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J2 des #DGA2023 🌱 !

Prêt.e.s pour une nouvelle journée de #creativite et d' #engagement avec le @DeauvilleGreenA ?

C'est parti ! 🤘🏾

🧠💭 Première activité pour bien démarrer la matinée : une #Fresque du #Film !

Inspirée de la Fresque du Climat, celle-ci sensibilise aux enjeux environnementaux des activités de l'industrie du #cinéma Image
#transition #environnement

Du constat aux actions concrètes, la #FresqueDuFilm, créée par #LaBase/@juvigoureux, s’appuie sur des rapports scientifiques (#GIEC/@IPCC_CH, @theShiftPR0JECT), des études sectorielles (@LeCNC) et des données empiriques de terrain 🔎
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🎥 "5h Paris s'éveille", direction #Deauville !
Après #Cannes, c'est au festival @DeauvilleGreenA que la #création engagée se célèbre !

⤵️ Suivez-moi dans ces 2j autour de la sensibilisation, la rencontre et l'inspiration vers une #transition écologique et sociale !
#DGA2023 Image
Tout d'abord, j'ai le plaisir d'y représenter la @FondationBNPP et surtout le documentaire #UneEspèceÀPart (@LumentoFilm /@ARTEfr) créé par notre cher @franckcourchamp, qui a été sélectionné 🎖️

RDV demin soir pour savoir s'il recevra un Prix ! 😋 Image
"Le #cinéma est une industrie polluante [mais] Les salles, les œuvres, créent des liens uniques entre les humains, les réunissent autour d’histoires communes, qui influencent la façon dont ils regardent, comprennent le monde [...]
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Des conférences à suivre dès mardi prochain à #Rennes au #IMF23.

#Masterclass : Le #MarketingAutomation pour les Grands Comptes, les 5 piliers du succès – témoignage de SFR Business par Olivia Luneau de SFR Business et @scouleaud de @Webmecanik_FR.… Image
63% des internautes préféraient partager du contenu au travers le #DarkSocial.

Comment mesurer les interactions en dehors des canaux de marketing traditionnels ?

Avec @lbokobza et Pierre Seillier d' @AgoraPulseFR.


Inscription 👉… Image
📧 Souvent sous-estimé et pourtant nous recevons 121 emails reçus par jour.

Comment valoriser votre positionnement et votre
marque à travers la signature mail ?

Par @xavier_sigilium et Annie Paule Abihssira de @BoosterAcademy.


Inscription 👉… Image
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An #incompentence #MasterClass
by #bitfinex own statement it was working with #cryptocapital from 2014.

#bitfinex was also working with #coinapult we know this as they are referenced in the incident report when #coinapult was hacked in 2015. Image
So what happened with #coinapult. That's a great question...I'm glad you asked. In May 2015 (a couple months after the hack) they announced they were being 'integrated' into #cryptocapital and would no long be undertaking #kyc as they had a tip top fully regulated partner, Image
Obviously to effect such an important transaction #coinapult would have gone to great length to ensure their partner who was taking over the KYC and banking functions were who they said they were.
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#MASTERCLASS. #Capilaroscopia 👈🔬
Dr. Maurizio Cutolo
#25TentopicsBCN 🧵
#TenTopics Image
Progressive reduction of the capillary number reflects disease activity in #SSc
#25TenTopicsBCN Image
Automated assesment of #nailfold #capillaroscopy
#25TenTopicsBCN Image
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✍️ MASTERCLASS | What does your brand sounds like? 🔊 Learn the art of sonic branding from…

• @nytimes' Lisa Ryan Howard
• @Mastercard's @RajaRajamannar
• @massivemusic's Eric Johnson

Moderated by creator Robyn DelMonte (@ girlbosstown)
#Brandweek 🏝 Three people sit on high to...
Ads need to be as relevant to the podcast material as possible. Podcasts ads are the least skipped ads with the highest retention rates.

@nytimes' Lisa Ryan Howard #Masterclass 🏝
• Quality over quantity: Fewer podcasts that go more in-depth.
• Share a story that’s bigger than your brand.
• Podcasts are a saturated market. The quirkier and the more niche the better.

@nytimes' Lisa Ryan Howard #Masterclass 🏝
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#animation #cartoons #storyboarding #storyboard #comics #art #directing #Filmmaking #entertainment #tutorial #MASTERCLASS #student #writing #screenwriting


By John Fountain

CHAPTER 8 - Post Mortem

Let’s talk about pitching a cartoon show, shall we? Image
Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve tried to give you all of the practical information I have based on my experience on how to pitch a cartoon.

Not as easy as you thought, huh?

Everything I know came from trial-and-error on my part.

You will try.

You will error. Image
Don’t let it eat you up.

One of the major, emotional milestones I wish I had gotten over sooner is that - as corny as this sounds - life IS, in fact, all about the journey - not the destination. Image
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#animation #cartoons #storyboarding #storyboard #art #directing #Filmmaking #entertainment #tutorial #MASTERCLASS #student #writing #screenwriting

By John Fountain

CHAPTER 7 - “We’d like to see MORE!”

Let’s talk about pitching a cartoon show, shall we? Image
NOTE: All illustrations are from pitch documents I've created over the years. All materials copyright/trademark John Fountain 2022 all rights reserved - none of the following material may be copied or reproduced except for purposes of review without permission of the author. Image
I’ve spent a lot of time preparing you for disappointment.

And rightfully so. The odds are undeniably stacked against you.

But - let’s say you pitched your show, everything went great, and a couple of weeks later, you get the call everyone hopes for:

“We’re interested.” Image
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#animation #cartoons #storyboarding #comics #directing #Filmmaking #tutorial #MASTERCLASS #writing #screenwriting
By John Fountain

CHAPTER 6 - Follow up

Let’s talk about pitching a cartoon show, shall we?

So... you’ve pitched your cartoon!
Congrats! Image
In many cases, you’ll have a pretty good idea what your chances look like within the first 120 seconds of your pitch.

By the time you speak the title of the show and first paragraph of your pitch, you’ll probably be able to see it on their faces. Image
Anything other than a “I love this idea!” and you’re looking at a “maybe” at best. “Interesting” is often code for “no.”

But, as I stated previously, you’re not just pitching a cartoon, you’re pitching yourself… so you need to maintain your composure no matter what. Image
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#animation #cartoons #storyboarding #storyboard #comics #art #directing #Filmmaking #entertainment #tutorial #MASTERCLASS #writing #screenwriting
By John Fountain

Let’s talk about pitching a cartoon show, shall we?

CHAPTER 4: Anatomy of a Pitch Document Image
First, allow me to say what should go without saying:
Everything here is copyrighted and trademarked by John Fountain 2022 - all rights are reserved. None of this may be copied, distributed or reproduced SAVE FOR PURPOSE OF REVIEW without permission from the author!
I have an absolutely BEASTLIKE attorney in Los Angeles who would love the chance to go after someone - I’m putting this stuff up for educational benefit - DO NOT F*CK WITH IT!

And if you see someone f*ck with it, please let me know.

On with the lesson… Image
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#animation #cartoons #storyboarding #comics #art #directing #Filmmaking #entertainment #tutorial #MASTERCLASS #student #writing #screenwriting

By John Fountain

Let’s talk about pitching a cartoon show, shall we?

CHAPTER 3: NOW what?! Image
Good lord - after ALL THAT you’re still here?!

You’re a glutton for punishment, huh? Well… good… because if you’re going to pitch your cartoon ideas, you’ve gotta love getting punched in the gut.

And get punched in the gut you most certainly WILL! Image
Unless you’re one of those assholes who just comes up with something exceedingly brilliant and gets a fantastic development deal your first time around. In which case, the rest of us will sit here smiling and trying to make our “congratulations” seem sincere.

But I digress. Image
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#animation #cartoons #storyboarding #comics #art #directing #Filmmaking #entertainment #tutorial #MASTERCLASS #student #writing #screenwriting

By John Fountain

Let’s talk about pitching a cartoon show, shall we?

One of the things about animation that a lot of people find frustrating is that it often becomes a “nexus” where CREATIVITY, COLLABORATION and COMMERCE are uncomfortably merged. Image
This phenomenon can create a lot of challenges and struggles. Obviously, as with all things, sometimes the stars align just perfectly and it all happens with flawless precision, but those instances are VERY few and VERY far between. Image
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#animation #cartoons #storyboarding #storyboard #comics #art #directing #Filmmaking #entertainment #tutorial #MASTERCLASS #student #writing #screenwriting


By John Fountain


Let’s talk about pitching a cartoon show, shall we? Image
Before we get started, let me sort of lay down how this is all going to happen.
I’m gonna do my best to give you some perspective on how to go about pitching and/or selling your original ideas to a network or media platform based on MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Image
Why do I put those words in BOLD CAPS, you ask? Because my experiences are unique, personal and potentially outdated. I haven’t REALLY “pitched” anything in over a decade - and that should tell you something right there. Image
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Marriage Masterclass Part 1: Follow The Science!
Welcome to the Twitter version of my Marriage Masterclass. Over the course of the next few days and a fair amount of tweets I will unlock the secret ingredients to marital bliss, thus giving you the gift of a joyous union.
Sorry, that sounds a bit wanky, doesn't it? Let me rephrase. I've made all the marriage mistakes, so you don't have to. I'm going to share my mistakes with you — I call them Husband Numbers One and Two — and offer some handy tips to help you choose and keep the perfect spouse.
So, what makes me an expert? A very notched bedpost, two divorces and three marriages. No need to do the maths, that's the correct ratio. I may be many things, but bigamist I am not.
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Indiana Pacer assistant Mike Weinar kicks off 3 weeks of NBA coaches on #thebasketballpodcast + NCAA coach Graham Bousley shares defensive insights in the #masterclass & watch full game offensive possessions of the 2 Side Fast Break/BDT Offense on #YouTube Image
ICYMI The Utah Jazz and head coach Quin Snyder had the highest offensive rating by a team in 2021-22, with a 116.7 rating, and here are our favorite plays that worked.

Watch here
ICYMI New membership video featuring a 1-on-1 dynamic start to a game situation.
The video demonstrates how a +1 can be used, as well as how players play out of different spacings each time, thus adding more variability.

Members watch here…
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1/🧵 Are you happy?

My brother w #DownSyndrome is teaching me tons of life lessons.

In medicine & in life, I make big decisions based on guesstimates of other’s Quality of Life #QOL.

What do adults w #disability teach me about TRUTH?

Can I learn? Image
2/🎥 How do we “calculate” someone’s #QOL?
#Confession: I get it all wrong when I impose MY judgment onto THEIR life.
Greg, my 57 y/o brother-in-law with Down Syndrome, has a better QOL than I do.


Digest this…read on…
3/ My working definition of QOL is “the ability to give & receive love.”


Greg understands the Law of the Gift: Treasures GROW when we give them away.

It’s the opposite of hoarding.

Yet, giving ourselves to others can be SCARY. Greg ponders deeply these emotions. Image
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Me estoy asustando con los anuncios que me salen últimamente en @Facebook. A simple vista, cosas curiosas. Si nos fijamos: #magia, #esoterismo, #pseudoterapias, #sectas... Recomiendo pedir ayuda a @InfoRIES, @Infosectas, @redunecontacto u otros. [ABRO HILO]
#StopPseudociencias Image
Aquí, Deusto Salud (empresa que juega engañosamente con el buen nombre de @deusto sin tener nada que ver) ofrece "formación" (#StopBulos) sobre "Programación Neurolingüística"... con el aval de @UCAM! Aquí @Psyciencia explica lo que es:…
#StopPseudociencias Image
Aquí, otro centro con nombre rimbombante... ofrece la misma pseudoterapia: PNL. Aquí, con un supuesto aval de la @UEMC. Y si se sigue el enlace aparecen @Nebrija y hasta el Gobierno: @justiciagob! He alertado, y silencio por respuesta:
#StopPseudociencias ImageImage
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1/ A case study of $eGLD ⚡️ @ElrondNetwork & @MaiarExchange $MEX Ⓜ️maintenance & explanation of Y economic reward changes needed to be made immediately for everyone’s best interest *except mercenary capital. Y changes were made (speed) & what can be improved going forward #Crypto
2/ As discussed in 2.5 HR 🎥 #MasterClass @MaiarExchange $MEX there can be unforeseen elements. We R investing in disruptive technology w/ A LOT of moving pieces. With great rewards comes complexity & risk. As stated Risk Adverse = only allocate 5% to #DEX
3/ The @ElrondNetwork $eGLD Team did endless bounty testing to ensure things were Secure 🔒 & ready to go for the @MaiarExchange (Paying out a lot of real money to stress test it 2X) This has proved to work according to plan (No security issues).
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This week a #masterclass with USA Basketball's Don Showalter, a #YouTube explanation and demonstration of Zero Second Concepts, and an awesome actionable #thebasketballpodcast with Washington Wizards coach Ryan Richman. Image
ICYMI learn more about perception and so much more from @Doug_Lemov who joined #thebasketballpodcast to discuss The Coach's Guide to Teaching. Lemov shared how the science of classroom teaching applies to the sports coaching world.
Listen here
ICYMI Zone Offense Basketball Quick Hitters that Work Part II
Check out this compilation of Zone Offense Basketball Quick Hitters that Work from teams around the world.
ICYMI Here is Part I
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Thinking back to my #MBA class on #Leadership, discussing how #cultural #context shapes #decisions.

The #professor presented a scenario:

‘A 50-year old man and his son are driving down the Mass. Pike when they meet with an accident.

They are rushed to the hospital. The chief surgeon, who was the only one on duty at the time, looked at the bodies and exclaimed – “I can’t operate; he is my son.” A hospital convention prevented doctors to operate on immediate relatives.’

“What do you think is going on here?” The professor asked this #culturally #diverse class.

There were various answers in the room.

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“I took it at Walter Reed Medical Center in front of doctors. They were very surprised."

This is another bait trap.

Here’s what will follow:

- Press starts contacting DoD attempting to verify

- DoD says they have no record

- McEnany says it did happen

- Press call her a liar

- Doctor at Walter Reed signs letter confirming Trump aced cognitive test

- McEnany demands Biden take it

- Media says Biden’s word is good enough

Through the process of the argument the press gets further exposed as biased corrupt operators and more voters start focusing on Biden’s mental decline.


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We're live with our #virtualevent for What's New in Release 4.6.4! Join us now:
Lots of awesome new features, including support for more #language #translation beyond English/French/Spanish.
We've improved #moderation in the leader app and in the discover dashboard! Flexibility in viewing and filtering of thoughts.
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Gente, para completar el hilo de ayer sobre cursos de escritura Online, hoy incluyo algunos en inglés: (todos los he revisado o al menos, escrito para saber que tal, puedo ayudarlos si se animan)
El decano de todos los cursos de Escritura #Online es el que ofrece la Universidad de Stanford: es hermoso, inteligentísimo y bien construido…
Si lo de ustedes es la no ficción, este es su curso ideal (también de la Universidad de Stanford)…
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I want you to stop your life for a few moments and just 'listen.'

Something happened to me yesterday that needs to happen to everyone in this whole damn country, not that everyone would understand it, or accept it, but for those who can and do it might act as a catalyst.

Art is a thing that we don't think or talk about much in times like these. But it's times like these when art is most needed.

We can debate the definition of art all day, but most know it when they see it.

Like @Hannahgadsby I studied Art History.

And her #Nanette is art.

#Nanette is billed as a stand-up comedy special on @netflix, but it's so much more than that. It is funny, in fact, it's hilarious. @Hannahgadsby is a woman at the height of her performative power. But the journey #Nanette takes you on is as devastating as it beautiful.

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