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🙏🏼 Konstant Kreative April Update 🙏🏼

Sticking to building in public and to thank the Twitter #DTC world that is allowing us to build this company.

Here’s what to expect in this update


Trends - Requests / Analysis

What's Working

What's Not
Content Drop
I shared back on April 25th that we just crossed the 100 partner mark!

Which has a code to try us $100 off ;)
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I've tracked 1500+ startups (seen 10x more) and talked to 100s of investors in the last year.

Here are some of the exciting trends and startups I've noticed or come across. It's a mix of early & late stuff.

Check 'em out 👇
#NoCode: This year was big! @airtable & @zapier are king, then @webflow & @bubble. Tools that sit on top include @MemberstackApp/@memberspace (memberships), @StackerHQ (app), @obviouslyai & @levityai (AI/ML). Jump to @makerpad to learn more about this space.
#Productivity: @NotionHQ looms large. @coda_hq & @clickup have a bit more data capabilities. @retool to go straight to your back-end. @raycastapp & @getcommande are like @Superhuman UI for your mac. @commanddot_ for calendar. @usemotion for browser
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Why are creator-moguls important? (Tks to @tzhongg for the expression)
2 — They build REAL communities that engage and ultimately help people in those communities feel connected. (Ingroups 101)
3 — The creators in the passion economy (tks @ljin18) build so much value in their communities. At Atelier, we are thinking about how those creators can be better sustained. Brand partnerships and #ad feels a little clunky.
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For each #Province and #Territory in #Canada, here is the help that was offered to those living with #disabilities. This will include the #Federal help offered as well as any hoops #PWDs may have needed to jump through to get it and whether CERB was clawed back or not.
This is based on my own research, and if anyone sees anything I missed or may have gotten wrong please let me know.
Let's start with #Yukon
According to several articles, eligible families on #disability supports we're to get up to $400 to help with costs until August. Unknown what eligibility was.
#CERB was exempt from clawbacks.
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Interesting discussion from @andrewjfaris, @TaylorHoliday, and @digitallynativ around discounts on #DTC Twitter.

Found the conclusion of "discounts are a scalpel, not a sledgehammer" right, but incomplete.

Here's some data from 4.2k sub ecom brands to help with the thinking.👇
First - why discount?

Discounts lower the activation energy of a lead converting.

As Taylor mentioned, a promotion can diminish the trust gap, reframing the purchasing decision.

Where I quibble is with the depth of these discounts. 2/
Let's look at lifetime value (LTV) across 4.2k sub ecom companies, specifically the LTV of customers who received a discount at purchase compares to those who didn't.

Notice how as the discount increases, LTV decreases.

Why? 3/
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Been thinking through a lot of the Q4 advice @web @magdalenakala, and @davegerhardt have published for #DTC. Similar to @hnshah and @bbalfour in #B2B.

There's one piece I think we're missing that's been accelerated with COVID: Price localization.

Here's all the data 👇
Price localization is when you price in your customer's currency and make the prices differ region to region.

Brick and mortar made this easy, because grandma in Tulsa buys a hallmark card for a different price than you in NYC.

Data shows this is lucrative online as well... 2/
If you simply cosmetically change up your pricing - price in the right currency, you'll typically see 30-50% higher AOV and ACV.

Just by making sure the prices used the right symbol.

People like buying comfortably and often get weary of purchasing from a different region.
3/ Image
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Asking of #DTC twitter: where should new brands without big followings or sizeable bidgeta focus in order to grow? PR? Influencer? Social?
@mrsharma can you drop some knowledge on us? If you had $100 and few connections, where would you start investing time to grow a DTC brand?
Thanks for all the responses! For the records that's supposed to be "budgets" and not "bidgeta" 🤦🏻‍♂️
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Lots of requests for more specific retention advice for #DTC and #SaaS.

Let's walk through a framework for handling active cancellations and churn that focuses on your off-boarding.

(yes, that's a thing).

The goal is to triage cancellations into three groups:

1. Those who are gone anyway. Action: Let them go.

2. Those who just need to talk. Action: Get them on the phone.

3. Those who can be saved. Action: Get them more time with an offer (more below) 2/
To determine the group you'll add some friction (survey, open ended question, etc.). Some folks find forcing the user to call or email to cancel works. I wouldn't recommend doing this, as it hurts long term and squanders the opportunity for a save. 3/
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Just crossed $90M in revenue (20% profit) in the last 5.5 years with my @Shopify store! 100% bootstrapped (no debt or VC funding). Check out my #ShopifyCompass course where I show the FB Ads side of what got us here:

#ServeTheWorldUnselfishlyAndProfit Image
Also, other awesome #DTC and #Ecommerce training and info check out @kurtinc's podcast, @web's newsletter, @TaylorHoliday's blog, @itsviviankaye's blog, @harleyf + @tobi's @Shopify blog, @moizali', @TraceWall, @arribagah, @kaleighf, @ashleymayer and more!
For everyone DMing about repeat rate: We've steadily improved it over time via content marketing, community building and product launches. Here's past 12 mos. More in-depth analysis in my #ShopifyCompass course:…

Also, follow me on insta? @ezrafirestone Image
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#GPC #LDE V shaped notmalization from #Lockdown is happening in most countries. Post-normalization growth recovery in #India will depend critically on #economic #reforms (#GST, #DTC, #DCT, #Labor, #SEZs, Tariffs-FTAs, ...........)
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Ever wondered if your copy was actually getting results?

Thankfully @peeplaja’s launch of @copytesting on @ProductHunt looks like it holds all the answers.

Which is why I’m adding it into my arsenal and offering up something new.

Details below 👇
I’m calling it Copy: Optimized.

It’s an audit + testing + optimization + conversion copywriting… all in 48 hours.

You can test your copy and find what’s not working.

Then you'll get back optimized conversion-focused copy based on the results of your copy test.
In a nutshell:

✔️ Quickly test new website/landing page copy

✔️ Get feedback from users in hours

✔️ Optimize your copy same day

✔️ Roll out improved copy... (same day optional)

✔️ Get more conversions
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I've worked with well over 100 different brands since becoming an FB ad buyer over 5yrs ago and while I've helped clients scale to $1M, this is a first for hitting that goal in 1 week.

Totally humbled and grateful to be on this ride with our client.🙏🙏 #DTCTwitter #DTC Image
So what's helped us get there?

1. Email -This brand has a loyal email base and a huge repeat purchase ratio.

2. Relevant & Timely Ads. Speaking to the times but looking forward to more promising (and fun times) has helped us build on that desired need/want for the product.
3. Creative that feels UGC and leads with a review or meme style headline in the copy (Yes we've bolded stuff using YayText. Shhh...).

4. 1 day click/view optimization - lots of impulse buyers on the platform currently.
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In the last 65 days, Bombas has sent me 24 emails. 23/24 were 100% product or sales based.

That's roughly one PRODUCT #email every 2.5 days for the last 2 months.

I opened 3/24 (mass opened all today for image) and clicked on 1/23.

This is dangerous.

Email marketing is a commodity for DTC brands.

As a solid benchmark: about 30% of #DTC brands revenue should be coming from email marketing.

If you’re running $10 mil a year in revenue and email is driving 30% (or has the potential to drive 30% of your revenue), that’a $3 million asset. 😱

It needs to be treated as such.

First stop: Protect your list, focus on engagement.

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This morning, I went to send my girl gang the typical “how is it only Wednesday?!” snapchat, when I ran into @smiledirectclub

1st thought: Love this engaging ad ❤️

Further discovery: DSC is leaving so much on the table 😰

A critical thread 👇
@smiledirectclub SDC is a company I’ve been scouting, both from a brand perspective AND a consumer perspective.

My teeth aren’t straight, despite 2 rounds of braces (and a v strong teenage attitude about wearing retainers). 🤷‍♀️

I’ve considered aligners quite a bit.
@smiledirectclub So, let’s see the journey this Snapchat ad took me on.

From all angles, I’m disappointed in the delivery.

I’m inclined to call it lazy content, but I’ll go with “shallow” for today. Let’s examine the process.
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#India is unique: @RBI Governors Raghu Ram Rajan & Urjit Patel produced the highest real rate in world & wondered why economy is tanking! Only a handful of us pointed this out repeatedly and asked for monetary policy easing, including monetary supply base (in my case).
3/c Now we need (1) Repo rate reduction to 4%, (2) Gr of monetary base of ~14% per yr, (3) Pragmatic measures to solve PSB-NBFC bad loan problem, (4) Dramatic GST simplification in 1 Step, (5) Introduction of #DTC (Diect Tax Code), to restore growth to 7% this yr, & higher nxt yr
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I’ve spent over $300 on OV in the past six months and I wanted to know how they pulled that off.

So I did some digging.

The @outdoorvoices retention recipe:

1. Vision & Focus
2. Community-First Mindset
3. The Awe of Experience

Thread time 👇
@OutdoorVoices It's been reported that @outdoorvoices repeat customer rate is insanely high, nearly doubling the average e-commerce site.

The brand *almost* feels like a subscription…

Our first contributor of this (mainly due to Haney’s dedication) is OV’s clear and consistent brand vision.
@OutdoorVoices OV separates itself from big players like @Nike @lululemon and @UnderArmour by shifting the narrative on fitness.

The tagline “doing things” brings a new idea to the fitness world & OV dedicates it’s branding, communications, product line, and every tiny detail to that vision.
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Meta-thoughts on a post-acquisition #DTC future


“Moats unite” (pun intended)

Spoiler: whoever owns the *new* narrative … wins. If you’re part of the ecosystem, a shared story beats an open API every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

What we know:

The “golden era” of DTC—read: low-cost CAC and ROAS divorced from AOV and CLTV—is over.

Whatever flesh remains will be picked clean by war-chest-heavy DNVB incumbents and legacy brands waking up.

(See Footnotes 1, 2, and 3)
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