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The @TheLancet published this Jan 31, 2020!
China has done it. The modeling works. We must act NOW. Corona can be stopped @richardhorton1 @ASlavitt @choo_ek @PSampathkumarMD

China’s population is >1.4 billion.
Their total corona virus cases as of today: 81,054. 56 cases/million

90% of this in Wuhan/Hubei province.

They stopped the spread.
We can too.
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*A thread of social psychology resources for the #Covid_19 crisis (mostly #OpenAccess)*

1/9 Facilitating Collective Psychosocial Resilience in the Public in Emergencies: Twelve Recommendations Based on the Social Identity Approach…
2/9 #Covid_19 social psychology resources

To survive #Covid_19 don’t personalize, collectivize!
3/9 #Covid_19 social psychology resources

The truth about ‘panic’
@ReicherStephen @cliffordstott…
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NEXT UP: #4 African Civet (Civettictis civetta) vs. #13 Kinkajou (Potos flavus) #2020MMM (And @PKurnath was a co-author of this battle!!! #Props #TeamAwesome #MyFirstBattle)
Kinkajous are brown, #Dogsish caniforms related to raccoons.They are uniquely adapted to living in trees: grasping with nimble fingers, reversible hindfeet & a prehensile tail from which they can hang upsidedown! #2020MMM #TeamDogsish
In fact, because of these traits, mammalogists originally classified kinkajous as lemurs! (They do converge with primates in their adaptations for living in trees and eating fruit!) #2020MMM #openaccess…
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I was supposed to deliver the @SAEMonline #NERDS20 Keynote. Bummed it's canceled due to #COVID19, b/c it's one of my favorite topics...knowledge translation (and the impact of the digital era on KT). KT seems simple-knowing what the evidence-based approach is...and doing it
Knowledge translation is hard because knowing what the right thing to do is really really really hard. #1 There is an insurmountable amount of literature
#2 Much of it is irrelevant (or garbage)
#3 Researchers are sneaky
#4 things change (#medicalreversal )
...but, the hard part of knowledge translation? DOING. for example, let's look at handwashing....we've only known it's helpful for a couple of centuries...but we are still TERRIBLE at it*+ ...

*pre-SARS-CoV-2 data
+I'm sure it still ain't ideal
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TONIGHT THE WILDCARD: Grandidier's "Mongoose" (Galidictis grandidieri) versus the Pygmy Spotted Skunk (Spilogale pygmaea)! #2020MMM
Galidictis grandidieri was recently better-recognized as a vontsira than a mongoose, but since we <3 our players, we wanted to make it easier to find research on them, hence the air quotes. #2020MMM [gif is man doing air quotes]
Often called the GIANT-striped mongoose, this black & light brown-to-cream striped Feliform typically weighs between 500-590g (an average of 2.5 stoats) #StoatsAsMeasurement #TeamCatsish #2020MMM
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Da es offenabr nicht möglich ist, über #Sexarbeit zu sprechen, ohne auch über #Menschenhandel zu sprechen, poste ich heute ein paar Lektüren dazu. #SexarbeitLesen
Zuerst ein wichtiges Interview mit Petra Follmar-Otto vom @DIMR_Berlin…
Ebenfalls vom @DIMR_Berlin stammen Texte und Studien von Heike Rabe, wie hier:…
Hier ein älterer, aber - in der Analyse - immer noch aktueller Dossier zum Thema Menschenhandel der @boell_stiftung…
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I’ve spent a few hours reviewing the literature on communion and infectious disease (not too hard when there’s so little out there!). I have significant concerns about how the studies are being applied to #COVID19. Buckle up for a long thread. #epitwitter #coronavirus #InfDz 1/n
First, thank you to @pathatch for the article that let me find others through citation tracking! Second, expect some #OpenAccess access ranting. 2/n
@pathatch Article #1 “The effects of receiving Holy Communion on health.” Lisa F Wolf. Study: 681 Volunteers filled out weekly surveys for 10 weeks on illness and if they took communion. No significant difference found in the rates of illness between communion and not. 3/n
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Can a Mediterranean #diet (vs controls) in people age 65-79 promote cognitive function, less frailty & markers of inflammation? A gut #microbiome assessment w/ #AI ML… @Gut_BMJ #openaccess by @ghosh_tarini @UCC and colleagues @Pharmabiotic @APCMicrobiome
@Gut_BMJ @ghosh_tarini @UCC @Pharmabiotic @APCMicrobiome Another new #diet 10-year study of heart disease risk, centered on plasma TMAO, a gut #microbiome metabolite, points toward advantage of hi vegetable and low animal fat, red meat (w/ the usual caveats)……
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A single day & the pivotal role of single-cell sequencing:
1. Olfactory cells
2. Organoids @naturemethods
3. Intra-tumor heterogeneity @NatureCancer…
4. Sepsis
5. Gut #microbiome @NatImmunol
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How do you save >68,000 American lives and save $450,000,000,000 per year?
Like this:…
@TheLancet by @alison_galvani @YaleSPH @MeaganCFitz @UMCVD @EPI_UF @UF
the moral imperative to provide #healthcare as a human right
@TheLancet @Alison_Galvani @YaleSPH @MeaganCFitz @UMCVD @EPI_UF @UF The interactive with this paper is fun. You can play around with all the variables and save the US a trillion dollars a year😉
Also, the #openaccess link to the paper…
via @MeaganCFitz, one of the authors
@TheLancet @Alison_Galvani @YaleSPH @MeaganCFitz @UMCVD @EPI_UF @UF It was supposed to cost $15 trillion in the next decade, not save $450 billion/yr.
This unexpected modeling result will undoubtedly be cited by @SenSanders @BernieSanders to support universal #healthcare
#openaccess @TheLancet
Much more work on cost reduction is possible & needed
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New paper with @piersforster now out in @NatureClimate - Energy budget constraints on historical radiative forcing…

Provides a top down energy budget constraint on historical radiative forcing of 2.3 (1.7 to 3.0) [5-95%] Wm-2. Thread: [1/n]
Radiative forcing is a fundamental quantity for understanding the drivers of climate change, yet significant uncertainty remains in our quantification & model representation of it. For example see any paper that includes @gunnarmy including this epic… [2/n]
What we do is combine measurements of historical temperature change dT & Earths heat uptake dN alongside model reconstructions of Earth’s radiative response Y. Constrains historical forcing F via energy budget eqn F=dN+YdT. Like Otto etal… in reverse [3/n]
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PAYWALLS: This is a serious problem during 🦠 epidemics. Coronavirus scientists and readers deserve broader free #openaccess in search for answers, ALL studies examining wet markets, pangolins and other possible hosts, SARS, MERS, and more. @Wiley_Health @ElsevierConnect
2) Scientists in the developing world need #openaccess to thousands of #coronavirus articles that are behind paywalls. Just 1 paper can cost half a week’s salary in some parts of the world. Let's remind @Wiley_Health @ElsevierConnect to expand their coronavirus #openaccess.
3) "In 2015, Liberian public health officials co-authored a New York Times op-ed that lamented the amount of critical Ebola research that was unknown or inaccessible to scientists and health workers at the center of the 2014 epidemic."…
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Today we're going to take a look at BIOENERGETICS in ICU in this quick Tweetorial :-) #ESICMphysio #FOAMed #FOAMcc
Bioenergetics = biochemistry concerned with the energy involved in making and breaking of chemical bonds in the molecules found in biological organisms. It can also be defined as the study of energy relationships and energy transformations and transductions. #ESICMphysio
Mitochondrial functions incl production of energy, activation of programmed cell death, and a number of cell specific tasks, e.g., cell signaling, control of Ca2+ metabolism, and synthesis of a number of important biomolecules.…
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1/So there was lots of talk at @AACNursing #AACNdoc20 re: #Nursing #PhD pipeline, getting folx esp prelicensure students ‘excited’ about #nursingscience & the #BStoPhD

I totally revamped our #nursingresearch & #innovation course @UMassAmherst last fall to do just that

Thread ⬇️
2/ I told the Asst Dean when I took it on that regardless of the learning objectives for the course I had only 1 GOAL:

That by the end of the semester, these students would be EXCITED!-or at very least, just a little bit CURIOUS-about a career in #nursingscience & #innovation
3/ A note about context: This was a course of ~85 Accel BS students, taught in an urban campus that is geographically ~40mins drive from main @UMassAmherst campus, in the . The classroom assigned had no windows. Class ran 8am-1030am Weds, before more courses. I say this b/c....
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The mathematical model for BMI is flawed.
Body mass index =weight / height squared
@DrEugeniaCheng asks why is height squared?
"Humans are 3-D, not flat like pizzas"
"Rocket science is arguably simpler than weight loss"…
@DrEugeniaCheng Stop it with BMI. Use weight circumference. It's a vital sign. An important consensus statement… @NatureRevEndo #openaccess
@DrEugeniaCheng @NatureRevEndo corrections:
1. Waist (not weight) circumference
2. Stop it with BMI fixation. Waist circumference is a better metric
Need ☕️☕️
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Today, I've decided to stop tweaking a few infographics I've been working on and finally share them out (all CC BY). Thread incoming.
Note: I am happy to tweak these over time based on feedback. Please let me know if you spot any typos or have recommendations for edits on these!
The first is a simplified, visual companion to @ARWalz' excellent #OpenAccess and #OpenEd comparison infographic she put out last year, with some influences from my #OpenEd19 presentation on the meaning of "open"
Simple version:…
@ARWalz In addition, I made a slightly expanded version of this infographic, with more text about the definitions of #OpenEd and #OpenAccess, including the tried and true Peter Suber definition of OA.
Expanded version:…
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My 1st #AI-guided echocardiography today (fun & by democratizing acquisition it will change the field)
What does that mean?
You put the transducer on the patient's chest ->the AI tells you how to properly position it and then automatically captures video images when spot on.
Another view I obtained (short-axis) letting the #AI guide me w/ the probe position and auto-loop capture the image.
Algorithms by @CaptionHealth (I have no COI or relationship)
Software in development for interpretation and for the rest of the body's organs (except the brain😉)
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It's a big day when @ACPinternists call for comprehensive #healthcare reform, set out a bold prescription for how to deliver on healthcare as a human right, and far more affordable… 4 papers, all #openaccess @AnnalsofIM @rmmclean84 @DarilynMoyer @doudel👏
@ACPinternists @AnnalsofIM @rmmclean84 @DarilynMoyer @doudel @BobDohertyACP @acpinternist @swoolhandler @KBDeSalvo @MinorityHealth —A new vision for quality and equity, by @HelenBurstin @CMSSmed…
—Fess up to the "original sin" and fix it, by @davidomeltzer @UChicagoMed…
All of these papers and commentaries @AnnalsofIM are extraordinary 🙏🙏
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How ironic for @NEJM to publish a systematic review on time-restricting eating and fasting for #ChristmasDay #diet… by de Cabo and Mattson @HopkinsMedicine
@NEJM @HopkinsMedicine The review combines/conflates experimental and human studies of fasting, caloric restriction and time-restricted eating and makes a strong case for promoting cardio- metabolic health, and suggests other benefits
@NEJM @HopkinsMedicine It also provides a teaching set of recommendations for doctors and the medical community for implementing time-restricted feeding or 5:2 intermittent fasting,
warning that hunger and irritability😠will disappear in ~1 month
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An in-depth study of @realDonaldTrump's election on its association w/ the mood of young US physicians
@theBMJ_latest by @sirjan_sen_lab, @bnallamo, Elena Frank, Zhuo Zhao @umichmedicine
w/ an impressive infographic of the decline… [biggest= election day]
@realDonaldTrump @bnallamo @umichmedicine That's @srijan_sen_lab's fine work
(as opposed to my poor typing)
@realDonaldTrump @bnallamo @umichmedicine Link to this #openaccess paper @bmj_latest Christmas issue:…
and accompanying feature "Calling Dr.Trump" by @jsilberner…
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We are really excited to share our work on how Pervasive lesion segregation shapes cancer genome evolution @biorxivpreprint.

Here’s a #tweetorial to explain our #LesionSegregation findings...…
Thread, 1/11
Human cancer genomes are unavoidably confounded by genetic and environmental differences. Such intrinsic heterogeneity confounds our ability to disentangle biases of DNA damage and repair. So we used an in vivo oncogenesis model to re-run cancer evolution hundreds of times.
WGS of these mutagen-initiated tumours had a high burden of point mutations, comparable to cancers caused by exogenous mutagens, eg lung and skin cancer. The tumours are dominated by Thymine mutations - the “DEN signature” - and driver mutations in the EGFR/RAS/RAF pathway.
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1/ Kudos to the Italian Ministry of Public Education. Starting in January 2020, "only scientific papers published in open «repositories» will be evaluated and rewarded." [Google's English translation]. H/t Milica Ševkušić.…
2/ I call this the Liège incentive, after @bernardrentier
adopted it at U Liège c. 2007. It remains one of the most effective steps a uni can take to foster #openaccess. The Italian ministry seems to be the first to adopt this policy for all the universities in a country.
@bernardrentier 3/ I track institutions that have adopted this kind of policy, and would welcome any updates.…
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Yes! Look what was waiting when I got to work today!

Thank you SO much to @UCLpress for the effortless editorial process & beautiful end result 💐

Grab an #openaccess copy or order your print edition in the link below while I tell you why I think my book matters (THREAD)
Headline news: in antiquity, just as now, knowledge was both social & political: it didn’t just exist but shaped, and was shaped by, the people who created, used, rejected & adapted it in large & small ways. Facts, methods & theories have histories & geographies just like we do
These histories and geographies are particularly visible in cuneiform culture of the ancient Middle East (to c.50 BC) because many clay cuneiform tablets are excavated archaeological artefacts,* so we have 1000s of autograph manuscripts which we can locate & date very precisely
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In the past months, we at @GlobalYAcademy have started to improve the visibility of young global scientists. I'll starting sharing more about what I learned through this about #digitization #academies #wikipedia and the visibility of researchers. Here's a picture of NYAs
NYAs are national young academies. There are around 50 of them, some have a long and prominent history, some have just started *this week*.

Have a look…
NYAs are great (*I'm biased, as Executive Member of the GYA... :):
- scientific excellence is understood both in conventional terms, but also in terms of societal impact
- terms are limited. You have 4-5 years to *really* do work
- are typically very diverse! (@WikiWomenInRed)
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