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1/6 Ok, Arma Reforger is out! This is an important point for the whole company as Arma Reforger introduces the new technology and tools across the board, localization included. Arma Reforger is the first title with an evolved and modernized approach to localization in our games, Image
2/6 with the String Editor (part of Workbench) at its core, which should make it easy for the community to work on their own community localizations as well, or to localize their own creations in a streamlined and user-friendly way. Image
3/6 So far, the game includes official work-in-progress localization into French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, and Chinese simplified. Image
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Ongoing thread on #HansVermeer's 1984 (Skopos Theory explained), on #Translation. Let me start with some of my favourite quotes:
"Language is a system" (p. 19)—>Hence, discussing about how to translate a single word is a misunderstanding of the way language works. 1/
In HV's words: "Simple signs can be combined to form complex signs, e.g. words form sentences, and sentences form texts. A sequence of simple signs is not just a collection of signs but a new sign of higher rank […] The formation of super-signs is language-specific. 2/
A word in one language can correspond to a phrase in another" (p.19).
"Signs delimit, determine, condition and define each other's meanings. Signs form language- and culture-specific fields"(p. 20) 3/
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As a member of @ScienceAU, Victoria's Science Society supports the #research sector's ten pledges, seeking commitments from candidates for the Australian Federal #Election2022. Let's run through them all, shall we? #auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022
Let's punch *at* our weight in #research funding, at least. It's a matter of investing in our brainpower as a resource for other sectors to draw on, & sustain tertiary #education as one of major exports. #auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022
We argue #research #translation is about "bench to #community" - #industry is a big part of that. Public funding established a world class research sector, but the private sector is where we need to build capacity to benefit from that resource. #auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022
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Clôture du colloque Tralogy III #tralogy3 « #Traduction humaine et traitement automatique des langues : vers un nouveau consensus ? » ‘Human #translation and natural language processing: Forging a new consensus?’ #TAL Image
Un grand merci aux organisateurs, notamment la Société française des traducteurs @SFTfr et l’Association française des formations universitaires aux métiers de la traduction @affumt_fr,
aux intervenantes et intervenants de tous horizons pour la variété, la qualité et la pertinence de leurs présentations
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Colloque Tralogy III #tralogy3
« #Traduction humaine et traitement automatique des langues : vers un nouveau consensus ? »
‘Human #translation and natural language processing: Forging a new consensus?’
2e journée
#TAL Image
Technologies de la #traduction et dynamiques de pouvoir
Confining Machine Translation; Reclaiming Localization
by Alan Melby, of Brigham Young University @BYU and the International Federation of Translators @fit_ift
#machineTranslation #localization
Translation grades
- high grade: #professional #translation
- low grade: supports triage Image
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Using OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) Tools & Techniques for war crimes confirmation.
Case 👉: 2 elderly civilians killed in their car in Ukraine, at least one of them was handicapped.
#warcrimes #OSINT #opensource #War #Ukraine #civiliankillings 1/23
Example of the video from a tweet posted by @ignis_fatum on 28/02/22 at 10:36pm, the video shows the aftermath of an exploded vehicle with 2 bodies inside (elderly couple) #OSINT #Ukraine #Vehicle 2/23
The Video + audio were pulled using YT-DL. Having the video file means better analysis capabilities, extracting the audio may help with understanding what is going on and what the situation is, what the person filming is saying. #videoanalysis #audioanalysis #OSINT #ukraine 3/23
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It's a Mistake

"Mass spectrometry we confirmed (S1 protein) with the peptide sequencing
The one thing we found with the post vaxx (Long Haulers) that we didn’t find with the (convalescent) Long Haulers was that we found MUTANT S1 and we found S2 proteins…in the monocytes.>
The amino acid sequences, in some of these patients...the AMINO ACIDS ARE DIFFERENT than what the S1 is usually coding for….could be making antibodies that are defective.
We didn’t find the mutant S1 or the S2 in the Long Covid never-been-💉 group." Dr Yo @ 50:00
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🧵~5.3 million views in 4 days.

"Fragile"《玻璃心》mocks the oversensitivity of cyber-nationalists, internet trolls that guard #China against criticism.

– by Malaysian #Chinese artist activist @nameweemusic 黃明志 (ft. Kimberley Chen 陳芳語)
🧵"It might Break Your Pinky Heart"

Paid cyber trolls: "fifty-centers" (五毛 *wumao*).
Unpaid cyber nationalists: "little pinks" (#小粉红).

The name recalls the color of a popular online nationalist forum. Many are young women.…
🧵references in "Fragile"《玻璃心》(lit. "Glass Heart")

* cotton (picked by #Uyghurs in #Xinjiang labor camps)
* honey loved by Winnie the Pooh (Xi Jinping)
"Carrying the cotton and collecting his favorite honey. / Common prosperity!"
“扛着棉花踩着它爱的蜜蜂 /#共同富裕Image
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mRNA translation into amino acid peptides.
1/ When the messenger mRNA exits the nucleus, it will be loaded into a organelle called the ribosome. These little factories take the RNA blueprint and use it to build a protein.
2/ Here we introduce the concept of the Codon. The DNA is made up of 4 bases with Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine and Thymine. They have to encode 20 different amino acids. To do so, the DNA uses a codon. Its a combination of 3 nucleotides.
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[Linguosco: Delivering Crafted Excellence] 📝📄📃📑⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
Kosakata Kamis: Part 7 📖🔍
Tahukah kamu? 🤔🤨🧐
Kamu pasti sudah sering mendengar atau membaca istilah "clickbait" dari internet, kan? Nah, kira-kira istilah "clickbait" dalam Bahasa Indonesia itu apa ya?
"Clickbait" dalam Bahasa Indonesia adalah "umpan klik". 🇮🇩
Umpan di sini berarti "sesuatu yang digunakan untuk memikat atau mendapatkan perhatian".
Klik di sini berarti "mengeklik sesuatu akibat persuasi dari umpan".
Umpan klik merupakan sebuah istilah yang merujuk kepada konten web, baik berupa berita, iklan maupun jasa. Tujuan utamanya adalah untuk menarik perhatian dan mendorong pengunjung untuk mengklik tautan ke halaman web tertentu. ➡️➡️➡️💻
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Today I want to share some resources that I really enjoy - to do with language in a more general sense. #language #linguists #translation #interpreting
The first one is the @NativLang youtube channel - a must-watch for everyone passionate about languages.
Another great resource is the @langfocus youtube channel, where you can find samples from all sorts of languages and which I really enjoy watching as well!…
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#ICLR2021 cam-ready II: "LiftPool: Bidirectional ConvNet Pooling" w/ Jiaojiao Zhao is now available:… No more lossy down- and upsampling when pooling! 1/n Image
LiftPool adopts the philosophy of the classical #Lifting #Scheme from #signal #processing. LiftDownPool decomposes a feature map into various downsized sub-bands, each of which contains information with different frequencies. Because of its invertible properties, ... 2/n
by performing LiftDownPool backwards, a corresponding up-pooling layer #LiftUpPool is able to generate a refined upsampled feature map using the detail sub-bands, which is useful for #image-#to-#image #translation challenges. 3/n Image
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1/47 #Ukraine #Poetry #Translation- a long thread on my PEN award winning translations of Bohdan Ihor Antonych and why this great poet matters to us all
2/47 I first stumbled across Antonych in a musty Soviet edition of his work I purchased in 1993, during my first trip to Ukraine. The book was an impulse buy, partly because I was sickened by what I encountered in my ancestral homeland. Hyperinflation had transformed my auntie
3/47 into a ‘millionaire’ and the interim kupony currency seemed to breed zeroes, like bacteria in a petri dish. A woman, the sickly yellow colour of ill health, fainted at a bus stop. Stalagmites of urine crystallised in the latrines of Kyiv station. I was in a country that was
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#若葉 @AppleMusic…

#Wakaba #TranslatorNotes

🍀 Words that caught my eye:


2️⃣・3️⃣ 躊躇ってる

3️⃣・6️⃣ 溢れ

4️⃣・4️⃣ 堪えてた

5️⃣・3️⃣ 大掃除

7️⃣・1️⃣ 開いて

🍀 It has 8 verses

🍀 The 3rd verse has 7 lines

🍀 The 8th verse has 8 lines
#japanesenoobie #japanesestudy #translation

1️⃣・2️⃣ 買い出し (かいだし)
buying in quantity… ImageImage
#japanesenoobie #japanesestudy #translation

2️⃣・3️⃣ 躊躇ってる (ためらってる)

The Progressive form of 躊躇う (Godan verb with `u' ending, intransitive verb) is 躊躇っている.

Meaning = have reservations, hesitate, being hesitant… ImageImage
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****Linguistic diversity in a time of crisis****

Special issue of Multilingua addresses #language challenges of #COVID19 pandemic

Out now. All papers free access, thanks to publisher @dg_mouton… Image
Global public health #communication is characterized by the large-scale exclusion of linguistic minorities from timely high-quality #information #COVID19

What are the #language regimes behind these exclusions and what can sociolinguists do?… Image
#Translation is an important means of enabling access to #information in disaster response

How did volunteer translators in #Wuhan go about procuring medical supplies in the initial stages of the #Covid_19 emergency?… Image
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"Further validation of the affective bias test for predicting antidepressant and pro-depressant risk: effects of pharmacological and social manipulations in male and female rats" @Dr_Hinch @doctmcgee…
Summary: #pharmacology #affectivebias #depression #animalmodels #affectivestate #malesandfemales #ABT
The need for a reliable and #translational tool measuring emotional behaviours in animals that possessing robust validity is unquestionably important but 1/
but very challenging to achieve. Commonly used assays are generally lacking in at least one aspect of #validity and do not fully translate into #clinical work. In this paper, the affective bias test (ABT) has demonstrated to reliably detect both positive 2/
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The 1st 2 articles of the #Multilingua @dg_mouton special issue devoted to #language challenges of #COVID19 have been published online ahead of print (full issue to come out over the next 4 weeks) - free access!…
First up: the recontextualization of traditional #Mongolian verbal art khuuriin ülger (‘fiddle story’) by Mongolian folk singers in the context of the spread of #COVID19 in Inner Mongolia #China, @gegentuul…
Next: volunteer-driven crowdsourced #translation efforts in donation and procurement of medical supplies to and from #Wuhan. Highlights need to integrate information and #communication technologies with #multilingual resources for disaster relief…
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Let's explore a bit further East and browse our exquisite #Persian language resources.
@SOASLibrary has 15,000+ published items in/about Persian on its shelves.
@SOAS_SpecColl hold a very fine selection of manuscripts, rare books, periodicals and archives in Persian.
#SOASLangs ImageImageImage
Want to know more about #Persian?
Halt here and get's captivated by the history of that beautiful language recounted by Narguess Farzad for @SOAS Languages for Lockdown series, in 3 episodes:
One of our shining stars of #Persian manuscripts is Ms10102: a sumptuous Mughal Court copy dated 978 AH (1570 CE) of the famous Anvār-i Suhaylī (Lights of the Canopus) by Ḥusayn Vāʻiẓ al-Kāshifī, also known as Fables of Bidpai.
#SOASLangs #Persian #Manuscripts #Mughal ImageImage
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Looking for ways to bring discussions of #racism in your #science classes? Some ideas I use in class & in talks e.g. genome-wide sequencing studies, databases are skewed. Must be accounted for when extrapolating these data (e.g. personalized medicine)… 1/n
Especially when those findings are used to develop decision #algorithms otherwise #racism gets "baked in" #ArtificialIntelligence is not neutral. Healthcare outcomes reflect societal racism…
Which means that structural #racism can kill #cancer patients "Black patients with breast cancer and other malignancies face historical inequities that are ingrained but not inevitable"…
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The problem living in multilingual country like India is that, every region have it's blanket dimension, linguistically excluded from the rest of the country. A person living in one region of the country may never understand the geo local news, articles, poems & songs from
another region of the country due to linguistic difference. Any solution to a problem is at the mercy of that region's collective intellects segregated virtually by a language. Maybe in the near future, translations & comprehension will further 'soak' itself in
the information technology literally. The future of Accessible Design in IoT will be measured by visual comprehension beyond borders & measured by linguistic comprehension within borders, specially in the multilingual sub-continent like India.

#language #linguistics #translation
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My article @BSI_social highlights the #policy implicatns & this being a "Y2K moment" for Ind medtech industry to #Indigenise. We shldn't miss the boat @PMOIndia @drharshvardhan @kiranshaw @amitabhk87 @vijaychandru @vijai63 @PrinSciAdvGoI @GKangInd pg39
We've built amazing infra in #translational #biology over the last decade- a portfolio of #nationalassets @THSTIFaridabad @csir_ncl #ShriChitraTirunalMedicalInst supported by our science & innov agencies @IndiaDST @DBTIndia @CSIR_IND @dgcsirIndia @Ashutos61 @RenuSwarup @rramanan
S&T #incubators have shown amazing leadership & response esp connecting with local communities & fast decisions to help #startups @venture_center @PremnathV6 @DeepanwitaC @IKP_SciencePark @SINEIITB @abandopa @CCAMP_Bangalore be it #facemask #PPE #IKP-ICO fund or @IndiaDST #CAWACH
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The reception of #EuropeanPhilosophy in #Iran is around 100 years old and #Nashr_e_nay in #Tehran has been at the forefront of publishing translations - a thread on #translation in #ContemporaryIranianPhilosophy and the work of ‘Abdol-Karim Rashidiyan 1/
#Rashidiyan (b. 1948) is a professor of philosophy at #ShahidBeheshti university in #Tehran one of the best departments in #Iran and received his PhD from #Sorbonne in 1978; especially known for his translations of #continentalphilosophy 2/
Early on he translated the famous manifesto of William James (1842-1910) - Pragmatism 3/ ImageImage
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Ever say to yourself: “I know there’s a word that comes next to liable, but I can’t think of which one…”?

Ever want to pull up tens of real-world examples of specific clauses (severability, forum selection, etc.)?

Then #corpora are for you.

#xl8 #translation #lawtwitter #law
Don't be fooled by the complicated name.

In reality, a #corpus is just a collection of texts.

All it takes is a simple search interface to comb through thousands of pages in just instants.
The search results give you an in-context list of how real-world drafters actually use the term you searched for.

The BYU corpora are good examples:

1⃣ COCA (U.S. English):
2⃣ BNC (G.B. English):
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