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🔴Why did the Indian Peace-Keeping Mission in Sri-Lanka Failed

24 March 2023 marks the 23rd anniversary of withdrawal of Indian troops from Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ranjan Wijeratne as he watched turbaned Sikh soldiers of the Indian Peace-Keeping Force board a...
..ship while a military band played "Auld Lang Syne’ said "They came on a peace mission, but then they got bogged down". The Indian intervention in the Sri Lankan Civil War was the deployment of the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka intended to perform a peacekeeping role.
The deployment followed the Indo-Sri Lankan Accord between India and Sri Lanka of 1987 which was intended to end the #SriLankan Civil War between militant Sri Lankan #Tamil nationalists, principally the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (#LTTE), and the Sri Lankan military.
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#Tamil nationalist movement leader #PazhaNedumaran claims on Monday, 13 February that #LTTE leader #VelupillaiPrabhakaran is alive and well.

It was believed that Prabhakaran was slain by #SriLankan forces in May 2009, when photos of his body were released
Pazha Nedumaran further said that they are in “touch with” Prabhakaran. Prabhakaran was the head of LTTE, a combatant separatist organisation which led a civil war for Sri Lanka’s Tamil minority

His family is in touch with me", claims Tamil Nationalist Leader Pazha Nedumaran.
Part1 of a video from 1989, where the LTTE chief Prabhakaran talks about Aryan - Dravidian Divide and about how he perceived the Indian State as Aryan enemies.
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The @NIA_India has arrested 9 Sri Lankans which includes gangsters (Kimbula Ele Guna & Ladiya) from a special camp for #Srilanka's Tamil refugees at the #Tiruchirappalli over their alleged involvement in #drugs & arms smuggling to revive the #LTTE.

#Tamilnadu #Narcotics
Sources say that the @NIA_India has also revealed that 2 out of the 9 arrested were in constant touch with a #Pakistan-based drug runner (Haji Salim), who often travelled between #Dubai, Pakistan & #Iran.
Complete list of arrested:

C Gunashekharan alias Guna, Pushparajah, Mohammad Asmin, Alahapperumaga Sunil Ghamini Fonseaa, Stanly Kennady, Ladiya Chandrasena, Dhanukka Roshan, Vella Suranka & Thilipan.

#Srilanka #India #LTTE #Pakistan #Tamilnadu #Kerala #Drugs #Narcotics
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1986 இல் #LTTE க்கும் #TELO விற்கும் கருத்து வேறுபாடு ஏற்பட்டது. அப்போது TELO தலைவர் #சபாரத்தினம் உட்பட அவ்வியக்கத்தின் ஆயிரக்கணக்கான போராளிகள் #பிரபாகரனால் கொல்லப்பட்டனர்.அதன் பிறகு
அவ்வாறே #EPRLF இயக்கத்தினரும் கூண்டோடு #புலிகளால் அழிக்கப்பட்டனர்.
தமிழ் MP க்கள்
அருணாசலம் தங்கதுரை
ஆல்பிரட் துரையப்பா
M. கனகரத்தினம்
A. L.அப்துல் மஜீத்
S. சன்முக நாதன்
நிமலன் சவுந்தர நாயகம்
சாம் தம்பிமுத்து
நீலன் திருச்செல்வம்
G. யோகேஸ்வரி
V. யோகேஸ்வரன் எல்லோரும் LTTE #பிரபாகரனால் கொல்லப்படவர்களில் சிலர்.
மேலும் மக்கள் சேவைப் பணியாளர்கள் மற்றும் பத்திரிக்கையாளர்கள் என LTTE யால் கொல்லப்பட்டவர்கள் பட்டியல் மிகப்பெரியது.

#சபாரத்தினம் கொல்லப்பட்டப் பின்னரும் கூட #கலைஞர் பிரபாகரனை தவறாக விமர்சித்ததில்லை. ஒவ்வொரு முறையும் சகோதர யுத்தம் வேண்டாம் என்றே வலியுருத்தினார்.
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A simple thought.,
Eminent Indian Leaders & their India - A Problem for the West or East

MK Gandhi, though his actions n methods pacified Hindus to a level were our ethos changed subconsciously into embracing non-violence he was still an eminent leader who wanted to dismantle ~1
congress which was a setup by the British as a way to handle Indian grievances but he was eliminated not by M #ISI r X’ #CIA #Mi6 to the naked eye but by an #Hindu Just to put the Hindu renaissance at halt n to inject tht feeling of self-shame into every Hindu post independence~2
⏩ We may have diff in ideology n opinions but #Indira emerged as undoubtably a strong figure tht India was deprived of post Sardar/Sashtri. Her 1971 Bangladesh operation, Pokhran Nuclear test, operation Blue star (of course Bhindranwale was her own monster but) all shows her ~3
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It may be noted that #LTTE never directly participated in #TamilNadu politics and I assume they carefully avoided getting stuck with TN politics just to win over all the people of #TamilNadu.
Like in the past #Eelam people avoid getting stuck with #TamilNadu politics. It will be good for their future struggle and to win back the support of all the people of #TamilNadu
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Which countries helped the Sri Lankan government in the Sri Lankan civilian war 2009? So as we all know the very First Country will be #India The Indian government’s support for #TamilEelam died with Indira Gandhi.
India’s two primary fears of Tamil Eelam were: 👇🏼Thread
1.Tamil Eelam independence may lead to Tamil Nadu independence, 2.Tamil Eelam, as a de-facto state, proved to be incredibly militarily and technologically advanced compared to other separatists groups and de facto states world wide.
Tamil Eelam, given its advancement, may have become as military structured as Israel and architectural prosperous as Singapore. The success of the Eelam state, exemplified through its brief success during the ceasefire(2001–2006).
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#HardipSinghPuri - the man coming to Kanchipuram, is out of respect - behind it is a shrewd move too, politically. This man served in Sri Lanka, has met the #LTTE supremo , offered the best , which was not taken (poor @SeemanOfficial now - his lies will fall flat on his face )
2. He's also well versed in Tamil; the malefic lie by @KanimozhiDMK seems to be spreading beyond TN, as there are reports from Punjab, that Hindi letters are being scrapped of by probably the khalistani faction (this part I'm yet to confirm),needs to be nipped in the bud itself,
3. We can't afford another 1966-67 situation in TN,and DMK is sure to use every possible viability to regain power - I'm of the thought that BJP think tank is now seriously considering TN, in order to quench the flames that are being led by DMK in almost all scenario, visibly.
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Taliban-Afghan negotiation in #Doha & how it will impact INDIA

1⃣Taliban hs demanded that 7000-8000 talib prisoners b released.
Heck! Once released #ISI will use these hardcore terrorists with longer "shell-lives" in KASHMIR.
Pak's desperate to amp up it's game agnst India.
Pak's desperation arises frm 2 reasons
~Kashmir factor, keeps Pak Army relevant.
~Cheeni masters r pressuring Pak to use it's wherewithal (read terrorists & wpns) to keep Indian border hot/ CFV (cross fire violation).

2⃣Another point of negotiation is CEASEFIRE.Bad idea!
Expecting terrorists grps to follow ceasefire is the most preposterous thing to do. Remember how in 2018 the terrorists utilised Ramazan ceasefire in Kashmir to regroup and replenish their resources?
Cant forget the face of Soldier Aurangzeb!!!
Gist is--ISI is buying time.
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1/n Somebody wants to resurrect #LTTE!The target is not jst SRI LANKA bt also INDIA. So far 12 LTTE supporters hv bn arrested frm Malaysia. In April, aftr d bomb blasts that rocked #SriLanka I hd posted in my article,Pakistan's involvement in it. Will re-post it in this thread.👇
@meghdootindia @IFENewsDesk @desertfox61I @ToTheePoint @vanitajain21 @DetheEshaSen @CantstopulovinM 2/n Sleeper cells in Delhi r controlled frm ISI base in New Delhi, bt subversive activities in southern India is monitored by ISI frm SRI LANKA. As early as 2006, dalliance btwn ISI-LTTE ws revealed. In 2014, an ex-LTTE operative (Hindu-Tamil) ws caught spying in India for ISI.
@meghdootindia @IFENewsDesk @desertfox61I @ToTheePoint @vanitajain21 @DetheEshaSen @CantstopulovinM 3/N In 2012 Indian agencies hd exposed a Pak diplomat, Amir Zubair Siddiqui, stationed in Colombo, who ws involved in anti-India operations. #ISI is responsible for sowing seeds of radicalization in Sri Lanka hs bn proven repeatedly. #Malaysia is ISI's latest base.
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#LTTE @501Awani Ketua Penolong Pengarah Bahagian Antipenganas (E8) Cawangan Khas Bukit Aman Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay mengesahkan tujuh suspek ditahan termasuk dua Adun DAP dikaitkan dengan kumpulan pemberontak LTTE. #AWANInews
Tangkapan dibuat di Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Kuala Lumpur, Kedah dan Selangor sekitar jam 9 pagi hingga 2 petang tadi. Kesemua suspek dipercayai menyokong, mempromosi, mengalakkan serta menyumbang dana kepada kumpulan pemberontak itu.
Adun Negeri Sembilan P Gunasekaran
Pada 18 November telah hadir program Hari Perwira LTTE di Melaka dan menyampaikan ucapan sokongan terhadap LTTE. Beliau dikesan mengedar risalah dan item2 LTTE
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Terrible events in #SriLanka. This is targeted killings.

We can certainly rule out #LTTE hand in this (whatever that's left) as it specifically targeted the Catholic churches and foreigners.

This looks like a hand of the Islamic outfits.

#SriLanka has been peaceful for a decade now. Is this now a sign of the entry of radical islamic outfits !?

Usually they do indulge in large scale attacks to announce themselves...

Hope not.

If it is indeed #Islamic terror, Srilanka must weed them out NOW.
Specific intelligence inputs received but not acted upon.

Coastal areas attacked.

Hotels hosting foreigners targeted.

Reminds me of 26/11 #Mumbai attacks.

Typical terror signatures should not be ignored.

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Strikes in Pakistan is just a drama by BJP ahead of elections, instead should approach UN to get sanctions against Pakistan, says this Moron Tirumurugan Gandhi!

What have these morons achieved so far by going to UN against Srilanka which has committed war crimes against Tamils?
Just like a crackdown against Kashmiri separatist scums, Govt of India should clean up TN by eliminating these weeds who time and again abuse India and its agencies, siding with our enemies. @HMOIndia @chennaipolice_

10 years have gone past since #LTTE was silenced by Srilanka, in which 1000s of Tamil civilians were brutally massacred! UN's Human Right Commission's report war crimes committed by both the parties, LTTE wiped out, why is there no action against SL??

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