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Joseph's Tomb, #Nablus: Three wounded, including Jewish worshipers and the commander of the #IDF's Samaria Territorial Brigade

The attached clip, shot by Jewish worshipers at Joseph's Tomb last night, is one of the most trending videos on Palestinian channels in recent... (1/4)

Palestinians are celebrating the scenes of panic and terror on social media as militants shoot at the compound. Many highlighted the IDF's official report, according to which Col. Roi Zweig, commander of the IDF's Samaria Brigade, as well as two worshipers were... (2/4)
injured. For them, this is a significant achievement.

The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades (AMB, #Fatah-affiliated) claimed responsibility for the shooting at the compound and for injuring an IDF officer.

#Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum: "We congratulate the residents of... (3/4)
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1/7 THREAD Terrorwelle gegen #Israel: Der von #Abbas angeheizte und finanzierte #Terror gegen Israel geht weiter. Er wird motiviert durch die Gehälter für Terroristen, Renten für "Märtyrer"-familien und andere Belobigungen von Seiten der #Autonomiebehö…
2/7 (Siehe…). Ohne Zahlungen würde es nicht so viel Motivation für solche Anschläge geben. Viele der Terroristen stammen aus Abbas' eigener #Fatah, die die #Terroristen der Anschläge feiert (siehe z.B. nach dem gestrigen Anschlag -…)
3/7 Währenddessen bringt #Abbas gezwungenermaßen hin und wieder eine scheinbare Verurteilung über die Lippen, die aber in keinster Weise ernst genommen werden können (siehe
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Palestinian fear the response from #Saudi_Arabia and the Gulf states to the #Islamic_Jihad's rally in support of the #Houthis

Following the chants in #Gaza against the Saudi royal family and in support of the Houthis, #Iran's loyalists in #Yemen, the Palestinian... (1/5)
Authority, #Fatah, and #Hamas hurried today to issue statements renouncing and condemning the Houthis:

#PA: We condemn the Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and support our Arab brethren. We reject any violation of Arab symbols.

Fatah: The... (2/5)
position of the Palestinian leadership has always been not to interfere in the internal affairs of Arab states. We welcome all the Arab peoples who stand in support of the Palestinians.

And perhaps the most interesting reaction of all was Hamas'. Hamas controls the... (3/5)
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💯 % adhiero a las palabras de @edufeiok en @lanacionmas a raíz del conflicto entre Israel 🇮🇱 y el grupo Hamas de Palestina 🇵🇸 / Reitero, comparto cada palabra de Eduardo Feimann ✅
Cuando empiezan a caer los misiles enviados por el grupo terrorista de #Hamas y los pocos segundos para llegar a los refugios.
#Israel 🇮🇱
Sobre la despreciable posición del gobierno kirchnerista de Argentina 🇦🇷 tomando posición pro Hamas, socios de Irán 🇮🇷 Venezuela 🇻🇪 amigos de Ismail Haniya, comandante de las Brigadas de Ezzeldin Al-Qassem
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Schade, dass so viele das Narrativ der Terroristen verbreiten, die Angriffe auf #Israel seien eine „Reaktion“ auf „Enteignungen“ in #Jerusalem. Unabhängig davon, dass selbst dies natürlich keine Gewalt rechtfertigen würde, ist es einfach falsch. (1/8) #IsraelUnderAttack
Hintergrund: Es geht bei #SheikhJarrah um einen Rechtsstreit zwischen mehreren ansässigen Familien. Jordanien hatte 1948 Israel angegriffen, Jerusalem besetzt und die dort lebenden Juden (!) enteignet und vertrieben. Einige von ihnen klagten gegen diese Enteignung. (2/8)
Ein einfacher Rechtsstreit, der von unabhängigen Gerichten (Israel ist ein Rechtsstaat!) geklärt werden kann. Doch stattdessen ließen gewaltbereite Palästinenser die Situation eskalieren und setzten einen ganzen Stadtteil in Brand. So weit so erwartbar. (3/8)
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International Affairs /1-1
#Myanmar #Burma 🇲🇲
Myanmar's Generals
Run A Nearly Sanction-Proof
Long Before Seizing Control
Of The Streets
by @oanhha @jwf825
& Khine Lin Kyaw
MAY 11, 2021
International Affairs /1-2
#Myanmar #Burma 🇲🇲
- Area : 676.5K km²
- Population : 53.6 M
- Capital : #Naypyidaw
largest city : #Yangon
- #Bamar 68%
- #Shan 9%
- #Buddhism 88%
- #Christianity 6.2%
- #Islam 4.3%
#Burmese Image
International Affairs /1-3
#Myanmar #Burma 🇲🇲
- GDP (PPP) : US$355 B
Per capita : US$6.7 K
- #InformalEconomy :
one of the biggest in the world
- Rich in precious stones :
#Rubies 90% of world's
#Sapphires #Pearls #Jade
- #Tourism
- #Agriculture Image
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Yahya Sinwar, the leader of #Hamas in the Gaza Strip, won another term after defeating the movement's senior official Nizar Awadallah • #Sinwar victory is #Iran's victory in the influence of the movement's leadership against the Muslim Brotherhood axis led by Qatar and Turkey.
Yahya Sinwar's victory is the #Iranians’ victory. He also serves as the leader of the military wing, in addition to his political role as the leader of Hamas in the #Gaza Strip. Sinwar has discovered a pragmatic approach in the last four years.
He maintained good relations w/ #Egyptian intelligence and Muhammad Dahlan & supported the Egyptian-mediated truce understandings w/ #Israel, he also maintained #Qatar's monthly financial assistance to the Gaza Strip & continued the process of strengthening the military arm:
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The "launches" to the campus, the monitoring of the improvement efforts & the #redline that must not be crossed in the quality & quantity of armaments: this is how the 🇮🇱Israeli defense deals with the threat of #Hezbollah's precision missiles. 1
This is probably one of the few threats that the Israeli public is not fully aware of. A significant strategic threat, which could lead #Israel to launch a pre-emptive strike, even though the pretext is not nuclear weapons. This is also the hottest issue: #Hezbollah missiles! 2
Immediately after the 2ed Lebanon War, ignoring Security Council Resolution 1701, which imposed a full #embargo on arms transfers to #Hezbollah, Hezbollah embarked on a huge logistical op, with billions of $ in #Iranian funding, equipped with tens of thousands of rockets. 3
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[Thread in 6 - #Jusos und #Fatah - was lief auf dem Bundeskongress?]


Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass ich mich mal für die #Jusos in die Bresche werfen würde. Ich habe die Jusos nie leiden können.

Jetzt ist es so weit.

Im Moment gibt es wegen einem Antrag viel Wirbel.

Angeblich hätten dort die #Jusos der #Fatah sogar ein Veto-Recht eingeräumt! In Wirklichkeit ging es aber nur um eine kleine Begegnungstätte in #Jerusalem, die seit 1996 existiert.

Mehr dazu weiß Wikipedia:…

Den Antrag dokumentiere ich in Bildern.

Schönster, zeitgeisttypischer progressiver Jargon. Aber Moment, war da nicht ein #Vetorecht?

Ja. Das ist etwas schwammig gehalten und gedacht für die beiden israelischen Partnerorganisationen und die #Fatah-Jugend - für alle Fragen rund um den Konflikt:

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Russia in the Middle East, September 30:
Deputy FM Vershinin meets with #Iran's ambassador to discuss #Syria and #Russia's upcoming presidency of the #UNSC
Lavrov spoke with #Yemen's Foreign Minister about "fully restoring diverse #Russian-Yemeni bilateral ties" and "doing everything possible for the return of long-awaited peace and stability in Yemen, and to use contacts with all involved and interested parties...for this purpose."
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Russia in the Middle East, September 25:
Putin's MENA envoy Bogdanov meets with the ambassadors of #Egypt and #France to discuss #Libya ImageImage
Lavrov met with #Syria's Ahmad Jarba/Peace and Freedom Front delegation.

Bogdanov spoke with Louay Hussein of the Syrian "State-building" movement and also met Jarba's delegation. ImageImage
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Putin's MENA envoy Bogdanov meets #UAE ambassador to discuss deepening their multifaceted bilateral ties Image
Bogdanov also spoke with #Fatah Central Committee's Hussein al-Sheikh to discuss a unified Palestinian position [Abbas is preparing to meet soon with other Palestinian faction leaders to develop them] and potentially holding another pan-Palestinian summit in Russia. Image
Lavrov also spoke with #Niger's FM to discuss #Mali and broader Sahara-Sahel security and cooperation at the UN. Image
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Russian Diplomacy, August 24:
Lavrov speaks with #Jordan's FM to discuss #Libya, #Syria, #Iran, and especially reestablishing Israeli-Palestinian negotiations on the Two-State solution.

Jordan supports Putin's initiative on reducing tension with Iran, and Jordan and Russia will deepen bilateral cooperation. ImageImage
Putin continued his conversation with Lukashenko on the situation in #Belarus:

"Alexander Lukashenko informed [Putin] about the measures being taken to normalize the situation in the country." Image
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Russian Diplomacy, August 21:
Lavrov spoke with #Belarus' FM:

"They emphasised that all external actors need to respect the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Belarus, and stop trying to provoke confrontation in Belarusian society and undermine the process of normalising the situation." Image
Russian Deputy FM Morgulov spoke with #Iran's ambassador Kazem Jalali about a range of bilateral issues Image
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Some Russian Diplomacy, August 18:
German FM Heiko Maas calls Lavrov to discuss Putin's UNSC+Germany+Iran initiative for Persian Gulf security, preserving the #JCPOA, and Belarus.

Lavrov warned Germany/EU of interference in #Belarus, "with which Russia has brotherly relations." Image
Putin's MENA envoy Bogdanov meets with the Egyptian ambassador to discuss the region, specifically #Libya Image
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Give I'm a little bored - let's do a thread on UNIFIL etc.

The #UnitedNations Interim Force in #Lebanon, otherwise known as #UNIFIL #UN & #NATO peacekeeping operation which began in March 1978 - 42 years ago.
During the 1970s tension between #Israel and #Lebanon increased to an all-time high as after armed #Palestinian elements shifted from #Jordan to #Lebanon. Said forces conducted operations against #Israel and retreated to the safety of #Lebanese territory.
On 11 March 1978, this escalated with what is now called the Coastal Road massacre planned by Abu Jihad. Here's a bit about the Coastal Road Massacre.
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Tomorrow is Israel’s #MemorialDay for the 23,816 fallen soldiers and the 3,152 victims of terror killed since Israel’s independence.
Here at @IsraelMFA, we commemorate today 16 of our colleagues killed in terror attacks.
The first @IsraelMFA victim was 34 year old Edna Pe’er, from Israel’s embassy in #Paraguay. She was shot dead when 3 #Palestinian #Fatah terrorists broke into the embassy planing to kill the Ambassador. Thankfully he was unharmed but Edna was killed. May her memory be a blessing. Image
In 1972, the agricultural attaché from @IsraelinUK, 44 year old Ami Shchori, opened an envelope addressed to him.
It was a letter bomb and Ami was killed. The letter was one of many letter bombs sent by Palestinian terrorists that day. Ami left behind a wife and two children. Image
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Hoy comenzaron las primeras reuniones entre las autoridades israelíes y el presidente de los Estados Unidos. Mañana será la presentación oficial del plan de paz. #Paz #Israel #Palestina #DealOfTheCentury ImageImage
Aunque peque de optimista, le tengo mucha fe a este #AcuerdoDelSiglo. Veremos que nos depara el futuro.
¿Cuan exitosa suponen que será la propuesta de Trump para israelíes y palestinos?
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1/7 Again the media is dangerously backing partisan agendas by omitting the most crucial dynamic from this #Trump #Iran #Iraq #TrumpsWar #WWIII development

Iran already owns Iraqi governors

Iran also controls the largest voting bloc in Iraq's govt

2/7 RE #Trump #Iran #Iraq #TrumpsWar #WWIII

Now Iran controls the largest voting bloc in the Iraq govt (see previous link) & the only alternative is led by this anti American cleric, as the second largest bloc that is ultimately controlled by Lebanon…
3/7 RE #Trump #Iran #Iraq #TrumpsWar #WWIII

What Bolton & Trump are failing to explain (& media is failing to analyze) is they lost any allies in Iraq, Iran & Kurdistan (as well as Syria & Lebanon) by conceding to Russian dominance & creating this political vacuum in Iraqi govt
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