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June New Moon Report ➡️ happening Monday the 3rd at 6:02 am eastern time in the sign of Gemini and the energetics support communications, socialization and strong intuitive hits PLUS gives us a foreshadowing of what may be coming up during the July 2nd Solar Eclipse New Moon
2. ...Let's break it down.
New Moon energies are ripe with the perfect frequencies to facilitate new beginnings and fresh starts. Because the moon is transiting the Gemini part of the sky all Gemini themes are highlighted for boosts and NEW all month long leading up to
3. the July Eclipses. Think of this as an extended New Moon.
It's a good new moon and month for learning, studying, higher knowledge, research, piecing things together, sleuthing, ideas, getting in touch with your thoughts, feelings and emotions, inner work,
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🇧🇲 Bermuda-flagged 142.81m (~470') yacht (Sailing Yacht) "A" (IMO:1012141|MMSI:310763000|CS:ZCEU9) owned by Andrey Melnichenko (🇷🇺) in Simpson Bay, Sint-Maarten.

Guess who else? It's a who's who of your favourite #Russia|n billionaires... and... wait for it!

🇧🇲 Bermuda-flagged 163m (~530') yacht Eclipse (IMO:1009613|MMSI:310593000|CS:ZCDX4) owned by Roman Abramovich (🇮🇱/🇷🇺)

#RomanAbramovich #Eclipse…
🇧🇲 Bermuda-flagged 113m (~370') yacht Le Grand Bleu (IMO:1006829|MMSI:310380000|CS:ZCDF7) owned by Eugene Shvidler (🇺🇸/🇷🇺)

#EugeneShvidler #LeGrandBleu…
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To mark the centenary of the 1919 solar eclipse that confirmed Einstein's theory of relativity, we'll take you along on the Joint Permanent Eclipse Committee's expeditions to Sobral, Brazil and Principe. Follow along in No Shadow of a Doubt, out 4/30.…
100 years ago today, Arthur Eddington and the rest of the team traveling to Sobral and Principe met at Burlington House in Piccadilly, London to finish planning for the expedition. The eclipse was just 3 months away.…
Before setting off on this journey, meet the scientists leading the Principe and Sobral teams: Arthur Eddington and Frank Dyson.
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No need to panic this eclipse yo!

Consider today as an invititation to let go of something(s) that no longer serve you. Or... at least initiating that process now.

Six months from now it will pay dividends.

What kind of dividends?
That depends on where in your chart this eclipse is happening. Here's the Bear's Brightside Happying Endings:
Mind you, these are necessarily very general...

1st - Purifying you karma. Or, your physical body.
2nd - Ending destructive spending habits.
3rd - Putting a stop to negative self-talk.
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The #solareclipse in #Capricorn tonight happens to coincide with #twelfthnight, the eve of #epiphany—and indeed it'll already be Epiphany for many in the eastern hemisphere by the time the eclipse perfects. I have some Thoughts™, so buckle in! #astrology
It's enough to reflect on the fact that the Epiphany story, as it's told in the Xian tradition, involves astrologers being given the gift of seeing things as they really are.
In the story, God is revealed to them, not in the halls of power and privilege but rather among the destitute and the working poor in a town that we would describe today as "flyover country."
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The Caribbean is where all the beautiful people go in the winter, and their yachts predictably show up near their business associates and friends (other Billionaires).

You'll notice they don't hide, they have their transponders on 24x7, AIS-T and AIS-S.

The start of a recap:
🇧🇲 Bermuda-flagged 113m (~370') yacht Le Grand Bleu (IMO:1006829|MMSI:310380000|CS:ZCDF7) owned by Eugene Shvidler

#EugeneShvidler #LeGrandBleu #AIS…
🇧🇲 Bermuda-flagged 163m (~530') yacht Eclipse (IMO:1009613|MMSI:310593000|CS:ZCDX4) owned by Roman Abramovich

#RomanAbramovich #Eclipse #AIS…
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#KeralaFloods might hv an astral connection, as it is believed #Kerala d land of #vamana celebrates every yr #Onam around this time, Onam falls on d birth #constellation of vamana i.e #Shravana nakshtra in which we had d longest total lunar eclipse of this century on 27/28 July
Like at a personal level for one who is born or associated with shravana constellation or Nakshtra d #Eclipse affects individually similarly it affects a region in this case #kerala at a mundane level astrally on human affairs that runs across d southern belt of #westernghats
Also #Kerala is a land blessed by d #serpents & d reason for its fertility is directly related to d blessings bestowed by #Nagas on #Parasurama in a barren land infested with sea salt, hence not respecting d blessings by cutting down forests on large scale in d name of developmnt
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