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This is a police officer in Weirton, West Virginia who thought it was okay to display a lynching in his front yard on Halloween.

Even after it made a few neighbors uncomfortable, he refused to remove it. He works as a school resource officer. #EndRacism #SurvivingAmericasPolice
Some people still don't grasp the depth of racist white American savagery. The lynching of blacks for pleasure, gets swept under the rug like it wasn't some of the most violent shit in American history. This display is disgusting, and shouldn't be promoted by police officers.
Let's be real, all shit aside. Only racist white men pose this proud at a lynching.

Sometimes thousands would turn up to watch the murders. The black victim was routinely tortured, kept alive until the body could stand no more. Then they celebrated in postcards.
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Pardon me, but @FLOTUS your #BeBest campaign isn't working for black kids. Why am I not surprised?
Ironic how me standing against an alleged racist situation, that turned out to be a hoax -- has real racists sending me hate mail, tweets & messages wishing death on me.
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I'm using my platform to embrace every race, and never discriminate. That's the part about life, many make so complicated. Hate is ultimately a choice.
Deep down, we all want to be loved. And that feeling must be something you're committed to giving as well. Ego, money, greed and manufactured hate will continue to be the downfall of humanity -- until we all select to turn the page and close the book together. #EndRacism
I will not tolerate this manufactured disease they label racism. And as long as I'm alive, I'll do whatever I can to bring us all together. #EndRacism
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Three white boys attacked 12-year-old Amari Allen, held her hands behind her back, and cut her dreadlocks.

Second Lady @KarenPence, wife of VP Mike Pence, teaches part-time at #ImmanuelChristianSchool. We will protest in Virginia if this isn't handled.
Coming from someone with dreadlocks and love for your skin, you are beautiful Amari Allen. You don't deserve this. #JusticeForAmari
Pardon me, but @FLOTUS your #BeBest campaign isn't working for black kids. Why am I not surprised?
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This is my story of how I used to be a vial racist, but evolved far away from racism.

Delete / block me if you want. I’m not here for the numbers / followers.

I’m here to share my story, my experience and hopefully make a change in this world before I depart.

My story is 1/
My story is... my family is from Oklahoma, later moved to east California (Republican territory). We grew up in an all white neighborhood called “Okieville”. Any POC were not allowed in the community without problems. My family had superior white power tattoos, drove around in 2/
big old ugly trucks with enormous American flags in the back and big guns in the back windows of them. We called African Americans vial names regularly (I won’t repeat them here or anywhere ever again). Every ethnicity had a vial name we called them. We never associated with 3/
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#MarchAgainstWhiteness is racist. Another race card being played to continue the division of this Nation. As a Native American and Mexican decent I’m absolutely disgusted by even the thought of a March like this. #AmyJackson you are a disgrace to Humanity!
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Catching up on #TheBoldType & this conversation about "diversity hires" is important.
So first of all, they bungled this a little by basing this situation on a scenario that does not EVER exist.

Affirmative Action is not a tie-breaker.
That's based on a long-held misinformation campaign dating back to the 80s.
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