping outside the tomb. #Easter
As she wept, she bent over to look into the tomb; and she saw two angels in white...They said to her, ‘Woman, why are you weeping?’ #EasterSunday
‘They have taken away my Lord, and I do not know where they have laid him.’ #EasterSunday
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If Coronavirus Existed During the Times of Jesus Christ...

Imagine if there was an outbreak of the COVID-19 during the first coming of Jesus Christ...


#HappyEaster #Easter Image
Delivery companies like @GokadaNG and @DeliveryKwik would have had hard times delivering 2 fishes and 5 loaves to the homes of the 5,000 masses

#HappyEaster #Easter Image
The Centurion whose servant was healed by Jesus would have headed a COVID-19 task force after insisting Jesus didn't need to come to his house to heal his servant.

#HappyEaster #Easter Image
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An #EasterSunday thread: Easter, not only this year, but every year isn’t just about a victory won. It isn’t a good guys vs bad guys, winner take all, we’ve triumphed and we’re number 1. This triumphalist language strikes me as a decidedly US American phenomenon 1/
a holdover from Cold War sentiments when the US emerged as the world power—democracy, freedom, capitalism, the good and the brave destroyed communism! USA! USA! It goes without saying that American triumphalism is an extension of American exceptionalism 2/
epitomized in the MAGA slogan but the emphasis is on how it justifies the imperial projects of global capitalism and a militaristic by-any-means-necessary approach to upholding the dominant position in the world. 3/
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WARNING🚨Kansas ⁦@GOP⁩ Upends Gov. Kelly’s Limits On Church Services🔥 It will be inevitable that #coronavirus cases will surge 7-14 days after #EasterSunday #StayHome…
🦠The Republicans who voted to overturn the executive order and put Kansan’s lives at risk were Wagle, Finch, Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning, House Speaker Ron Ryckman and House Majority Leader Dan Hawkins. #StayHome #EasterAtHome
@GOP in Kansas ignored Science, common sense and their brilliant Secretary of Health, @SecNorman 👇He urges Kansans to #EasterAtHome‼️
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It's taken me over a day to get through this triple record on my #LockdownChallenge, but that's more to do with work than not wanting to listen. It's a stunner...
The second side of the third record features to of my favourite songs, not just by Dylan, but by anyone. It Ain't Me Babe and, of course, Don't Think Twice it's Alright. #LockdownChallenge

And there's another Dylan record up next in my record collection. But before we get there, go on - tell me your favourite track by the Bobster?

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Trump is doing a terrible job handling #coronavirus - So why are his approval numbers going up? A thread about polling, politics and people....
In the last two weeks #Trump has hit the highest approval numbers of his presidency. Upwards of 60% approval for handling the pandemic specifically and between 47-49% overall job approval. Which, seems shocking given the administration's horrible messaging
There are 3 likely reasons for this. First, hard as it is to believe but most Americans aren't online and get their news locally. They only see snippets pressers, so they don't actually KNOW how bad #Trump is doing, and assume he is doing his best (a low bar for him)
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