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Like most of us in here in #QuarentineLife I've got a lot of extra time on my hands. So I decided to make a thread highlighting the failure, ineptitude, stupidity, and hypocrisy of #Trump and his executive branch in regard to the #COVID19 pandemic
January 18th Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar attempts to speak with Trump about the virus but Trump does not listen and interjects, asking about vaping and when certain flavored vaping products will be back on the market.
Jan 22nd Trump said “We have it totally under control.” On January 30th Trump said that “we’re working very closely with China and other countries, and we think it’s going to have a very good ending for us.” Also stated that he trusts President Xi.
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“Rispetto all'influenza il coronavirus forse 👈 ha una trasmissione più efficace, o quantomeno la stessa 😎 dell'influenza, e al momento c'è una letalità leggermente 👈 superiore”
👉 #LiberateCodogno…
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Tweet 1: 1/7 Dr. Li treated a patient (who was unknowingly infected).
1/10 Dr. Li started coughing & fever.
1/8 - 1/11 Dr. Li’s parents infected.
1/12 Dr. Li admitted to the hospital.
1/30 positive test result.
Dr. Li died on 2/6.
#coronarvirus #WuhanCoronavirus #Wuhanpneumonia
Tweet 2: Dr. Li (based on his 12/30/2019 warning) was likely wearing protective gear on 1/7/2020 when he was infected.
Dr. Li was asymptomatic for 2 days.
Dr. Li had no fever for 3 days.
Dr. Li did not test positive (for the Coronavirus) for 18 days
Tweet 3: 1/11 Wuhan Health Commission issued a statement on the Coronavirus stating no new cases since 1/3 and no infection of the medical staff. This notice & key facts in Dr. Li’s case show significant gaps in data from December 2019 to very early February 2020.
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NEW THREAD: Americans flying to the U.S. from China will be re-routed to the following airports at no cost to the traveler, to determine is the flyer has symptoms of #coronarvirus
(ORD), Illinois
(SFO), Calif.
(SEA), Washington
(HNL), Hawaii
(LAX), Calif.
(ATL), GA.
@cdcgov: American air travelers should be aware that if they have been to China in the last 14 days, they will be routed through one of seven airports to undergo enhanced health screenings.
Any individual traveling from China who has either been in Hubei Province or other areas of the mainland and is showing symptoms associated with the virus will be screened and subject to mandatory quarantine by medical professionals at a nearby facility.
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Any person with acute respiratory illness, (including severe patients who have been hospitalised) presenting with fever, cough, difficulty breathing AND who within 14 days before onset of illness has any one of the following exposures: Image
Probable case:
A suspect case for whom testing for 2019-nCoV is inconclusive or for whom testing was positive on a pan-coronavirus assay #coronarvirus
Confirmed case:
Any person with laboratory confirmation of 2019nCov* infection with or without signs and symptoms
*If you have a patient that matches the case definition above, please contact NCDC to arrange for sample collection and testing on 07032864444 #coronarvirus
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I know, Impeachment, got it, but hey look -> #coronarvirus , excellent break down by ⁦@nytimes⁩ Daily podcast. Assuming we survive, coronavirus will be extraordinary case study on authoritarian information control…
China censorship helped virus spread, makes it difficult for world to respond. Still may be severely underestimated. But China is likely only country that could quarantine City of 11 million.
Imagine if this turns to outbreak in USA? some of our controls & responses better, but others not so much, trust in government has never been lower, public won’t handle a quarantine w/ social media well. Pray for those afflicted & pray this doesn’t spread.
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Primero, este hilo será para ayudar a disminuir un poco la ignorancia sobre los #virus y más ahora con el #coronavirus solo para que sepan que “sé” de lo que hablo
Soy QBP, trabaje 3 años en un laboratorio de Inmunología molecular
Me apasiona la biología celular así que hice mi tesis sobre APOPTOSIS EN ÓRGANOS LINFOIDES DE LECHONES INOCULADOS CON RUVULAVIRUS PORCINO, participe en un congreso con el tema “Nuevos virus y la superación de la barrera hemato-encefálica”
Creo que con eso tienen y no no se asusten no usaré tanto tecnicismo para que sea fácil de entender, pero si será un hilo extenso, espero darme a entender.
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What do Chinese whistle blowers say about #Wuhan #coronarvirus?

Chinese youtuber/political show host Mr. Lude said following:

1. China held military drill on Sep. 18th. Before the drill, officials of Hubei province was given a medicine can block corona virus.

To be continued
2. Military World Games, was held from October 18–27, 2019 in Wuhan. They wanted spread the virus to the US military, but failed.…

To be continued
3. Zhou, Peng 周鹏was hired by Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2018. The job description:

who will use "bats to research the molecular mechanism that allows Ebola and SARS-associated coronaviruses to lie dormant for a long time without causing diseases."…
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USMCA Deal - Notice POTUS uploaded multiple Facebook photos - Including a specific one - him signing a helmet with a 'Q' sticker (not directly a 'QANON sticker') still, notebook, pen, desk QDROP > so I can 'time' the QDROP and connect QANON, myself and POTUS > 727,656 > '355'
'355' given from 727-656 in ]TARGET] brackets - also mentioned numerous times. 13 seconds after I saved this photo to my Phone -- Majestic 12 tweets > notice last tweet from them was 41 minutes before. See here:…

#RIPAmerica #ChildreninCages #coronarvirus
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Everytime there is a new epidemic different WhatsApp forwards pop up. This particular one i have seen at least 3 times in the last 4 years
Short answer
The information in this picture is WRONG & FALSE
#coronavirusindia #coronarvirus #CoronavirusOutbreak
These masks are called MASKS or common surgical masks. They are usually used by healthcare workers when treating patients.

They are designed with a filter inside the white side to prevent the spread of water droplets from the breath OF THE PERSON WEARING IT.
So in essence wearing this mask protects the patient not the wearer. The droplets will collect in the mask & you breathe through it. But since it is your own droplets no harm. Wearing the mask in reverse will not work. Imagine if it collect the droplets from air. Common sense🤦🏽‍♂️
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✔️ 2 casi accertati
✔️ OMS: emergenza globale
✔️ Esperti: no allarmismi
✔️ Ministro Salute: «situazione totalmente sotto controllo»…

In #Cina realizzato il kit per la diagnosi rapida 👍👍👏👏

@guardian denuncia casi di #SINOFOBIA in Italia:

✔Sputi a #Venezia contro 2 cinesi
✔Insulti a #Torino contro 3 cinesi
✔Ingresso a #Pompei vietato a 1 cinese
✔Insulti contro giovane calciatore cinese vicino #Milano.…
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#Thailand #DPM & #Health Minister #Anutin chairing 1st national committee meeting to combat #coronarvirus #ไวรัสโคโรนาสายพันธุ์ใหม่. Thailand considering to temporarily suspend issuing visas to #Chinese visitors. Country has 14 cases so far, highest number of cases outside #China ImageImageImageImage
#Thailand #DPM & #Health Minister #Anutin accompanied by #Transport & #Tourism ministers at committee meeting involving various relevant ministries like #education #health #interior #defence to combat #coronarvirus #ไวรัสโคโรนาสายพันธุ์ใหม่ ImageImageImageImage
#Thailand #DPM & #Health Minister #Anutin at combating #coronavirus #ไวรัสโคโรนาสายพันธุ์ใหม่ meeting is to ensure greater protection of citizens' health, better coordinate ministerial actions efficiently & provide more information to all. Says Thailand also needs to up actions ImageImageImageImage
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Burloni : “in Italia il virus non c’è”

Conte : “due casi a Roma”

#Tgla7 : “Tibet, Paese confinante con la Cina” [sic]

EmiliaRomagna, Paese confinante con l’Italia 🤦🏻‍♂️

“stato di emergenza sanitaria” is the new “non voglio cadere”…
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Tune in to this week's episode of "What the Health?" as host @jrovner and panelist @leonardkl, @JoanneKenen, and @eemershon discuss #Medicaid block grants, #coronarvirus, and more! #WTHealth
On this episode...
The Trump administration is trying to achieve a goal for #Republicans that dates to the 1980s — allowing states to obtain at least some of their funding for #Medicaid as a block grant. Here's a quote from @leonardkl about Medicaid funding.
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Non sono un immunologo ma un medico con nozioni avanzate di epidemiologia e statistica.
Voglio dire alcune cose sull'epidemia di #coronarvirus partita da Wuhan, senza allarmismo ma pure senza volere minimizzare i pericoli.
🗒Thread 1/7 ⬇️
La pericolosità di un'epidemia dipende da + fattori:
➡️ Capacità dell'agente patogeno di diffondersi da individuo ad altro
➡️ Difese immunitarie x precedenti infezioni e/o vaccinazioni
➡️ Letalità dell'infezione (morti x 100 malati)
➡️ Disponibilità di cure efficaci
🗒 2 /7 ⬇️
Sono confermati ad oggi circa 7800 casi, quasi tutti in Cina, con 170 decessi.
I casi accertati in Cina da 5 gg aumentano di circa 1750 unità al giorno
La mortalità è stimata tra 3 e 4 ogni 100 malati
Al di fuori dalla Cina non sembrano esserci focolai di infezione
🗒3/7 ⬇️
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#coronarvirus| 30 Jan 2020

According to Russian State TV.

•- Russia is closing its borders over the far eastern frontier to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus.

•- Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has signed an order directing the borders to be closed.
2. #coronavirus contd:

•- what specific borders Russia is closing is unknown.

•- Russia shares a 4000 mile border w/ China, and neighbours Japan, North Korea. Russia’s Kamchatka peninsular is around 50 miles away from Alaska.
3. #coronavirus contd:

•- Hitherto, there are no confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in Russia.

•- In the last 7 days, Russian authorities have quarantined 100+ travellers from China who show suspected symptoms.
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Scientists in Hong Kong have developed a vaccine for the #coronavirus…
But that’s just the first step. Animal testing and human trials mean it won’t be available for at least a year — which is not much help to the 6,000 people who have been infected with #coronarvirus to date…
The HK researchers are just one of many around the world racing to find a vaccine. Scientists in Australia, who managed to grow the #coronavirus in a lab, say they can now develop a test to identify people infected before symptoms develop…
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Just rec'd a video from someone in Beijing. She says people in #Wuhan r locking down the infected people within their homes, so that they can't escape out in the open, in a bid to stop the spread of #coronarvirues . The infected families r being left to starve & die. Horrific 😢
If the matters weren't bad already,I've received several videos from friends in China,claiming that a large no. of crows have suddenly appeared in Hubei,which is also severely infected by #coronarvirues .
Reminds of #Gothicfiction
Wonder if art imitates life,or life imitated art
Continuing with the thread, here's a video of house being sealed, with people being still inside who are suspected of being infected. That's China for you.
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“Where did the 🦠 come from?” is one of the most asked questions. First, I don’t like unsupported conspiracy theories, but it’s a lingering question. @sciencemagazine examined this based on Lancet article. Nobody knows, but seafood market isn’t whole story…
2. Again, no outright conspiracy theories please. Here is another explanation: The new #coronavirus is an RNA virus—that is, viruses that have RNA as their genetic material rather than DNA—which have a “high mutation rate,” which allows it to “change properties very quickly.”
3. The RNA sequences of the #coronavirus isolated from 6 patients from the same household are different from each other (Lancet), sign of the virus evolving. This may not be so good to the ear; it suggests the difficulty of containing this virus”. (from…)
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There are major discrepancies between China's early reporting of the #2019nCoV outbreak and new findings in @TheLancet.

A few of the biggest:

1) More than a third of the earliest cases had no connection with the market...…
2) That includes the first known case of novel #coronarvirus.

3) There was direct evidence of human-to-human spread as early as January 2 (China only confirmed Jan 20)...
4) More than half of the early cases were people under the age of 64 — and half of people in ICU were between 25 and 49. Not the picture authorities were painting.

I spoke to global health thinkers over the weekend about what this could mean...…
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Bugün burada gerçekleşen toplantıda Hong Kong Tıp Fakültesi dekanı Prof. Gabriel Leung un açıklamalarını paylaşayım. Tüm bu verileri bügün Pekin’deki toplantı öncesi Dünya Sağlık Örgütü ile paylaşmış. #coronarvirus
1 - Ctesi günü itibariyle virüsün 44bin kişiye bulaşmış olduğu ve 25bin de hasta olduğunu hesaplıyorlar. Virüsün bulaştığı insan sayısı her 6 günde 2 kata çıkıyor. 4 hafta sonra Çin’in büyük şehirlerinde gerçek resim ortaya çıkacak, Nisan Mayıs arasında max düzeye ulaşacak
2 - Virüsün çıktığı Hubei eyaletinden sonra en yüksek sayı iki eyalet arasındaki seyahat sayısı sebebiyle Chongqing eyaleti olacak. Prof. Leung, global seyahatlere “sert” önlemler alınması gerektiğini savunuyor.
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#Myanmar has so far not reported any cases of #coronarvirus but it has stepped up its health screening at airports & asking arriving passengers to declare health status (Pics not mine. From FB). #SoutheastAsian nations like #Thailand #Singapore #Vietnam already reporting cases ImageImageImageImage
So far, #Thailand has reported 8 known #coronarvirus cases. 5 have already been treated & discharged. #Thai #health ministry has put out educational materials to inform/warn people. But some citizens feel government not doing enough/slow to respond to this fast-moving situation ImageImageImageImage
#Malaysia has temporarily suspended issuing visas to some #China visitors due to #coronarvirus. Will #Thailand consider the same move? #ไวรัสโคโรน่า #ไวรัสอู่ฮั่น It's believed #Bangkok doesn't see the need at this stage. Nation saw almost 11 million #Chinese visitors last year. ImageImageImageImage
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Uyghurs overseas and in the region have been deeply concerned about their loved ones health in the #ConcentrationCamps, and this turned into horror since after #coronarvirus spread through #Uyghur region. China shuts down movie theaters but not camps. THINk!
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Everyone knows the official numbers from CCP is nowhere near the reality. But the trend may still be useful. I will bring updates to you on these latest official info. Draw your conclusions.
Four numbers:
1. confirmed cases 2. Suspected 3. Patients recovered 4. Patients dead
Note the number of death is higher than the number of recovered?
New number for the start of 27th just got in. Another 24 death yet only 2 recovered! Please forward to whoever thinks #coronarvirus is not serious.
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