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I think I’ve figured out how to connect Q’s drops to past & current events & it’s science!

I believe I found genes, chemical compounds & #chromosome editing all named after them: #Hillary #BillClinton #Obama. I’m sure there’s much more

Read the attchd 6 pgs. I’ll keep adding
#MaggieHaberman is on our side & I think who tipped off the #Lynch #Clinton tarmac mtg. Muriatic acid at the #standardhotel has to do w #AndreBalazs’ father Andre Alexander #Balazs being a nuclear scientist & #DNA editing. And July 19, 2013 was caught on film by #NASA
I know bc Q didn’t lie. Once you unlock the map you get #QProofs like you’ve never seen! Confirmation/validity is amazing UNTIL it hits you that this is no longer a real life Clue game. I’m no scientist but I believe we were slow dripped re #Epstein wanting to impregnate 20 girls
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British journalism is completely missing the public mood at present. WE a want the State to succeed in defeating #COVID19 and to play our part in doing it. Yes, we want #HMG to explain what it is doing, when and why, and journalism has a part to play in that, BUT...1/4
..political journalists seem to think it’s political ‘business as usual’ and that they should attack, attack, attack..because that’s what they do. They think it’s clever to to pick holes, ask stupid questions out of feigned ignorance, engage in ‘whataboutery’. Well, chums..2/4’s not what your audience wants! We want YOU to help us all beat #Covid19 by asking constructive questions, suggesting new actions for #HMG to consider, recognising the positive, and providing illumination not obfuscation. Not about being ‘soft’ .....3/4
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#Brexit beyond current crisis. Question. If we assume that the #HMG & U.K. need a deal with EU27 at some stage, how does what PM Johnson is doing affect this. @BrigidLaffan
1. #HMG has increased risk & uncertainty for all of Europe but has not put a single document with credible solutions on the table. David Frost & Steven Barclay have got to Burssels saying we want a deal but no solutions. @BrigidLaffan
2. @BorisJohnson has just now prorogued parliament which heightens U.K. crisis & signals to EU27 that political turmoil is gripping U.K. There is no incentive for EU27 to do anything other than keep channels open. @BrigidLaffan
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Now that peak Brexit approaches & London has ratcheted up blame game, let’s review how UK has handled Brexit. Brexit negs will be used as a case study. UK political elite especially those in power will be judged to have made an appalling mess of same @BrigidLaffan
1. No attempt was made to find a domestic accommodation following a narrow Leave win given the scale of what Brexit implied. @BrigidLaffan
2. PM opted by October 2016 for a hard Brexit & by January Lancaster had boxed herself in by setting out incompatible preferences-@rdanielkelemen trilemma. @BrigidLaffan
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1. @hayward_katy & @DavidHennick1 have outlined the reasons for the backstop in detail & done us all a service. This thread is about the implications of the current impasse for British-Irish relations-the context of what is playing out. @BrigidLaffan
2. #Brexit brings into sharp relief the troubled history of the two islands. What is shocking yes shocking for Ireland is the carelessness with which our neighbour went about its #Brexit business. @BrigidLaffan
3. Having spoken at events during the campaign, I was left with the overwhelming sense that most in the audience did not know what the implications of Brexit would be for the island of Ireland & more significantly did not care-yes did not care despite platitudes. @BrigidLaffan
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Any #Brexit would be a total #Catastrophuc for UK! Reasons will follow in this 12 part thread, to be developed over coming days. If you know of any NET benefits from #Brexit, please feed them in. They'd need to be good to match the >£1bn pw this mess is ALREADY costing US! 1/12.
Easiest one first! Full #EU membership (as NOW) gives the UK unrestricted tariff-free & frictionless trade access to an enlarged & well developed HOME market of 550+ million people in 27 fellow member states, being SO much MORE than our own UK of 4 much smaller parts. 2/12.
Brexiteers discount EU's relentless progress in terms of comprehensive trade deals with international markets. While UK has been a busy fool, chasing Brexit and getting nowhere! EU has signed Canada, Korea, Japan and (recently) Brazil & Argentina! All OURS to access NOW! 3/12.
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Short thread 1. Not sure that @SteveBarclay & @Theresa_May are fully aware of what they are asking of #EU27 to make one last shove to get the deal over the line. The EU has been here before with David Cameron. Context is everyhing. @BrigidLaffan
2. EU was grappling with the Euro crisis followed by the refugee crisis in summer 2015 when David Cameron came calling for his renegotiation. Despite misgivings, UK’s partners gave him significant concessions & there was unhappiness in other member states. @BrigidLaffan
3. Having got a deal, it sank without trace & had no impact on ref other than as an object of attack. Cameron did not sell it. As we know the Remain campaign was very poor & Leave won. @BrigidLaffan
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Don't believe that Blukip Mayhem & Co realise just HOW far adrift they have become from public opinion NOW! Of course, they could put ANY deal? Big IF? to a #peoplesvote, and test the will of the people to which they love SO much to defer? Democracy? Do they really believe in it?
Hard to escape the view that 'so called' UK Democracy has been completely hijacked by Blukip Mayhem & Co. There's NO mandate to trash our economy in the way now daily unfolding. It's totally risible to suggest that we'll go global from the self-inflicted wreckage of what we had.
Triple hit from #Brexodus; deferred, reduced or cancelled #BusinessInvestment and collapsing consumer #Confidence look likely to impact UK #GDP when #Q2 stats are known. Will Blukip Mayhem & Co take any notice? Or just keep racking up yet more debt, as UK #TaxTake recedes!
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10 mths on from a rash, premature, totally unplanned #Article50 trigger, we still await clarity as to what #Brexit might mean? But HMG has now confirmed what we knew 19 mths back - Brexit remains totally unaffordable! We've spent a fortune to establish that simple & obvious fact!
Have known from the off that Brexit must be halted: 1.Our negotiating position was weakened by #A50 trigger, not strengthened. 2.Obvious from day 1 that ANY form of Brexit would be totally unaffordable - as we have 5x more debt since 1997 and run a huge visible trade imbalance.
- 3.UK has a dominant services sector (incl financial services) and stands to lose disproportionately MORE than any other of the EU27, from leaving the SM & CU. 4.Our overall productivity also lags the G20 norm, not a good 'go-it-alone' platform!
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