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Yesterday, @WhiteHouse announced they will let the #Covid19 public health emergency expire.

This move will cause more death and disability, and deepen inequities in our health system.

@MarkedByCovid co-founder @kdurquiza released this statement:…
"With an average of 500 people a day still dying from #Covid in the U.S. and countless more struggling with #LongCovid, this continues the federal government’s refusal to take the pandemic seriously, protect people, and listen to the Covid bereaved."…

#Covid19 continues to ravage the country causing 500 daily deaths and countless more survivors who are now experiencing disability.

⬇️ CDC Transmission Levels Map...
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🧵In deze draad een aantal resources op een rij!

Hoe om te gaan met Long Covid kan soms best wel overweldigend voelen. Hieronder deel ik een aantal informatiebronnen die misschien nuttig kunnen zijn!

/ Image
Dit artikel wat recentelijk in de Nature verscheen geeft een goed overzicht van wat er nu bekend is over Long Covid:…

De belangrijkste punten zijn door C-Support in het Nederlands op een rij gezet:…

Long COVID physio:

Long Covid Physio vind ik een erg fijne en goede informatiebron. Naast informatie op de site hebben ze ook compacte folders en videos. Sommige daarvan zijn ook in het Nederlands vertaald.

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#LongCovid hat mein Leben auf den Kopf gestellt. Neben all den Verlusten, die ich erlitten habe, musste ich mit ansehen, wie der Rest der Welt versuchte, zur Normalität zurückzukehren, ohne dass ich dabei war. Und scheinbar in Unkenntnis der Tatsache, dass es #COVID19 immer… Image
noch gibt, was bei einem großen Teil der Infizierten zu langfristigen chronischen Erkrankungen führt. Es scheint, dass die einzigen Menschen, die diese Realität wirklich verstehen, diejenigen von uns sind, die bereits krank sind - sei es aufgrund von Long COVID-oder einer Image
chronischen Erkrankung aus der Zeit vor der Pandemie - und einige unserer Betreuer. Menschen, die sich für #MECFS einsetzen, sagten zu Beginn der Pandemie voraus, dass COVID-19 zu einer neuen Welle von chronischen Erkrankungen nach der Infektion führen würde.
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This thread is exactly what many of us have been saying for a long time. The Tories are bad at everything, that includes their ‘let it rip’ Covid policy

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I just found out author of this fantastic piece — @sophiehh14 — is mutual friend of my cousin. Both went to @Stanford together.

#LongCovid is literally everywhere — hiding in plain site. So many people are sick, very few are aware of it.…
"I don’t share any of this to get pity. I cringe at the thought of it. That’s why, for a long time, I resisted writing this piece. I wanted my health journey to be my business."

EXACTLY — Nobody wants to share, but we see no else way forward.…
“Before the pandemic, I was a law student who spent my weekdays studying for long hours & my weekends hiking or cycling. When I developed COVID-19 symptoms in March 2020, my case was mild, initially, as was the case for most healthy young people.. But then I never got better.”
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Diese Arbeit zeigt, wie wichtig Maßnahmen des öffentlichen #Gesundheitswesens sind, wie z. B. die allgemeine #Maskenpflicht an wichtigen Orten und #Luftqualitätsstandards, um eine individuelle #Entscheidungsfreiheit in Bezug auf COVID-19 zu gewährleisten. 🧵 @Karl_Lauterbach
Auf individueller Ebene können geimpfte Personen, die keine Maßnahmen zur Verringerung ihrer Kontaktrate ergreifen, damit rechnen, im Durchschnitt 6 Tage pro Jahr akut an #COVID-19 zu erkranken (1,4 Infektionen/Jahr mal 4,4 Tage durchschnittliche Dauer)
und außerdem ein 12%iges Risiko einer #LongCOVID-Erkrankung (Symptome, die länger als 3 Monate andauern) einzugehen.
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„Ich weiß nicht, wie das hier weitergehen soll und wird. Die letzten drei Jahre habe ich viel Herzblut in die Aufklärung über die Pandemie und die Folgen der Infektion hineingesteckt. In den letzten Wochen und Monaten wurde in…

#COVID19 #SARSCoV2 #Corona Image
einem atemberaubenden Tempo versucht, die Pandemie von der Landkarte zu tilgen, obwohl die Infektionszahlen, Sterblichkeit und Übersterblichkeit dagegen sprechen. Auch im näheren Umfeld habe ich erlebt, dass vier Mal geimpft nicht vor langwierigen Krankheitsverläufen schützt.
SARS-CoV2 ist offensichtlich nicht das harmlose Erkältungsvirus seit “OMICRON”, wie man uns versucht seit Jahresbeginn 2022 einzureden, als man unverhohlen auf die Strategie Durchseuchung umgestiegen ist. Wenn man mir nur zuhören würde, wenn man meinen aktuellen Wissensstand zu
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You may be familiar with the graph below, showing increasing #COVID19 deaths every yr, that illustrates the failure of of to the BC PHO to effectively manage the pandemic, and keep ppl safe.

#bcpoli Image
But when you look at excess deaths, the situation looks even more grim, especially when you compare BC to other provinces.

This graph is fm last Aug & ppl may also be familiar w it. Image
When you continue to zoom into the details, it becomes even more concerning.

One might expect that the high excess deaths in BC might be among the oldest demographic group, since they have been hardest hit in terms of mortality by the pandemic.

But that’s not the case.
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“These findings begin to fill information gaps about the labor market, including an underappreciated reason for the many unfilled jobs & the declining labor participation rate since the emergence of the pandemic” #LongCovid…
#LongCovid is keeping people out of work and may reduce on-the-job productivity for others, contributing to a labor shortage and weighing on the U.S. economy at large, according to a new study.”…
#LongCovid — also known as long-haul Covid, post-Covid or post-acute Covid syndrome — is a chronic illness that results from a Covid-19 infection. Its potential symptoms number in the hundreds and, for some, can be debilitating and persist for years.”
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Cognitive Impairment in survivors of #LongCovid: A 🧵. Before the pandemic, I worked with survivors of critical illness in clinical/research contexts at the @CIBScenter and @ICU_Recovery. Since 2020, I've focused on neuropsychological issues in #LongCovid. What have we learned?
"Brain fog" might better be called "brain injury" as the cognitive impairment that impacts many #longhaulers is like a brain injury in nature - it happens abruptly, impacts a wide array of cognitive domains, often is not progressive, and may respond to rehabilitation. @CIBScenter
Cognitive impairment after #Covid can be related to illness severity, yes, but that doesn't mean that people with mild illness don't grapple with impairment. Indeed, cognitive deficits can be very profound and persistent in those who were not terribly sick. @CIBScenter
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🧵One of the most powerful developments of my life during my journey with #OCD has been "acceptance" but this process will benefit you in any circumstance. I'm sharing an acrostic I wrote about it. I hope it helps you, whatever your situation. @CIBScenter #LongCovid @WesElyMD
A – Acknowledge that your situation may never meaningfully change even though you might desperately want it to
C – Cut ties with a highly idealized view of the past that makes your current situation seem dire and unacceptable by comparison.
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1/🧵COVID Re-Infection⚠️

Let’s learn
🔹Re-infection is a worry
🔹⬆️ plasma Nucleocapsid (N) Antigen levels predict outcomes
🔹If you get COVID, the best predictor of ⬇️ N-Ag levels (ie, viral replication) is having Spike Ab
🔹You get S-Ab by Vaxx

Read on Image
2/ These data (N=2540) come from ACTIV-3 study of adults hospitalized for COVID in 114 centers in 10 countries Aug 2020-Nov 2021
I’m going back over this because there are so many people walking around without adequate protection due to waning immunity over time. Image
3/ N-Antigen levels (which we don’t measure in practice) are a measure of viral replication & predict outcomes

Plasma N-Antigen levels are highly associated w Antibody (Ab) status

⬆️ anti-S (spike) Antibodies at time of COVID infection predicts ⬇️ virus & safety

How so? ImageImage
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✍️Long Covid Support have written an open letter to @SteveBarclay to ensure that effective Ventilation is available in all public spaces
📢We are calling for an URGENT #VentilationBill for all 🇬🇧 public spaces #CleanAirNow #DavosSafe
🧵We need your help👇 Letter to Steven Barclay ca...Co-Signatories for effectiv...
What can you do?
✍️Sign & Share this petition
✍️Write to your MP
find their details here:
We've done a template to help:
💫Tag your MP 👇& tell them why Ventilation is important for you
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Young Adults May Have Long COVID and Not Know it

Under 35 yrs old, stay in average shape, eat a mostly healthy diet,& have a strong immune system? You aren't likely to have symptoms from low exposure. That doesn't necessarily mean you avoided #LongCovid…
"More than 200 symptoms have been identified with impacts on multiple organ systems."

"At least 65 million individuals worldwide are estimated to have long COVID"
"There are several hypothesized mechanisms for long COVID pathogenesis, including immune dysregulation, microbiota disruption, autoimmunity, clotting and endothelial abnormality, and dysfunctional neurological signalling"
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“If #LongCovid continues to affect 7% of the country, that’s 23 million people at any given time who may require accommodations under laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act.”…
“About 1.5 million Americans missed work because of sickness in December. Each month, more than a million people have called out sick for the past three years. About 7% of Americans currently have #LongCovid, which can affect productivity and ability to work”
“The last time the absentee number dipped below a million Americans was in 2019. Last year, the trend accelerated... In 2022, workers had the most sickness-related absences of the pandemic, & highest number since record-keeping began in 1976.” #LongCovid…
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“Shielding under endemic SARS-CoV-2 conditions is easier said than done: a model-based analysis”…
“As the #C19 pandemic continues unabated, many governments & PH bodies worldwide have ceased to implement concerted measures for limiting viral spread, placing the onus instead on the individual…
… In this paper, we examine the feasibility of this proposition using an agent-based model to simulate the impact of individual shielding behaviors on reinfection frequency.”
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Everyone is vulnerable to persistent SARS infection.

We don’t have any cure for #LongCovid

SARS doesn’t need to kill you, to prevent you from living.

Twitter is the only place you will hear this, and, “wear n95 grade PPE with eye protection for your own health and safety”.

Incurable message is being suppressed from public knowledge for public to make informed decisions.

Don’t viral me, cope pasta twit message above to feed your tweet AI trolls because you can choose to protect yourself.
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The only question that matters when reporting on #MECFS #LongCovid: Why do patients get so upset when the disease is psychologised?

We’re not angry bcos we think mental illness is beneath us. We’re angry bcos misrepresenting these diseases like this - quite literally - kills us
Forty years on from the Incline Village outbreak and there are still no treatment options. The media’s ‘yuppie flu’ characterization has stuck. It is an absolute shit-show for researchers to get funding to study these diseases - even now - when millions have joined our ranks.
This is not a space where we need robust discussion or friendly debate. We’ve seen too many people die over the last 12 months. The stakes are far too high. When you write news articles that outright deny our lived experience, you better believe you have blood on your hands.
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How the current public health strategy is not working in Australia

Despite a massive increase in Australian infections and death in 2022, a new Prime Minister and cabinet dismantled the remnants of the public health response to #COVID in Sept. 2022 (…).🧵1/
An unrolled one-page web view for this long thread that may be easier to read or share can be found here ( ). 2/ #LongCovid #LongCovidKids #Australia #DavosSafe
This 🧵 summarizes an interview by Laura Tingle on Australia's latest COVID strategy with Professor Brendan Crabb from Melbourne's Burnet Institute, frontline doctor Nada Hamad who is also suffering from Long COVID, and economist Richard Denniss from The Australia Institute. 3/ Image showing from left to right Professor Brendan Crabb fro
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The messaging of “if anti-vaxers think the vaccine is harmful, they have no idea how bad covid is” — & then proceeding to support zero mitigations & downplaying severity of infection — is precisely why we have so many anti-vaxers..

You literally couldn’t behave less trustworthy.
I’m seeing a lot of people sharing graphs comparing how dangerous Covid is compared to vax (correctly so) — but then having no issue with our current policies on Covid..

This is a massive mixed message that even the most “nuance takes” cannot untangle in any coherent way.
Telling the general public this virus should not be feared & is “the flu” — & “the pandemic is over”..

But then trying to convey the true gravity & devastation the virus has on the population to overcome vaccine skepticism & hesitancy **does not work**
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„In einer Welt in der Patienten keine Lobby haben & Ärzte gefangen zu sein scheinen in einem Zirkel des Schweigens“ — Möchte euch diese Doku über Behandlungsfehler empfehlen. Sie zeigt, wo Patienten stehen & welche Rolle Gutachter & Versicherungen spielen können. @swr3 1/5
In der Doku geht es überwiegend um chirurgische Fehler. Aber auch Menschen mit #MEcfs & #LongCOVID erleben jeden Tag Behandlungsfehler. Um ein Leben zu ruinieren, muss man Pat. nicht mal aufschneiden. Manchmal reicht die Psychosomatisierung einer somatischen Erkrankung & die 2/5
Empfehlung von Sport ungeachtet vorliegender Post-Exertional Malaise. Die Doku zeigt eine Tabuisierung von Fehlern & Unfehlbarkeit als Arbeitskultur von Ärzten. Kaum jemand wollte offen über dieses Thema sprechen. Einige Ärzte trauen sich. 3/5
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"Every Canadian needs access to a family doctor. Governments need to step up and commit to doing what’s right for the system, instead of focusing on Band-Aid solutions."
"We need a true understanding that the best patient care is care in the community, and that in part, hospitalization for preventable illness is a failure."
I'd had we need a culture change from within and from outside healthcare.
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Abschirmung vor #COVID19-Infektionen unter endemischen #SARSCoV2-Bedingungen ist leichter gesagt als getan: eine modellbasierte Analyse

Zum gegenwärtigen Zeitpunkt der #Corona-Pandemie haben die Regierungen weltweit größtenteils keine Maßnahmen mehr zum Schutz der…

öffentlichen Gesundheit ergriffen, so dass es nun an den Einzelnen liegt, sich selbst zu schützen. In dieser Arbeit wird das Ausmaß der Kontaktreduzierung untersucht, das erforderlich ist, um die Infektionshäufigkeit für ein "endemisches" SARS-CoV-2-Szenario mit wiederholten
Reinfektionen zu verringern. Unsere Modellierung zeigt, dass der endemische Dauerzustand zu einer hohen Infektionsbelastung sowohl für die geimpfte als auch für die ungeimpfte Bevölkerung führen wird, wobei die Häufigkeit der Reinfektionen von etwas weniger als einmal pro Jahr
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"At first he was very skeptical of claims the virus hides out in the brain, but recent studies made him take it seriously, especially autopsy studies done by @NIH. It might be that residual traces of virus are causing persistent inflammation" #LongCovid…
"Science is starting to uncover an unnerving fact about viruses: Some might affect our brains over the long haul. It came as a shock that SARS-CoV-2 can lead to lingering neurological problems — a post-viral syndrome we call #LongCovid. But.. might not be unique to this virus."
"Scientists are finding links between common viruses such as influenza & brain diseases like MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s & ALS. Researchers are hoping that identifying a viral link might finally allow scientists to figure out what causes these mysterious, deadly ailments"
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