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1/ Community bail funds are never the solution but bc of slow &/or no action by gov’t officials on COVID-19 in jails & prisons, we have had to dig deep. All week local bail funds across the country spent every $ they could to get folks free & safe. #FreeThemAll

2/ Many bail posting windows are closed over the wknd, but these amazing community bail & bond funds will be back at it on Monday to #FreeThemAll. You can find & support your local fund @ or support rapid COVID-19 bail posting at
3/Incarceration has always been a public health crisis. Jails, prisons & immigration jails have always been sites of violence and death. COVID-19 has only exacerbated this. Knowing we must continue to push to #FreeThemAll, local bail & bond funds posted $ to free 100s this week.
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Right now: @NYGovCuomo could order release of all those being held on technical (non-criminal) violations on Rikers Island. 666 of them last I checked. He should do so now to save lives. But they should never have been locked up to begin with. Some facts about parole violations:
In NY, if you violate any condition of parole, no matter how minor, you get remanded. Curfew. Failure to update your address. Positive test for marijuana. Spending time with someone with a criminal record. No possibility of release until a parole judge decides your fate.
Parole was initially designed as an alternative to incarceration. Parole officers were trained in social work. If you took a misstep, there wasn’t punishment. Services were stepped up. Now, parole officers are law enforcement. No funds for services. Only option: reincarceration.
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Viruses do not stay in cages.
Viruses do not stay in cages.
Viruses do not stay in cages.
Viruses do not stay in cages.
Viruses do not stay in cages.
Viruses do not stay in cages.



“Detention and congregation of people in institutional settings is dangerous right now. It’s dangerous for people detained. It’s dangerous for the staff. It’s dangerous for the community who interact with the staff.”
— Wendy Parmet, Northeastern U

Immigrants in custody live:

🔹 Packed closely with minimal ventilation

🔹 With dozens sharing toilets, showers, sinks

🔹 Without disinfectant, soap, #SocialDistancing

🔹 Without proper medical care, medications


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1/🚨BREAKING: @RAICESTEXAS, @Rapid_Defense and @aldea_pjc just filed lawsuit, O.M.G. v. Wolf, against DHS & DOJ demanding the immediate release of all families being held in family detention centers due to COVID-19 eminent risk.
This includes Karnes, Berks and Dilley Babyjail.
2/These organizations represent immigrant families who have sought protection from persecution and torture and who are detained civilly at these jails. The FRCs are the only immigration family detention centers in the United States.
3/Each of the FRCs has failed to take adequate measures to protect these families from COVID-19. Continued detention cannot be justified as it not only risks the families’ health but also the local healthcare system and community should a family contract COVID-19 while detained.
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1/ BREAKING: 51 #ICE detainees in the Bristol county jail have just jointly signed a letter detailing the circumstances of their detention and their fears of #covid19 while trapped in unsafe, unsanitary, unfit conditions.

They must be heard.

#FreeThemAll #mapoli
2/ Even during this crisis attorney Ira Alkalay is still doing incredible work on behalf of detainees in Bristol, who can still meet with him behind glass. He was given this letter (already sent to authorities) this morning.

It is, to say the least, alarming.
3/ The sheer inhumanity at work in this paragraph caught my breath.

Just sit with it for a few seconds before you keep reading.
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ICE is acting like they are being humane during the pandemic, but this is just business as usual. 🗑 THREAD 1/
They say they're focusing on "public safety risks." But ICE's mission has *always* been "to promote public safety..." The question is, what does public safety mean to ICE? 2/
Turns out "public safety" is the go-to justification for anything ICE wants to do. For example: the MUSLIM BAN is based on perceived threats to "public safety." 3/
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Today, amidst the #COVID19 crisis, we bring back our #StoriesFromKarnes series in an effort to shed light on the inhumane & downright cruel situation migrants are facing while locked up during an epidemic of this magnitude.

We'll tell new stories until ICE agrees to #FreeThemAll
Over the next few days we'll be sharing with you a series of chilling accounts from families detained at Karnes to illustrate the gravity of the situation.

This is one of our clients, Maurice's*:
As a Haitian asylum seeker, Maurice* is locked up with his one year old son & pregnant wife.

They are scared.
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OUTRAGEOUS. #Egyptian prisons are disasters waiting to happen during the #CoronavirusOutbreak. Instead of saving lives and releasing prisoners, the regime has arrested 5 activists-Mona Seif, Leila Soueif, Ahdaf Soueif, Rabab al-Mahdi-who staged a protest calling to #FreeThemAll
A few days ago, @hrw published this report: In crowded, unhygienic prisons, the spread of #COVID19 presents a serious threat. #FreeThemAll
#Egyptian prisons are notorious for being overcrowded, dirty and unhygienic. Last November, UN experts said that #Egypt’s abusive detention conditions “may be placing the health and lives of thousands [of] prisoners at severe risk.” #COVID19
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On the Ground in Adelanto Detention Facility during #COVID19: Eyewitness account from our Directing Atty Lisa Okamoto. Our attys visited clients @ ADF today in the midst of a pandemic. @ICEgov refuses to free them despite their inability to protect them. #ParoleThemAll (THREAD)
#covid_19 creates the perfect storm for ICE to violate their civil rights & we are doing everything in our power to stop them.
Upon Arrival: ADF is screening all lawyers in the lobby. Family visits discont'd, so its eerily quiet except for the guards. Lawyers must take temp & fill out form asking if any flu-like symptoms in last 14 days, traveled internationally or had close contact with anyone who has.
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THREAD: It is morally indefensible that court hearings for immigration detainees are still happening. This is my experience visiting my clients early last morning at South Texas Detention Complex in TX, where new “safeguards” were in place to “protect” against #COVID19 1/11
It started w filling out a screening sheet. Families are no longer able to visit their loved ones, only attorneys. Detainees w/o lawyers often rely on family to coordinate their legal defense. Saw a man wanting to take ev to his wife’s hearing but wasn’t able to 2/11
Attorneys are now forced to meet w clients at the windows where families typically visit, instead of contact attorney rooms. Because most of my clients r trans, no other attorneys mtngs can happen at the same time. All other attorneys had to wait while I met w 8 ppl! 3/11
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Long Thread
Please Share!! It is the only way people will know what is happening in a place shrouded in darkness.

Written by Ambien MItchell, our Accompaniment Coordinator.

#FreeThemAll #ICECeaseandDesist #CloseTheCourts #COVID19
An amplification of the strange and somber scene on city streets can be found inside the city’s immigration courts, which continue to put judges, lawyers, interpreters, support staff and asylum-seekers’ lives at risk 👇🏾 #FreeThemAll #ICECeaseandDesist #CloseTheCourts #COVID19
by forcing them to travel and appear for individual hearings and all detained docket hearings as scheduled in spite of all scientific guidance from public health officials.
#FreeThemAll #ICECeaseandDesist #CloseTheCourts #COVID19
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When the cops shoot you dead in the street your boss will thank the cops
Capital State violence
Killing you
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Prepare yourself for the knowledge we’re about to drop in your feed. Y’all gone learn some more about Gerald Reed and his court date tomorrow!  Leggo! #FreeGeraldReed
Gerald is one of the 120 victims of Jon Burge’s midnight crew and is still incarcerated for a double murder that he did not commit. #FreeGeraldReed
Burge, as a detective on the force and later a commander, led a group of violent detectives dubbed his “Midnight Crew” to torture Black and Latinx people into admitting to crimes they didn’t commit. #FreeGeraldReed
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HAPPENING NOW: #JewsAgainstICE protesting Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health in Rosemont, PA, to demand in solidarity with @Vamos_Juntos_ that Devereux cancel its $14 million plans to open an ORR detention center for 42 immigrant children in Devon, PA.…
We are protesting child detention camps opening in our own backyards in PA. We are protesting corporations and organizations profiting from collaborating and working with DHS and ICE. We are saying #NeverAgainParaNadie.
BREAKING: #JewsAgainstICE are blocking the entrance to Devereux Behavioral Health. We are demanding, as Jews who have heard the message of #NeverAgain our whole lives, that Devereux end its plan to build a $14 million child detention center.
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Thread on growing threats targeting immigrant and refugee survivors and how we can support as part of #FreeThemAll National Week of Action. #SurvivedAndPunished #AbolishICE
#ICYMI, check out the recording of #AbolishICE Teach In: Free All Criminalized Survivors featuring Ny Nourn and Floricel Liborio Ramos, formerly incarcerated immigrant survivors! #FreeThemAll #SurvivedAndPunished…
Immigration laws have always been rooted in the violent history of genocide and slavery. Fleeing violence (migration) is often deeemed "illegal" by immigration and criminal legal systems #SurvivedAndPunished #FreeThemAll #AbolishICE
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#FreeThemAll THREAD 1/ We see how the courts often target survivors of abuse. Leena, a young Black mother, fled her apartment after being attacked by her abusive partner. He called police & accused her of assaulting him & Leena was arrested, despite having been assaulted herself
2/ Leena was brought to court & formally charged with felony assault. The judge set $2500 bail that Leena could not afford, so Leena was sent to Rikers Island for two weeks. She had recently been hit by a car, out of work and living in a shelter, so $2500 was impossible to raise
3/ Even when her case was dropped to a misdemeanor and bail reduced to $750, hundreds of dollars--and her freedom--were still out of reach. It was a few days before Thanksgiving and she needed to get out to see her kids. She was brought to court and offered a choice:
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These types of announcements are happening with more frequency as bail has become emblematic of the deep and entrenched injustices in our criminal legal system. While they are lauded as “huge reforms”, these commitments are anything but - 1/9
It’s actually NOT OK to use bail for any reason other than to ensure someone comes to court in MA. Bail statute says that and the SJC (our highest court) says that. ADA Ryan however, says she’s going to continue to request that people are held on bail to keep us all safe. 2/9
If we were concerned about safety, we would be having a much harder conversation @ poverty, housing , substance abuse tx and mental health tx. Instead, DAs and “reformers” tell us that locking people up, before they are convicted of any crime, keeps us safer. 3/9
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