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📌#Action: Trifold Flyer download link:…
For: Community notice boards, libraries, to hand out in 'little actions' or FYI...a good starter.
⚠️We want to make it *very* clear that the term "voluntary" in the flyer referring to the #NT is *only* a choice to transfer between mandatory #basicscard and mandatory #cashlessdebitcard NEITHER program itself is 'voluntary' though ppl can volunteer for the program if they want.
We add the caveat above as TU are now issuers of CDC cards and in @Anne_Ruston 's press release she AGAIN refers to the program itself as being 'a choice of 'flexible banking' - a BIG lie designed to con YOU the gen pub into thinking people on CIM have a choice, when they don't.
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Don't know who will see this, but as I've got plenty of time on my hands I thought I might as well counterbalance all the misinformation out there

I'm indigenous, currently covid positive and am currently staying at the Howard springs quarantine facility.

#aboriginal #covid #nt
The camp is not used to drag away black mob. In fact this camp has been used for months and has had hundreds of non indigenous people come through it in the exact same process for months. Indigenous people had been lucky so far but our luck ran out.
The camp facilities are pretty good. The food is amazing (but I've lost taste now). WiFi is free. Everyone has access to their phones and can are in constant contact with family on the outside. I'm sure my family is sick of me calling all the time.
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Warum eskalieren Rolf #Mützenich, @JTrittin & Co. plötzlich in der Frage der #Atomwaffen - und das inmitten der sonst so harmonisch laufenden 🚦Koa-Verhandlungen?
Ein (politics) Erklärungsversuch 🧵 1/14
Die #AKK-Aussagen im ursprünglichen Dlf-Interview werden von ihnen extrem zugespitzt oder ihr gar falsch in den Mund legt. #Mützenich verglich sie in Sachen Drohungen mit #Putin, @JTrittin behauptete, sie fordere einen nuklearen Erstschlag. 2/14…
Beide wissen, dass #AKK nichts dergleichen gesagt/gefordert hat - im Gegenteil. Warum also diese öffentliche Eskalation?
Spoiler: Es geht weder darum der scheidenden IBuK eine mitzugeben noch um billige Likes aus der Bubble. Beide zielen IMHO auf etwas Größeres. 3/14
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#PTN: Of the total 1,789 applications to EXIT the #Indue #cashlessdebitcard program in April 2021, just a fraction over half (950) were granted with percentages showing applications made by Aboriginal people were the ones most often rejected.
Unlike previous months and years, almost 2/3rds of Well Being applications were approved - 315 applications 110 not approved for April. Rejections again appear much the same as EXIT in regards to Aboriginal proportionate rejections. Update too, ppl in #NT *can* apply to Exit.
#Reminder that under new amendments to the #cashlessdebitcard exit procedures post the 2020 vote, PWD and ppl caring for PWD ( other than as a parent) do NOT have to provide evidence in the same way as prior to 2020. (See 124PHB of SocSec Act vol2 part 3D)

-- @notowelfarecard
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#estimates Starting as I am sure she means to begin, Ruston can't/won't answer a simple question about discussions on a subject (Vic disaster payments) that's already appearing on most new sites....going to be a long day.
#estimates Vic lock down support:
"You may or may not have access to a payment but only if you meet eligibility criteria for any payment and also may have access to a payment that may or may not exist at some time in the future..." - gotcha!
#estimates Interesting to hear gov intentionally divested itself of pandemic powers designed specifically to ensure DSS flexibility in this ( Vic lockdown type) situation, voting down ALP amendments to support their continuance. Ruston cant make changes even if she wanted to now.
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Sadly the #NationalTrust is becoming a joke.

As #Hexham MP I want reform of this, once great, organisation.

A thread on:
- their redundancy plan 🪓
- their £1Billion+ assets 🆙
- and 4 yr failures of local #Northumberland treasures 🚂🚂🚂 1/ ⬇️…
Their recent disaster is their plan to dismiss their experts 2/:

This latest approach is consistent with poor behaviour of the #NationalTrust for years, as my constituents know.

They closed #Stephenson’s birthplace in #Wylam in 2017 without any consultation + have shown no intention to reopen.

And they have over £1Billion + in the bank 3/
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Rolf Mützenich spricht sich für den Ausstieg Deutschlands aus der Nuklearen Teilhabe der #NATO aus - ein Grund sei #Trump, ein anderer, dass es auch andere NATO-Staaten gebe, die dort nicht beteiligt seien. Eine nicht recht schlüssige Argumentation:…
Erstens: natürlich, Trumps fahrlässiges Gerede über den Einsatz von Atomwaffen stimmt besorgt. Aber die USA sind nicht Trump - sie sind und bleiben Deutschlands wichtigster Verbündeter, ihr Engagement in der NATO das Rückgrat europäischer Sicherheit.
Zweitens: Dass andere Länder sich nicht beteiligen, stimmt auch - weil sie kleiner und schwächer sind und den Schutz der größeren und stärkeren brauchen. Wir sind das wirtschaftlich stärkste und bevölkerungsreichste Land und liegen genau in der Mitte Europas. Das heißt:
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Talking first about the trial of a 'goal attainment framework' within the #NDIS - that is to ensure that participants 'life goals' are 'clear, realistic and measurable'

This is subjective. Participant's goals should be their business only #Estimates #Auspol
The addition of 'clear, realistic and measurable' is new to the #NDIS lexicon

How is the #NDIS going to measure someone's life goals with respect to relationships? Sex Ed? Etc

As a disabled person on the NDIS pathway this is very important to me, and to many others #estimates
Will there be any impact on participants funding if the NDIA determines a participant's goal is 'unclear', 'unrealistic' or 'unmeasurable'? This is EXTREMELY important #Estimates #Auspol
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Over the last 12 months, @isabellasaund and I have had the privilege of working with @socprogress to develop Australia's first Social Progress Index.… @CSIsocialimpact
@isabellasaund @socprogress @CSIsocialimpact Why measure #socialprogress? We live in a country that prioritises economic growth and #GDP over pretty much everything else. The logic goes that if economic progress increases, so should social progress.
@isabellasaund @socprogress @CSIsocialimpact But we know that's not the case - we know that the mining boom, while contributing to 28 years of unprecedented economic growth, has also had ongoing impacts on communities and the environment where mining companies have now left.
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Een toenemend aantal ziektegevallen en wereldwijde onrust over de uitbraak van het #2019nCoV ofwel het #coronavirus. Intussen neemt ook Nederland maatregelen voor het geval dat het hier opduikt of tot een uitbraak komen. Een draadje. 👇
De tussenstand (29/1) van het aantal geïnfecteerden is wereldwijd 6065, waarvan het overgrote gedeelte in #China. 132 mensen zijn aan het virus overleden (2% van de geïnfecteerden ; dat gaat hoger worden)
Dit zijn de landen waar momenteel patienten ziek zijn geworden.
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1. Zhang Chenghui, CF40 invited guest and researcher of the DRC, said that, after China’s accession to the WTO at the end of 2001, financial openness of this time symbolizes another major institutional reform and opening-up in the past 18 years.… Image
2. "By removing restrictions and implementing #NT principle, foreign #financial institutions will compete with their local counterparts in a real sense. Some small and medium-sized institutions (esp. securities brokers and insurance companies) will first feel the pressure."
3. “in addition to challenges imposed on products and talents, the #financial #openness also requires a higher-level institutional reform. How to build a level playing field? How to effectively regulate the illegal arbitrage brought by the increasingly connected global markets?"
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Deuxième thread focus sur les filières agricoles : la mangue Made In Sénégal à l’honneur. Une filière qui connaît l’une des plus fortes progressions ces dernières années. #sunuMbay
Pour faire un peu de botanique : la mangue (Mangifera indica) appartient à la famille des anacardiacées et est originaire d’Asie. #sunuMbay
Pour la première partie de ce thread : focus sur la production. #sunuMbay
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