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🔴(1/4) ENORME - Felipe Reitz, biologiste brésilien nous montre ses découvertes chez une personne injectée PFlZER en utilisant l'imagerie thermographique informatisée : coagulation sanguine asymptomatique ! #graphene
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🔴(2/4) ENORME - Felipe Reitz, biologiste brésilien nous montre ses découvertes chez une personne injectée PFlZER en utilisant l'imagerie thermographique informatisée : coagulation sanguine asymptomatique ! #graphene
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🔴(3/4) ENORME - Felipe Reitz, biologiste brésilien nous montre ses découvertes chez une personne injectée PFlZER en utilisant l'imagerie thermographique informatisée : coagulation sanguine asymptomatique ! #graphene
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🔴(1/4) Matt Taylor - De mystérieuses fibres mobiles dans les masques, les écouvillons et les injections - "On arrive à la conclusion que tout cela est honteux et qu'ils essaient de nous tuer"
👉 Suivi de "Nano-Tissage" #Graphene 🧐
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🔴(2/4) Matt Taylor - De mystérieuses fibres mobiles dans les masques, les écouvillons et les injections - "On arrive à la conclusion que tout cela est honteux et qu'ils essaient de nous tuer"
👉 Suivi de "Nano-Tissage" #Graphene 🧐
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🔴(3/4) Matt Taylor - De mystérieuses fibres mobiles dans les masques, les écouvillons et les injections - "On arrive à la conclusion que tout cela est honteux et qu'ils essaient de nous tuer"
👉 Suivi de "Nano-Tissage" #Graphene 🧐
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About the fate of those who refuse to participate in the world debt reset program, healthpass or the #vaccination schedule: "Indefinitely" in isolation until one complies and having "all their assets seized"
- a 🧵 Image
You can see how they are tracking the progress of their agenda on the lower left corner of the document. Image
The fake pretense for isolation and asset seizure: the "Shielding Approach" Image
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Ah ça y est les conspifafs ont mis à jour leur narratif ils sont passés à la #6G !

Et il était temps vu qu'ils commençaient à grave passer pour des cons depuis que même ton grand-père il a la 5G pour mater sur Youtube "Les fantastiques aventures de Louis Fouché chez les fafs" ImageImage
Ça sort d'où cette connerie de 6G reliées à l'internet des corps via le #graphene dans les vaccins ? Et de quelle poubelle ?
Sur twitter ce texte est relayé par un collectif de soignants (hum). Un compte qui a relativement peu d'abonnés mais qui est étrangement suivi par masse d'influenceurs conspifafs, intégristes, charlatans et crapauds d'ultra droite ImageImage
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“All those little blue lights going up toward the clouds…they’re human souls.”

“Lifeforce” (1985) Is filled with currently relevant #PredictiveProgramming - needles, infectious disease, (Wuhan) bats, shapeshifters, human energy harvesting, soul collecting, mind control.
The needle-like ship in Lifeforce comes from a comet. Comets have a long history as omens of disaster. The Greek root of the word ‘disaster’ means ‘ill star’ or ‘bad star’. Like Lucifer the morning star who fell to earth, comets were seen as falling stars that bring destruction. ImageImage
The ship contains giant BAT-like creatures and humans in suspended animation inside #hexagonal crystal structures. The humans turn out to be energetic vampire #ShapeShifters who infect and convert their victims.

#Graphene is hexagonal and can phase shift to liquid crystal. ImageImageImageImage
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This is a military technology that can be broadcast over an area to map and track or analyze data about practically anything it lands on or gets ingest by. It essentially creates a digital twin in cyberspace that allows real time analysis of any environment and everything in it.
Smartdust is one way they’re building the metaverse. Imagine a real-time google maps that includes everything, even people & their biometric data. That’s the vision of a 6G smart city.

Augmented reality maps & tracks the real world & overlays interactive holographic visual info
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$GWSO 🔥 Dr. Elena Shembel has been working with startup MaxAh to enhance #Lithium-ion batteries with novel graphene that THEY source and synthesize. DYK #Graphene also happens to be the most promising electrode material for superior performance in #Sodium-ion batteries. 😁
👀 Presented at ABAF, partnered with Delfast and published with ECS… Dr. Shembel is drawing attention from the industry’s scientific community as she has in the past. I see a preview of catalysts to come for $GWSO…
The PR timeline is interesting here as well… all sorts of validation 😏…
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“Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness. To whatever degree any one of us can bring back a small piece of the picture and contribute it to the building of the new paradigm…we participate in the redemption of the human spirit. And that’s what it’s about.”
By converting the ancient Chinese I-Ching into an algorithmic graph, Terrence McKenna developed what he called Timewave Zero. He found that when world history is overlaid on the graph, major world events aligned to peaks or troughs. From billions of years ago to modern history.
Based on ancient Chinese occult numerology, the I-Ching reveals something fascinating about time. It seems that time moves in waves just like almost every other force we know about. That means periods in the same up or down oscillation will “resonate” or rhyme with each other.
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#Graphene is a single atomic layer of graphite which forms a HEXagonal(6) lattice of carbon, the 6th element on the Periodic Table. Carbon has 6 neutrons, 6 protons and 6 electrons. The EU has invested over $1 billion into research of this material, including its biocompatibility ImageImageImageImage
You don’t need to be a doctor, scientist or genius to understand what’s happening here. They’ve discovered a “wonder material” that can integrate w/ our biology to connect us to the internet/technocracy control grid: the #hivemind. It’s no coincidence that it’s a honeycomb shape. ImageImage
#Graphene is the most electrically conductive material we know about. When converted into a #liquidcrystal phase, it becomes highly responsive to electromagnetic waves. It’s been found to be biocompatible and works with our own internal electric impulses. #Magnetogenetics ImageImageImage
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1) Yazılarımı okuyanlar bilir; 7-8 ay öncesinden itibaren,


hakkında uyarmaya çalışıyorum.
Tüm maskeler ile PCR çubuklarının içinde %100 Graphene ve tüm aşıların %10-%15'inin içinde GO mevcut
2)Nörobiyoloji; 2016-2017 'den itibaren "Silah"üretiyor.

Kan ve beyin bariyerini aşabilen bu maddenin en büyük özelliği şu;
-Sonsuza kadar!Çoğalıyor.

40 milyon aşılanan varsa 4-5 milyon kişi GO aldı ve sonuçlar bu kış çok feci görülecek
3) Big Reset deyip duruyorlar; tarih 2030 !
Büyük planın başlangıcı 2020 Ocak diyelim.
Şimdi #11ağustos 2021 'de #fahrettinkocaistifa istifa diyoruz. Ama sormayı unutuyoruz. Niye şimdi, bu faşizan hareketler? Niye Ağustos ortası?
Kışa az kaldı da ondan !
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@lasleh @yleuutiset #Fimea @THLorg Covid-19 or #GrapheneOxide? Poisonous Nano-Material found in #CovidVaccines and #FaceMasks | JULY 10, 2021
- In Oct 2013 the #EuropeanUnion launched two flagship projects: the Human Brain Project (“HBP”); and, the Graphene Flagship (“GF”)…
@lasleh @yleuutiset @THLorg Official interim report of #Pfizer's vaccination vial analysis explained by La Quinta Columna | JUNE 30, 2021
- Prof. Dr. Pablo Campra #Madrid of the University of #Almeria, @ualmeria Spain… ImageImage
@lasleh @yleuutiset @THLorg @ualmeria #SoyUAL Pablo Campra
Universidad de Almería | UAL · Department of Agronomy
PhD in Chemical Sciences
- Pablo Campra currently works at the Food Technology Division of the Department of Agronomy, University de Almeria (Spain)…
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You are not a responsible journalist, @_whitneywebb unless you follow through with some actual research on #GraphenOxide, your assessment with TLAV is BIAS.

Why did you omit vital health facts about #Graphene Oxide such as that it causes ALL THE SAME SYMPTOMS AS #COVID19?
Q: Why didn't you mentioned the #Argentina study? Or the second independent Spanish research team who discovered Graphene Oxide in the #AstraZeneca & #Moderna jab?! 😲

That's omitting vital information.

You base your claim that #LaQuintaColumna is not credible due to a..
...swapped image in the report. I've been an Editor for years & I saw that as trivial compared to what is at stake for humanity. It was CLEARLY an image from La Quinta Columna's research! That's not dishonest, it's real.

Q: 👉 Why are you ignoring Graphene Oxide? 😎

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Many Scientists and Doctors have been warning about what's happening but censored and ridiculed just like independent researchers trying to share the Truth.
More and more Whistle-blowers and doctors are talking about #graphene content disguised as PEG (Polyethylene Glycol)
Fr. Luis Marcelo Martinez: ‘The Spike protein is nothing more than Graphene inside your body and spiking you’
- English subtitles-
(Part 1)
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Graphene Oxide The Vector For Covid-19 Democide

by Ariyana Love

~ Article here:…

~ Follow TLB @thetlbproject

#Graphene #NewsPicks Image
Have you reviewed this @realstewpeters?

#NewsBreak #CovidVaccine
#Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles are MORE TOXIC when made into a clear liquid!!

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The Disregard of #InformedConsent and Echoes of Nuremberg Part 2 - “The Great Pivot” - Jab hesitancy is informed, literate, and sophisticated, but government agencies, officials, and politicos pushed false narratives - by @TraderStef 4 #CrushTheStreet #ADE… Image
I am moving "The Great Pivot & Echoes of Nuremberg Part 2" #InformedConsent2 (the thread from @RWMaloneMD's gracious RT ) to my acct original here. Replies were breaking apart/not keeping continuity under his RT. Chronology is now intact. Apology for move. Image
Here is a link to PART 1 of “The Disregard of Informed Consent & Echoes of Nuremberg” (is hash tagged as #InformedConsent). That thread's continuity is intact and extensive, from March 31 to Aug 3.
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#debunk du « magnétisme vaccinal » : 1/n : début de l’enquête sur cet apparent hoax : ça démarre fort... tests à suivre...
#magnetchallenge : Un long post de divers faisceaux d'investigation autour du magnétisme vaccinal... Je creuse...…
1-des nano-ferrofluides serviraient bien à capter certaines protéines pour réaliser des tests cytologiques cf cette société :…
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El #grafeno es una #sustancia compuesta por #carbono puro, con átomos organizados en un patrón regular #hexagonal, parecido al grafito.
Es un material casi #transparente
#Graphene ☠️💉🧟‍♂️ #coronavirus
#Plandemia #Tecnología #AlMomento #Vaccine #5GLAB
#RetweeetPlease #RETWEEET #rt
El #grafeno puede causar #daños a la #salud lo demostró la investigación en la #UniversidadBrown y resulta que es #altamente #nocivo para la salud, ya que es un material tan fino que es capaz de cortar directamente las #células si logra entrar en el #cuerpohumano
El #grafeno es un #nanomaterial "BIDI_MENSIONAL" que ofrece una gran oportunidad para desarrollar y mejorar los productos, permite crear nuevas conectividades al Internet los #wearables al #5gtechnology
#Graphene #nanotechnology

#SiguemeYTeSigo #RetweeetPlease
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1/9 Could graphene coverslips improve your single-molecule fluorescence and superresolution experiments? In our article in @AdvancedAms we combine #DNAorigami with #graphene to perform #singlemolecule #biophysics, #biosensing & #superresolution microscopy.
2/9 Graphene is almost transparent and quenches fluorescence in a range of ~40 nm. Fluorescence intensity or fluorescence lifetime of single molecules directly tell you the distance of a molecule to the surface. Differences in the z-direction as small as 2.9 nm are resolved. Image
3/9 Dynamics with graphene energy transfer (GET). We use GET to visualize motion on top of a graphene surface and determine the timescale of fluctuations via autocorrelation analysis. Image
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▪️Corona Virüs yalanı ile gerçek bir salgın planlanıyor.Dünyada elinde mikroskobu, hatta iyi bir telefonu olan şahıslar #Maske #PCR test çubukları ve şimdi de a$ının içinde aynı siyah kurtçuk veya noktaları tespit ediyor
2) Bunlar #Graphene isimli Nono-Tech bir materyaldir.
Bunu kanıtlamak kolaydır! Moleküler yapısını görüntülemek ve karbon testi yapmak yeterlidir.
Graphene; kan ve beyin bariyerini aşabilen bir materyeldir! Tüm vücudu canlı bir organizma gibi sarabilir.
3) Kimyasallar ve frekanslar ile Graphene tüycüklere talimat vermek mümkündür.Şu an; tüm elektronik cihazlarda kullanılmaktadır.Yani nasıl telefonunuza yalnızca size göre reklam/bilgi aktarımı oluşuyorsa; graphene alan vücuda da ( Yeterli miktara ulaştığında) komut verilebilir +
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Got $CPSH? Huge potential

Biden play just getting discovered
$CPSH 13m OS + less than 10m float + Operations are profitable

How high can this FutureTech Materials company go? They will do over $20m+ for 2020 & claim 2021 will be much stronger

Only trading 3-4X revs at $6. Its going to blow past $10 imo

#EV, Clean Energy, Space etc
$CPSH volume is very heavy. It could churn the entire OS today. This float is gonna lock up tight

Shorts are laying into it but they’re going to get squeezed imo, just like they have with so many other Biden plays

#EV #cleanenergy #Aerospace and more..

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