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"Fear...rarely creates real unity. The world needs the kind of motivation which awakens in us our altruistic instincts and creates true unity from diversity. To accomplish this the force must be spiritual in nature." -- Richard Meier…
Why rats don't deserve their dirty reputation, according to scientists…
#UrbanDwellingMammals, #HumanHealth, #DiseaseCarriers, #ResearchResults
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"We a hyper-dynamic, interdependent and incomprehensible web of agents. [R]elevance is not just provided by the immediate surrounding. It is shaped by all the potential environments you can imagine and everyone else can imagine." -- Idea Monkey…
Vertical thinking broke the bottleneck in powering high-performance computers…
#VerticalThinking, #ComputingPower, #ProcessingEfficiency
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#patriachat, #WorkLifeBalance, #burnout
1/6 Alte Männer in hierarchischen Unternehmen sind der Arbeiter:in ihr Tod.
Ein Thread:
Zwei Jahre hab ich gekämpft, meinen Job als Oberarzt der Unfallchirurgie auf 60% Teilzeit zu reduzieren
2/6 um mich um Kinder, Haushalt und Soziales kümmern zu können. Arbeitgeber wollte nicht. Hab geklagt, Arbeitsgericht und Landesarbeitsgericht gaben mir Recht. Ich habe ein Konzept ausgearbeitet wie in der Unfallchirurgie Teilzeit gearbeitet werden kann.
3/6 Die Hälfte unserer Abteilung arbeitet 80%, nachdem ich damit vor 5 Jahren der Erste war. Es klappt super. Dadurch haben wir drei neue Stellen generiert. Weniger Wochenendarbeit für alle. Mein Chef, alter weißer Man, hasst mich dafür.
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Does work-life balance really exist?
ah, I feel it is always one that dominates the other.

note: the right audience should take it at an individual level

~ *thread* ~

The standard metric to measure this is figuring out what type of person are you.
I feel we all can be represented in 3 dimensions or types.
(at least what I feel)
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A company that promotes #worklifebalance does not mean to say that the work will be easy, or that the workload will be minimal.
They want you to know that they support your growth & understand that you are not required to hustle 24/7 or be available all the time, PROVIDED ...
you manage your time & establish boundaries to wrap up work within the work hours.
Work life balance does not mean you are given the freedom to give up your responsibilities. In fact, it asks you to be more responsible, it means being a certain level of proactive so that you can claim your time. It's TOUGH work.
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Today marks 2 yrs since I quit my job in investment banking at Wells Fargo where I was up for promotion to join a pre series A startup in enterprise sales. Some said this was a huge career risk.

I thought I’d share 11 observations on my learnings #startup #WallStreet
1) soft skills learned in IB are far more valuable than the technicals. IB teaches you how to execute and work tactically across teams which is invaluable working in an unstructured environment of a startup. There is zero handholding in startups. #autonomy
2) In banking you are used to thinking about companies selling for 9-15x EBITDA. At SaaS startups you are building a company that could sell for 20-50x TOP LINE REVENUE. This is a game changer. #ToTheMoon #equity
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/09/2021…
Scientists find evidence of mathematical structures in classic books | James Joyce | The Guardian…

#fractal #joyce #evidence #books #structures
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/29/2020…
Direct visualization of quantum dots reveals shape of quantum wave function…

#quantum #wave #visualization
Multiple wheat genomes reveal global variation in modern breeding | Nature…

#variation #genetic #wheat #breeding
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/12/2020…
A Tiny New Publisher Is Making Food Books to Raise Money for Restaurants…

#books #crowdfunding #publishing
Our Obsession With ‘Expertise’ Is Holding Us Back…

#capacity #LearnedExperience #knowledge #value
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My department at @polymtl seeks to hire a tenure track Prof in Computational Fluid Dynamics #CFD #academicjobs…
Eight reasons you should apply: 1/9
Teaching is done in French. Research is done French or English. Speaking French is not a requirement for hiring. We'll get you a private French tutor and reduce your teaching load to help you become fluent!
Tenure and promotion are fast as compared to elsewhere in North America. Tenure is normally granted after four years.
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At @Microsoft, we’ve spent the past 6 months studying how the pandemic has impacted workplace #wellbeing around the world. Some findings.
Workers worldwide face burnout, but some are hit harder than others. For instance: 44% in Brazil are feeling more burned out compared to 31% in the US and 10% in Germany.
Contracting COVID-19 is the top stressor for Firstline Workers. Remote workers, meanwhile, cite a lack of separation between work and life.
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#SriAgenda tra 5min 🔔 h18


#EconomiaCivile e #FinanzaSostenibile |
Distretto Produttivo Pugliese La Nuova Energia…
@IntontiMari @andytuit

@SriEvent @SriEvent_It è Twitter Media Partner
@IntontiMari @andytuit @SriEvent Beppe Bratta, Pasquale Pazienza e @IntontiMari aprono i lavori del 5° 5° #CaffedellaSostenibilita

#finanzasostenibile #economiacivile
@IntontiMari @andytuit @SriEvent .@annfasano e @Leonardobecchet si uniscono ai partecipanti (e tutti insieme celebrano il 'rito' del caffè - bellissimo! 👍👏)

#finanzasostenibile #economiacircolare
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Once upon a time, my manager & colleagues from Delhi visited Bangalore and the client meeting goes on till 10.30 pm. They were complaining about it on way back to their hotel. It was brand new information for me to see someone complaining about something that is Image
normal for me. It took me 2 years to digest the information and relate it with commutation. In Delhi people maintain a schedule because they have fixed time to travel by metro but in Bangalore people don't have any schedule and work from late morning till late night because the
commutation is private. The answer to, Why people behave in a certain way in a society is somewhere deep inside and not very obvious. Like 4 monkey in a cage with a ladder and banana story. The intelligent corporates, that consult everyone on everything don't have
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