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(01/42) Glad to be a part of #HCTwitterConf19 today! Hi, I'm Sherri Helwig - @CanadianAAAE President, faculty at the University of Toronto Scarborough @UTSC @UofT and Queen's University @queensu - here to expound a bit about better connecting academia and practice in my field.
(02/42) My field is arts management (aka arts admin, cultural mgt, etc.), a relatively young area of study about work that was "professionalized" only in the last 3/4 century or so - though I suspect and hope the ideas here are relevant and applicable in many areas of #HigherEd.
(03/42) In other professional disciplines (#law, #medicine) there is a rich tradition of sharing innovations across the divide. In #business there are academic journals, practice-based materials, & important resources that span them like The Harvard Business Review @HarvardBiz.
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July 16, 2019 marks a milestone in the history for scholarly practice and publishing for #museums because of @GettyMuseum @gettypubs . #digitalarthistory #digpublishing #thread
@GettyMuseum @GettyPubs The Corpus of Ancient Vases (CVA) is significant especially as it among the first by an internationally leading art museum to utilize the #CreativeCommons 4.0 International Attribution License for a publication…. #openglam Screenshot of CC-BY License at Getty CVA Publication
The contents of this digital publication, subject to the license and terms of conditions, may be used with attribution to @GettyMuseum, including for commercial purposes. This extends to third-party applications like @internetarchive @Wikimedia @creativecommons. #openglam
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Thread: the public vs. procurement

<HUGE> development spending hides in plain sight.

Do you ignore it? Think someone else has it covered?

In LMICs upto 50% of all government spending is via <PUBLIC PROCUREMENT>

Myriad contracts: roads/bridges/hospitals/drugs....
(hand) Pump Primer:

India 1999: I worked in WATSAN. Over 1000 new handpump tubewells would replace contaminated shallow wells & rusting pumps that often stood in puddles. You paddled to collect drinking water, and the puddle seeped into the well.
The Good: The new pumps were installed on large concrete platforms, in turn mounted on a large buried concrete ring. This stopped water undermining the platform, which would crack and break up the concrete. Back to puddles and contamination.
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In veel gesprekken, praatjes, en bijeenkomsten met onderzoekers en staf bemerk ik nog regelmatig onbekendheid met #openaccess. Voor open toegang is men wel te porren, maar vooral het wat, hoe en waar is lang niet altijd duidelijk. Vandaar dit #openaccess draadje met tips:
Voor meer informatie over alles rond #openaccess (kleuren, vormen, modellen, etc.) wordt door @deVSNU @NWONieuws @SURF_NL en UKB de website onderhouden. Hier vind je ook meer informatie over de huidige landelijke #oa deals met grote uitgeverijen.
Op dit moment zijn er 14 landelijke #openaccess deals met onder andere @SpringerNature @WileyOpen @BrillPublishing @SAGEPublishers. Een overzicht vind je hier:…

1 juli werd bekend dat de lopende deal met @ElsevierConnect t/m 31 december 2019 verlengd is.
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The human gut #microbiome never ceases to amaze me. Now a discovery of a bacterium that coverts Type A or B blood to type O, with big implications for blood transfusion.… @NatureMicrobiol by @PRahfeld Steven Withers and colleagues @UBC
Our gut #microbiome is a treasure for discovery. More coming out on this later this week that is mind-blowing.
BTW, another example of a striking finding that has not garnered coverage by any media. Surprising, in light of the public's interest in science.
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Next #APS19DC presentation is from @JoHenrich: "W.E.I.R.D.: How Westerners became psychologically peculiar and particularly prosperous." Henrich is chair of the Dept of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard. #psychology
.@JoHenrich says this presentation is the culmination of 13 years of work. He has a paper in review and an upcoming book about the topic. #psychology #APS19DC
.@JoHenrich: Most #psychology studies were based on Westerners, but they are psychologically different from other peoples in the world. He wrote this up in a lit review:…
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‘Doing’ governance & (self indulgent) thoughts on #governance & #evidence & #health

I joined DFID on 9/11 (11/09/2001) as a Social Development Adviser.
Not drunk on the MDGs, but slightly merry.
I had never heard of governance. 1/25
I started work in 1993 in health research (Tz, malaria; drug prescribing), then disability inclusion (India) & consulting in health, WATSAN.
After 6 yrs in Kolkata I heard that DFID was recruiting regional specialists.
I fancied myself as a DFID South Asia specialist! 2/25
....DFID sent me to Malawi.
I hadn’t heard of ‘Governance’.
But slowly realised that I had worked on it – local govt, politics, rights in health; water tariffs, participation & transparency, health management.
So Governance in sectors, not Governance as a thing. 3/25
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We use @ukaid to commission governance/conflict/inclusion research.
We are ‘Mission Driven’- research on policy/operational priorities where evidence is thin. Let through competition, all research is #OpenAccess.
We want people to read & use it!
We support research engagement & uptake in pursuit of real world impact (impact is where Value For Money bang is biggest) though understand that pathways to impact take time & not all research has impact. Research engagement may be digital/virtual (e.g. this tweet)… 2/11
….but often physical- seminars/workshops/conferences - which can be costly. We 💖efforts to make events as effective as possible– clear objectives, best possible 'performance' by researchers; more inclusive, insightful, & energetic discussion; reporting; real evaluation. 3/11
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(1/26!) Here at @UoMLibrary we’re serious about supporting #OpenAccess to research. Since we launched our Open Access Gateway back in 2016, we’ve processed 7,500 papers and ensured that they are, or will be, openly available to everyone.
(2/26) Making work #OpenAccess is really important. It means that more people can potentially read, use and cite research. However, publishing open access or sharing a copy of your paper in a repository is just the start in terms of removing barriers to access.
(3/26) A change we made to the Open Access Gateway back in December enabled depositors to flag papers that they thought might have the potential to generate media attention.
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Beeinflusst Social Media-Nutzung die Lebenszufriedenheit? Stimmt die These, u.a. vertreten von Spitzer, dass Jugendliche durch Social Media unglücklicher werden?

Hier die Ergebnisse der umfangreichsten längsschnittlichen Studie zum Thema - soeben erschienen im Journal PNAS! 1/11
Zusammen mit @OrbenAmy & @ShuhBillSkee analysierten wir Daten von Understanding Society, der weltweit umfangreichsten Längsschnittstudie. 8 Wellen wurden bisher erhoben, mit jeweils 1 Jahr Abstand. Insgesamt gingen Antworten von 5.492 britischen Jugendlichen ein. @usociety 2/11
Ausgewertet wurden die Daten mittels Random Intercept Cross-Lagged Panel Models – nach RCTs die wohl beste Methode zur Bestimmung kausaler Effekte. Anhand von Specification Curve Analyses wurden insgesamt 2.268 Modelle berechnet - was die Robustheit der Ergebnisse erhöht. 3/11
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So it's out now in @PolStudies! Bram Geurkink, Andrej Zaslove, Roderick Sluiter and me wrote on the difference and similarities between populist attitudes, external political efficacy & trust and apply this to voting for populist parties & non-voting. (1/3)
In essence we examine the question: are populist attitudes old wine in new bottles? (a phrase borrowed from the great work of @mrooduijn).

The research shows that populist attitudes are not the same as political trust or external political efficacy. And this matters. (2/3)
Indeed, we also examine what affects voting for populist parties.

It's not political distrust nor low external political efficacy, but populist attitudes that unites voters from left- & right-wing populist parties.

Trust relates to non-voting, populist attitudes do not (3/3)
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THREAD: This might possibly count as weirdest #OpenAccess publishing news ever, at least in the landscape of OA books in HSS. Mark Edington, former director of @acpress & @Lever_Press initiative is now an Episcopal bishop living in Paris?… @insidehighered
2/ @M_Publishing + @charleswatkinso: Has anyone been appointed to run @Lever_Press since Edington’s departure? And what is the progress toward releasing books? The website appears to be somewhat defunct? 60 titles were promised by 2021.… #BestPractices
3/ We ask because the @insidehighered article published today about the new OA history monograph initiative funded by @MellonFdn and steered by @uncpressblog mentions @Lever_Press as pushing the boundaries of what monographs can be in the present tense:…
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@Romano_PoliSci @williamadler78 @cmMcConnaughy I’m running to class now but am butting in so I remember to come back later with resources. #OER is an answer to all of this (including the challenge of finding level-appropriate, high quality materials).
@Romano_PoliSci @williamadler78 @cmMcConnaughy okay, i'm back! and i'm tagging in @michaelgmiller because he was interested too. if you don't love the textbook you teach with currently, or you worry about the cost to students, you are not alone, and there is a solution- #OER!!!!
@Romano_PoliSci @williamadler78 @cmMcConnaughy @michaelgmiller on need, check out the #RealCollege stuff coming from the Hope @hope4college & @saragoldrickrab - here's their latest report…
"45% of respondents were food insecure in the prior 30 days
56% of respondents were housing insecure in the previous year"
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Why is "Routine Echocardiography in Hemodynamically Stable Patients with Acute Pulmonary Embolism" a #TWDFNR?

This question was addressed in this month's @JHospMedicine by @PaulBerglMD et al.

Here's a thread to complement their awesome review.…
Let's start with a case and question. The case is taken from the review by @PaulBerglMD et al. Review it and answer the question in tweet 3.
Would you order suggest that this patient with stable pulmonary embolism (PE) undergo echocardiography (echo)?
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Stoked to announce @ZooKeys_Journal published our @BatumiRaptors data paper! It explains how our #citizenscience project monitors the autumn #migration of >1.000.000 #raptors in the Eastern Black Sea Flyway, and how to use our #openaccess data @GBIF/@NLBIF! - 1/n

Many #raptors migrate primarily by thermal #soaring. To do so they travel by day and avoid high mtns and open sea. This leads to spectacular raptor aggregations in overland #flyways. One of the world´s largest raptor flyways occurs along the eastern Black Sea coast in SW Georgia.
The Eastern Black Sea Flyway has its narrowest point just north of #Batumi, where the coast and Lesser Caucasus form a clear "bottleneck". The mtns are not extremely high but present a significant barrier for #raptors on #migration due to low and dense cloud cover. @BatumiRaptors
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We’re excited to share our trial now online @CritCareMed.
The manuscript is #OpenAccess
We'd love for you to read the paper, but for those short on time (or attention), here's the #tweetorial 1/
Americans are increasingly admitted to an ICU during their last month of life. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, many people would prefer to spend their last weeks at home. In response, Critical Care Choosing Wisely issued the following recommendation:
How to implement this guideline is unclear. Some intensivists are uncomfortable talking about stopping treatment, or allowing a natural death. Others think they shouldn't disclose this option certain they’re certain the patient is about to die. 3/
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Throughout the day, I'm going to be tweeting articles/resources to educate about anti-Muslim racism and Islamophobia because of what Muslims experience everyday and because we have your attention because of the the #NewZealandTerroristAttack #ChristchurchMosqueAttacks 1/N
Here's a piece that Thea Abu el-Haj and I recently wrote for @TheAssemblyJrnl (an #Openaccess journal):… #Islamophobia #AntiMuslimRacism #NewZealandMosqueAttack 2/N
A number of excellent resources can be found in the #Islamophobia is #racism syllabus: 3/N
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Today my article ‘Al de swarten die hier ter stede comen’ - about an Afro-Atlantic community in seventeenth century Amsterdam - was published #openaccess in @_tseg. The article is in Dutch, so I’ll do a short introduction in #thread here.… #twitterhistorian
From the moment the Dutch became active in the Atlantic world, people of African descent came to Amsterdam. Their presence is evident from baptismal and marriage registers and from seventeenth-century notarial deeds.
The earliest marriage of an African in Amsterdam that I have encountered was already at the end of the sixteenth century. On January 2, 1593 the 29-year-old Bastiaan Pietersz of ‘Maniconge in Afryken’ and Trijntje Pieters from Amsterdam registered their marriage.
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*whispers* There are other (better, more sustainable) ways to facilitate creation/adaption of #OER than to just offer grants.
*whispers* There are also alternative forms of impact that can be measured rather than dollars saved.
I get that things are different up here in the north (for the most part, full-time faculty are unionized and well compensated), but some days I swear it feels like I'm the only one works at an institution where faculty just give a giant shrug to #OER grants?
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Fragment of a clay tablet from the Library of Ashurbanipal with a single Aramaic letter

Aramaic likely took over as the main spoken language from ~1000 BCE onward, but Akkadian continued to be used in scholarly, admininstrative, and other written contexts
Cuneiform tablets from the first millennium BCE sometimes include text in the Aramaic language, either inscribed in Aramaic characters or rendered in cuneiform script.

A receipt for silver from the time of Darius I has Babylonian and Aramaic writing…
A fragment of a contract from the Neo-Assyrian period, perhaps from the time of King Ashurbanipal, is written in cuneiform with Aramaic text on one edge (right side of photo).

Such notes sometimes summarised the contents, almost like the spine of a book…
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Hi! I’ll be curating the @WeAreRLadies account this coming week, so I thought tonight I’d round up a few things the previous #RLadies curators shared that I really liked! :)
@WeAreRLadies W1: @dataandme

I found @StephdeSilva's "Data Analysis: Questions to Ask the First Time" (and the two related posts that followed) a really helpful starting point! I’d love to hear any advice other people have on exploratory analyses and report writing :)

@WeAreRLadies @dataandme @StephdeSilva W2: @LucyStats

I first learned from @RebeccaB2820’s post how we can use #rstats to extract data from PDFs when the text isn’t automatically recognised!

When the text *is* recognised, my go-to tool is @MilesMcBain’s {datapasta}…

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Eigenlijk was ik van plan om van de week een blogpost te schrijven over 'de valkuilen van het berekenen van Ocean mass uit GRACE' naar aanleiding van dit recente paper van collega Bernd Uebbing:…
Het paper is best technisch dus heeft wat extr duiding nodig
Mocht je geen toegang hebben, hier vind je de laatste draft versie van het manuscript:…. De blogpost houden jullie nog tegoed
Trouwens: ik upload sowieso 'draft' versies van m'n publicaties op m'n website. Het is de dezelfde inhoud, maar niet de uiteindelijke officiele uitgeversversie. Een soort #openaccess met beta versies zeg maar.
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The audience had some great questions about medicine and women’s health in ancient Mesopotamia after yesterday’s chat with @digi_hammurabi

A short thread to revisit some of them and provide some (hopefully) useful links!
To read samples of primary source material for the study of medicine in ancient Assyria and Babylonia in translation, this google books preview of JoAnn Scurlock’s “Sourcebook for Ancient Mesopotamian Medicine” allows for some #openaccess browsing…
While the two main categories of medical texts are diagnostic and therapeutic, there is a third category called “medical commentaries”, which are (usually later) commentaries on those diagnostic and therapeutic texts.

You can browse some of those here:
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Hey, did you know you can access aggregate voter data from Florida's elections?…
The data are not user friendly. You download a zip file, which contains .txt files for each county. You can copy and past into a spreadsheet or upload into a statistical software package. #OpenAccess #Elections…
Weird thing though: the aggregate voter information is there for most of the counties, but NOT PALM BEACH @pbpost . The # registered in each precinct is missing. So are the # of votes for each candidate. Just zeros. At least as of today.
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