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@DrKassandraPari Nebenbei: #WilhelmBusch hat (kurz vor seinem Tod) ein Gedicht mit dem Titel "Schein und Sein" geschrieben, von dem ein #Autograph sich erhalten hat und unten reproduziert ist. Es lautet:

Schein und Sein
Mein Kind, es sind allhier die Dinge,
Gleichviel, ob große, ob geringe,
@DrKassandraPari ..
Im Wesentlichen so verpackt,
Dass man sie nicht wie Nüsse knackt.

Wie wolltest du dich unterwinden,
Kurzweg die #Menschen zu ergründen.
Du kennst sie nur von außenwärts.
Du siehst die Weste, nicht das Herz.
My #prose #translation:

' Semblance and Being
@DrKassandraPari ..
My child, here [on earth], things (no matter whether large or small) are essentially packaged in such a way that they cannot be cracked open like nuts. How would you pull off the feat of quickly knowing people's character. You only know them from the outside.
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Interesstingly, Twitter's automatic #translation fails at translating this simple #poem. (In particular, Twitter does not translate 'Geredes') So I translate it for you:

in the threshed straw
of the empty talk
there is no grain of truth anymore
hunger is growing daily
for the birth of a word
as nutritious as a grain of wheat.

Remark 1. The "das" in the poem was CORRECTLY cited by the tweeter (cf., but it is a grammatical error and should be replaced with the (by the way: homophonous) #subjunction 'dass' )
Remark. 2. The metaphor 'birth of a word' is a fitting one in view of #Christian #theology, in particular in view of the fact that #Jesus Christ is often associated with the Greek concept of 𝘭𝘰𝘨𝘰𝘴 (λόγος).
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2018: My Year of Reading. A thread that follows my reading journey from January to December. Every book I've read with a 280 character review. Tagged a few folks who influence the shape of my literary life 📚 #THEBOOKCHAT #DisruptTexts #TeachLivingPoets 📚
1. Never Let Me Go; Kazuo Ishiguro: A supremely crafted narrative begins unassumingly, but quickly reveals a different notion of childhood innocence and coming of age. The conversational tone fooled me into thinking I was walking into a world I understood. Nobel worthy.
2. We Should All Be Feminists; Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: As an author who breathes eloquence, Adichie doesn't disappoint. This short book/long essay is insightful and logical and human. If we want to raise boys without the toxic masculinity, this is on the required reading list.
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In his rendering in Assamese of the 5th book, chapters 16-26, of the Bhagavata, dealing with "bhuvana kosa," the description of the various realms of the creation, Aniruddhadeva writes:
॥মেৰুৰ অৱস্থা বৰ্ণন॥
যিটো কহি আছা ইটো পৃথিৱী মণ্ডল ।
প্ৰকাশে সূৰ্য্যৰ ৰশ্মিপু্ঞ্জ যত স্থল ॥
প্ৰিয়ব্ৰত নৃপতিৰ ৰথচক্ৰ ফুৰি ।
ভৈল সাত গোটা গৰ্ত্ত চৌপাশে আৱৰি ॥৫৬৭॥
তাতে ভাগে ভাগেভৈল সপত সাগৰ ।
মাজে মাজে ভৈল তাত বিভাগ দ্বীপৰ ॥
এসম্বাৰ প্ৰমাণ লক্ষণ যিবা চিহ্ন ।
পুছো গুৰু বুজিবাক কৰি ভিন্ন ভিন্ন ॥৫৬৮॥
ঈশ্বৰৰ ইটো স্থূল বিৰাট ৰূপত ।
প্ৰৱেশ কৰোৱা মন শুনন্তে সতত ॥
সূক্ষ্মতম ব্ৰহ্ম বাসুদেৱত সদায় ।
কিছু কিছু কৰি মন প্ৰৱেশিবে যায় ॥৫৬৯॥
হেন মহা ফল আছে ইহাৰ শ্ৰৱণে ।
ইহাকেহে শুনিবাক ৰঙ্গ কৰো মনে ॥
যদি গুণময় হোৱে বিৰাটৰ কথা ।
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