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BREAKING—Georgia has certified its election results, upholding Biden victory. It is done. #ElectionResults2020
2) official statement of GA SOS. Now onto the GA specials. Image
3) A lingers question for Perdue and Loeffler now is if they should quarantine based on close exposure to Rick Scott who just tested positive for #COVID19 but campaigned with them both.
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I hope you don't mind me asking this question. For four years, many of us exposed what happened to @realDonaldTrump and the American people - bureaucrats within the FBI, DOJ, State Dept., DOD, NSC corrupted - many in the FBI fired - a two tiered justice system. Now,
(2) we hear about corruption plaguing the voting system - questions about whether or not votes were manipulated should be addressed - there is no harm doing that in a Republic. The right thing to do is to make sure the American people are comfortable with the vote. Why should
(3) trust the NYT and others. I've seen Democrats who've made Trump supporters lives miserable for four years now ask for unification and gaslight Americans at every turn. Why shouldn't every legitimate vote be counted? Why is that an issue? Also, why hasn't anyone been held
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Thread: There are not 71 million fascists in America.

Why did e. Ohio, central Indiana, s. West Virginia and the Rio Grande Valley, TX see increased support for Trump? WSWS analyzed past vote & found:

#ElectionResults2020 #Election2020results

Trump increased support in 2020 (versus 2016) in cities like Steubenville and Youngstown Ohio, Brownsville, Texas, Kokomo, Indiana and the former coal counties of southern Virginia. Some areas predominantly white, some rural, but some black and Latino.

One commonality is that they were all former Democratic strongholds (except Howard County, IN).

In Mahoning County, Ohio, a majority of voters supported the Republican candidate in 2020 for the first time since 1956, when Dwight Eisenhower led the ticket.

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There is a globalist narrative against Trump. They predicted this and are trying to pit the people against their president. After Trump is confirmed as the winner, the virus will return, to link him to the epidemic.
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Good fucking riddance Donald J. Trump, you fucking fascist white supremacist shit, and Mike Pence, you religious zealot.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris: I am relieved and promise you that we are paying attention! #ElectionResults2020
Relieved that the fascist fuck is gone but I insist that you remember that 70 million Americans voted for Trump.

We have a MASSIVE FIGHT ahead against white supremacist patriarchy and against the complacency of white liberals #PresidentElectJoe #PresidentBidenVPHarris2020
Declare your winner, America. I will defy, disobey, and disrupt your celebration. 

Feminist Killjoy Here To Wreck Your Parties… #PresidentElect
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. @AP has called the #election for @JoeBiden. Be sure to read our piece here: Joe Biden’s Catholic politics are complicated, but deeply American.…
@AP @JoeBiden Be sure to check out here 5 faith facts about @JoeBiden’s VP choice @KamalaHarris — a Black Baptist with Hindu family:…
. @KamalaHarris is more than her gender and race. She is also the future of American religion.

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⚡URGENT - #EtatsUnis : Selon CNN, Joe #Biden sera donc le 46e président des États-Unis après une victoire en #Pennsylvanie qui a mis le démocrate né à Scranton au-dessus du seuil des 270 grands électeurs ! #Election2020 #POTUS46 #46thPresident #JoeBiden #ElectionResults2020
🔴SUIVI - #EtatsUnis : Après 4 jours de suspense, le candidat démocrate @JoeBiden et ancien vice-président de Barack Obama a été donné vainqueur avec 273 grands électeurs, grâce à un succès dans l'Etat-clé de Pennsylvanie, selon les chaînes CNN, NBC et CBS. #Election2020 #POTUS46
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LIVE UPDATES | Trump says #Pennsylvania presidential voting results were illegally altered

#SputnikUpdates #ElectionResults2020 #Election2020
#BREAKING | Donald Trump claims on Twitter he won the #election by a lot

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UPDATE: Michigan's #AntrimCounty flipped to a win for #DonaldTrump after an election-software glitch was fixed today. Revised totals now show that Trump won by an estimated 2,500 votes.

Michigan's GOP Chairwoman, Laura Cox is calling for 47 other counties in Michigan to...
"closely examine their results for similar discrepancies."
#Election2020 #ElectionResults2020 #Michigan
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voter fraud DEBUNKED
Please RT! #ElectionResults2020 #Election2020… This is about specific claims about the false 2020 voter fraud
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#BLACKVOTERSMATTER #ElectionResults2020 #Election2020
Now that it's clear that Philly pulled through for Biden in this new lead in Pennsylvania, I just want to remind you all of this @phillymag op-ed I wrote on Election Day of how he owes us BIG TIME. #Election2020 #ElectionResults2020 #Philly #PA…

FYI: #Philly is the poorest major city in America, with an overwhelming mostly Black and brown population.

#Election2020 #BlackVotersMatter
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Joe Biden took a narrow lead over Donald Trump in the battleground state of Georgia for the first time early on Friday, putting the White House within his reach as it and other undecided states continue to count ballots
A federal judge denied an emergency request from Donald Trump’s campaign to stop ballot counting in Philadelphia so long as Republican observers were not present
#Election2020 update: For the first time since polls closed, Biden pulls ahead of Trump in Pennsylvania.

In Georgia, Biden is ahead by 1,097 votes.
If Biden wins either state, he will have enough electoral votes to become the next president
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🔴 DERNIÈRE MINUTE - #EtatsUnis : 463 voix d'écart en #Géorgie; 11,438 au #Nevada; 18,229 et #Pennsylvanie et 47,052 voix en #Arizona. #ElectionResults2020 #Election2020 #TrumpMeltdown #Trump #elections #Biden Image
🔴 MISE A JOUR-- #EtatsUnis : 🇺🇸 Élection américaine :

🇺🇸 Georgie: (99 %)

🔵 Biden: 49,4 % (2'449,371)
🔴 Trump: 49,4 % (2'448,454)

Différence: 917 votes.
#ElectionResults2020 #ElectionNight #Elections2020 #Elections2020 Image
🔴 FLASH #EtatsUnis : 🇺🇸Joe #Biden passe devant Donald #Trump en #Géorgie avec 917 voix d’avance à présent pour le candidat démocrate dans cet État. Il y a 16 grands électeurs a prendre en Géorgie (@CNN). #Election2020 #Elections2020 #ElectionResults2020 Image
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🔴🇺🇸 Continúa el agónico recuento en las elecciones para saber quién será presidente: Biden o Trump.

Consulta aquí cómo van los resultados en los que Biden ya araña la victoria.… #ElectionResults2020 #Election2020 #Elecciones2020
Los últimos datos del recuento en Pensilvania ponen la Casa Blanca al alcance de la mano de Biden.

Trump denuncia sin prueba alguna un gran fraude electoral.… por @beanavarro, corresponsal en Washington #ElectionResults2020 #Election2020 #Elecciones2020
‘Trumpistas’ armados intimidan en Phoenix mientras que otros se enfrentan a la policía en Nueva York o Portland.… por Francesc Peirón, corresponsal en Nueva York #ElectionResults2020 #Election2020 #Elecciones2020
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1/3 UPDATE (2:30am ET): PA SOS ballot totals haven't updated since my 12am ET post, but # of uncounted ballots has decreased. This could reflect:
1. Vote totals haven't uploaded
2. The status of ballots is lagging and are now catching up

#ElectionResults2020 #CountEveryVote
2/3 While I suspect it is #1, without knowing for sure I don't want to publish misleading or inaccurate model results.

The number of counted ballots has gone down by 44K since 11pm, but only 10K ballots have been reported. If it is #1, then it is likely that Biden leads Trump.
3/3 However, if it is #2, then Biden's forecasted margin of victory is slightly smaller (~80K). However, until the SOS Posts more data, I cannot confidently say.

Regardless, it still looks like good news for #BidenHarris2020
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UPDATE (10:30pm ET): @SenBobCasey is on CNN saying that @JoeBiden should win #Pennsylvania2020 by ~100K votes. This is consistent with my forecasting models, which are showing a 93K vote margin for #BidenHarris2020 once mail-in ballots have been counted.

FACT CHECK: @SenBobCasey stated that Biden is winning ~80% of mail-in ballots in Lehigh County. @JoeBiden has won 77.8% of mail-in ballots in Lehigh, so I'm calling this one true.

#CNNElection #PennsylvaniaForBiden
The predicted winning margin for #BidenHarris2020 in #Pennsylvania has been pretty stable for the past 8 hours.

#ElectionResults2020 #Election2020 #CountEveryVote
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Dear America,
As a German & historian who knows where this story can end, let me tell you that Trump wants to push you on the path of fascism. This is not alarmist: I can see him try do it live on TV, undermining your democracy. Recognise it for what it is.
For my country of birth this story ended in the development of an industrial-scale killing machinery designed to eradicate lives. And so it did. A history we must never forget. But this is not where the story began: it began with the undermining of democracy.
I want to be very clear: I am not saying your story would be like Germany’s story if Trump had his way. We cannot draw a direct parallel and I am not trying to. But we must acknowledge the common patterns of the path to fascism. So again: recognise them.
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A look at what people are saying in a 'Deplorables for Trump' Facebook group.

Note the shit welovetrump "news" URL.

More from same thread.

A look at some of the Facebook groups that come up when searching for 'steal election'.
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Lol good thing we Nevadans have a good sense of humor about our state because these memes are hilarious.

If you have a good Nevada election meme, please drop it below.

#Nevada #NVElection #ElectionResults2020 #ElectionResults #ClarkCounty #LasVegas
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(ELECTION RESULTS THREAD) Follow this thread for regular updates on vote tallies in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada. Biden becomes POTUS if he wins Pennsylvania; or if he wins Arizona and Nevada; or if he wins Nevada and Georgia.

I hope you'll RETWEET this for others.
(NOTE) Joe Biden also becomes our nation's 46th president if he wins Arizona and Georgia. And of course when North Carolina begins reporting results again next week it could give Biden the White House in a number of different combinations (e.g., with Arizona, Nevada, or Georgia).
NYT: Trump Lead in Georgia Down to 0.2% (Under 10,000 Votes)
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1/ ALRIGHT Y'ALL. ELECTION FRAUD DEBUNKING MEGA THREAD. I’m following claims of fraud and looking into them. I think I’ve solved most now. Nothing is holding up under any scrutiny so far so I’m making a thread to track in one place. Please RT! #ElectionResults2020 #Election2020
2/ By far the most viral of these claims is the video of officials in Detroit papering up/boarding up the windows inside their polling center in Michigan. This, admittedly, was a bizarre sight. But was 100% explainable and was the right thing to do.
3/ Officials rightly blocked the windows when crowds came inside and began trying to film ballots. Poll watchers EXCEEDED THE LIMIT INSIDE. This is not legal - you can’t barge in and film who ppl voted for. OF COURSE, there were *134 REPUBLICAN POLL WATCHERS* inside the room.
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I projected the overall vote totals in Arizona because I was curious if the data still supports calling Arizona for Biden.

Spoiler Alert: it does.

I'll explain...

#ElectionResults2020 #Arizona
At the time I'm writing this, Biden leads in Arizona by 68,390 votes. In this thread I will project the upcoming vote counts to see if Trump can erase that margin.

All attention is on Maricopa county right now because that is where the most votes are, but first, let's project the net margins coming from all the other counties.
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#ElectionResults2020: Biden edges closer to victory over Trump as officials tally votes in the handful of states that will determine the outcome Image
Here’s what happens if #ElectionResults2020 are contested 👇…
Police in Portland declared riots, arrested 11 people and seized fireworks, hammers and a rifle, as Oregon Governor Kate Brown activated the National Guard in response to protests over the election
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🔊 #Election2020 still isn't over. Here's what you need to know, right now
#ElectionResults2020: Biden edges closer to victory over Trump as officials tally votes in the handful of states that will determine the outcome
Here’s what happens if #ElectionResults2020 are contested 👇…
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